The Best Junior Hockey Skates (Updated 2022!)

Choosing skates for your aspiring hockey player is no easy matter, you have to balance performance, fit, and price, knowing that your child will eventually grow out of the skates and leave them in the dust!  Luckily we have taken an in depth look at the best Junior hockey skates of the year to help you make an informed decision!  Our top choice for the year is the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Junior Hockey Skate, which is the best skate when you demand the best in performance and fit for your child.  Don’t worry, we have other fantastic suggestions if you are looking to save some money as well!  Read on to get the full download on the best skates for your kid!

Our Pick

Top Performing Junior Skate

With a fully thermoformable boot, your child will think they are putting their favorite pair of running shoes on and really hit the ice flying right out of the gate!

The Supreme 2S is the undisputed top dog in the children’s skates category.  Lightweight and responsive, these skates carry many of the excellent features the senior 2S model has.  A fully moldable boot, made of a fiber composite to save weight, with a 30 oz lightweight tongue and Tuuk lightspeed pro holders, these are essentially a shrunken version of the adult skate.  One feature missing is the removable blade, but Bauer’s Tuuk LS1 stainless steel runners are an industry standard and should last your child through the lifetime of the skates.  


CCM's Best Youth Skate

Slotting in just below the 2S in our rankings is the CCM JetSpeed FT2, featuring all the top technology found in its bigger sibling senior skate 

CCM’s new for this year Jetspeed FT2 skate takes a close second in our opinion, lacking a formable boot but packing serious technology being the reason it comes in a close second.  A durable boot with reinforced sitffness, and a micro fiber liner to help prevent blisters or chafing, this skate would likely be our top choice if it featured a heat moldable boot.  If you are a die hard CCM fan, this skate will unleash your child’s inner speed skater, and they are bound to love the stylish good looking black runners it comes equipped with!

A Solid Youth Skate

Great Budget Friendly Youth Skates

The Vapor X2.7 has a few less features than the 2X Pro, but will keep some cash in your wallet while giving your child a solid, excellent performing skate

The Vapor X2.7 focuses on hitting crucial needs your child requires in a skate, while holding off on some upper level tech in order to save you money.  A one piece boot with a poly-carb quarter for increased flexibility, memory foam liner padding, and a microfiber liner for comfort, this skate nails all the essentials without nailing you on the credit card bill!

With an easy to slip into boot, and an adjustable strap to give your child the perfect fit, these inexpensive skates are the best choice for anyone who’s child isn’t a full fledged hockey player yet, but would love to get out on the ice and learn to skate!

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Our Recommendations

Best Kids CCM Skate

Featuring lot’s of top technology from the senior skate, if the 2S doesn’t fit quite right then the FT2 is the next best choice

Buying Options

Our Top Choice

Featuring a fully moldable boot, this skate wins our top pick for its combination of technology and comfort

Buying Options

Budget Friendly Option

Not quite as advanced as the 1X but still a fantastic skate for your child that will not hold them back in any way, shape, or form

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Our Research and Findings

Selecting a childs hockey skates is no easy task.  It isn’t easy to understand if they fit completely right, and it isnt feasable to be dropping top dollar every few years for skates sometimes either.  We have tried to break down the advantages and disadvantages of a select number of skates to help you make the best choice for your childs game.  Read on for full reviews and details!

We will be taking a look at the most advanced as well as some budget friendly Youth and Junior skates.  The Youth / Junior skate landscape is dominated by CCM and Bauer, so they will be the focus of our reviews.  

At the bottom of our article we have a guide on skate fitting and buying basics, you will see it right after our last skate review.

Need skates for your little one?  Our best youth and toddler hockey skates article should have you covered!

Junior skates are for children who are (roughly) between 7-13 years of age.  The sizes range from a US shoe size of 2 to 6.5.  Once your child graduates to Junior skates they start to get offered skates having the full suite of features from senior skates.

  • Fully Thermoformable – Using Bauer’s unique Speed Plate 2.0 technology, your child will get an amazing anatomical fit
  • Reflex Pro Tongue – Creates a locked forward flex for excellent flexibility and power transfer into a super fast overall stride
  • Tuuk LS5 Runners – A carbon coated stainless steel runner for the best edge holding available


  • The 2S Pro junior hockey skate has a top of the line carbon composite outsole to really help transfer power from strides to the ice and generate more speed
  • The skate features Bauer’s top of the line Lightspeed Edge holder and LS5 runners for maximum agility and flat out speed


Being a top of the line choice, this skate is near the top of the price bracket for youth skates


If you have a child who is playing 4-6 times per week, and you want a solid set of skates, look no further than the Supreme 2S Pro Junior Hockey Skates.  These skates feature a less anatomical fit than the 2X, so more children will likely fit it, however the fit may not be as pure as the 2X if your childs feet are a bit slimmer.  It features all the top technologies from the Senior 2S Pro, just shrunk down a bit to fit skate sizes 1.0 – 5.5

  • Tapered Fit – The Vapor lineup is well known for its anatomical tapered fit.  If this skate fits your foot, odds are it will fit like a glove and no other skate will match it  
  • Lock-Fit Liner – Bauer’s Lock Fit liner ensures your child’s foot is strapped down and locked in for the entire game, allowing for maximum power transfer
  • Lightspeed Edge – Bauer’s proprietary blade changing technology makes switching blades during the game faster and easier than ever. Losing an edge from stepping on a stick or hitting the post can completely throw you off your game, this technology lets you get on the bench and put a fresh blade in easily. Watch the video below to hear some NHL players talk about the benefits. 
  • Tuuk LS5 Runner – These stylish, matte black runners hold an edge better than any other blade in Bauer’s Junior skate stable 


  • DYNAFLEX  – Bauer’s proprietary fitting boot, players with lower foot volumes will be locked in and get the ultimate in fit and power transfer with the 2X Pro  
  • Aero Foam Pro and Recoil Pro Tongue – These two features work together to wrap around the ankle and provide comfort and protection simultaneously  
  • Edge Holder w/ Trigger System – Damaged or knicked blades in the middle of an ice time?  No problem!  With Bauer’s Edge Holder you can hot swap blades in the middle of an ice time to ensure your kid doesn’t lose a single shift


  • Being Bauer’s newest and top of the line Vapor model, the Vapor 2X commands a premium price.  However, you are receiving one of the most advanced skates ever produced for your hard earned cash


A top of the line skate featuring the best of the best when it comes to weight and protection.  There is a reason Bauer dominates the skate landscape in the NHL and with this model you are giving your kid literally the same skate some of the best players on earth use.

  • One Piece 3D Boot – Made out of Bauer’s strong and light Polycarb material, this allows for better flexibility in the rear quarter of the skate 
  • COMFORTFLEX System – Memory foam padding and a microfiber liner for support and comfort 
  • TUUK lightspeed Pro II – A durable and excellent performing runner, these blades will last the lifetime of the skate 


  • Bauer’s COMFORTFLEX system is the sum of the entire skates technologies, focused on making your child’s skate extremely comfortable without sacrificing performance    
  • The Tuuk Lightspeed PRO II holder is the same as found in the 2X skate giving your child top of the line power transfer with every stride
  • Excellent price point – This skate will take it easy on your wallet, usually landing in the area of $100 USD


The mid level Bauer skates do not feature the full moldable boots, which means the skates may require a little bit more break in time than higher end models.


The Bauer X2.7 is a fantastic choice when you are looking to save some money.  Carrying over several top line features from the 2X model, but coming in around half the price, these skates will be a great choice for your child while saving you some money.

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  • Lightweight Design – The Youth FT2 comes in at a mere 721 grams for a Junior size 4, making it the lightest skate we have found for teenagers!
  • Liteframe 360 Evo Technology – CCM’s advanced quarter package for a top of the line one piece boot
  • SpeedBlade XS1 Black Runner – Top of the class edge holding allows you to make razor sharp turns


  • CCM leaves no technology behind, bringing all the top tech from the senior skate into the Junior FT2 to give a top of the line boot
  • Metatomic tongue, Othermove footbed, and TotalDri Pro+ liner all work together to make this not only a super lightweight skate, but a very comfortable fitting skate too!


  • As this is one of CCM’s newest JetSpeed skates, it doesn’t come at a discount and pushes the envelope in terms of price.


For children with a more anatomical foot, the JetSpeed Ft2 should be a fantastic choice.  Lightweight, protective, moisture wicking, this skate has it all.  You nor your child will be disappointed if you choose this as their go to skate!

  • 3D Lasted Curv Composite – The Nexus 2N features a lightweight composite material which enhances thermo-formability and lateral support.
  • TUUk Lightspeed Edge – Allows you to change your skate blades quickly and increases the players’ overall height allowing for more control on tight turns.
  • Form-Fit+ Foot Bed – Features a tacky texture to keep the foot locked in place all game lone
  • 48 Oz Tongue – A heavy, thick tongue with metatarsal guard for comfort and protection


  • A wider boot for those that have wider feet.  Wide feet develop very early, and if your child doesn’t comfortably fit into other mid volume skates like the Supreme or Tacks, the Nexus is your best bet!
  • Hydramax liner is extremely soft, making this a skate to choose if your child is the type of player who prefers not to wear socks
  • Form Fit + technology in the footbed will really help with comfort for your childs feet, keeping him or her on the ice and not wanting to come off!


The Nexus lineup is targeted at children with wider foot volumes, so if your child has a slim or anatomical foot, this is not the best choice for them


The 2N Pro is the top wide foot skate on the market for children and adults alike.  Bauer is the only company to make a skate specifically for wide feet, so if your child has wide or flat feet give the 2N’s a look!  A D width on the 2N is typically similar to EE on most other models!

  • SpeedBlade XS1 Black Runners – The runners are coated in Oxide which helps the blades stay sharper long and also prevents corrosion. 
  • Flexframe Technology – A top level CCM technology designed to maximize energy transfer
  • ADPT Memory Foam Padding – Makes the skate feel like it was custom made just for your child’s foot
  • SpeedBlade Xchange – CCM’s hot swapping blade technology, allows you to get a nicked up or dull blade right out and put a fresh set of blades in!


  • The Ribcor uses multiple technologies to create a flexible, comfortable skate.  Flexframe technology and a 3-D lasted quarter panel are key pieces in its construction
  • Extra Comfort – The combination of CCM’s ADPT memory foam and the TotalDri Pro+ liner makes this skate a dream to slip on every time you skate


Those with a slimmer foot profile that prefer anatomical fit boots might have a hard time locking their foot down in the Ribcor lineup


CCM’s Ribcor lineup has a focus of delivering performance and comfort simultaneously.  Using the lightweight 3-D lasted quarter package and the Tritech Pro tongue, energy transfer is maximized, while the ADPT memory foam and TotalDri Pro+ take care of your foot on the inside.  Even better, the 80k lands in the middle of Junior skate prices, meaning you can save some cash while getting a top performing skate!

  • Thermoformable RocketFrame – A thermoformable boot in a mid price range skate is fantastic value
  • Speedblade 4.0 Holder – Increased stiffness for maximum energy transfer per stride
  • Smooth Contour Ankle Pads – Ensures your child will not suffer any abrasions or blisters from the skates


  • Excellent fit and comfort – The combination of a thermoformable boot and the smooth countour collar pads make this an amazing feeling skate
  • Great Power Transfer – The SpeedRib backed SpeedBlade 4.0 holders ensure that every ounce of power your child puts into their stride is put down to the ice 
  • Superior Dependability – CCM backs their products with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee


The non oxidized blades will dull faster than the blades featured on the more expensive Super Tacks models


The Tacks 9070 model features tons of top tier features like its stiff boot, the ability to be thermo formed to your childs foot, and reinforced power transfer areas.  It usually comes in around $200 USD so is near the bottom of the price range we would recommend for children skating 3-5 times a week.  Go any cheaper and your child may suffer from fitment issues or lack of build quality!

  • SpeedCore 2 – The Speedcore technology built into the skates ensure they are lightweight, thermoformable, and stiff to help boost overall performance for players.
  • TotalDri Liner – The CCM Jetspeed FT380 also comes with TotalDri Liner which has a moisture-wicking material and even offers abrasion resistance.
  • Rocketframe Composite Quarter Package – A lightweight frame that also features a tapered fit to ensure added comfortability and a great fit.
  • SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder – The holder adds 4mm onto your height and allows for greater control when turning and accelerating.


  • Increased Speed – The skate features heat-moldable and high quality materials that will enhance the fit of your skate and give players increased speed and control.
  • Anatomical Fit – The Rocketframe composite offers a tailored fit for every player and also helps increase the durability of the skate.
  • Excellent Support- The CCM Jetspeed FT380 offers excellent support through its tongue and soft comfortable padding on the inside of the skate. Your foot and ankles will thank you after a long grueling game wearing these skates.


The fit of the skate may take some getting used to if you’re buying you first pair of CCM skates, but overall the boot is very lightweight and comfortable.


The Jetspeed FT380 skate is a great pick for your budget, falling at the bottom of the price range for Going Bar Downs budget skates but it definitely does not let you down in performance. We would not recommend going any cheaper than these skates, although cheaper options do exist, we listed it as the cheapest option as it represents a floor in our opinion for the minimum performance you should demand out of a skate for your child.  The top of the line model is lighter but the CCM FT380 skate is extremely durable for those who want their money to go a long way. The boot is very comfortable and while the rocker is different than a Bauer, I really can’t say anything negative about this skate. 


There are tons of things to consider when buying your child a pair of skates.  Are they playing high level hockey skating 4-6 times a week or are they just getting into it?  Do they have slim or wide feet?  Do you want to focus on performance or comfort?  All of these need to be taken into account, and in our opinion then Bauer Supreme 2S Pro does it the best of all.  Let us know your thoughts on our reviews in the comments below!


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