The Best Hockey Stores in Las Vegas

Hockey in Nevada has experienced a huge boom since the Golden Knights came to town, with youth players up over 100%! With this, the need for hockey equipment has increased exponentially and we have created a simple guide for the best hockey stores in Las Vegas to save you time searching!

1. Penalty Box Hockey Shop

Penalty box hockey shop proved to be a game-changer for hockey players in the locality. It is a one-stop shop for everything related to the sport. It is located just off the Bruce Woodbury Beltway and S Decantur Bldv it offers diversity like none other. You could get the finest quality hockey equipment along with a plethora of other items in this amazing store.

This is one of the largest hockey stores in Las Vegas and one of the best places to shop for players or for referees as they carry all the major brands and gear!

Penalty Box Hockey Store Las Vegas

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  • Adequate return guidelines: The products sold in the shop are top-notch, however, for some reason if you don’t like the product, you can always return them within 14 days of the purchase date assuming close to original condition if the reasonf or return is not an issue with the product itself.
  • Excellent warranty: Regardless of how durable and long-lasting your product is, having a good warranty always comes in handy. Every product comes with a unique warranty. To avail of the perks of it, all you have to do is contact the product manufacturer within the given period.
  • Bulk discounts: Buying your products in bulk is fun, but what’s more, fun is buying them at a discount. If you want to get hockey equipment for your team or for all of your friends, you can get exceptionally good discounts on bulk orders. These can either be bought directly from the store or custom-made by placing an order online.


  • Selected refund policy: A major downside of shopping at the store is that not all products can be returned. The ones bought at a discount will only be refunded in exchange for store credit. Additionally, the products that are custom designed will not be returned under any circumstances.

Bottom Line 

Decorated with the best hockey equipment in the market, this store is a must-visit for all hockey enthusiasts. It offers bulk discounts and good warranties on almost all its purchases.

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2. Fiesta Hockey Pro Shop

Fiesta is a place where you don’t just go to get your hockey equipment. The store also specializes in ice hockey and figure skating and sells all kinds of products related to the sport. So the next time you are in need of a new shirt or stick, head over to the brilliant store near Pepsi Ice Arena, Les Vegas.

Another key feature of any good hockey store is offering equipment repairs, and this store definitely has everything on hand for skate sharpening and equipment repairs.

Fiesta Pro Hockey Shop Las Vegas

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  • Affordability: Stores with prime locations don’t always offer affordable products, but that’s where Fiesta hockey store stands out. It not only offers good discounts but also keeps the base price of its items in an affordable range.
  • Versatility in products: The best thing about the store is that it doesn’t restrict its products to only a few. You could get everything related to ice hockey and figure skating. Moreover, there are a plethora of products sold for sharpening, custom mounting, and skate repairing.
  • Same day service: People hate buying products online because they are delivered very late, however, that’s not an issue with this store. It offers same-day service and you will get all your products delivered in no time.
  • Open on weekends: Even with a low number of staff, the store goes up and beyond to ensure convenience for its customers. So even if you have a game on the weekend and need an emergency stick or skate sharpening, Fiesta pro has you covered


  • Staffing Levels – Mainly due to worker shortages sometimes the staffing levels are lower and you have to wait longer to get help with certain things

Bottom Line 

With its affordable prices and prime location, this hockey store is definitely making the rounds on the internet. You could get a diverse range of products by simply visiting the store on weekdays or weekends.

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3. Big 5 Sporting Goods

One of America’s top retailers, Big 5 sporting goods has shops in a variety of places; this one is located near the family center. If you are in Las Vegas you’ll easily be able to find a convenient locations as there is over five of these stores in the city!

They have a solid selection of hockey gear but the size depends on the season. It is also a great option because you can shop for a ton of other recreational sports at the same time!

Big 5 Sporting Goods Family Center Las Vegas

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  • Huge store: Shopping for your favorite sport is a fun job, but having to do so in a small store can be quite annoying. This is why an 11,000 square feet space filled with sports gear is entertaining and convenient.
  • Product Selection: Not sure what brand you need, or what size of equipment works best for you? Don’t worry, because this is a one-stop store for all your needs with a massive selection of brands and sizes you will be sure to find exactly what you need!


  • Lack of bargaining opportunities: Although the store doesn’t always offer fixed prices, it also does offer a ton of sales on its hockey equipment, specifically sticks.
  • Some Inexperienced staff: One of the main issues with a non-specialty hockey store is that staff experience won’t be up to the levels of hockey specific stores especially if you are new to the game and require a lot of information about product selection and sizing.

Bottom Line

Durable and extremely convenient products are a guaranteed by this store so the next time you want to load up on hockey equipment you can be sure they are backed by solid warranty’s.

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4. Dicks Sporting Goods

Regardless of what you need, in this store, there is something for every season. So if you are gearing up for a new training regime, getting your hockey career started, or simply looking for a good pair of skates Dicks Sporting goods will have you covered.

This particular location has a great selection of hockey equipment and the staff are more knowledgeable that at some other large retailers. Given the size, the return policy is an excellent reason to buy here and their online store has a ton of products if the in-store option doesn’t have the hockey equipment you are looking for!

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  • Huge Selection Of Hockey Gear: Including their online store, Dicks offers a massive selection of hockey equipment. If you can’t find the exact product you are looking for, at least you can try on similar products and pick the right size and style for your hockey game!
  • Replica jerseys available: Branded shoes and equipment are not only very expensive but not always recommended for short-term use. This is why the store also excels in selling replica jerseys and merchandise that is suitable for fans and players alike.
  • Good refund policy: For this store, customers are a top priority. This is why they are quite generous in their return policy. You can return the goods to any of the big 5 sporting goods along with the original receipt and get your money back.


  • Skate Sharpening Unavailable: Unfortunately at the Las Vegas location skate sharpening and most hockey equipment repair services are not offered which is a big downside to this store

Bottom Line

Not as specialized in hockey equipment as some of the other smaller stores on this list, it offers a solid selection of hockey equipment at great prices with a reliable return policy.

What We Look For In A Hockey Store

The rising popularity in Las Vegas has only happened recently, really spurred on by the arrival and success of the Golden Knights. So as you might suspect, the presence and selection of hockey equipment stores is pretty limited. We have highlighted our thoughts on the best hockey stores in Las Vegas based on selection of equipment, prices, equipment services, and hockey specific experience of the staff. To us, the ability to get your skates sharpened at the same time as looking and trying on gear si a huge bonus so our top ranked stores usually offer equipment services as well!

Staff experience is also a key aspect of a top hockey store, as there is a lot of specific equipment and fitting it correctly is extremely important as it prevents injury and improves performance.


If you have other opinions on hockey stores in Las Vegas or additional stores to add to this list, please drop a comment below and let us know what you think!

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