The Best Youth Hockey Skates of 2020

Choosing skates for your little hockey player is no easy matter, you have to balance performance, fit, and price, knowing that your little guy or gal will eventually grow out of the skates and leave them in the dust!  Youth skates mean you are looking for skates for a child typically aged 9 or younger, sporting a US youth shoe size of less than 1.5!  To that end we have taken an in depth look at the best Youth and Toddler hockey skates of the year to help you make an informed decision!  Our top choice for the year is the Bauer Supreme 2S Youth Hockey Skate, which is the best skate when you demand the best in performance and fit for your child.  Don’t worry, we have other fantastic suggestions if you are looking to save some money as well!  Read on to get the full download on the best skates for your kid!

Our Pick

Top Performing Youth Skate

With a fully thermoformable boot, your child will think they are putting their favorite pair of running shoes on and really hit the ice flying right out of the gate!

The Supreme 2S is the undisputed top dog in the children’s skates category.  Lightweight and responsive, these skates carry many of the excellent features the senior 2S model has.  A fully moldable boot, made of a fiber composite to save weight, with a 30 oz lightweight tongue and Tuuk lightspeed pro holders, these are essentially a shrunken version of the adult skate.  One feature missing is the removable blade, but Bauer’s Tuuk LS1 stainless steel runners are an industry standard and should last your child through the lifetime of the skates.  


CCM's Best Youth Skate

Slotting in just below the 2S in our rankings is the CCM JetSpeed FT2, featuring all the top technology found in its bigger sibling senior skate 

CCM’s new for this year Jetspeed FT2 skate takes a close second in our opinion, lacking a formable boot but packing serious technology being the reason it comes in a close second.  A durable boot with reinforced sitffness, and a micro fiber liner to help prevent blisters or chafing, this skate would likely be our top choice if it featured a heat moldable boot.  If you are a die hard CCM fan, this skate will unleash your child’s inner speed skater, and they are bound to love the stylish good looking black runners it comes equipped with!

A Solid Youth Skate

Great Budget Friendly Youth Skates

The Vapor X2.7 has a few less features than the 2X Pro, but will keep some cash in your wallet while giving your child a solid, excellent performing skate

The Vapor X2.7 focuses on hitting crucial needs your child requires in a skate, while holding off on some upper level tech in order to save you money.  A one piece boot with a poly-carb quarter for increased flexibility, memory foam liner padding, and a microfiber liner for comfort, this skate nails all the essentials without nailing you on the credit card bill!

For New Skaters

Great Budget Friendly Toddler Skates

The Lil Champs are for brand new skaters, when you are trying to gauge your child’s desire to learn the game.  The also come in a fantastic Lil Angels model in pink in case your child is so inclined!

With an easy to slip into boot, and an adjustable strap to give your toddler the perfect fit, these inexpensive skates are the best choice for anyone who’s toddler isn’t a full fledged hockey player yet, but would love to get out on the ice and learn to skate!

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Our Recommendations

Best Kids CCM Skate

Featuring lot’s of top technology from the senior skate, if the 2S doesn’t fit quite right then the FT2 is the next best choice

Buying Options

Our Top Choice

Featuring a fully moldable boot, this skate wins our top pick for its combination of technology and comfort

Buying Options

Budget Friendly Option

Not quite as advanced as the 1X but still a fantastic skate for your child that will not hold them back in any way, shape, or form

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Our Research and Findings

Selecting a childs hockey skates is no easy task.  It isn’t easy to understand if they fit completely right, and it isnt feasable to be dropping top dollar every few years for skates sometimes either.  We have tried to break down the advantages and disadvantages of a select number of skates to help you make the best choice for your childs game.  Read on for full reviews and details!

We will be taking a look at the most advanced as well as some budget friendly Youth and Junior skates.  The Youth / Junior skate landscape is dominated by CCM and Bauer, so they will be the focus of our reviews.  

At the bottom of our article we have a guide on skate fitting and buying basics, you will see it right after our last skate review.

The Best Youth Hockey Skates

Specifications and Features:

  • Fully Thermoformable – A feature unique to the Bauer lineup ensures your child won’t experience any discomfort and comes as close as you can get to a custom skate
  • Fiber Composite Boot – Helps shave weight while maintaining protection for the skaters foot
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Pro II – Lightweight and strong, featuring the LS1 Stainless Runner 


  • The 2S Youth has a durable fiber composite material built into its boot, ensuring a lightweight but strong skate
  • Outsole is constructed from a TPR material, same as the S27 skate it replaces.  This gives the entire boot excellent torsional stiffness making the skate extremely responsive


Being a top of the line choice, this skate is near the top of the price bracket for youth skates


If you have a little hockey player who is playing high level children’s hockey, or you want a complete package to help your child make the jump, the 2S is the choice for you.  The fully thermoformable boot wins us over as it is a feature lacking in many children’s skates.

Specifications and Features:

  • Durable Boot – CCM has increased the stiffness and durability in this years model, making sure that the skate will last as long as your child needs it  
  • Brushed Micro Fiber Lining – CCM integrated this technology to help with comfort and blisters, ensuring your child enjoys skating in the FT2’s 
  • Matte Black Speedblade – An attractive matte black finish on CCM’s awesome speedblade runners ensure your child will love the look of their skate


  • CCM set out to make a lightweight and comfortable package, and adopted many of the senior models technologies to do so
  • The skate also features lace bite protection.  We all know that comfort is king with children so this is a fantastic feature


As with the 2S, this is CCM’s top of the line Youth skate so it comes at a bit of a premium to other models.  However if your child is excelling and needs the performance, the FT2 is well worth the price.


A fantastic skate with many of the Senior models technologies filtering down to it, the FT2 is a great top of the line choice for your child.  With a micro fiber liner featuring abrasion protection and anti lace bite technology, your child will have no problem skating for extended periods in extreme comfort while flying up and down the ice.

Specifications and Features:

  • One Piece 3D Boot – Made out of Bauer’s strong and light Polycarb material, this allows for better flexibility in the rear quarter of the skate 
  • COMFORTFLEX System – Memory foam padding and a microfiber liner for support and comfort 
  • TUUK lightspeed Pro II – A durable and excellent performing runner, these blades will last the lifetime of the skate 


  • Bauer’s COMFORTFLEX system is the sum of the entire skates technologies, focused on making your child’s skate extremely comfortable without sacrificing performance    
  • The Tuuk Lightspeed PRO II holder is the same as found in the 2X skate giving your child top of the line power transfer with every stride
  • Excellent price point – This skate will take it easy on your wallet, usually landing in the area of $100 USD


The mid level Bauer skates do not feature the full moldable boots, which means the skates may require a little bit more break in time than higher end models.


The Bauer X2.7 is a fantastic choice when you are looking to save some money.  Carrying over several top line features from the 2X model, but coming in around half the price, these skates will be a great choice for your child while saving you some money.

Specifications and Features:

  • New Quarter Package – Featuring CCM’s Metaframe technology, the Tacks offer a fantastic fit
  • HD Micro Fiber Liner – Featuring the same DuraZone abrasion technology, your child’s feet will be safe from blisters in this boot
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – CCM offers a guarantee on these skates meaning you are at little to no risk if your child doesn’t like them!


  • The Tacks 9060 skate takes many great features from the Super Tacks, and pays attention to fit and finish to ensure your child feels great while wearing them.  Really, at this age, what is more important then your kid enjoying throwing the skates on?


No major ones, the price is right, but obviously the skate lacks a few features the top of the line models have


The CCM Tacks 9060 is another great budget pick slotting in right in the middle of the line in terms of tech.  You sacrifice some of the top of the line features like better steel runners and certain fitment features, but as long as you nail the size these are a perfectly fine choice for any child!

The Best Hockey Skates For Toddlers

Specifications and Features:

  • Adjustable Fit –An easy to adjust buckled strap helps your child slide in and out of the skate easily, and making it simple for your to lock their foot in place once its time to skate! 
  • Amazing Price – This is literally the most inexpensive skate you can buy, which is perfect for those who want to get their kid into hockey but aren’t sure if he or she will take to it!


There’s not much to say about the Lil Champ that we haven’t already!  You are paying a rock bottom price for a basic skate that will be perfect if you are trying to teach your child to skate for the first time!

How To Fit Youth and Toddlers Hockey Skates

There is nothing that will turn a small child off skating more than if their skate fits poorly and they get blisters or sores from skating.  Read on to see how to prevent this!


The first question everyone asks is ‘How does my shoe size correlate to skate size?’.  A hockey skate is usually 1.5 (US) sizes smaller than your shoe size for an adult, and closer to 1 full size down for a child..


Most youth hockey skates come in two sizes, D (or R for CCM) or EE.  D is what you will choose for a normal width foot, and EE if your child has a bit wider of a foot.  For toddlers there will typically be on standard size.

Parts of Youth and Toddler Hockey Skates

The hockey skate can be broken down into four main components:

Boot – This is the main part of your child’s skate.  Boots are a bit more low tech for youth and toddlers, comprised of lower strength plastics, and material to keep your child’s feet warm.

Laces or Straps – Youth skates will have laces, whereas most toddler / beginner skates will have adjustable straps to make taking the skates on and off a much quicker and easier proposition.

Runner – This is the piece of the skate that connects the boot to the blade.  It will be a simple piece of plastic, with no quick change systems for smaller children.

Blade – This one is obvious!  For youth and toddlers, it will be a standard piece of stainless steel.


There are tons of things to consider when buying your child a pair of skates.  Are they playing high level hockey skating 4-6 times a week or are they just getting into it?  Do they have slim or wide feet?  Do you want to focus on performance or comfort?  All of these need to be taken into account, and in our opinion then Bauer Supreme 2S does it the best of all.  Let us know your thoughts on our reviews in the comments below!