13 Best Hockey Sticks of 2022 (For All Positions / Budgets)

Whether you need a low kick lightweight stick for quick snapshots, or a stiff high kick stick for booming slapshots, we break down the best hockey sticks on the market

Looking for a new hockey stick to unleash some havoc on an opposing goalie?  Whether you are a forward or defenseman, a big shooter or a dangler, we have scoped out the best hockey sticks available right now for you to take your game to the next level.  The reality is that most of the your potential to score goals rests in your skills as a player, but we have broken down specs such as stick weight, construction material, kick point location, and appearance so you can find out what stick will suit your game best – any edge is an important one in hockey!  Below we break down the top hockey sticks of 2022 from top of the line ultra light sticks to more budget friendly options depending on your goals.  

If you want more information on our sticks, check out our hockey stick comparison table and detailed buying advice below our picks. 

Our Team's Hockey Stick Picks

Our Favorite Twig

Offering light weight, a low kick point, and increased durability, the Vapor Hyperlite is the top choice for when you expect pro level one-piece performance

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Lightweight Option

Hot on the scene for 2022 and being adopted by more NHL players every game, the HZRDUS PX is an amazing hockey stick!

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Budget Friendly Performance

Slotting in the middle of Warrior’s LX line, this stick has great performance at a more wallet friendly price

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Best Overall Senior Hockey Stick

Stick Specs:

  • Stick Weight – Bauer has done what seemed unthinkable and reduced the weight yet again of the Vapor Hyperlite, coming in at a mere 385 grams
  • Kick Point – Staying true to the Vapor line, the Hyperlite features a super low kick point for lightning quick releases
  • Shaft Materials:  The Vapor Hyperlite is made with Bauers  technology with Dureflex Resin to reinforce it
  • Blade Details: The Vapor Hyperlite has Bauer’s top of the line HyperCore blade core for extra durability and pop for your shots  


  • Lightning Quick Release – The low kick point combined with the improved hockey stick recoil will have you going bar down before the goalie even has a chance to react! You can flick your wrists and the puck is going to fly off the blade of this stick with unbelievable accuracy and quickness. 
  • Silky Smooth Feel – This stick is built for players who are good in tight around the net, who want superior feel to help dangle through the opposition. 
  • Improved Durability – The new eLASTech feature has significantly improved the durability of the hockey stick, specifically the blade compared to last years model. You will notice the improvement in the blade durability very quickly if your hockey stick is constantly getting beat up from taking draws. 
  • Consistent Performance – With all the new features Bauer had added to this years Vapor Flylite stick, we noticed over time this stick did not “weaken” or show any signs of decreased performance. Every stick will eventually break, but this was one of the best sticks for keeping peak performance up until that moment.  


  • New Shaft Design – Trust me when I say this it was tough to find something bad to say about this stick, but the new shaft design from last years model took a little getting used to (this is what I blamed a bad game on anyways).  They have squared the shaft off a bit which Bauer claims creates better energy transfer, and it has a slightly different feel than the Vapor Flylite that precedes it.


This is one of the best and most well known sticks on the market, backed up by being one of the most popular sticks being used in the NHL. If you’re a skilled hockey player that needs responsive feel and a quick release shot, this stick will aid your game. They found a way to improve on last years model of the Bauer Vapor Fly Lite stick by increasing the durability while shaving a little weight off through a new carbon fiber technology. I am a true fan of the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite stick because you can catch a lot of goalies off guard with how quickly and effortlessly you can get your shot off. Overall, this is one of the best Bauer hockey sticks for those seeking elite performance, and the stick is well worth the money.

Stick Specs

  • Stick Weight – The True HZRDUS PX comes in at a feather light 345 grams – the lightest senior hockey stick from a major manufacturer currently on the market 
  • Shaft Construction Material – Resin Flow Technology and Precision Laminate Design combine for a lightweight yet still respectably durable stick
  • Blade Details – The HZRDUS PX uses Trues’ Tri Rib Tech blade which is found on other high end models
  • Available Flexes– The HZRDUS PX Senior Stick is available in a very standard flex set including 65, 75, 85, and 95


  • Accuracy – True has really honed in on the perfect flex profile to help you load the stick quickly and easily and provide accurate and repeatable shots.  True 9X uses ‘Axenic’ technology to achieve this which focuses shot loading only on the front to back axis of your shot
  • PLD Construction – Using an optimized 25 layers of carbon fiber and a laminate construction reduces overall weight compared to the outgoing stick.
  • Tri Rib Tech (TRT+) – The TRT+ features a strategic rib placement throughout the blade to provide a super stable blade.
  • The HAZRDUS also uses True’s RESFLO technology which is True’s technology to increase stick durability and strength


  • Since the stick is so new, we haven’t heard of too many disadvantages yet.  Scouring online reviews and hockey player experience, the reviews are more positive than negative thus far so if you demand the lightest stick on the market, the HZRDUS PX shouldn’t let you down!


True stays ‘true’ to its values.  The HZRDUS PX focuses on creating ultimate feel for the player with hockey’s lightest stick on the market.  Whether it is receiving passes or ripping shots, there is no bad spot on the blade thanks to the TRT+ tech, and the shaft loads very easily for fast releases thanks to a super low kick point.  The HZRDUS also puts a big focus on blade durability, ensuring your hard earned money will last as long as possible while ripping shots bar down.

Stick Specs:

  • Stick Weight – The FT5 Pro weighs in at 395 grams, which isn’t especially light compared to some other sticks from Bauer or True
  • Shaft Construction Material – The Jetspeed gets CCM’s Nanolite Carbon Layering – It seems to be working as we haven’t seen any durability issues reported yet!
  • Blade Details – All new for the FT5 Pro is CCM’s RR-90 Blade which CCM claims increases stiffness and therefore durability and pop
  • Available Flexes – CCM offers its top of the line stick in an array of flexes, 70, 75, 80, 85, and 95
  • JF-90 Blade – Featuring a dampening core to really enhance puck feel on the blade
  • Double Concave Shaft – Fits perfectly in your hands with both front and back of the stick being concave
  • Upgraded Sigmatex STP Spread TowNanolite Carbon – CCM used 12K woven carbon in the FT2, and has upgraded the FT3 with its premier Sigmatex material for enhanced durability


  • Exceptional Durability – The CCM Jetspeed FT5 Pro was designed to endure a lot of faceoffs and slashes without sustaining any loss of stiffness or blade fatigue thanks to its Nanolite Carbon Layering system.
  • Elite-Level Technology – All of the enhancements and features designed into this hockey stick are to help you perform at an elite levels. This stick is a preferred choice by many players in the NHL as almost 10% currently use the Jetspeed model.
  • Quick Release – The CCM Jetspeed FT5 Pro gives you a noticeably faster and more repeatable shot thanks to the new RR-90 blade that has tons of pop!


If you’re a forward, the hybrid kick point can be a bit different than many models forwards are used to.  We like the versatility it gives in shots but know it isn’t for everyone!

Bottom Line:

Why do NHL players love the Jetspeed model? Because it offers a complete balance between a powerful shot and a quick release. This stick is designed for all players, not necessarily favoring the shifty skilled guys or the big physical defenseman. It is lightweight and offers great puck control, without sacrificing durability. Expect to see the Jetspeed FT5 popping up often on your TV screen as this years NHL season gets underway!

Best Warrior Hockey Stick

Sticks Specs:

  • Construction Material – Minimus Carbon 1500D – This is the biggest upgrade vs last years QRE, which featured the 1200 Carbon  
  • Weight – Several reviewers have weighed the Warrior Covert QR5 Pro and found it is ~ 395 Grams 
  • Kickpoint – Warriors Covert QR5 Pro has a low kick point, designed for quick shots like wrist shots and snap shots 
  • Available Flexes – The Covert QR5 Pro comes in 65, 75, 85, and 100 flex as of right now!


  • Precision Accuracy – The Edge Taper really makes an impact on the accuracy of your shot with the Warrior Covert QR5 hockey stick. The low kick point already gives you a quick release and the new taper gives your blade more stability on the quick shots. 
  • Responsive Feel – Warriors upgrade from the Minimus 1500 to its new Minimus UD Carbon boasts more elastic properties, and boosts strengths to levels beyond the original Fantom QRE
  • Superior Durability – The Covert QR5 really stepped it up in regards to durability. We felt last years model had some room for improvement in this department but Warrior has definitely addressed this with their flagship hockey stick. The new Shadow Carbon  makes this stick feel a bit sturdier even though its lighter than previous models. 
  • Heavy Shot – When I was using the Covert QR5 stick, I felt like a got a little bit more on my snap shots and slap shots. The shaft is a bit stiffer and you can definitely the increased power this stick has when you lean into a shot.  


  • Middle of the pack weight – We actually don’t view this as a HUGE disadvantage… some of the extremely light sticks almost feel too light for us.  Testers on the internet have reported around 395 grams meaning this isn’t a class leading hockey stick in the weight category, but should still feel fantastic in your hands!


Warrior continues to release winners and have done it again with the Covert QR5 hockey stick.  Making its debut this year, players have been switching to Warrior in droves due to the top of the line performance the sticks put down game in and game out.  

More and more NHL players are making Warrior their preferred hockey gear outfitter every year, and sticks like this are the reason why – Check out our links below for the best prices we have found from some of our favorite hockey retailers!

Stick Details:

  • Budget Friendly Performance – We generally see the Alpha LX 20 sitting around 210 USD / 260 CAD making it around 60% the price of top of the line sticks
  • Weight – Despite being such an affordable stick, the LX 20 only weighs 405 grams – that’s within 2% of some 300 dollar sticks!
  • Construction Materials – Minimus Carbon UD which is a mid level carbon fiber
  • Kickpoint – The Warrior Alpha LX20 Hockey Stick has a low kick point for fast releases
  • Available Flexes – The LX20 senior stick is sold in 65, 75, 85, and 100 flex.


  • Quick, Accurate Release – Sabre Taper II plus the Minimus Carbon 6 weave on the blade help this stick deliver a wicked release you’d expect from a more expensive stick 
  • Ergonomic Design – The LX 20 has warriors Ergo Shaft Shape which lets it sit nicely in your hands compared to squared off shafts
  • RLC 155 Construction – A combination of elongated fibers and toughened resins give the stick durability while still being lightweight


  • Not Quite Top Of The Line – This stick definitely bats above it’s average, performing much better than the mid level price point you will find it at.  Make no mistake though, it won’t quite compete with top of the line sticks


Priced to help save you some cash, the Alpha LX 20 strikes a perfect balance between performance and price.  A nice low kickpoint means it’s designed to rifle off wicked fast snapshots top shelf all game long!

Specifications and Features:

  • Stick Weight – The Supreme Ultrasonic senior men’s hockey stick comes in at a respectable 390 grams, making it lightweight – but not class leading 
  • Kickpoint – The Ultrasonic has a high kick point, making it ideal for people who love loading up big slapshots
  • Blade Details – An update on the previous Supremes RenewCore blade, Bauer has increased the strength and improved loading with its ‘Fast Core’ blade 
  • Available Flexes – This stick isn’t available in as many flexes as some other sticks, only being offered in 70, 77, and 87


  • Faster Shot Loading – The FastCore blade is really a revolutionary technology that is brand new for the Supreme lineup.  Bauer has used Aerofoam and a Carbon Bridge technology in the blade to create the ultimate ‘pop’ feel off your blade
  • Sonic Taper – When you look at the shaft of the new Supreme ADV it appears to bubble out near the bottom.  This geometry saves weight in key areas and improves energy transfer to the blade 
  • Completely Redesigned Flex Point – The Supreme line is no longer the high flex slapshot lineup it once was.  A new lowered flex point makes this stick a versatile weapon, allowing quick snapshots but retaining its great strength for big slapshots
  • Lightweight and Durable – While not the lightest Supreme of all time (The outgoing Supreme ADV takes that crown) and it isnt quite as light as the Bauer Vapor HyperLite, the Supreme Ultrasonic stick offers comparable feel while providing a heavier shot. The stick weighs in at 390 grams.


  • Not just for slapshots – If you are the type of player who prefers the old Supreme design for booming slapshot after slapshot, this might take some getting used to as Bauer has really lowered the kick point.  This stick still has a high kick point compared to many other sticks, but is still lower than outgoing supreme models.  We still think this is the best hockey stick for defensemen on our list!


Bauer took the Supreme line back to the drawing board for this one and came out with a really great stick.  The new supreme lineup will really compete with other low kick point sticks and it is VERY close to matching Warrior for the lightest stick out.  Reviews so far have been shining – we can whole heartedly recommend this stick for players looking to up their game!

Best Hockey Stick For Stickhandling

Specifications and Features:

  • Braided Rib Technology Plus – True’s BRT+ technology extends a braided rib pattern into the heel of the stick, which allows for a thinner blade wall that is more responsive while still demonstrating excellent durability
  • Axenic Technology –  True’s Axenic Technology allows the company to make a true one piece stick, resulting in one of the most balanced sticks on the market
  • Smart Flex – Utilizing their experience designing true one piece sticks, True has developed a varying flex profile for the A6.0 which helps minimize energy losses in the stick and transfer more power to your shot
  • Smart Ply Construction – True uses 25 individual carbon fiber layers to minimize weight while maximizing pop and durability


  • Durability – True’s BRT+ system has a braided rib cord run from the base of the blade to the toe, and back through the center of the braid.  True claims this increases blade durability and pop!
  • Even more Durability! – New this year to the A series lineup is True’s FiberSHIELD tech.  They disperse low density particles (10 nano meters in diameter) throughout the blade and shaft to increase impact resistance.  Any durability technology is a welcome addition in our opinion!
  • Balance – The Axenic technology has everyone at True and all their customers and athletes very excited.  Using a compression molded shaft there are no connection points on the stick between shaft and blade, creating a true one piece and giving the stick that amazing feel that True users love!
  • Power – True has replaced the SmartFlex system with new SmartPly carbon fiber construction.  SmartPly has 25 layers of carbon fiber laid in a unidirectional manner to help maximize energy transfer from your hands to the biscuit in order to help you get every shot off with as much speed and power as possible.  SmartPly boosts shot power and overall stick durability!


  • Ultimate balance, or not specialized enough?  The AX9 is the closest thing to getting that soft feel of receiving a pass on a wooden stick.  However some may think True focused too much on stick feel and not enough on shot improving technologies.  In our opinion this stick still has awesome pop and can get great shots off!


True prides themselves on sticks that feel better than any others.  If you had any concern about the shot taking abilities and thought True may have neglected that aspect, consider the fact that Mitch Marner and Phil Kessel both use the AX9.  Knowing that a few snipers such as those two use it, feel confident that the True AX9 delivers on all fronts and competes with any other top of the line stick!

Specifications and Features:

  • Stick Weight – The CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 comes in at 380 grams, roughly middle of the pack for top of the line stick weights 
  • Shaft Construction – The stick is built from Nanolite Carbon Layering, which means there are hundreds of super light and strong layers of carbon fiber laid on top of each other
  • Blade Details – The Trigger 7 uses CCM’s Agility 2 Blade which was built with better feel towards the heel but more toughness towards the toe in mind
  • Available Flexes – The Trigger 7 is available in 70, 75, 80, 85 and 95.  Tons of choices within a relatively tight flex band means they really want you to be able to pick the perfect flex for your size, weight, and shot style


  • Electric Shot Release – The new Asymmetric Taper combined with the low kick point of the stick create a lightning quick shot release. This is the best stick to cut some serious time off your shot release and eliminate the number of times you get poke checked. 
  • Receptive Feel – Everything has seemed to come together in this stick as the Ascent Blade 2 and improved taper give a really soft feel when handling the puck. This stick will have you handling the puck with ease in tight spaces. 
  • Solid Durability – CCM uses it’s proprietary Skeleton+ technology which features an innovative carbon weaving process – the result?  A stronger and more durable stick for you!
  • Light Weight – Coming in at 380g for the senior stick, this stick feels feather light in your hands while not skimping on the strengthening materials required to make it through a decent chunk of ice times 


  • Hard to find many disadvantages.  The only one you could really say is that it is a very pricey stick, but so are all of its competitors.


The old saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it rings true here.  The Trigger 7 Pro is an evolution of the wildly successful Trigger 6 and if you love a quick accurate shot, this is your weapon of choice!

Most Technologically Advanced Hockey Stick

Specifications and Features:

  • Construction Material – 5 sided design with Bauer’s ER Spine technology 
  • Weight – The Sling comes in at 375 grams for the senior stick, 10 grams heavier than last years Nexus ADV 
  • Kickpoint – The Sling is technically part of the Nexus series of sticks, so it has a mid kickpoint for versatile shooters taking all types of shots  
  • Available Flexes – Currently, the Bauer Sling is available in 70, 77, and 87 flex, with 87 being Bauer’s ‘standard’ flex


  • Shot Consistency – The Sling has a shorter hole which increases stiffness around the slot, meaning this stick has a bigger sweet spot for shooting compared to previous years models 
  • Increased Durability – The Sling’s epoxy core is stronger than last years, and has AeroFoam only on the outside of the blade.  Bauer claims this increases durability by 15% so you should see some longer life from the Slings blade 
  • Comfortable Feel – The 5 sided shaft geometry really improves the feel of the stick in your gloves which transfers to how well you handle the puck. The double concave walls of the shaft coupled with the AeroFoam / Epoxy blade make puck handling second nature. 
  • Mid Kick-Point – The mid kick-point is truly an advantage for complete players that don’t want a stick that limits them to just heavy shots or quick release shots. Like the infamous Nexus 1N, 2N, and ADV before it, the Sling allows you to let it rip from anywhere on the ice!


  • We can’t lie, people seem to either love or hate this stick.  Several reviewers noted that strangely enough, the heel of the Sling is prone to cracking.  We would suggest adding some extra tape around the heel of the blade where it connects to the shaft, and always remember you have a 30 day window to send the stick back if it breaks!


You have to give Bauer credit for trying new things, and thinking out of the box.  The Sling is certainly a new concept with a large slot in the middle.  Some people found Slings slot really added pop to their shots, while some reviewers said they noticed no difference compared to standard hockey stick blade. 

If you aren’t sold on the Sling’s boundary pushing technologies, we wouldn’t hesitate to push you towards CCM’s Jetspeed line or the Bauer Supreme line if you are looking for similar mid kick sticks that are a bit more tried and tested!

Most Durable Hockey Stick

Specifications and Features:

  • Saber Taper – Warrior has made the taper on the Alpha line thinner and stronger, which couples with the low kick point for a lightening quick release. 
  • Minimus Carbon 1400 – A high strength and lightweight carbon-composite weave design that improves the overall construction of the stick.   This is an upgrade over last year’s MC1200
  • Ergonomic Shaft Feel – Warrior has ensured this shaft feels amazing to hold and gives you fantastic feel on shots, passes, toe drags and more!
  • FuelCore – The core technology in the Alpha DX blade has multiple composite layers wrapped around a core designed to transfer maximum energy to your shots 


  • Saber Tapre – The Saber Taper III is enhanced with the Minimus Carbon 1400 technology to give you a lightening quick shot. The lightweight nature of the stick and high recoil rate makes quick snap shots that much easier. 
  • Improved Durability – Similar to the outgoing Alpha QX,  Warrior has also stepped it up with the Alpha DX stick in the durability department. The technological advances that have been incorporated with the Minimus Carbon 1400 have taken this stick a long way to achieve prolonged performance. 
  • Shot Power – On the previous Alpha model, the quick release was there but the shot power felt a little low. On the new Warrior Alpha DX, the Minimus Carbon 1400 technology has increased the stiffness and you can really feel the energy of your shot come off the blade  


  • No real disadvantages here, this stick is a fantastic option and a good improvement over the Alpha QX, without making any drastic changes


The Warrior Alpha DX is a top performer that comes in at a more accessible price point compared to the top of the line sticks like the Covert Fantom, Vapor Flylites, or Supertacks AS2’s.  This is a perfect stick for skilled forwards and defensemen that are constantly in tight spots needing a quick and accurate release.  The feel of the shaft and blade combine to give this stick superior feel and puck handling abilities.

Best Of The Rest

Specifications and Features:

  • Axenic Technology – Features Axenic Tech which is a process that provides a consistent feel throughout the entire stick and fantastic balance.
  • SmartPly Tech – The True XCore XC7 has industry leading impact strength giving it increased durability.  
  • XCore Technology -A huge component to what makes the stick unique; it’s embedded into the core of the blade and produces 30% more rotational puck spin.
  • Braided Rib Technology – Braided tubes within the blade give it increased support throughout for longer life.


  • Increased Accuracy – One of the most noticeable benefits of the True XCore XC7 is improved accuracy, especially in the wrist shot due to the XCore Tech.
  • Superior Durability – A very strong stick thats designed with durability in mind, best in class impact protection and Braided Rib technology give this stick long lasting feel and performance. 
  • Better Control – The True XCore XC7 has a nice dampening feel in the blade which is great for stick handling and receiving passes, and noticeably older True models.


  • The newest model of the True sticks has some great technology that isn’t a part of the True XCore XC7, but this is still a great value option.

Bottom Line:

This is a premium option as far as sticks go that won’t cost you $300+, this offers exceptional puck handling and feel yet is best in class for durability. I definitely noticed a little more zip and accuracy in my wrist shot as the increased spin rate definitely makes a difference here. I’ve had a True XCore XC7 as part of my rotation (I go through a ton of sticks) and it lasted me a ton of ice times without having my performance decline through blade or shaft fatigue. This is a great option and a versatile stick for every player that is looking to cut down on some of the cost. 

Specifications and Features:

  • QRT Technology – Keeps the energy in the lower part of the shaft while passing or shooting, enabling a quicker release for players.
  • 3K Carbon Shaft – This weave is 10% stronger and lighter than traditional weaves and increases energy transfer during every shot.
  • Maxbalance Technology – Bauer made sure to include Maxbalance Tech which reduces the overall weight of the stick but still provides excellent balance and feel for the player.


  • Improved Durability – The stick comes with major durability upgrades throughout the shaft and blade ensuring your stick performs the same way every single time you step on the ice.
  • Quicker Release – The Bauer Vapor X900 has a quicker release than its predecessor and it will keep the goalie off guard on every shot.
  • Lightweight Design – A very lightweight stick provided by Bauer, that allows for better handling and a great feel for the puck.


  • This is on the lower end of the price range for our mid-range sticks and it sacrifices a little in the durability department, especially if you’re taking a lot of faceoffs. 


This stick is a great value pick as the price point is best in class and you aren’t giving up anything in the shot or puck control department. Yes it doesn’t have some of the newest technology upgrades but lets be honest its light years ahead of any wood stick or two piece. I was a huge fan of the quick release and puck handling in this stick, as its definitely designed for more of the skilled players. 

Specifications and Features:

  • Edge Quick Release – The Warrior Covert QRE Pro is easier to load and has a very explosive release.
  • Edge Taper – A new and unique edge taper that improves response and improves power by driving more energy down into the blade when shooting.
  • Tru 1 Phantom – Tru 1 Phantom construction creates a great stick feel for players, increasing puck control and response.
  • Pro Cortex Grip – This particular stick features a textured but soft grip that allows the player maximum control throughout the game as your gloves get sweaty. 


  • Improved Control – The Tru 1 Phantom and other technology implemented into the Warrior Covert QRE Pro really improve puck control and pass reception.
  • Quick Releases – This hockey stick was designed with players that demand a quick release in mind, and this is one of the big advantages over other sticks on the market. The lightweight and soft feel this stick has really comes to focus when you’re handling the puck.
  • Ergonomic Design – The shaft is designed in a way that allows you to easily grip the stick, which allows you to be strong on the puck in all game situations. 


  • This stick is on the lighter end of the spectrum that we have reviewed here, it still gives you good durability but some players prefer a bit of a heavier stick.

Bottom Line:

Is this the cheapest stick in our mid-tier grouping? No, it is for sure on the higher end but unfortunately to get a stick that is as lightweight and durable as the Covert QRE Pro you have to shell out a bit of cash. This is a great value deal as you typically have to pay premium prices for a stick with this total weight, and the quick responsive release you get is sure to increase your point totals. The best part of this stick is its lightweight durability and increased feel for the puck over some of the lower end Warrior sticks. 

If you are ready to pull trigger on one of these sticks, Pure Hockey’s Stick Buying Guide is a great resource to look at to make sure you’ve checked all the boxes!

Curious about the Best Youth Hockey Sticks?  Check out our guide!

Future Hockey Stick Release Dates 2022

Hockey Stick Comparison Table

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite319.99385Advanced Carbon LayeringSnap shots, Wrist shots, for players needing a quick release
CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro309.99380Nanolite Carbon LayeringAll around stick for any type of shot
Warrior Covert QR5 PRO299.99395Minimus Carbon UDQuick release shots like snap shots and wrist shots
Warrior Alpha LX 20199.99405Minimus Carbon UDQuick release shots for someone on a budget
Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic299.99390Advanced Carbon LayeringDesigned for shot versatility
True AX9259.99393SmartPlyLow kick point for quick release shots
CCM RibCor Trigger 6309.99375Nanolite CarbonLow kick point for quick release shots
Bauer Sling329.99365Ultra light carbon fiberUniform flex profile for all types of shots
Warrior Alpha DX179.99395Minimus Carbon 1400Mid Kick flex for all types of shot
True Catalyst 9X299.99385PLD Technology CarbonMid Kick point for slapshots, wristshots, and snapshots
True Catalyst 7X219.99410PLD Technology CarbonMid Kick point for slapshots, wristshots, and snapshots
Bauer Vapor 3X Pro219.99410TeXtreme constructionSnap shots, Wrist shots, for players needing a quick release
Warrior Covert QRE 20 Pro219.99410Minimus Carbon 1400Mid Kick flex for all types of shot

Hockey Stick Buying Advice

How To Choose Your Hockey Stick Length

Stick length seems simple at first glance but can have the greatest effect on your game.  Are you a dangler who likes to get into tight places, or a guy who works the outside and likes sniping from further out?  A forward or defenseman?  All these can play into a stick length that best suits you.

Hockey Stick Man created a great article covering stick lengths if you want to take a deep dive into it!

Using a Short Hockey Stick

This would be defined as a stick that is under your chin while you are on skates.  This type of length is preferable to guys who like to stick handle, get in and out of tight situations, and take shots from in close.  Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby both use quite short sticks, and their style of play is quite different, so you should be able to make it suit whatever your needs are.  Remember, as you cut your stick, you are increasing its stiffness, so buy a flex according to what you want your final flex to be once its cut.  Most modern sticks will have notches showing what the flex ends up at as you cut the stick down.

Using A Regular Length Hockey Stick (Uncut)

This would be a stick kept at the standard length they come from manufacturers, or within an inch or so of it either way.  This is a flexible length that you can use for all types of shots, stick handling, or even if you are a defensive defenceman focused on pokechecks.  It doesn’t excel at anything in particular out of the box but with enough practice you can use this length to become adept at whatever you choose.

Using A Long Hockey Stick (Putting a Plug or Extension In)

This would either be a longer stick (some manufacturers make tall sticks you can buy) or by putting a plug in a regular length stick.  This type of stick is great for defensemen as it really increases your poke check reach and can help you keep forwards within your reach easier.  Zdeno Chara has a famously long stick, mostly due to his height, but players like Brad Marchand and Bobby Ryan also sport quite lengthy sticks (for their height) as well.

What Length Hockey Stick Do We Recommend?

We always recommend hockey players to purchase an uncut stock stick.  From here you can cut or extend the stick to your desire!  Forwards may want their sticks a bit shorter, Dmen typically a touch longer, but again it all depends on your style of play!

How To Choose A Hockey Stick Flex

One-Piece hockey stick flex must be tailored to your individual playing style as well.  Senior flexes range from 75 all the way u to 120, meaning there is a huge range for you to choose from

Low Stick Flex, or more 'Whippy' (65-80)

This flex requires very little shaft loading in order to get a quick shot off.  You can lean very slightly on the stick and get shots off like nothing.  Conversely, this will not be the stick you buy in pursuit of the hardest shot title on your team.  A word of caution – if you are a more advanced player and can really rip one timers then you are definitely at risk for reduced stick life.  Its no coincidence you see sticks explode out of the hands of Ovechkin, Stamkos, or Laine more than anyone else but its the risk you take to get those kinds of scoring chances.

Medium Stick Flex (85-100)

This is your middle of the range flex, suitable for every shot on the board.  Your snap shot might not be quite as quick as a low flex, and slapshot not as hard as a high flex, but you will have a much more complete selection of shots making you a threat in every situation.

Stiff or Heavy Flex (105 -120)

This is for the guys that are either ridiculously strong, big, or just like to lean into slap shots all game long.  The stiffness in the shaft will allow you to put more energy into the stick than the lower flexes, leading to harder shots.  Some examples of heavy shooters and their flexes – Shea Weber uses a 122 flex in game, and rumor has it the big man Zdeno Chara uses a 150 flex!

Our Flex Recommendation

An 85-90 flex is definitely the sweet spot for most hockey players and is what we would recommend.  If you are very heavy or quite light, add or subtract 10 flex off that accordingly as a starting point.

The fellas at Hockey Supremacy have a great article breaking down stick flex to help completely educate you on it!

Choosing The Right Hockey Stick Curve

How do you choose from the seemingly infinite amount of curve choices?  I can point you to a good curve for beginners but lets dive into the different types of curves first so you can choose based on your playing style.

Hockey Circles is a great hockey blog that has some fantastic pictures and explanations of all the popular curves used right now.  Check out their post on hockey blade curves for some additional info!

Curve Type (Heel / Mid / Toe)

This refers to where the blade starts curving.  A heel curve begins right away and will look like more of a hook.  A toe curve will have a longer straight portion and curve at the end.  Most popular curves these days are some from of  a mid-range curve.

Hockey Stick Lie (4.5 - 6.5)

This can range from 4.5 to 6.5 and it is a reference to the angle the between the stick and the blade.  A high lie will have the blade flat on the ice as the stick is held more upright or further from the ice (for players who skate with less leg bend), and a lower lie allows the stick to be held closer to the ice while keeping the blade flat (for skaters who skate in more of a squat position and are lower to the ice).

Hockey Stick Blade Face (Open / Closed)

This refers to the curve of the blade and if it is ‘opens’ (think of putting the puck towards the top of the net) or is ‘closed’ and allows for shots to easily be controlled and pointed towards the lower portion of the net.  Generally forwards will use a slightly more open curve and defensemen will us a slightly more closed curve (If they aren’t… forwards standing in front look out!)

Blade Depth

If you placed a ruler on the toe of the stick straight to the heel, this would measure the deepest point between the ruler and blade.  A larger depth will be quite apparent and the blade will look like more of a ‘hook’ from above.

Our Blade Curve Recommendation For New Hockey Players

The Crosby / Ovechkin blade curves (P29 for CCM and P92 for Bauer) are a decent starting point for anyone.  They are big mid curves, with a slightly open toe, allowing this blade to be a jack of all trades.  There is a reason these are the biggest sellers and have the big names on them – If you have no idea where to start, we suggest starting here.

Hockey Stick Construction Materials

The hockey stick has evolved in many ways over the years.  We here at Going Bar Down have used it all.  From wood to aluminum and now to composites, and from the era of two pieces to one pieces, we have probably played with and broken a stick of every material combination.  If anyone has an original Silver Synergy, hit us up!

Composite vs Wood Hockey Sticks

The age of wooden hockey sticks is over.  There, I said it.  I grew up on one for a few years before aluminum took over in the early 90’s, and after using modern composite sticks for 20 years, I can’t say I miss them.  Composite one-piece sticks allow for harder shots, longer stick life, and greater accuracy.  Any hockey stick you consider (unless maybe a twig for the out door rink with your buddies) should be a composite one-piece stick.

One Piece vs Two Piece Hockey Sticks

The age of wooden hockey sticks is over.  There, I said it.  I grew up on one for a few years before aluminum took over in the early 90’s, and after using modern composite sticks for 20 years, I can’t say I miss them.  Composite one-piece sticks allow for harder shots, longer stick life, and greater accuracy.  Any hockey stick you consider (unless maybe a twig for the out door rink with your buddies) should be a composite one-piece stick.

How We Did Our Research

As far as lighting the lamp goes, the hockey stick is the most important piece of equipment a player uses.  We have done months of research trying out hockey sticks and talking to fellow hockey players to get their thoughts and have compiled a list of the best hockey sticks of 2022.  We really focused on examiningthat examine all the details such as manufacturers specs, proprietary technology, strengths, weaknesses, and the overall value the stick provides to you as a player.

We will be focused on reviewing top of the line senior one-piece hockey sticks from all the major brands including CCM, Bauer, Warrior, and True to help you go bar down all the time. We take into account shot release, feel, power, durability, and cost. You really can’t go wrong choosing any of the hockey sticks we are going to review as they are all high quality, but each one is tailored to a slightly different style of player and we want you to pick the best hockey stick for your game.

Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

So what is the Best Hockey Stick of 2022?  While there is no right or wrong answer in choosing any one of these one-piece hockey sticks, for our money the champ is the Bauer Vapor HyperLite.  With its lightweight, wicked release, and low kickpoint, if you can afford it this stick will have you sniping more goals than ever before!  We hope our review helped you pick a stick – Let us know in the comments below!

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