The Best Lacrosse Nets of 2023

Are you looking to buy a new Lacrosse net? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Many people who are relatively new to the sport of lacrosse may be under the mistaken assumption that all lacrosse nets are virtually alike. The reality is that there are many different kinds of lacrosse nets with different features and build qualities that are worth considering before you buy. You may not notice these features just by looking at a lacrosse net from a distance, but they become very apparent once you begin to use them and play the game.

In this guide, we’ll dive into our choices for the best lacrosse goals and the top qualities to look for in a lacrosse net, such as dimensions, materials, and price. Lacrosse nets that are of a weaker build quality in particular will not last long and won’t be much useful beyond simple backyard practice. By the end of this guide, you’ll know exactly how to narrow your search while on the market for a lacrosse goal and have recommendations on which specific makes and models to take a look at.

Best Lacrosse Goal

Best Overall Lacrosse Net

When you are buying a lacrosse goal, you want it to be durable and get the job done, and that is exactly why we love the Net World Regulation lacrosse net!

If you are in the market for a durable, regulation sized lacrosse net, the Net World Regulation goal is a perfect choice for practice or at home training! Measuring six feet by six feet with a 1.5″ heavy duty galvanized steel frame, this is extremely strong and the heavy duty 3mm netting is also built to last! It can be used in all weather conditions as the steel is coated as not to rust and the mesh is made of a UV stabilized polymer twine. This is an excellent choice for a lacrosse goal and our top pick for 2021!

Best Youth Lacrosse Goal

Top Choice for Youth Players

Measuring four feet by four feet, this is perfect for younger players working on their accuracy and skills. Slightly smaller than a regulation goal, it is great for younger players or skilled players looking for a challenge!

Look no further than the Champion Sports lacrosse goal for your youth player, built with a 1.5″ diameter steel frame with a nice heavy 2.3mm braided net that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use! This is easy to assemble and disassemble so you can store it away or bring it to your next practice. This is a well build lacrosse goal that is perfect for training in the backyard!

Best Foldable Lacrosse Goal

Best Foldable Lacrosse Goal

Available in both 4′ X 4′ size or regulation 6′ X 6′ size, this is an extremely versatile lacrosse net that is easy to assemble and take anywhere you want!

If you are looking for a foldable lacrosse net so you won’t have it taking up space when you are not using it or you want to easily transport it from practices, this is the net for you! It comes with very rugged 5mm netting so it is very durable and also useable both indoors and outdoors. It has rubber feet on the bottom so when using indoors, it won’t scratch up your floors. It folds down in only three motions for quick assembly and take down, the perfect option for a versatile lacrosse goal!

Our Recommendations

Best Youth Lacrosse Goal

A great option for kids or youth lacrosse players looking to hone their skills on a small net, great for both indoor and outdoor usage

Buying Options

Best Overall Lacrosse Net

Our choice for the number one lacrosse net on the market, the durable and regulation sized Net World is the perfect investment for a serious lacrosse player

Buying Options

Best Portable Lacrosse Goal

Looking for a lacrosse net that you can take down and store or bring to your next practice, the Rukket Backyard Portable lacrosse goal is the top choice on the market

Buying Options

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The Net World Sports Backyard Lacrosse Net is our choice for a lacrosse net if you have money to spend and are looking for the very best lacrosse net that you can buy.

Specifications and Features:

  • 6 feet by 6 feet, so it measures Lacrosse gaol regulations
  • Suitable for both official matches and backyard training 
  • Available as both a single goal or in pairs 
  • String rails are welded
  • Orange power coated 
  • 3mm lacrosse net 
  • Assembly process requires no tools 
  • Can be used for both men and women’s lacrosse games


The Net World Sports Backyard Lacrosse Net is our pick for the best lacrosse net on the market today due to the fact that it is built to the highest quality and is very versatile in what you can use it for when it comes to lacrosse. This net measures six feet by six feet, which means it can be used in official lacrosse matches because it meets official regulations. However, it can be used for backyard practice or training purposes as well. This lacrosse goal comes with a heavy duty 3mm net made out of UV stabilized polyester twine, and also meets regulations. The string rails have been welded for extra reinforcement, and the 1.5-inch wide galvanized steel frame frame is power coated in orange coloring. As a result, the Net World Sports is one of the strongest lacrosse goals on the market and can easily withstand regular heavy impacts from lacrosse balls.

No tools are required for assembly of the Net World Sports goal as well. That’s because the steel posts are built using an integrated locking system that will lock the posts securely together. All in all, the Net World Sports lacrosse goal is easy to assemble, solidly made, and built to regulation standards. If you want the very best lacrosse goal that you can get, the Net World Sports Backyard Lacrosse Net is the way to go.

Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions – Measures four feet by four feet 
  • Assembly – Easy to assemble despite the multi-piece construction 
  • Lacrosse Mesh – Netting is made out of 2.3mm black braided polyethylene 
  • Frame Construction – 1.5 inch steel frame is fully waterproof


This is an ideal lacrosse goal to get for training younger lacrosse athletes either in your backyard or at a public park. Despite this being a youth lacrosse goal, the Champion Sports is very rugged and solidly built, as if it were intended for professional adult use. The 2.3mm braided net is made out of a black braided polyethylene material that can withstand constant impact from lacrosse balls. Meanwhile, the steel frame measures 1.5 inches in diameter and is fully waterproof. It’s also very stable and capable of withstanding the natural elements such as the wind. The multi-piece construction for the Champion Sports requires no extra parts or tools to put together and is very convenient for assembling or disassembling so you can break it down, transport it between locations, and set it up quickly without taking up too much of your time. 

Overall, if you want a sturdy and well-built lacrosse goal that is an ideal choice for training younger athletes and also built to a professional level, the Champion Sports Lacrosse Goal is your choice.

One of the top features to look for in a lacrosse goal is the ability to quickly fold it down for each of transport. If this also happens to be the feature that you value the most in a lacrosse goal, you will want to definitely check out the Rukket Portable Lacrosse Backyard Collapsible Goal.

Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions – Available in both four feet by four feet and six feet by six feet sizes 
  • Netting – 5mm netting is very rigid to withstand multiple impacts
  • Setup and Takedown – Folds down in only three motion for ease of transport 
  • Household Use – Dipped rubber feet allow it to be set up in your house as well so it won’t scratch the floors


The main standout feature of the Rukket Portable Lacrosse Backyard Collapsible Goal is the fact that it is designed to be folded down in only three motions, which makes it one of the simplest takedowns of any lacrosse net that is currently available on the marketplace. When folded down, the Rukket Portable Lacrosse Backyard Collapsible Goal is completely flat for easy storage. It can also be further broken down for storage purposes as well. When fully broken down, the Rukket will take up less than three square feet of space, making it perfect for storage in both a vehicle or in your garage. The Rukket Portable Lacrosse Backyard Collapsible Goal is also available in two different sizes: six feet by six feet for official games, and four feet by four feet for pickup games or backyard practice. The dipped feet are made out of rubber, so it can be set up for indoor use without ruining your carpet or hardwood floors. This is our choice for the best foldable lacrosse goal on the market and is definitely worth the investment for all lacrosse players!

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If you’re looking for a lacrosse net that will be suitable for training smaller kids from a young age for lacrosse, you’ll want to definitely consider the Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse goal.

Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions – Measures four feet by four feet 
  • Frame – Has a 1.25-inch steel frame 
  • Fastening Rope – Rope ties allow you to secure the goal to the ground so it won’t move with shots
  • Construction – Very lightweight and easily portable with a rope ties allow you to secure the goal to the ground 
  • Assembly – Snap lock frame makes it very rigid and sturd and also quick and easy to assemble


This is a four foot by four foot lacrosse goal and it is intended for use by small kids, and as a result, it’s very lightweight and easily portable. The idea is that children should have a relatively easy time transporting it around and setting it up themselves if they need to. The 1.25 inch frame is built out of steel and is quite strong and durable despite its lighter weight. The snap lock system secures the frame once it is set up, while the rope ties enable you to further secure it to the ground so it can withstand multiple impacts from lacrosse balls without making hardly any movement. If you are looking to get your kid started in lacrosse, this is the best goal for the budding lacrosse player!

If you want a lacrosse goal that can be completely disassembled and stashed away in as little time as possible, the model that should be at the top of your consideration list is the Power Net Portable Lacrosse Goal.

Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions – Available in either four foot by four foot or six foot by six foot configurations 
  • Assembly – Takes only two minutes to set up and no tools are required for assembly 
  • Bag Included – Comes with a heavy duty shoulder bag with dual shoulder straps
  • Goal Mesh – Lacrosse Net is constructed out of knotless 420D polyester coating with PU coating 
  • Indoor Usage – Rubber feet mean it can be used for indoor use as well


The Power Net Portable Lacrosse Goal is designed to be completely disassembled and stowed away in just two minutes. This is easily one of the fastest complete disassembly times of any lacrosse goal on the market today. The Power Net also ships with a heavy duty carrying bag that comes equipped with two shoulder straps for ease of transport from your car out to the field. The netting itself is made out of 420D polyester material with a PU coating, and can withstand even the hardest of shots from lacrosse balls. Meanwhile, the frames of the Power Net Portable Lacrosse Goal are built out of a very sturdy still, with the addition of rubberized feet so it can be easily set up indoors as well without damaging your flooring.

Last but not least, if you’re looking to save money and purchase a more inexpensive lacrosse net, you’ll want to check out the Go Sports Regulation Lacrosse Portable Takedown Goal.

Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions – Measures six feet by six feet 
  • Assembly – Can be assembled in just five to ten minutes 
  • Net Mesh – 2.5 mm netting is a bit thinner than official goals
  • Construction – Frame is made out of heavy duty 17 gauge tubular steel for excellent stability and durability


Even though this is a more inexpensive lacrosse net, the Go Sports Regulation Lacrosse Portable Takedown Goal is still very high quality. The frame is built out of 17 gauge tubular steel, which has very high density for increased strength, while the 2.5mm netting can withstand high impacts from lacrosse balls, but will also have a shorter overall lifespan than thicker netting and will eventually need to be replaced if you use it regularly. Since it measures six feet by six feet, the Go Sports Regulation Lacrosse Portable Takedown Goal is good to go for official lacrosse matches and tournaments. In short, if you’re looking for a high quality lacrosse net that also won’t break your bank, the Go Sports Regulation Lacrosse Portable Takedown Goal should be a top choice so long as you are willing to accept the fact that the netting is a thinner than other lacrosse goals.

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Lacrosse Net Buying Guide

As discussed previously, all lacrosse nets may look very similar from a difference, but the reality is that there are many different types of basic lacrosse nets available. When searching for a net, the most critical factors to keep in mind are the types of materials used for the frames and netting. 

Note – all lacrosse goals used in official tournaments and games must be painted orange per regulation standards. Make sure that your goal comes with a solid orange power coating, which will be very effective at resisting rain, moisture, and humidity.

Different Types of Lacrosse Goal Mesh

When it comes to the mesh of your lacrosse net, there are three primary kinds to consider: hard mesh, soft mesh, and traditional mesh

Out of these three options, hard netting is by far the most common, having a thickness of 5mm at least. Hard netting can withstand inclement weather the best, and also controls the ball very well. More expensive lacrosse nets will come with hard netting.

Soft netting is generally a bit more soft and flexible, as well as more thin. It’s usually installed on cheaper lacrosse goals, and as a result, is a good choice for indoor or backyard practice rounds and for beginner purposes. However, it should be avoided when it comes to professional use or official games. Soft netting should also be avoided when it rains, because it can soak up and expand quickly, and become inconsistent. 

Finally, traditional netting is also consistent and offers good control over the ball like hard netting. However, like soft netting it usually is not the best option for rainy days, and it also will likely need some time for breaking in.

Equally as important as the type or thickness of your netting is its size, which we will discuss next.

Official Lacrosse Net Sizing

As mentioned previously, official lacrosse gaming regulations state that a lacrosse goal must measure at least six feet by six feet. If you’re going to play in official games or practice for such games, you will need to make sure that your goal measures six feet by six feet. 

Take note that four foot by four foot lacrosse goals also exist. These goals are suitable for indoor or backyard use, since they will not take up very much space. Most lacrosse manufacturers make their goals in both six foot and four foot configurations, but just make sure that the four foot models cannot be used in official tournaments or games. 

A four foot by four foot goal will also throw you off when it comes to finally playing in your first game. Again, it’s important to get a six foot goal if you are serious about playing professional or semi-professional lacrosse. For casual playing in your house or backyard, a four foot goal will work adequately. 

Official Nets vs Practice Nets

There are many differences between official lacrosse nets and practice lacrosse nets. These are as follows:


  • Official lacrosse goals will have welded corners for superior durability and rigidity; the corners of practice lacrosse goals will not be welded. 
  • The corners of official lacrosse goals will be squared off, while the corners of practice lacrosse goals will be more rounded. 
  • The frames of lacrosse goals will always be built out of high quality and durable steel with a diameter of 1.75 to 2 inches; the frames of practice goals will typically only be 1.5 inches in diameter, and may also be built out of lower quality materials such as aluminum or polymer.

If you’re going to practice for official tournaments, give strong consideration to spending the extra money on an official or professional lacrosse goal. The goal should be labeled as ‘professional’ or ‘official’ by the manufacturer, but even if it is not one way or the other, you now know the specific features to look for in one.

The main benefit to going with a practice lacrosse net is cost savings, as they will be much cheaper than the real deal. If you’re only thinking about playing lacrosse casually with friends or relatives at a public park or in your backyard, a practice net will do just fine.

Folding Lacrosse Goals

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget that ease of storage and transport for lacrosse nets is also essential. Lacrosse nets are quite wide when fully expanded, but most can be broken down into much smaller packages and only take up a few square feet!

  • Make sure that your lacrosse net of choice does not require extra parts or tools to assemble or disassemble.
  • Your lacrosse net should ideally only require a few minutes to set up and completely disassemble.
  • You should be able to quickly fold down your lacrosse net in a few seconds for transportation purposes. 
  • If a lacrosse goal is marked as DIY by the manufacturer, chances are good that it will require more time and tools to put together or take apart, and it should be avoided. 
  • Avoid lacrosse goals that come with PVC piping, because they will not fold down (and are not very durable either).

In summary, go with a lacrosse net that is quick to fold down and disassemble in a only two or three minutes or less. Also make sure that the goal comes with a provided carrying bag with shoulder straps for ease of transport.

Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

And that concludes our breakdown of the best lacrosse nets to look for. Lacrosse is a fun and highly involving sport, but a poor quality lacrosse goal can go a long way to ruining an otherwise good game. 

Remember that not all lacrosse nets are created equally. The best lacrosse nets are easy to fold and transport, are at least six feet by six feet per game regulations, come with solid steel construction for the frames, be orange colored (also per official regulations) and are outfitted with a hard netting to more easily control the ball. If you plan on using your lacrosse goal indoors, make sure that it comes with rubberized feet.

Any one of the six lacrosse goals that we have covered in this article will be a good choice for a lacrosse net based on our respective recommendation for its best use. Alternatively, you can go with any other lacrosse net that meets or exceeds the standards that we have gone over as well. If you have any thoughts or comments on this article leave us a comment below!

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