The Best Lacrosse Helmets of 2023

If there’s one piece of equipment you don’t want to cheap out on, it’s definitely your helmet.  From helping dissipate head impacts, to keeping your face and eyes safe from errant sticks, the lacrosse helmet protects your most valuable asset.  Before checking out our entire best lacrosse helmets article – we will let you know up front some of our favorites and our top pick for the year.  The lacrosse helmet crown this year goes to the Cascade S.  From its innovative Tri-Liner system to the SuperMono shell, this is the best looking and best performing lacrosse helmet we have come across and is the helmet you need if you demand premier protection!

Best Lacrosse Helmet

The Ultimate Helmet

Protection, Ventilation, Looks, and Comfort, the Cascade S is the total package and a must have for the serious lacrosse player looking for top notch protection

Cascade is one of the top lacrosse helmet producers for a reason.  They chose to do one thing, and to be the best at it.  Helmets are their bread and butter and the Cascade S is the pinnacle of their offerings.  Loaded with features, many of which innovative safety improvements, this helmet will keep you safe, cool, and as a bonus looking good for every game.

Best Womens Lacrosse Helmet

Great For Women

Cascade went back to the drawing board and made a helmet specifically for Women’s lacrosse – and came out with a great package

Cascade decided to enter the Women’s lacrosse arena and has a few different entries.  Far and away their best offering is the LX headgear.  It is adjustable so it will fit most women’s head with it’s one size, is lightweight and well ventilated, and best of all comes at a great price.

Our Choice For Youth Lacrosse Helmets

Protect Your Kids Lid!

A developing brain is your child’s most important asset.  The CPV-R will provide more than adequate protection at a good price point

Cascade offers several models of youth helmets, and the CPV-R slots one below the S model in their lineup.  If your child plays top tier lacrosse we may suggest stepping up to the more expensive S model, but for most children who will eventually grow out of a helmet, the CPV-R strikes a good balance between great protection and a price that is a bit easier on the wallet, leading it to be our top choice for Youth.

Our Recommendations

Best Youth Lacrosse Helmet

A great helmet featuring SPRFIT for a fanstic fit, a Gen 3 EPP liner system, and all at a great price, the CPV-R is our choice for the best Youth Lacrosse Helmet

Buying Options

Best Senior Mens Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade’s flagship model, this is one of the best looking and best performing helmets money can buy.  If you don’t want to settle for second best, this is the helmet for you.

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Best Womens Lacrosse Helmet

Women’s Lacrosse is a fast growing sector of the game today, and Cascade took it upon themselves 

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What We Based Our Research On

Protecting your head is paramount in any contact sport, especially one with sticks whipping around and balls flying at over 60 MPH.  There aren’t a ton of companies making top tier helmets these days, with companies like Cascade, STX, and Warrior dominating the scene.  Nonetheless, we think even between these few companies there are some differences that will really influence the helmet you need.

We looked at several key points for all of our reviews.  Protection – Is this helmet going to keep you safe?  Your brain, eyes, and teeth are all a few things that are at risk every time you step out on the field.  Features – What good is the most protective lacrosse helmet if it has no adjustability or no airflow?  Cost – Let’s face it, not everyone wants to be dropping top dollar on all equipment.  How much fun you have isn’t influenced by how much you spend, but sometimes the level of protection does change as you go up and down model lines. Reviews – We scoured the internet to make sure none of the helmets we recommended come from questionable manufacturers.  Whatever helmet you choose, if it is on our list, it is a quality offering!

Read on to find out what Lacrosse Helmet will be best for your game!

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not think that this helmet will make you concussion proof!!  Helmet manufacturers are not allowed to claim helmets prevent concussion, because the reality is with a big enough impact nothing will stop someone from suffering a concussion.  However we feel confident that the Cascade S is best at helping to reduce the occurrence or severity of a concussion due to its innovative and leading edge safety features.  Concussion prevention starts with safe and responsible play, but in the absence of that, the Cascade S is your best bet to help protect your brain.

Specifications and Features:

  • Tri Liner – Cascade implements three different liners to ensure the best force reduction of head impacts possible
  • SuperMono S Shell – A one piece shell design helps dissipate frontal impacts
  • Hardtail SPRfit – This fitment system works in tandem with three different jaw pads so you can adjust on the go and get the total custom fitment feel

Pros: Tri Liner system with Gen4EPP, NV3, and Seven Technology for the ultimate in impact dissipation, One size fits all adjustability, Visionbar beefs up wire diameter while still providing optimal sight lines, S Series jaw with a dual material chin piece for better chin impact handling, Lightweight build, Excellent airflow 

Cons: Being the top helmet on the market, the Cascade S is priced at a premium to other helmets


Cascade’s top of the line model doesn’t disappoint in any area.  It has top tier impact handling ability thanks to its innovative Tri-Liner system, can be adjusted for a custom feel thanks to the SPRfit system, and looks great while doing it.  This is our top choice and the helmet for you if you demand the best! 

2. STX Rival - Best Fitting Lacrosse Helmet

Specifications and Features:

  • Sure-Fit Air System – STX has included a built in pump allowing you to adjust your helmet on the fly.  Talk about the ultimate in customizable fit! 
  • Excellent Ventilation – Vents running from the exterior of the helmet to your head really help cool you down during play
  • Completely Customizable – STX has thousands of different paint combinations available so you can make this helmet look exactly how you want it!

Pros: Sleek good looking design, Tons of color customization options, Sure-Fit with built in air pump, comfort liner to reduce pinching or any discomfort

Cons: Lacks some top end impact dissipation that rivals have


STX is a mainstay in LAX for a reason – they continue to put out solid performers year after year.  The Rival is the next evolution from their Stallion lineup, touting improved airflow and a wicked built in air pump to make sure this helmet fits snug on your head.  If you are looking for the most comfortable helmet out there, we have no problems recommending the STX Raven for your game.

Specifications and Features:

  • Adaptfit 270 BOA – Warrior integrates a BOA system for quick, easy tightening and loosening of the helmet to give you the perfect fit
  • Viconic Protection – Warrior focused on the occipital lobe and temples with a diffusion plate to help lessen impacts to critical areas
  • Burn Comfort Liner – Warrior makes its liners out of energy absorbing VN foam to provide the best comfort and fit

Pros: Adaptfit 270 BOA system – excellent fitment, Superior protection from Viconic dissipation plates, Jaws protection integrated chin piece, Tons of color options

Cons: For being such a great product, Warrior seems to struggle with product placement – It can be hard at times to find the Burn in stock.


Warrior is a great name in Lacrosse and the Burn is their new top of the line helmet.  Featuring their innovative Boa system also seen on some goalie gear, as well as an amazing protection system, this is one of the best protecting helmets you can buy – If you can find it!

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Specifications and Features:

  • Seven Technology – Also found in the Cascade S, SevenTechnology is a liner system designed by a third party who specializes strictly in head impact technology
  • R Series Shell – A small step down from the S series, this shell helps give great airflow to keep you cool
  • SPRfit Hardtail – A ratchet based fitment system gives you tons of possible sizing options, and the Hardtail component really ramps up the durability of the unit

Pros: Great price point, Comfortable fit thanks to ratchet SPRfit system, Seven Technology Liner enhances safety, X Series components for enhanced visibility

Cons: Lacks some of the top tier safety items the upper Cascade S model has, but still does a fantastic job of protecting your melon!


Cascade offers several different models, and for our money, the CPX-R is the best value of the bunch.  Featuring great fitment, and the Seven Technology liner for awesome protection, the Cascade CPX-R will keep your brain, eyes, and teeth safe while keeping some of your hard earned money in your wallet!

1. Cascade CPV-R Youth - Best Overall Youth Lacrosse Helmet

Specifications and Features:

  • Gen 3 EPP Liner – One tier below the Cascade S, the Gen 3 EPP is new to the R line and provides elite protection with top notch comfort
  • R Series Shell – A small step down from the S series, this shell helps give great airflow to keep you cool
  • SPRfit – A ratchet based fitment system gives you tons of possible sizing options, ensuring you get a great fit

Pros: Great price point, Comfortable fit thanks to ratchet SPRfit system, Gen 3 EPP Liner enhances safety, Chevron mask increases downward vision

Cons: Lacks some of the top tier safety items the upper Cascade models have, but still does a sufficient job of protecting your melon!


Cascade offers several different youth models, and considering children often grow out of gear, we think that the CPV-R youth hits on all the key points for your child.  The Gen 3 EPP liner provides great protection and fitment, the Cascade CPV-R Youth will ensure your child is protected in all the key head and face areas and able to enjoy the game without worries!

2. STX Stallion 100 - Best Value Youth Lacrosse Helmet

Specifications and Features:

  • Collaborative Effort – STX teamed up with football helmet leader Schutt to make a great, safe helmet for kids
  • Elastic Adjustment System – A built in elastic strap system to help find a perfect hit for children’s ever growing heads
  • EPP Liner – The EPP (Expanded PolyPropylene) liner helps disperse force from collisions
Photo of the STX Stallion 100 Lacrosse Helmet

Pros: Super Strong ABS Shell developed for football, Fantastic fitment system, EPP liner for great fit and feel

Cons: Not the most advanced helmet liner wise, compared to more expensive Cascade models


STX makes a great entry into the Youth Lacrosse Helmet arena with the STX Stallion 100.  You know when a helmet is designed by a football company, it has to withstand the most ferocious of head shots.  We hope your child never has to put it to the test in that sense, but if they do, they have the right helmet for the job.

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1. Cascade LX Headgear - Best Womens Lacrosse Helmet

Specifications and Features:

  • Specifically Designed For Women – Women’s skulls differ from mens in several ways, and a gap in the back for hair will really help this helmet fit perfectly
  • XRD Liner Technology – XRD Tech is found in many top tier hockey helmets, and helps with impact protection
  • Integrated Goggle System – Getting rid of the need for a separate goggle system makes this a more streamlined unit

Pros: Women specific design, XRD tech inside, integrated goggles, great price point

Cons: No full face option


Cascade doesn’t want anyone left out from lax, and has stepped up to the plate and designed a women specific option, the LX headgear.  Coming in tons of great colors with great protection and a slot in the back to pull your hair through, this is a wonderful choice for girls looking to get into the game!

Lacrosse Helmet Basics

There are many different things to consider when looking for your lacrosse helmet – here are a few key points we think are most important!

Helmet Shell Material
Gone are the days when every helmet is made out of the same old plastic.  You can find high tech plastics in top tier models, with slightly less strong plastics in more budget friendly models.  As with everything, we suggest going for more advanced materials if you are playing a on faster paced higher level lacrosse teams 

Helmet Liner Material
Arguably more important than the shell material is the liner.  This is where the impact forces will really be dealt with and more advanced systems really pay dividends.  Look for multi layer systems if you are playing at higher levels

Thankfully in this day and age fitment is much less of an issue.  The basic measurements are available on ecommerce websites and after that all models have adjustable fitment systems so you can be confident your helmet will fit snugly.

Most helmets land in the ~3 pound range, but make sure you aren’t getting a cheap model that is many pounds in excess of that.  They will fatigue your neck over time and leave you exposed to possible injuries due to fatiguing your stabilizer muscles.

Safety Standards
The NOCSAE develops safety standards for Lacrosse gear and you should have a NOCSAE sticker on your helmet.  Visit their website for more info on how they do their standardization testing

Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

We hope our article on the best lacrosse helmets has cleared things up a bit for you and helped you make a decision as to which is best.  As we said previously, the Cascade S lacrosse helmet is our top pick and will keep you safe playing the game you love.  

Comment below to let us know your thoughts or if there are other helmets you’d like us to review!

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