The Best Hockey Stores in Montreal

Montreal, Quebec is the famously the home of the Montreal Canadians of the NHL who have won 24 Stanley Cups. Hockey is extremely popular throughout Quebec and there is a ton of great local hockey stores that carry top quality gear and with extremely knowledgeable staff.

If you find yourself looking for hockey gear or equipment services read on for our guide on the best hockey stores in Montreal.

1. Trio Hockey

One of the best hockey store in Montreal, the Trio hockey store is located at carrefour Charlemagne on street 90. The list of pros of this store is so long that we can’t fit it all in this review but lets start with a massive selection of equipment and professional staff.

So, let us give you a little preview!

Trio Hockey Montreal

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  • Huge Variety of Equipment: The huge selection of hockey equipment at Trio Hockey will ensure every customer finds exactly what they want. If you are looking for a one stop for all of your hockey needs, join the tons of players that exclusively come to Trio Hockey.
  • Professional Staff: The staff at Trio are all experienced and have an in-depth knowledge of hockey equipment to help you with your choice. The are extremely friendly and eager to help out which is a nice change as buying hockey equipment can be a time consuming process.
  • Quick and Efficient Service: For equipment services such as skate sharpening and repairs, the turnaround time is typically quick here and if you don’t mind waiting an hour you can usually get your skates back within that time.


  • Expensive Goods: Hockey equipment unfortunately one of the more expensive in relation to other sports, and they don’t have a ton of selection for liquidation or on-sale it is mainly because they carry the newer models.

Bottom Line 

Trio Hockey has got it all – from a vast range of goods to expert staff always ready to help you find the perfect skates. All you have to do is visit their store and you will be settled for all your sporting good needs.

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2. Ici Sport la Source Du Sport

Located at 5746 R. Jean-Talon, Saint-Léonard, Canada, this is a store worthy of its legendary name. Source for Sports has been serving hockey fanatics in Montreal for decades with their exceptional service and large selection of hockey equipment and services!

Even though their services are spread across Canada with tons of different locations, they have been an integral part of the community here in Montreal.

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  • Wide selection of equipment: From the top brands like Bauer, CCM, and Warrior they also carry smaller brands like True so you have every option to choose from.
  • Expert Staff: The staff here were very knowledgeable on equipment sizing and the differences between different brands and caliber of player. Really experienced in the game of hockey and will be able to answer all your questions
  • Stellar reviews: Trusting a new hockey store to sharpen your skates is hard, but when it has honest and good reviews from your fellow hockey players you can be a little more confident. Because the locals of Montreal really love the service and products of this particular Source for Sports. 
  • Additional Equipment Services: Most sports stores provide one or two additional services. However, Source du Sport is not any ordinary sports store. They provide a long list of additional services that vary from custom imprinting to skate sharpening according to your preferred technique. Since they provide a wide variety of services they hire experts only to perform those services. Thus, you can trust them with your skates whenever they need sharpening.


  • Less variety in Young Children’s skates: While it is possible to get multiple types of skates for adults, it is not as feasible to procure multiple styles and sizes in children’s skates. Thus, they sometimes fall short of children’s skate sizes but the ability to order online is great.

Bottom Line 

The service at the source of sports is exemplary, their equipment is top-notch, their services are amazing, they are nothing short of an excellent store.

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3. L’Experience Monkey Sports

Widely considered a hockey buying experience, MonkeySports features a massive 25,000 sq ft hockey equipment section and a 13,000 sq ft training facility. Includes a shooting range designed for trying your sticks before you make the choice to buy them.

This is a must visit for hockey players in Montreal!

L'Experience Monkey Sports

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  • Largest Selection of Hockey Gear – With over 25,000 square feet dedicated to hockey gear, it is safe to say they have more than EVERYTHING you would ever need, so much so that it is overwhelming.  
  • Shooting Range – A brilliant addition to any hockey store is a shooting range to try out a new stick for you buy it. Fake ice is no substitution for the real thing but just getting a feel for how the stick handles and shoots is better than buying blind.


Selection Size – This is only being listed as a con because it can be intimidating with all the gear they have to make a choice if you don’t know what you like. Luckily the staff here are really knowledgeable!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this store is truly an experience for any hockey player with the massive selection of gear and training center. They even offer in-store testing for sticks, so what are you waiting for, go get your hockey skates and sticks from L’Experience Monkey Sports!

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4. Sport Au Gus

Located at 5516 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1W2, Canada is Sports Au Gus. It’s a store that primarily offers skate sharpening and repair services instead of a more traditional hockey equipment store.

They are truly masters of their trade and likely more trustworthy than the big chain stores if you need a crisp sharpening or skate repair job.

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  • Custom services – They provide the best customer services for your skates. As they specialize in skate modelling, they know how to get around every type of skate with variable techniques. 
  • Gift certificates – They offer gift certificates, and we don’t have to say that they will make the best presents for your hockey fanatic friends.


Variable hours of serviceTheir hours of service vary according to events and seasons. So, you will have to check their hours of service on their website before heading over especially if it is the end / beginning of hockey season.

Bottom Line

Whether they are player skates, goalie skates, or figure skates, you can trust Sport Au Gus with them. Because they know how to get the perfect job done with quick and trustworthy staff!

5. Sports Experts Montreal

Definitely one of the top stores in Montreal to buy Canadians gear, it also has a top notch selection of hockey equipment.

Ranging from skates to protective gear, the sports experts is sure to have you fitted and ready to hit the ice in your new gear or jerseys!

Sports Experts Montreal

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  • Essential Hockey Gear – While the selection here might not compete with some of the bigger hockey outlets, they have the essentials here along with a massive selection of equipment for other sports as well
  • Efficient Service – The service here is really quick and the staff are friendly as well. You typically do not have to deal with long lines and it is a seamless process getting in and out quickly. The staff is also great at helping you find the right size for any piece of hockey equipment


Exchange policyTheir exchange policy is not clearly lined as they used to offer a 30-day exchange then turned it into a 15-day exchange and now even 6 days exchange policy does not seem to be acceptable at their store.

Bottom Line

As a local Montreal sports store, it always feels good when you support something other than the large chains and is no exception!

What We Look For In A Hockey Store

Montreal is one of the biggest cities in Canada so there is definitely no shortage of stores to choose from if you are looking for hockey equipment. One thing we really considered when creating this list is the access to more local options for both gear and hockey equipment services.

Skate sharpening services are a must for any hockey store, since if you are playing regularly you are likely getting your skates sharpened every two weeks. Skate and equipment repairs are also a great addition since over the course of a season you are likely going to break a skate blade or some other piece of equipment.


If you have any other top hockey stores in Montreal, Quebec you think we should add to the list, drop us a comment and let us know! There is a ton of options to choose from so any feedback on the best hockey stores in Montreal would be helpful!

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