The Best Lacrosse Rebounders of 2023

If you only practice your Lacrosse game when you have designated practice or game time, it will be tough for you to excel.  Thankfully there are dozens of pieces of training equipment that have been created to help you hone your game in your spare time.  A Lacrosse Rebounder is one of those tools that every aspiring Lacrosse star should have in their backyard.  Although they may seem like a simple piece of equipment, small nuances separate the best from the rest.  Our top pick of the year is the Rukket 4×7 Foot Lacrosse Rebounder.  Featuring multiple attack angles, no dead zones, and a heavy duty frame to help it endure life out doors, this is the best Rebounder for the money and will help you take your game to the next level!

Best Rebounder

Multi Angle Training

Easy to assemble, gets the job done, and fantastic reviews at a fair price.  What more can you ask for?

Rukket specializes in outdoor accessories for games such as lacrosse, baseball, and softball.  They create rebounders for all different sports and you can tell they know what they are doing.  This rebounder will help you hone your game, and they offer a 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee so you can’t go wrong!  Check out this 5 star review a satisfied customer left –

Best Flat Rebounder

Simple Yet Effective

Although it has no built in angles, the top portion of the rebounder has multiple settings, allowing you to train however best suits your needs!

The Champion Rebound Pitchback Net is a fantastic, heavy duty unit that will keep up with you season after season thanks to its durable 1 1/4 inch steel frame and heavy duty nylon net.  You can also adjust the top portion to several different angles giving you some training customization options.  The unit is easy to assemble and has a ton of positive reviews meaning you can buy with confidence!

Best Budget Rebounder

Budget Friendly Solution

With a decent 4×3 foot rebounding area, this rebounder will get the job done while saving you $50 or more compared to top tier rebounders

Sometimes dropping hundreds of dollars for a rebounder just isn’t realistic based on your financial situation.  If that’s the case but you still want to hone your game, Trademark Innovations has a solution for you!  While its steel and net aren’t quite as heavy duty as our top picks, it gets the job done for a fantastic price that should fit almost anyone’s budget!

Our Recommendations

Best Flat Rebounder

Heavy duty construction, a clearly labelled rebounding target, and excellent net construction, this rebounder checks all the boxes if you are satisfied with a flat rebounding surface!

Buying Options

Best Overall Rebounder

Fantastic construction from the frame to the net, a lifetime warranty, and multiple angles to rebound off of, the Rukket takes our top overall spot!

Buying Options

Best Budget Rebounder

Decent construction coupled with solid online reviews gives us the confidence to recommend this as our budget friendly option!

Buying Options

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What We Based Our Research On

Lacrosse is becoming more and more competitive by the year.  The simple fact is – If you aren’t training in your free time and getting better, someone else is and will leapfrog you.  Lacrosse rebounders have become super popular as a simple to use skill building tool.  You don’t need a ton of room to set them up, and they can pay serious dividends for your passing and shooting game, as well as reaction time training when doing work in tight with them.  A rebounder is something every aspiring lacrosse player should have to work with.

When we evaluated the various options available, we looked at several key items.  Construction – will this rebounder stand the test of time and be worth your hard earned money?  Ease of use – We’ve all built Ikea furniture before – no one wants to spend 2 hours struggling to build their rebounder, or waste time setting it up or taking it down after practice.  Cost – Let’s face it, money may be better spent on a top of the line Lacrosse stick or some new cleats, we want you to make an informed decision on what tier or rebounder you need.  Reviews –  We have scoured the web to help us rank these in terms of how they have worked for people in the real world.  We won’t be showing you garbage products just for that sake of showing them.  Any item on this list is a solid choice so read on as we break down the details and differences to help you make the right choice to find the best lacrosse rebounder for you!

1. Rukker Lacrosse Rebounder - The Best Overall Lacrosse Rebounder

Specifications and Features:

  • Multi Angle Practice – The Rukker has four different attack angles, allowing you to simulate as many situations as you want!
  • Heavy Duty Construction – 1.25 inch powder coated metal frame with heavy duty fasteners ensure this rebounder will last you for years
  • Lifetime Warranty – Lifetime Warranty?!?!  Do these even exist anymore?  Rukket is so confident in their product they are backing it up for life.  If that doesn’t give you faith that this is a quality product, I’m not sure what will!

Pros: Lifetime Warranty (we can’t stress this one enough!), 4×7 ft huge rebounding area, high quality construction, no dead areas

Cons: The package and unit itself are quite heavy, so lift with caution!


Rukker has created a fantastic rebounder with this unit.  Amazing materials and quality, multi angle rebounding, and a lifetime warranty, all backed up by amazing reviews online.  This is our top choice!

2. Champion Rebounder - Best Flat Rebounder

Specifications and Features:

  • Adjustable Screen – Champion has 3 different positions to help customize your training experience 
  • Lightweight Frame – A strong yet lightweight inch and a quarter powder coated frame means you can easily transport this from home to the field
  • Built In Target – This will help you really hone your accuracy from close in or far away

Pros: Multi sport netting for any throwing sport, adjustable screen angles, strong but lightweight, high quality nylon netting

Cons: Being a flat rebounder the Champion might not give you the versatility of a multi angled or rounded net


The Champion is a well reviewed unit that offers several standard features.  We really like the built in target area that many other units lack to help you really key in on improving your shooting and passing accuracy.

3. Trademark Innovations Rebounder - Best Budget Rebounder

Specifications and Features:

  • Large Rebounding Area – A simple, large rebounding area gives you a good target for practice
  • Easy Assembly – The Trademark Innovations rebounder has fewer angles and pieces compared to its competitors allowing for super easy setup and teardown
  • Durable Netting – 23 ply netting will be able to handle your hardest shots without any wear and tear

Pros: We’re going to be honest – the best part about this rebounder is it’s affordable price!

Cons: Coming in at a much lower price point (~50% less than competitors) this unit lacks features such as a target area or adjustable angles


The Trademark Innovations rebounder is a budget friendly option.  It is easy to assemble and move around, gets the job done for bouncing your passes back to you, and does it all at an affordable price making it our best budget pick.

4. Victorem Rebounder - Most Durable Lacrosse Rebounder

Specifications and Features:

  • Replacement Net – Victorem not only provides a high quality net, but gives you a backup for free! 
  • Bungee Cord Cover – Victorem covers the mesh connection points with a bungee cord cover to protect them from errant shots 
  • Super Long Target – An 84 inch target strip is one of the largest we have seen so you get a good bounce back no matter where you place your shot!

Pros: Extra net for free, 45 ply heavy mesh, adjustable target zone, 5 angle adjustable frame positioning

Cons: Honestly this is a super solid rebounder, the only flaw we can find is a few reviewers found it a tad difficult to assemble.


The Victorem is a great rebounder and reviews have confirmed this.  Adding in a bonus net with your purchase is a great incentive to buy as the net is always the first part of the rebounder to start falling apart.  A movable / customizable target area is a nice touch as well as it can help you work on hitting the center target or practice picking corners to enhance your in game sniping!

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5. Flair Sports Rebounder - Best Value Lacrosse Rebounder

Specifications and Features:

  • High Visibility Frame – The high vis green frame really helps you see the target from long distances to sail your shots in at it 
  • Easy Assembly – Having fewer adjustable angles and connections, the Flair rebounder is quite easy to set up 
  • Flair Sports Guarantee – If you have any problems with this unit, Flair sports promises to help you fix it or will make things right!

Pros: Great price point, high visibility frame and target area, manufacturer guarantee

Cons: No adjustability, flat surface offers less bounce back variability


Flair sports makes a great mid level rebounder for those looking to save some cash.  By not offering adjustability or angled rebound zones, Flair is able to offer this unit at a great price point – if you’re looking to save some cash this is a fantastic option!

Specifications and Features:

  • Sturdy Adjustable Frame – Adjustable from the backside to offer several different rebound angles
  • Dampened Rebound Surface – This helps make the rebound surface a little less lively for smaller backyards
  • Works With STX Target – STX offers a target pad which bolts right on and really helps you with target practice

Pros: Fantastic for smaller practice areas, adjustable angles, can integrate STX target cover

Cons: Heavy, no rounded bottom


STX is a household name in lacrosse for a reason, they make high quality items at fair prices.  The STX Bounceback is a durable, high quality entry and best of all works with the STX bounce back pass master cover to really hone your skills!

7. EZGoal Rebounder - Largest Lacrosse Rebounder

Specifications and Features:

  • Massive Rebounding Area – an 8 x 6 foot rebounding area is one of the largest we have found to date
  • Heavy Duty Frame – A thick, oversized 1.5 inch powder coated frame for extreme durability
  • No Tools Required – Easy assembly requires absolutely no tools!

Pros: Massive rebounding area, Telescoping frame, UV treated net, Very springy mesh

Cons: Due to sizing it will require a larger backyard or practice area


EZGoal set out to win the ‘massive rebounder’ crown and has done just that with this unit.  A huge 8 x 6 foot rebounding area with a super heavy duty frame and UV treated mesh means this thing will go the distance!

Lacrosse Rebounder Basics

There are many different things to consider when looking for your rebounder – here are a few key points

Rebounder Size
If you have to practice in a smaller backyard or tight confines, consider getting one of the smaller, damped rebounders such as the STX rebounder.  These will allow you to get your reps in without firing a lacrosse ball over a fence or into a window

If you are going to be moving your rebounder around alot, consider one of the lighter rebounders, or one that folds down

Flat vs Curved
You need to consider what type of practice you are going to be putting in.  Are you simply looking to hone your accuracy and pick corners off?  If so a flat rebounder might do the job for you.  If you are looking at training reaction and grabbing hard to receive passes, a curved rebounder might be superior to train these skills.

Player Skill Level
If you are buying a rebounder for a beginner, one of the cheaper units may do.  However the old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ rings true for rebounders.  If you are purchasing this for a more advanced player looking to take their game to the next level, consider getting a rounded unit or one with targets, and ensure it has a heavy duty frame and netting to put up with the harder shots!

Whats your budget?
Rebounders can range from $30 – $200 or even more.  The ones we review are $60 or more.  We wouldn’t recommend getting the cheapest units you can find, but take into account the skill of yourself or the player you are buying for and purchase your rebounder accordingly.

Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

We made sure to select only the upper tier of Lacrosse rebounders we came across.  You can’t go wrong choosing any one of these, but really need to get into the details to see which one will be right for you.  Are you a beginner or advanced?  Do you have a large practice space or a small one?  Do you want to work on picking corners or training your reaction on varying rebounds?  We hope we laid out all of the differences clearly so you can pick the best rebounder for your game!

Comment below to let us know your thoughts or if there are other rebounders you’d like us to review!

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