The Best Hockey Stores in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the main hub of the province of Manitoba and is fondly known for its bitter cold winters, and their NHL team the Winnipeg Jets! Winnipeg has long been a major hockey city and its love for the game is reflected by their passionate hockey fans in the city! For this guide we will be reviewing the top spots in Winnipeg to pick up some new hockey gear or for equipment services.

If you find yourself looking for hockey gear or equipment services read on for our guide on the best hockey stores in Winnipeg!

1. Pro Hockey Life Winnipeg

Pro hockey life is an amazing sports store in Winnipeg. It is located at 860 St James St Unit 2, Winnipeg. It is super accessible and totally focused on the game of hockey.

It is practically a haven for hockey players with all the newest equipment and excellent equipment services!

Pro Hockey Life Winnipeg

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  • Hockey focused – One of the most appealing qualities for hockey players is a store’s commitment to the game. The Pro Hockey Life, as the name suggests, is all about hockey. Their entire equipment line and even additional services are all related to hockey. 
  • Consistent store hours – One thing that paves the way for loyal customers is knowing that they can shop at their favourite sports store every day. Pro Hockey Life is open 7 days a week, from 11 am to 6 pm. The store’s timing is as reliable as their quality of equipment.
  • Equipment customization – Customization is something that appeals to every player. Players want their own name and their unique number on their jerseys. Pro Hockey Life makes that possible by providing apparel customization. In addition to apparel customization, Pro Hockey Life also provides equipment customization. The equipment customization includes skate sharpening, skate profiling, goalie equipment customization, custom fittings, and repairs.


  • No Shipping – They do have an outstanding online presence but they do not deliver. You can place an order online but you will have to pick it up from the store yourself.

Bottom Line 

Pro Hockey Life is one of the best things that happened for the hockey-loving population of Winnipeg. It has everything that you can wish for!

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2. Play It Again Sports Winnipeg South

Play it Again encourages the entire community of Winnipeg to keep playing the sport that they love. Located at 1375 McPhillips St Unit 8, Winnipeg, MB R2V 3V1, they also hold events to keep the interest of their community peeked up.

If that’s not commitment towards their community and the game of hockey we don’t know what is!

Play it again sports Winnipeg South

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  • Hockey Events – They hold events regarding different aspects of hockey. Just recently they held an event in the name of goalies where they helped future goalies with fit ins, equipment, and provided counselling from coaches and leaders of the field. This is something unique and well appreciated by the community of Winnipeg. It shows that this store is invested in expanding the interest in hockey. 
  • 7 days service – Their timings are clearly mentioned on their website – they are open every day of the week. This makes them a reliable store for everyone but especially for those who tend to find faults in their equipment a day before the game or practice. 
  • Great Prices – They sell second-hand items as well as brand new ones. This means that there will be an excellent variety of goods. Moreover, it also provides the shoppers with a chance to get good quality products at a reduced rate.


  • Not purely focused on hockey – While the store is stocked heavily in hockey equipment, they will not always have all models of equipment and sizing and you may have to place an order.

Bottom Line 

The main point for this store is that they have a great variety of products with an excellent selection of second hand gear if you are looking for a bargain.

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3. Pembina Source For Sports

Source for Sports is practically a household name when it comes to quality and reliable sports stores and technicians. It has practically evolved into a brand name spot in Canada as a sports equipment retailer. There is no question why it comes up on our list for the best hockey stores in Winnipeg as Source for Sports has branches all over the country!

Pembina Source for Sports Winnipeg Image

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  • Wide variety of equipment – Source for Sports is known for their wide variety of goods all over the country. The Pembina branch of Source for Sports is second to none. They offer a full range of equipment for every type of player. 
  • Strong online presence – The Pembina Source for Sports has its own website. They clearly display all of their products, services, and hours of service on the website so that their customers can check up before having to come to the store physically. 
  • Customized Apparel: Hockey is not only about the right equipment, it is also about the correct state of mind, which is only achieved by having confidence in oneself. Source for Source helps build this confidence by selling customized apparel, which gives players a sense of self-confidence.


Costly – Being a reputable name across the country costs a bit. This is reflected in the prices of the equipment that they sell. Obviously, the products are of high quality but their prices are high as well.

  • The Store Does Not Have a Website of Its Own: Located in the Canlan Ice Sports complex, the store seems to be among many hockey stores in the area. It does not have its own website and customers usually have to make a call to use its services.
  • Limited Amount of Equipment: The store has a very limited amount of hockey equipment and is concerned with skate profiling above all.

Bottom Line

Source for Sports is a household name amongst the sporting community for a reason. They have every reason to be proud of their reputation as an exceptional hockey store due to their consistent repute and high-quality products.

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4. Spartan Sports

Located at 1952 Main St, Winnipeg, Spartan Stores is the last one on our list. It is worthy of its name and is a locally owned store that has been in business for 38 years!

It is a staple in the Winnipeg community and best known for providing trustworthy service for all things hockey!

Spartan Sports Winnipeg Image

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  • Customer service – This locally owned store nails it when it comes to customer service. Since their owners are local, they are more integrated with the community and know what their customers want. This gives them an edge in terms of enhancing their customer service. 
  • Low prices – The store does not have to invest in expansion and other corporate costs of business, which clearly reflects in the prices of their products. As evident from their product list, all of their products are moderately priced according to the standards of the community.


Not a huge range of products: They are not a part of an international chain so they do not store every model of hockey equipment, in varying sizes and colours. This makes them stand a bit behind the other hockey stores with a bigger online presence.

Bottom Line

Spartan Sports know about the interest of their community in the game of hockey and they are equally vested in the game. This makes them a perfect fit in our list of the best hockey stores in Winnipeg.

What We Look For In A Hockey Store

  • Accessibility

We look at things like online presence, brick and mortar location, parking accessibility, and location relative to the central areas of the city

  • Wide Variety of Equipment

The most important aspect of a sports store is its inventory. The bigger the inventory, the more variety of people they can serve. All good sports stores hold all types of equipment so all types of people including children, adolescents, amateurs, and professionals are able to do business with them. 

  • Reviews 

We are talking about honest reviews here – reviews of the people that have had actual encounters at the store. The reviews that these experienced shoppers post hold great value. They not only guide the new customers, but they also guide the store managers to fix any issues, if any. 

  • Knowledgeable Staff

It is one thing to have staff around and it is another thing to have people that actually know gritty details about hockey and the equipment thoroughly. There should always be enough staff to help all the customers so no one goes unnoticed. 

  • Additional Equipment Services
  • Getting your hockey equipment fixed is an important aspect for all players and parents. Therefore, a store that has professionals that can quickly diagnose and fix any equipment issues will obviously be a huge benefit to all hockey players.


    If you have any other top hockey stores in Winnipeg, Manitoba we should add to the list, drop us a comment and let us know! There is a ton of options to choose from so any feedback on the best hockey stores in Winnipeg would be greatly appreciated!

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