The Best Hockey Visors and Cages

For elite players and those playing beer leagues, picking a hockey visor, cage, or face shield is not a decision to mess around with since its the only protection for your face and it impacts your vision on the ice. As we all know a visor fogging up during the game is the most annoying thing in the world, so you have to pick a hockey visor that won’t let you down or even move to a cage. Our pick for the best hockey visor is the Bauer Pro-Clip Visor for its easy to remove clip system and stylish straight cut design. 

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Our Pick

Best Hockey Visor of 2021!

Our pick for best hockey visor has a straight cut design with anti-scratch and anti-fog layers for peak performance!

A favorite among even NHL caliber players this is a great all around visor that edges out the competition with its easy to use pro-clip system. Its impressive anti scratch resistant coating will ensure you’re not replacing this visor more than once a season!


Best Hockey Visor for Vision

Integrated anti-scratch technology and designed to increase optical accuracy and precision.

Revision is known for their top of the line eye wear and this collaboration will not let you down with some of the best on ice vision of any hockey visor on the market. The optical accuracy and lack of distortion in your entire field of vision makes this visor a tough luck number 2!

Top Cage

Best Hockey Cage of 2021

This titanium mask provides top of the line lightweight protection with improved vision technology. 

When wearing a visor isn’t your style or your buying protection for a younger player, this is the best hockey cage and it provides top of the line protection with lightweight construction. 

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Still An Excellent Choice

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The Best Overall Hockey Visor

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Research And Findings

Protecting your face has to be a priority no matter what caliber of hockey player you are, you don’t want to be losing teeth or getting stitches. We are here to go over literally the BEST hockey visors and cages in the game that give you the best value and help you make the right decision. We’re going to cover the top 7 hockey visors, cages, and face shields. Our review examines all the details such as manufacturers specs, proprietary technology, strengths, weaknesses, and the overall value the visor provides.

We will be focusing on reviewing top of the line hockey visors and cages from all the major brands including CCM, Bauer, and Warrior to help you have the best possible vision and protection. You really can’t go wrong choosing any of the hockey visors or cages we are going to review as they are all high quality, but each one is tailored to a slightly different player preference!

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The Best Senior Hockey Visors

Specifications and Features:

  • Quick-Click+ Technology – Tool free and an easy one step replacement so you can easily store or replace your hockey visor any time. 
  •  True Optics Technology – Mechanical polishing process to give an enhanced field of vision with this hockey visor.
  •  Straight or Wave Cut – You can choose from a low profile straight cut or a more contoured profile with the wave cut to customize the look of your visor


This is Bauers best hockey visor and they have improved on the field of vision and optical clarity of previous models. You also have a choice to get the straight profile or the wave profile, giving you the option of a low or contoured profile on your next visor. The Quick-Click+ technology also goes a long way in putting on and off your visor quickly so you can easily store it and improve the life! The lens is also equipped with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, which with the True Optics technology make this one of the best hockey visors available!

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2. CCM Revision V24 Hockey Visor

Specifications and Features:

  • Integrated Coating System – Revision has used their optical technology and applied it to this visor for superior on ice vision
  • Optical Accuracy – Revision technologies has decreased the distortion or blurriness you might have with a visor.
  • Anti Scratch Design – An improved design that enables this visor to withstand pucks, sticks, or even the boards from marking up your visor. 


CCMs new top of the line hockey visor has been improved with the collaboration with Revision, a company renowned for its eyeglass wear. With this, CCM has implemented a number of Revisions technologies into this visor to give you the best optical accuracy with the lowest distortion possible on the ice. This visor also has anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings so you won’t miss that last second shot! Overall, this is our second choice but still one of the best hockey visors you can buy.

Specifications and Features:

  • Straight Cut Profile – The profile of a hockey visor is really a personal preference, but the straight cut is the most popular in the NHL
  • Anti Fog Coating – One of the most important design considerations of an Oakley hockey visor is the anti fog so that you won’t be hampered at any point in the game no matter how hard you play
  • Impact Resistant – This Oakley hockey visor is impact rated to withstand pucks, sticks, and checks to prevent injuries and for durable hockey visor

BOTTOM LINE – Oakley Straight Cut Hockey Visor

Oakley is a titan when it comes to eyewear and top of the line technology, and this is applied in full force with the Oakley straight cut hockey visor. The visor is designed to improve optical accuracy and give you the best possible vision clarity on the ice as possible. The anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings ensure your vision isn’t going to be hurt by fogging during the game or a nasty mark from taking a stick or puck off the visor. These are some of the best hockey visors on the market, and they come at a premium price because of the top tier vision technology included. This Oakley hockey visor is perfect for players at the highest levels or referees who just want to have the best possible vision on the ice!

Specifications and Features:

  • Cut Out Profile – One of the best hockey players in the world is known for the Oakley Aviator hockey visor, Alexander Ovechkin. The cutout at the nose area helps reduce fog and some players love the look!
  • Anti Scratch Coating – The most annoying thing about visors is when they get scratched and ruin your clear vision, the anti scratch coating on this Oakley hockey visor is the best on the market!
  • High Optical Accuracy – Engineered with HDO precision, the Oakley Aviator hockey visor gives you a less distorted image across your entire field of view!


If you go with an Oakley hockey visor, there is no question it will not let you down in the performance or durability department. Engineered to the highest standards with regards to optical accuracy, the HDO precision technology allows you to see in razor sharp detail without any distortion during the game. The anti scratch and anti fog technology ensure that when you heat up, you’re visor isn’t going to fog up or get scratched from battling in the corners. Oakley hockey visors are relatively new to the game in the last decade or so, and you can get them in different tints if you prefer something a little more stylish or if it fits your vision better. The most popular tint is smoke, which Alex Ovechkin used to wear for years when he started as a rookie. Overall, the Oakely Aviator hockey visor is a top notch product for players and referees of all calibers!

The Best Hockey Cages Review

1. Bauer Re-Akt Titanium Hockey Cage

Specifications and Features:

  • Lightweight Material – Bauer made this hockey mask with titanium instead of the traditional steel, this mask is 46% lighter than standard models.
  •  Oval Wire Design – The hockey cage is designed using oval wires instead of the traditional square to enhance vision 
  • Triple Density Foam Chin Cup – A free floating chin cup for comfort made with triple density foams for increased protection.


If your go to face protection is a hockey cage, then this is one that can’t be overlooked with an extremely lightweight design. Bauer has used titanium material to drop the weight even further than composite steel cages and is one of the lightest hockey cages I can think of. The oval design also enhances on ice vision and give you better clarity than traditional squares. The is our top choice for best hockey cage and the Bauer Re-Akt titanium will not let you down. 

2. Bauer Concept III Full Shield

Specifications and Features:

  • Polycarbonate Material – Bauers construction of the Concept III hockey mask concentrates on durability and protection with the high impact polycarbonate construction
  • Enhanced Anti-Scratch –  Bauer went with a improved anti-scratch technology for longer lasting clear vision without getting scuffed up by sticks and pucks. 
  • Enhanced Ventilation – Better vent locations and anti-fog coating will make sure you don’t fog up or overheat during the game.


This Bauer Concept III hockey face shield is ultra popular in NCAA and lower levels that require a full face shield, and its performance lives up to the hype. Better ventilation combined with the anti-fog coating make this face shield a huge step over previous models where you’d fog up every time you sat on the bench. The chin cup is extremely comfortable and the protection is everything you need. This is our pick for best hockey face shield and is a great choice if you don’t like looking through a cage. 

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3. Warrior Alpha One Hockey Cage

Specifications and Features:

  • Floating Chin Cup – This Warrior hockey cage features a floating chin cup with dual density foams for increased protection and comfort. 
  • Optimal On Ice Vision – Warrior has designed this mask with variable sized squares to increase vision straight ahead where you need it most. 
  • Variable Colors – This hockey cage comes in a black or silver colors to match your style or your preference to look through. 


The Warrior Alpha one hockey cage is our runner up for best hockey cage, but still an excellent choice especially if you’re looking for a cheaper model. One thing I like best about this hockey cage is that it comes with different colors as some only offer the black option, which some players don’t like looking through. The floating chin cup and variable sized squares ensure a comfortable fit and the best on ice vision possible. This is an excellent hockey cage for any caliber of player. 

Wrapping Up The Best Hockey Visors and Cages

There is no right or wrong answer in choosing any one of these hockey visors, cages, or face shields as all that matter is what they will do to enhance your game. We want you to choose high performance equipment that will make sure you achieve your full potential every time you’re on the ice. For me, that means doing your research and figuring out what hockey visor or cage is going to fit your style of play the best. If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you!

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