The 4 Most Comfortable Hockey Skates (2023 Skate Models)

There is nothing worse than feeling a massive blister coming on mid game and knowing you are going to be suffering for weeks.  Nearly as bad is a wicked foot cramp that forces you to get off the ice before you have had a chance to contribute!  I have been there before…  I distinctly remember getting a pair of Supreme Total Ones back in the day and I did not bake them or get the sidewalls punched to fit my foot.  I developed blisters the size of quarters on the inside of both of my feet and couldn’t skate for three weeks while they healed!  Talk about putting a damper on the excitement of getting some new hockey skates.

Well let my suffering help you never deal with that – we have chosen the most comfortable hockey skates for you to soothe your aching feet!  With advancements in liner technology, skate baking, and boot stiffness, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to buy a skate, bake it, and have it fit like a glove your first ice. 

To save you some time – Our top choice is the CCM Ribcor 80k Senior Hockey Skate.  CCM’s most flexibile boot, and a liner, tongue, and footbed that are all designed to work in harmony to increase comfort, this skate will feel like you put pillows on your feet, all while enhancing your speed and agility with its unreal technology!

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Comfortable and High Performing

Bauer’s mid sized foot offering, the Supreme 2S Pro has ton’s of comfort enhancing features such as the Lock Fit Pro Liner, Reflex Pro tongue, and a fully thermoformable footbed!

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The Most Comfortable Hockey Skate

A flexible boot frame combined with CCM’s awesome ADTP memory foam will have you stunned that a skate this high performing can feel so good!

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Best Value Comfortabel Skate

CCM’s second from the top tier tacks skate, now can be had on sale for being due for an update!  Get this super comfy high performing skate for less than half our other options!

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Getting new hockey skates should be an exhilarating experience.  You are getting new technology, a lighter boot, and most of all, more comfort!  Nothing is worse than strapping on some new wheels only to find out they are not comfortable and hurt your feet.

We have done our research on different skates from all the top brands like Bauer, CCM, and True to make a list that is sure to get you a some comfortable hockey skates!  We have skates for all budgets and playing styles, so read on below to see which set is right for you!

Read on to see what skate will help you attain that ultimate comfort!

1. CCM Ribcor 80k - The Most Comfortable Hockey Skate

Specifications and Features:

  • Flexframe Boot – CCM’s most flexible boot system, allows for more flex in the boot and is less rigid – this all equals more comfort!
  • ADPT Memory Foam – Symmetrical ankle pads designed to support and pad your foot on either side
  • TotalDri Pro+ Liner – A wet, slick, and sticky liner will have your foot sliding around inside your boot.  Excess moisture can lead to blisters as well.  The TDP Liner keeps your foot dry and locked in all game long!
  • CCM Orthomove Footbed – The Orthomove footbed comes with swappable inserts meaning you can experiment until you get that totally custom feel!

Pros – Flexible boot frame, Memory Foam padding for better break in, Liner system with ultra fast drying and sweat wicking, A custom feeling footbed, On top of all this, this skate is super lightweight and high performing!

Cons – Not as good of power transfer compared to the Supertacks or Jetspeed due to multi piece boot construction, Brand new model so price is a bit higher


The Nexus 2N is a premium hockey skate targeted at specifically at wide foot volume players.  A ‘D’ foot width in the Nexus will typically fit similar to a ‘EE’ boot in the Vapor or Supreme lineups.  This means the Nexus still has it’s own ‘EE’ which you could really think of as a ‘EEE’ in other skates.  If you are a bigger guy (Like Shea Weber, who uses the 2N’s) with a large footprint, but you demand top of the line technologies, the Bauer Nexus 2N is the our top choice for you!

2. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro - Fastest Comfortable Skates

Specifications and Features:

  • 3-D Carbon Curv Construction – This style of construction creates a stable boot with excellent energy transfer that will fit well right off the hop
  • Speed Plate 2.0 – Imagine having custom orthotics inside your skate boot – That’s what the Speed Plate 2.0’s feel like after being baked!
  • Lockfit Pro Liner – The Lockfit Pro liner wicks sweat away keeping your foot dry, and uses memory foam to really give your foot extra comfort
  • Reflex Pro Tongue – With multiple inserts to determine tongue stiffness, this will increase comfort on the top of your foot and front of your ankle

Pros – Top of the line performance while maintaining comfort, Speed Plate 2.0 system feels like a custom made foot insert, Multilpe tongue inserts to help customize top of skate stiffness

Cons – This is a medium stiffness boot, so it will be stiffer than the Ribcor lineup if you are cross shopping brands


I personally skate a pair of Bauer Supreme 1S’s – Those are almost 3 generations old now!  After getting the skates baked and the Speed Plates molded to my foot, these things fit like a glove.  Given the upgrades the supreme lineup has seen since then, I would be remiss to not include a set of Supremes on this list.  The 3S Pro’s have recieved wicked reviews from many different users – so I have complete confidence in recommending these amazing performing yet extremely comfortable skates to anyone!

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3. CCM Tacks 9090 - Best Value Comfortable Hockey Skates

Specifications and Features:

  • Rocket Frame Quarter Package – This quarter package construction has CCM’s Speedcore III technology, and you can bake it for a fully thermoformable fit!
  • Two Piece Boot – A two piece boot eases up on the stiffness compared to the Supertacks AS1’s and gives a bit more comfort
  • Lace Bite Guard – Helps prevent getting painful lace bite when you are breaking the skates in!
  • TotalDri Liner – Not quite CCM’s top of the line liner, but still works amazingly well at keeping your foot dry and locked down!
Pure Hockey Reviewer
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Best Skates I've Ever Owned - I'm extremely impressed with my first pair of Tacks. But, I don't know how qualified I am to review them since all my earlier skates were entry-level ones. (50-years ago, my first pair were used, trade-ins.) After only 3-games of use, I'm still in the break-in stage. But, as to skating/performance, I adjusted to them in a couple minutes. The foot/ankle support and lock is great. I Iike the super-hardened, black SS blades and quick change, bolt & nut fasteners.

Pros – Amazing reviews from many different users, Lace Bite guard system works very well, Two piece boot performs well but is very comfortable at the same time, Amazing Price Point

Cons – Lacks some of the top tier technology the SuperTacks AS1 has, Two Piece boot lacks energy transfer efficiency that one piece boots have


Looking for a super comfy skate while saving some cash?  Look no further!  The Tacks 9090 slots in right below the Super Tacks AS1, and the whole lineup is on sale right now as it is due for a model refresh.  Sporting a near 5 star average review from over 20 reviewers, grab a set before they are all gone!

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4. Bauer Supreme S29 - Lowest Cost Comfortable Hockey Skates

Specifications and Features:

  • 3-D Fiber Composite Construction – A durable yet comfortable quarter package
  • Form Fit+ Technology – a 3-D injected liner ensures a locked in fit, and is fully thermoformable
  • Memory Foam Ankle Padding – Locks your foot in and remembers your foot profile for amazing comfort!
  • Hydrophobic Grip Microfiber Lining – By wicking sweat off your foot or sock, this helps lock your foot down and keep you secure all game long!
As of the writing of this article, the S29 sports an amazing 4.7 star average review on Pure Hockey from over 50 reviewers!

Pros – Multiple high end comfort enhancing technologies, 3-D Fiber construction adds to durability, Amazing price point and can be found for under $250!

Cons – As with any more entry level skate, the skate is a little bit heavier than more premium models, and may not last as long as top of the line choices


If you are tight on cash and still need an upgrade in the comfort department, the Bauer Supreme S29 is our suggestion!  Going any cheaper and you really sacrifice build quality and materials.  This skate has unreal reviews across all platforms and will really impress you with its quality for the price!


We hope after reading this article that you can find yourself a nice new set of skates that will help you be more comfortable all game long.  If you can afford it we would definitely suggest our top two choices, however as you can see options 3 and 4 still have amazing reviews and will be an improvement from any skates that are 5 years older or more.  Good luck with your purchase and enjoy your new found comfort!


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