The Best Hockey Stores in Pittsburgh

Hockey is a traditional sport beloved by all and over the years, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has become a huge hockey city on behalf of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

This rising popularity has compelled brands and stores to introduce new and better products every day. If you are looking to buy some excellent hockey equipment from the stores in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, here are some great places to check out.

1. Pure Hockey Bridgeville

For those of you who love playing hockey, this is a must-visit store. The store not only sells high-end products but also stands firmly behind them and boasts an excellent return policy. Pure hockey is one of the largest online retailers for hockey equipment in the United States so the selection this store offers is unparalleled!

This recently built store in Bridgeville is all you need to get your hockey gear in order before or during the hockey season!

Pure Hockey Store Bridgeville Pittsburgh

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  • Low price guarantee: The best thing about the store is its exceptionally low prices. This is guaranteed in two ways, the store is part of a wholesale retailer for hockey products and also offers great discounts for all hockey enthusiasts
  • Unmatched return policy: Regardless of how good a product is, it can still pose certain manufacturing defects. You can get your items returned or refunded within a fixed period of time. Moreover, unlike other stores, this policy applies to almost all items.
  • Experienced staff: We were amazed to find out that the company only hires a lot of ex-hockey players as managers. This ensures that buyers are given the right advice and their needs are catered to every step of the way. The experience of the managers also helps train the rest of the staff.
  • The largest retailer in the USA: The history of the store is as amazing as the store itself. It is interesting to know that the store that started as a small shop in Worcester is now the largest retailer in all of America. Although it has been around for decades, its number one priority is still catering to passionate hockey players around the world.


  • Restricted products: It’s a great hockey store, but it isn’t known for selling a lot of other sport-related equipment. This often discourages buyers from traveling a long way to visit the store unless they are specifically searching for hockey equipment

Bottom Line 

What began as a small shop is now one of the most popular in all of America. Its experience of so many years allows buyers to engage with the staff and get their hands on the best products.

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2. Peranis Hockey World Pittsburgh

One of the staple hockey stores in Pittsburgh, Peranis is open seven days a week with varying hours and sells an awesome selection of hockey equipment.

One of the opinions we consistently hear about Peranis is the outstanding service and knowledgeable staff that works the store. This is a huge asset when looking for hockey gear as sizing and fit are two tricky things and great to have an expert helping you out!

Peranies Hockey World Pittsburgh

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  • Largest web retailer in the world: The best thing about this store is that it never runs short on equipment or products. It has a 100,000 square feet warehouse which is used to store all the items. This makes it one of the largest web-based retailers in the USA and in the world.
  • Reliable products for decades: Another great thing about the store is that it offers a reliable history of 30 years. This has increased the customer’s trust in the company and has made them rely on the services. It was built in 1976 and has never shied away from achieving brilliance.
  • Served many professional players: The store is also known for servicing some of the best and most renowned future professional players including Mike Modano. He bought his first pair of skates from the store. It has also briefly employed the world-renowned and All-Star Pat Lafontaine when he was just a teenager.
  • Excellent online service: Since it’s one of the biggest web-based retailers in the world, it is no surprise that the service of the website is exceptionally good. You can find almost all the items available in the store on the website as well.


  • Staffing Levels – Mainly due to worker shortages sometimes the staffing levels are lower and you have to wait longer to get help with certain things

Bottom Line 

A company this big is bound to stand out and customers absolutely love the huge selection of hockey equipment that they get when they enter the store or visit their website.

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3. PensGear

If you are looking to load up on gear to support the Pittsburgh Penguins, as evidenced by the name the store is all about gear, jerseys, and fan memorabilia!

This is a must visit store for any Pittsburgh Penguins fan, with the biggest selection of team gear in the city!

Pensgear Hockey Store Pittsburgh

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  • 30-day return policy: The most noteworthy thing about this store is that it offers a 30-day exchange and return policy on almost all of its products. If you are not satisfied with your product or you want to exchange it for something else, this return policy will suit you well.
  • Great email services: In the modern world, email services are not often prioritized. However, this company has invested a great deal of time and energy to ensure that email services are up and running at all times. You can hence get all your queries answered within a few hours.
  • Avail of the great shipping promotions: After ordering your favorite products you can get them shipped to any location. However, shipping won’t be a hassle because of the variety of shipping promotions offered every now and then. These promotions apply only to UPS express shipments.


  • Requires original receipt: Even when you have a tag on the product, the company may still not let you pursue the refund and return policy if you don’t have the original receipt with you.
  • Custom products cannot be returned: Custom orders are usually purchased in bulk, and even if they are not to your liking, you cannot get them refunded or returned under any circumstances

Bottom Line

The must go to store for any Pittsburgh Penguins fan with a great website that ships to your home or local store!

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4. Dunhams Sports

Ever since its inception in 1937, Dunham sports has exploded across the United States with a store in almost every state.

It is known as a discount sports store so it offers great deals on hockey equipment and all other spots, so watch for the sales and check out what is being offered.

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  • Nearing a century: It’s great to shop at a reliable store, but it’s even better to shop at a store that is backed by almost a century worth of history. Dunham sports have been around since 1937. It started as a small store but has now expanded to one of the most trustworthy stores in the country.
  • Great customer service: A great thing about the store is that it spends a lot of time and money on hiring and training the best employees. The staff has turned out to be friendly, cooperative, and extremely passionate about the sport itself. This ensures that you get great advice when you visit the store.
  • A diverse range of products: A company that has been around for so many years is bound to offer diversity and versatility in its products. When you first visit it, you will be overjoyed to see all the products sitting on the shelves.
  • Hot deals every month: One way in which the store attracts a variety of customers to the location is by offering hot deals and a variety of casual and fancy wear at affordable prices.


  • Website is difficult to handle: A downside of this store is that its website isn’t well made and often discourages customers from purchasing products. It requires a lot of steps before you can finally get a product.
  • Limited return policy: The return policy will not apply to your goods if they were purchased under a discount. Moreover, seasonal products are also not returned or refunded under the store’s policy.

Bottom Line

By offering amazing discounts and hot deals every other month, this store has created a loyal customer base which is a plus for people just stopping in to find a good deal on hockey equipment!

5. Precision Edges by Rich

The most important piece of equipment for every hockey player is their skates, and Precision Edges by Rich is known for providing the best skate sharpening and fittings in Pittsburgh.

They also do custom orders for blades and skates to ensure your performance is top notch.

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  • Knowledgeable Staff: The owner of this store was recently featured in SKATING magazine for his expertise in skates and how players know it is time to purchase new boots or blades
  • Skate Sharpening: The store specifically services skate sharpening and the quality is top notch, people drive from all over the city in Pittsburgh to get their skates sharpened here
  • Does custom orders for skates so teams or figure skating clubs can have better flexibility over the skates they use


  • No Other Equipment: This store doesn’t carry other types of hockey equipment and specializes only in skates and skate sharpening

Bottom Line

The owner provides excellent expertise and experience with respect to everything hockey and figure skates, and the skate sharpening skills here are unparalleled.

What We Look For In A Hockey Store

Pittsburgh has become a huge hockey community and there are a ton of hockey stores to pick from now, so the key things we look for in a store are equipment selection, staff experience, and offering additional services such as equipment repairs and skate sharpening.


If you have any other top hockey stores in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania we should add to the list, drop us a comment and let us know! There is a ton of options to choose from so any feedback on the best hockey stores in Pittsburgh would be appreciated!

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