The Best Lacrosse Sticks of 2022

Through research and talking to both field and box lacrosse players, we have awarded the STX Stallion 200 as our top lacrosse stick of the 2021 season.  It is an extremely versatile stick as the head gives the player a truly forgiving response and can be used playing attack or defensive positions! The updated STX 6000 alloy shaft is super lightweight and durable, great for box or field lacrosse players!

Best Overall Stick

The Best Overall Lacrosse Stick

The STX Stallion 200 combines every key aspect you look for in a stick with a forgiving head design and reliable ball control for attack or defensive players!

STX has been a staple in the lacrosse world with their high performing, durable lacrosse gear for all ages and calibers. With soft string mesh its quick to break in and build the perfect pocket, and its designed to help develop proper lacrosse skill fundamentals. A great stick for all lacrosse players and its not going to break the bank either!

Best For New Players

The Best Lacrosse Stick for Beginners

Designed for beginner players that are learning to catch/pass/shoot the lacrosse ball with consistent accuracy

Warrior has designed this lacrosse stick with players that love to score in mind, with a release point further forward for quicker shooting and passing! This stick has a skinny design that gives lacrosse players superior ball handing when driving to the net. This is a lacrosse stick that is sure to improve your game as soon as you pick it up!

Best Stick For Defense

The Best Defense Lacrosse Stick

This stick is strictly for field lacrosse defensive players, with the STX 6000 series long alloy shaft that is compliant with all NCAA rules. 

When you want the ultimate in defensive performance, this is the lacrosse stick you need to consider! Soft mesh and a deeper pocket to give you top level ball control and an extremely reliable release point! The STX 6000 alloy shaft is lightweight and very high strength so it will perform in the even the roughest lacrosse games! Our pick for best defense lacrosse stick on the market this year, giving you high performance at a great price point.

Our Recommendations

Top Attack Lacrosse Stick

If you’re looking to improve your goal scoring prowess, the Warrior EVO Warp Next lacrosse stick should be at the top of your list! With a front loaded pocket for a quicker release, and tighter head design for improved ball control!

Buying Options

The Top Overall Lacrosse Stick

A solid all around lacrosse stick that is perfect for beginners or experienced players! A balanced pocket and a mid release point make this one of the best overall lacrosse sticks!

Buying Options

Top Defense Lacrosse Stick

The Stallion 200 Defense stick is the best choice for serious lacrosse defensive players. A high strength shaft and a deep pocket for perfect ball control and deep passing!

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Research And Findings

It doesn’t matter if you score goals or play defensive and protect the net, the lacrosse stick is the most important piece of equipment a player uses. Our mission is to break down the BEST lacrosse sticks on the market this year so you can make the choice that’s right for your game!  We have done tons of research to round out the details and foundation for our article on the best lacrosse sticks of 2019. Below are reviews that examine all the details such as manufacturers specs, proprietary technology, strengths, weaknesses, and the overall value the lacrosse stick provides to you as a player.

We will be focusing on reviewing top of the line lacrosse sticks for every players from all the major brands including STX, Warrior, Under Armour, and Nike to help you go bar down all the time. We will break down the lacrosse sticks and rank them by position, ball control, release point and cost. You really can’t go wrong choosing any of the lacrosse sticks as they will all give you top quality performance, its a matter of choosing the stick tailored to your game!

The Best Mens Lacrosse Sticks Review

Specifications and Features:

  • Soft Mesh Stringing – The soft mesh pocket makes it this lacrosse stick game ready to use as with minimal work needed to break it in exactly how you want it
  • STX 6000 Shaft – This STX lacrosse stick includes a STX 6000 alloy shaft for high strength performance 
  • Wide Head – The head of the STX Stallion 200 lacrosse stick enables easy catching and ball control for all skill levels 


STX has a reputation around the game for creating the best lacrosse sticks for beginner and experienced players! The head on the STX Stallion 200 lacrosse stick was engineered to assist in developing key shooting and ball handling skills you need for lacrosse, and players always rave about the performance you get. We’ve given our vote to the Stallion 200 as the best overall lacrosse stick for 2019, and we encourage every player to check it out! Its a great stick and STX is a popular brand on NCAA mens lacrosse teams across the country! It’s designed for attack or midfield positions and is an extremely versatile lacrosse stick! The soft mesh and the wider head make this a very easy lacrosse stick to break in.

Specifications and Features:

  • Lightweight Design – Warrior has cut the weight in the EVO Warp Pro shaft, and has made it one of the lightest lacrosse sticks out there. 
  • Versatile Pocket – A tighter face to help younger players increase ball handling and passing/shooting accuracy, the pocket is further forward for quicker release
  • Multi Sized String – An innovative pocket design on this lacrosse stick using tighter mesh string at the top to optimize ball control and shot accuracy


The best lacrosse attack stick is not a title we take lightly, but the Warrior EVO Warp Pro checks all the boxes and gives you top performance. The special mesh design of the lacrosse stick pocket enhances your shooting and passing accuracy, and gives you more control on forming your pocket. The wider mesh at the bottom gives this lacrosse stick improved feel  and ball control when you’re driving to the net. Warrior also cut down the weight of the shaft so you’ll get even more power and quickness on your shots using this lightweight lacrosse stick! This is a product you can’t go wrong in choosing as it gives you top level performance and its very durable, a really awesome lacrosse stick.

Specifications and Features:

  • STX 6000 Shaft – A key part of any lacrosse defenders stick, the shaft is lightweight and won’t feel like a old school wooden lacrosse stick
  • Wide Head – The head of the STX Stallion 200 defense lacrosse stick gives every player better ball control and a easy target for catching
  • Soft Mesh Stringing – As a defender, having a deeper pocket is common for improved ball control and the soft mesh used in this lacrosse sticks is a great feature


The STX Stallion 200 defense lacrosse stick is really a dependable and long lasting option that comes in at a great price point! The STX 6000 alloy shaft gives you lightweight performance without sacrificing any strength in the material, so you’ll have a little more zip on your passes! The head is also wider than a straight attack lacrosse stick as loose balls and quick plays are the name of the game as a defender. The soft mesh pocket gives you a ton of flexibility on how you want to break in your pocket, and you can do it quickly as opposed to waxed mesh! This is our choice for the best defense lacrosse stick and a solid investment for any budding lacrosse player!

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Specifications and Features:

  • Glide Scoop Technology – Creates easy pickup of ground balls in any situation with a perfectly 
  • Face off Technology – A durable, aggressive sidewall and flexible materials to improve your chances of winning the face off
  • Precision Pocket – The pocket of the lacrosse stick is designed for precision shooting and passing, with a focus on quick release shots
  • Face-Off Composite Shaft – A special limited edition composite shaft with a 4 Point handle locking system give you superior feel and control of the lacrosse stick


The Under Armour Command X lacrosse stick is built for serious players, with the head being designed for superior win-rate in face offs and precision ball movement. The pocket is designed to be forward in the head for quick release passing and shooting. This stick is a great choice for anyone playing attack, midfield, or box lacrosse! One of the great innovations in this stick was the glide scoop technology which creates easy ground ball pickups in any situation. The rounded and symmetrical front edge design ensures that you’re able to gain control of the lacrosse ball from any angle. This Under Armour lacrosse stick is top of the line so it doesn’t come at the lowest price point but for anyone looking to step up their game in a big way, this stick is sure to be an upgrade. If you’re looking to score goals, this quick release pocket gives you accurate and difficult to read shots on goal. This is one of the top lacrosse sticks you can buy, and it is well worth the investment for serious players!

Specifications and Features:

  • Ultra Stiff Head – The super stiff design gives you superior ground ball control, with a rounded scoop to make the transition from ground to stick even quicker 
  • Narrow Head Design – The Legend head is engineered to give you better accuracy and impenetrable ball control 
  • Durable Side Rails – The StringKing Legend head have thicker side rails to withstand tough face-offs and battles for more than just one season
  • Series A 175 Shaft – A rugged and durable shaft that won’t skip a beat in a tough game, this lacrosse shaft doesn’t mess around


If you’re looking for a lacrosse stick that’s game ready, and is going to deliver top end performance from the second you pick it up the StringKing might be the one for you! This comes fully strung with a Type 3 mesh, which is right in between hard and soft so its super easy to break in exactly how you want. This StringKing mesh also has Twistex technology designed to give you better accuracy and speed on your shots. The Legend head is built for durability and ball control, and it excels in both categories. The thicker side rails combined with the narrower head design, this is a perfect option for ball control players and goal scorers! The series A 175 shaft also gives you the long life durability for mutiples seasons regardless of what level you’re playing at. The StringKing complete stick is a great option for the money and will surely get your game to another level!

Specifications and Features:

  • Flexible Head Construction – Perfect for taking and winning faceoffs, the Warrior Evo Warp head utilizes flexible and durable materials
  • Mid Low Pocket – With a pocket that sits quite low in the head and right in the middle, this is enhances quick ball movement without giving up ball control
  • Burn Carbon Shaft – The lightweight and durable Burn Carbon shaft is perfect for quicker ball movement and protection
  • ML1 Pocket Design – Basically designed by Warrior for midfield players, the ML1 pocket has the lowest amount of whip for the quickest release in the game


If your a middie lacrosse player with the mindset of getting the best gear for his position, the Warrior Burn Warp Pro stick is one to check out. The best part of this lacrosse head is the customizable pocket, and we recommend the ML1 pocket as it offers the quickest release for players that operate in transition or tight places! The entire head is designed for ball control players, with a mid-low pocket design and a nice narrow face both ensuring you won’t lose the ball easily. The diamond pattern mesh and the raised shooting strings give you better shot speed and accuracy, for the middie that likes to shoot from the outside! The Burn Carbon shaft is an added bonus with a lightweight and durable design, and overall this is our choice for the best lacrosse stick for midfield!

Specifications and Features:

  • Max Strength Head – The Regulator Max head has reinforced sidewalls for superior durability and increased stiffness in the head for better ground ball control
  • Tru Offset – Giving you a deeper pocket for even better ball control when trying to transition or carry the ball yourself, this is a great feature for defensive players
  • Mid-High Pocket – the Regulator Max head has a mid-high pocket which improves quick ball movement and accurate passing compared to a deeper, back pocket that many defenders play with
  • Slick Grip Shaft – Strategically textured to give you the optimal grip on the shaft whether you are carrying the ball, passing, or defending


So you’re a serious defensive lacrosse player, this is the stick to really upgrade your game with innovative designs specifically for lacrosse defenders. The ultra stiff head gives you better ground ball control and also that long lasting durability for multiple seasons. The mid-high pocket design also give you a quicker release without decreasing your ball control at all. The Max Warp head utilizes MAX technology which is warriors top of the line material for the ultimate in strength. The AX1 shaft has a composite construction, with textured areas to give you better control in all situations. This Warrior Reg Max Warp head is the best in the game for defenders, and gives you the best performance and its well worth the investment!

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The Best Women Lacrosse Stick Reviews

Specifications and Features:

  • Aggressive Scoop Angle – STX has a steeper angle on the head to improve your ability to pick up loose balls and it also gives more snap on the pass 
  • Runway Pocket – An innovative pocket design that has overlapping center strings to control the ball in the middle of the stick for better accuracy 
  • Lightweight Shaft– STX nailed it with this very lightweight shaft that makes passing and ball handling quicker with better feel


The STX CRUX 300 is one of the best womens lacrosse sticks on the market and really worth some serious consideration. The innovative pocket design is one of our favorite feature on this lacrosse stick and the runway pocket doesn’t hurt either. This is a premier lacrosse stick if accurate passing and ball handling are part of your game. This lacrosse stick also improve your ability to scoop loose balls due to the steeper head angle STX took. Overall, this is our top pick for the best womens lacrosse stick out on the market this season!

Specifications and Features:

  • Rail Elite Pocket – A popular choice in womens lacrosse, this pocket is designed for soft ball control and pass catching
  • Poron XRD Ballstop – Designed with the influence of the Maryland Women’s Lacrosse team, this helps prevent the ball bouncing out and improves pass catching
  • Offset Head– The offset is designed to improve passing and shooting, and provide a better feel of the ball for the player. 


A top of the line women’s lacrosse stick that features an extremely popular pocket design with the Rail Elite. This stick was engineered with input from Maryland’s Womens lacrosse team and is made for the serious lacrosse player in mind! The offset in the head provides better control and feel of the ball, and the Rail Elite pocket improves your shot and passing quickness. This is a top womens lacrosse stick and comes in at a higher price than our number one choice, but it is sure to improve your game. This is a great decision for women lacrosse players looking to move on to the NCAA!

Lacrosse Stick Buying Guide

There are many variables to consider when it comes to choosing a lacrosse stick, and before you can make those choices you need to know the fundamentals. These are lacrosse stick length, the shaft, the head, and the pocket. We’re going to walk you through these key pieces of the lacrosse stick so you know exactly what we’re referencing in this article. If you’re looking for a more detailed guide, click here!

Lacrosse Stick Length

We’re going to break down lacrosse stick lengths by position that will all follow with NCAA regulations! All stick length measurements are for the entire lacrosse stick, from the head to the end of the shaft.

Attack and Midfield Players – When playing this position, you need a shorter stick as defense isn’t the focus, its ball movement and scoring! Attack and Midfielders want a short stick between 40″ – 42″.

Defense and Midfield Players –The purely defensive players in field lacrosse will use a bigger stick up to 72″, while some midfield players will choose in between an attack and defense length around 52″. 

Goalie Stick – The goalie lacrosse stick length is anywhere between 40″ – 72″, and the difference is dependent on the height of the goalie and personal preference. 

Youth Players – For players younger than high school, there aren’t any strict regulations and really it comes down to a length that you can handle and like as a player!

Lacrosse Stick Shaft

Long gone are the days of wooden lacrosse stick shafts, and now there is a ton of innovation that has gone into shaft design so it can seem pretty complicated. We’re going to give you the meat and potatoes version!

  • Lacrosse stick shafts are octagonal for the most part, with some older shafts being completely round. Some new shafts also come with grip on the shaft, and is definitely a player preference on whether this is required for their game.
  • The main materials lacrosse shafts are made from is aluminum, titanium, scandium, and also different types of alloys or carbon fiber composites. These will all have an impact on the weight of the shaft and overall strength of the shaft. 
  • For youth lacrosse players, aluminum shafts and alloys will be the best option as they are lighter, cheaper, and great for beginner players. For senior lacrosse players, titanium, scandium, and carbon fiber composite shafts are recommends due to the required strength as you start playing against bigger opponents. 

Lacrosse Stick Heads

You can argue that the head of a lacrosse stick is the most vital piece, since ball control and scoring goals is the entire point of a lacrosse game. The head also plays a vital roll in face offs and loose ball possession as sticks will vary in the width of the head. 

  • Heads with a smaller throat size are designed for more accurate shooting, passing, and better offensive ball control. It will be harder to catch passes and pick up loose balls than other designs but the precision aspect is what lacrosse goal scorers are looking for. 
  • Heads with a wider throat size typically come with a wider front edge, that favors picking up loose balls easily. This stick is especially good for defenders as it may have a lower accuracy on shooting and passing. It will improve your overall pass receiving and a great option for youth lacrosse players just starting out!

Lacrosse Stick Pockets

The lacrosse stick pocket is partly a function of the head design, and all players have a different preference. The head of the stick will dictate whether the pocket is at the front, back, or middle of the head.  

  • Front Pocket – Better for quick release shooting and passing, but give up some ball protection as you are more vulnerable to losing possession on a slash. This are mainly used by attack players and midfielders.
  • Middle Pocket – This is the most common pocket as it is versatile both in shooting, passing, and ball control. It is used by players of all positions and really comes down to player preference. For a new player starting out, we would recommend this pocket design. 
  • Back Pocket – This pocket is used for superior ball control and ball handling, with the lowest change of losing the ball on a slash. This pocket is typically used by defenders, midfielders, and sometimes power forwards. You lose some quickness on the shooting and passing, but the ball control is improved over the other options. 

Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

There is no right or wrong answer in choosing any one of these lacrosse sticks, all that matter is what they will do to your game. We want you to choose high performance gear that will make sure you achieve your full potential every time you’re facing off in a game or just in lacrosse practice. Our choice for the best lacrosse stick is the STX Stallion 200, for its durable head and versatility for any new or experienced player! If you have an opinion or question on any of the sticks on this list we’d love to hear from you, sound off in the comments below!

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