The Best Lacrosse Gloves of 2023

Lacrosse gloves are obviously a crucial piece of equipment, protecting you from slashes, errant passes or shots, and helping you keep a strong grip on your stick.  Our article will have a quick roundup of our top picks directly below, followed by the crucial things you need to look for in a lacrosse glove, and finally with our in depth review of every glove we chose, including its strengths, weaknesses, and different technologies used in it!  Our top choice for best lacrosse glove is the Maverik Max Lacrosse Glove for its combination of amazing protection, great ventilation, a super soft yet durable palm, and a great price point!

Best Men's Lacrosse Glove

Best Overall Mens Lacrosse Glove

An unreal glove offering protection, wrist mobility, all in a light weight and durable package

The Max is Maverik’s top of the line, ultimate protection glove.  One thing we know from playing, is you are no use to your squad if you are on the sidelines with an injury.  The Max takes our top pick of the year with its ability to have a lightweight, awesome looking package that offers you nothing but the best in terms of protection.  If you want to protect your hands and wrists, the Maverik Max is your best bet for this season!

Best Value Mens Lacrosse Glove

Best Value Mens Lacrosse Gloves

Designed to be a mid-tier glove for up and coming players, the ID delivers good protection, isn’t too heavy, and comes in at a wallet friendly price!

Epoch created the ID glove line to help up and coming players save some cash while still getting several top of the line features.  Borrowing technology from their top of the line Integra gloves, the ID’s feature a flexible thumb, triple foam stack, and a Nash vented palm, making them a solid offering especially considering their awesome price!

Best Womens Lacrosse Gloves

Best Overall Womens Lacrosse Gloves

A premium suede palm, Fleece and padded back, and a neoprene layer make this our top choice for womens gloves!

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Top Recommended Lacrosse Gloves

#1 Value Lacrosse Gloves

Epoch makes several different tiers of lacrosse gloves, but really hits the sweet spot of performance for the money with the Epoch ID’s

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Top Overall Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik does an amazing job with it’s Max glove to offer the ultimate in protection while still keeping performance as a top priority!

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Top Womens Lacrosse Gloves

A great overall glove for a great price, the Brine Mantra Ice is a grippy, protective glove that is perfect for any Womens

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What We Based Our Research On

Lacrosse gloves are a critical piece of equipment, protecting your precious hands and fingers from vicious slashes or errant shots and passes.  Gloves in Lacrosse are continuously evolving, now featuring high tech foams, impact absorption technologies, moisture wicking and cooling palms and liners, and awesome ventilation as well!

We’ll be focusing on the top products from Mavrik, Epoch, Warrior, STX, and Underarmour just to name a few big brands. Different positions need to consider different features when shopping for gloves, and we will try to break them down in terms of the most protective, the most mobile, and ones that incorporate both and land somewhere in the middle.  Read on to see our thoughts!

Specifications and Features:

  • Anaform Ridges – A Maverik proprietary technology, these ridges around the glove are designed to protect from slashing without hindering mobility
  • SharkGel – This gel insert is located along the thumb for additional impact protection
  • QuickDry– Maverik’s fast drying technology, this liner wicks moisture off your skin, keeping your gloves dry and light
  • Synthetic Suede Palms – Synthetic Suede gives you both excellent feel and great longevity

Pros: Amazing protection, highly durable, good ventilation technology, comes in an assortment of color schemes

Cons: Not as lightweight as some other gloves, due to extreme protection fingers can feel a touch bulky


The Maverik Max slots in as our hottest glove of the year, for many reasons.  As we stated above, protection is paramount in gloves, and the Max has it in spades.  A triple density foam throughout, with Sharkgel thumb inserts and an adjustable cuff, the Max has a custom fit feel while giving you best in class protection.  It is built off a traditional profile for those with large volume hands and fingers, which is why we said it can feel a touch bulky.  

If you are a bigger, in your face style of player, this glove should fit amazing and will keep you sniping goals game in and game out!

Specifications and Features:

  • UA Suspension Pad – This Under Armour tech allows the glove to elongate when the hand is bent to keep you protected
  • Floating Armour – Under Armour has implemented a floating style thumb to ensure flash protection from any angle
  • AX Suede Palm– AX Is a materials company that developed the AX Suede specifically for demanding applications like lacrosse

Pros: Extremely lightweight and breathable, Amazing wrist mobility, Excellent for handling the ball

Cons: Lacking protection compared to premium gloves

BrandonLacrosse Monkey Reviewer
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Craftsmanship on this glove is brilliant! The glove is light weight and comfortable, and looks great! I will continue to use Underarmour gear if they keep producing gloves like this!


If you aren’t a fan of the restrictive, stiff gloves that are on the bulkier side and can weigh you down, the Under Armour Command Pro lineup is exactly what you are looking for!  Lacrosse players unanimously agree that the gloves have a tight, yet flexible fit, more akin to a pair of say soccer goal gloves than lacrosse gloves.  If you love total freedom of your wrists and are a big ball handler, the Command Pro 3’s are going to be a real treat to break out during your next game!

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Specifications and Features:

  • XRD Technology – XRD is a third party company who specifically make impact resistant materials, and Maverik has put their tech throughout the fingers in the Rome
  • Pro Palm – An Ax Suede palm with additional padding and specific trigger finger texture for unbeatable handling and shot feel
  • FLOWCOOL – Maverik’s top of the line cooling technology, implemented in three separate spots on the back of the hand to keep your hands cool and dry
  • Removable Sub Cuff – A magnetic latch on the sub cuff coupled with the cuff being totally removable allows for you to choose your level of wrist mobility

Pros: Top level performance, Unbeatable protection, Innovative cooling system, Customizable wrist mobility system

Cons: Being a top of the line glove, it is a more expensive glove


The Mavrik Rome represents the top of the line gloves in Mavrik’s stable, and has fantastic performance and innovative tech throughout.  The gloves are super protective, have cooling technologies, all while not limiting wrist mobility.  We really like how they beefed up protection on the exposed areas of the palm and the thumb using their TorqueLoc 2 design.  Couple that with the FLOWCOOL and QUIKDRY technologies, these gloves will stay dry and grippy even on the hottest of days.  If you demand one of the top gloves in the game, the Mavrik Rome will not dissapoint.

Specifications and Features:

  • Pro Palm + – Warriors super comfortable palm that they deploy on Lacrosse and Hockey offerings 
  • Cage FLX System – A restriction free backhand for better ball handling but keeping attention on good ventilation and enhanced impact protection 
  • D30 Aero Foam – Warrior’s top of the line impact protection foam used in everything from Lacrosse gloves to hockey helmets, this foam will protect you from slashes across the hand and wrist!

Pros: Comfortable while still being protective, D30 Aero Foam is second to none, Pro Palm + gives second to none feel while ball handling

Cons: As you can tell from photos, the Evo Pro doesn’t have top of the line ventilation like some other gloves, Premium price point


Warrior’s top of the line Evo Pro gloves are a fantastic choice for those wanting a premium glove that offers class leading protection and feel.  Warrior’s Aero Foam protects you from slashes, and their Wartech liner helps to wick moisture off your hands all game long.  This glove is for someone who wants unbeatable hand mobility and protection.  

Specifications and Features:

  • SUPERFLEX design– STX’s proprietary design cuts down on material in areas not required, and doubles up in higher impact zones
  • 2nd SKIN – The Surgeons palm literally feels like a second skin, with users reporting it is super grippy, tactile and responsive
  • DFLKT Shield – STX has added extra padding on the thumb and back of the hand for additional impact protection
  • Guard Lock Mouthguard Slot – STX has ingeniously integrated a mouthguard holder into the gloves, for convenient storage when you are taking a break between shifts

Pros: Packed with innovative technology, Mouthguard holder, AX suede palm with mesh vents, DFLKT shielding system

Cons: Tough to find a con with gloves packed with this much technology, but the price is a premium as is to be expected


STX is a household name when it comes to Lacrosse for a good reason, they got their start in the sport and continue to excel, putting out great equipment every year.  The Surgeon RZR is no exception, representing the pinnacle of their glove lineup.  It is packed with technology to buff up the glove in areas of high impact, keep you hands cool and dry with vents on the palm and backhand, And has a modern, tapered fit to really fit your hands perfectly.  Just check out the review below and then head to one of our preferred retailers to get your set!

ScottLacrosse Monkey Reviewer
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Super lightweight. Padding design gives Great protection AND fast break-in. Palm vent design gives connected feel. Thumb a bit stiff when new but will break in fine. A bit pricey, but if you're a touch player, I bet you'll like these. Too new to tell how durable they'll be. So far so good!

Specifications and Features:

  • Triple Layer Foam – Epoch stacks their protective foams to help protect your hand from hacks and slashes
  • Nash Vented Palm – A soft, supple, synthetic nash palm with the feel of a microfiber cloth
  • Extended Cuff – Epoch has built in an extended cuff for the ID’s to give you protection further up your forearm

Pros: Lightweight, Good palm material, Fantastic value

Cons: Lacks some upper model protective features, Ventilation not as good as more expensive options


Epoch is a super popular lacrosse brand that have two distinct protective lineups, the Integra and the ID lines.  The Integra is there top of the line model, and the Epoch is their more value focused offering.  The Epoch really hits the sweet spot in terms of performance vs price, and it will typically cost around $100 compared to other brands more expensive models that can almost hit $200.  Players report that the ID is lightweight, feels great on hand, and is a fantastic glove especially considering its price!

Specifications and Features:

  • 37.5 Liner – This liner is also found in many Bauer products, and is a top of the line moisture wicking liner designed to keep your hands cool and dry
  • Ax Suede Palm – A super soft yet durable palm sourced from the company Ax ensures you get great life out of these gloves
  • Shark Gel Insert– The insert is located right along your thumb for additional protection from slashes and hacks
  • Great Mobility – Maverik has employed its Dura-Stretch panels which help this glove feel like you’ve been breaking it in for years the first time you slip it on!

Pros: Super comfortable traditional build, High tech liner and palm materials, additional cuff protection

Cons: Being a traditional fit, these are a bit heavier than their cousin glove the Rome


The Maverik M5 is Maverik’s mid-line glove, focused a bit more on comfort and feel than pure performance as the Rome is.  Don’t let it’s awesome price tag fool you though, it is packed full of awesome features that we mentioned above, making this glove a true contender no matter what it is compared to.  It is also the most customizable glove in lacrosse, coming in tons of color combos.  Most users report that the gloves last a long time and are durable, but one or two people said the palm didn’t last.  We wouldn’t say not to buy the gloves off that, but keep an eye on palm wear when you get them to make sure they are lasting like they should!

Specifications and Features:

  • Tri-Layer Foam Stack – Also found in the Epoch ID, this is Epochs protective foam barrier worked into the back hand of the glove
  • ARIAPRENE – This is Epoch’s own flexbiel foam used in areas with movable joints, it is extremely lightweight and protective
  • Seamless Fingers – A no seam build gives you extra control and comfort in the fingers, with less places for the palm to rip

Pros: Molded Cuff for improved range of motion, Cafe odor control and drying technology, Tested in the PLL

Cons: Lacks top of the line ventilation on the back hand


Epoch’s flagship model the Integra has been updated for 2021 and it is a doozy of a glove!  Packed with technologies focused on movement and feel, this is a real ball handlers glove.  Epoch’s PLL athletes vigorously tested this glove so it could be honed and crafted to perfection before release.  The greatest part?  Epoch’s top of the line mode is usually 40-50 dollars less than rival top of the line gloves!  If you handle the ball alot and are looking for a new set of mitts, the Epoch Integra Elites are a fantastic choice!

The Best Womens Lacrosse Gloves

Specifications and Features:

  • AX Suede Palm – Premium AX Suede found on many top tier men’s gloves can also be found on the Brine Mantra Ice
  • Fleece Lined Back Hand – Be confident playing in any weather with this super warm fleece backing 
  • Water Resistant Neoprene Back – Adding to the super warm fleece layer, the Neoprene ensures even on a rainy day your hands will stay nice and dry

Pros: Warm, waterproof design to keep your hand dry all game long, AX palm is super grippy and feels good on hand

Cons: Higher on the price scale but top of the line performance for every game 


The Brine Mantra Ice are out top choice for women’s gloves.  They are protective, warm, water resistant, and have an awesome AX suede palm to boot.  The back hand protection won’t save you from vicious slashes, but you shouldn’t be receiving those either.  There is great protection on the knuckles and back of fingers as you can see from pictures.  They come in at a great price point to boot, usually sub $40!

Specifications and Features:

  • Mouth Guard Lock – As found in STX’s other gloves, a slot for your mouthguard to store between shifts
  • Heat Pack Holder – STX has ingeniously made a slot that can hold a heat pack during cold weather to keep your hands warm and ready to snipe!
  • Silicon Grip – A super tactile palm for the ultimate in stick control!

Pros: Built for warmth, Grippy palm, Mouth guard slot, multiple innovative features

Cons: Not as protective as the Brine gloves


If your hands a prone to coldness, or you hate when the elements soak you gloves, the STX strike might be the perfect glove for you!  The strike offers good enough protection and has tons of features that will help keep your hands warm.  And we all know hot hands equals more goals!  Click below for the best prices on the STX Strike gloves!

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Protection is undoubtedly the #1 most important part of your lacrosse glove.  What is it’s main purpose after all?  Could you imagine playing a game without gloves?  You’d undoubtedly suffer broken bones or severe sprains in no time.  You can’t perform you best out on the field if you are injured, so considering the level or protection that a glove offers should always be your #1 priority.  

If you are more of a perimeter player who doesn’t get into it much with opponents, maybe you can lean a bit more to lightweight gloves.  If you are a power player who loves driving the net and mucking it up, you know that you need to equip yourself with better protection.  Does the cuff go far enough up your forearm to protect you?  Does the glove employ top of the line materials and foams to dissipate impacts?  Is the glove structured strong enough to prevent sprained fingers?

We will do our best throughout this article to only suggest gloves that meet a minimum threshold of protection, but will let you know which ones protect the most, and which ones protect the least!

Materials goes hand in hand with protection, but also affects other aspects of the glove.  You need high quality foams for impact absorption.  You want to have good palm materials to ensure you don’t burn holes in your gloves right away.  You should be looking for high strength plastics and rubbers along the frame of the glove to help deflect slashes.  Last but not least, many gloves nowadays have awesome drying and anti odor technologies.  The anti odor is strictly to help with smell, but fast drying tech can help extend the life of your glove!  

We will break down any interesting innovations in the materials arena for each glove so you are fully informed!

Some people may rank comfort higher on this list, but lets be honest – unless you are buying a basement price level set or a 10 year old used pair, almost every glove built nowadays is super comfortable.

Manufacturers have spent countless hours employing high quality palms, and cooling, quick drying liners throughout to ensure you never once think about the comfort of your gloves, and can focus on your job out on the field!

The only comfort aspect we will draw your attention to is how mobile your hands can be in the glove.  You don’t want your hand locked in like a tape off boxing glove, but you don’t want them falling off either.  You can trust us to break down which gloves will give you excellent mobility and which ones might be a bit lackluster in the area!

The last thing you want when you are lined up for the perfect shot is to have your stick slip in your hands.  Different palm materials offer different levels of grip.  Softer clarino nash’s and ultra suede may provide the ultimate in grip, but also can have shorter lives due to their soft, supple nature.  We will break down each palm and what you can expect below

The temperature is approaching triple digits, you are drenched head to toe from a grueling match.  It’s situations like these where finding a glove with legitimate ventilation really comes in handy.  We will dive in deep on whatever vent tech’s each company employs, and how it can benefit you as a lacrosse player!

Conclusion - Wrapping Up The Best Lacrosse Gloves

We hope our article helped educate you on the landscape of lacrosse gloves.  Whether you want top of the line, mid level, or something a bit more on the budget friendly scale, we hit all the best gloves that fit each scenario.  Our top choice for the year remains the Maverik Max for its great combination of protection, ventilation, and a good price point.

If we missed anything feel free to hit us up or sound off in the comments below!

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