Best Hockey Stick Tape (Help Your Stickhandling + Shooting!)

You have your new top of the line hockey stick, ready to start sniping bar down, but what do you need to do first?  You already know the answer, you have to tape your stick!  Stick tapes might seem simple but they have truly evolved over the years.  There are now different, high end hockey stick tapes for your blade, as well as grip style variants for the knob of your stick!  The days of having one selection at your local sports store are gone, and we are here to help you make the right choice.  Choosing the right tape can really help your stickhandling as well!  We have our two top picks directly below, and then scroll down for our in depth reviews, as well as some answers to commonly asked questions about hockey stick tapes!

The Best Hockey Stick Tape

Top of the line hockey tape that goes on easier, stays on longer, and builds up less ice than conventional tapes

Howies has been making waves in the tape game with their ultra premium, high thread count tape.  I have personally used this several times and it truly does adhere to your stick and withstand more abuse than traditional tape.  It also comes in a wide variety of colors allowing you to customize your stick however you choose!

The Best Hockey Grip Tape

Available in tons of awesome colors, this is a great alternative to your typical knob taped with the same tape as a blade!

Lizard Skin is our top choice if you prefer a tackier, grippier knob on your stick!  They make this tape in 12 different colors, and two different lengths incase you need extra tape!  Kids really love the Lizard Skin tape, and you can see it in many rinks on tons of kids hockey sticks!

Howies was started in a garage in Grand Rapids, a company on a quest to make higher quality products than what was currently available.  They grew the brand on the premise of quality by hand loading pallets onto semi trucks!  They have since grown to service almost every major league in the world, including, you guessed it, the NHL.  Howies stands behind their products, every one of them, and has a satisfaction guarantee.  If you aren’t happy with their product, they will either make it right of give you a full refund!

The tape rolls come in at an inch wide and 25 yards long.  With the advanced adhesive and high thread count, the tape resists snow and ice buildup, helping you go bar down more often!


Howies prides themselves on making the highest quality products including, high quality hockey waxes, and durable skate laces, and their tape is no different.  Coming in at a massive 68 strands per inch, they have the tightest weave and highest thread count tape available.  This is why we rank them #1!  They also use a more aggressive adhesive in order to make sure the tape doesn’t fall off your stick.  I personally have had Howies tape last through 3-4 hard ice times!

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2. Renfrew Pro Tape - Best Value Hockey Stick Tape

Renfrew is a brand that has been around for decades – and we aren’t just saying that!  They were started in 1980!  They have seen the change from wood, to aluminium, to composite, and made tape for this sticks all along the way!  These tapes are made in the town of Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, so you are getting North American quality with every roll.  Renfrew prides themselves on being a tape used by teams competing for the Stanley Cup for over 20 years!  Check out what former NHL forward Gary Roberts had to say about them – 

The tape rolls come in at an inch wide and 25 yards long.  With the advanced adhesive and high thread count, the tape resists snow and ice buildup, helping you go bar down more often!

Gary RobertsNHL Great
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"In my 21 season NHL hockey career, I had a lot of choice in what hockey tape I could use. Day in and day out, Renfrew was simply the best!!"


A&R makes a simple yet super effective product.  They use super durable tape for the cloth, and add extra adhesive to ensure it sticks to your stick all game long.  The tape is water resistant, and made in the good old US of A!  Hundreds of satisfied reviewers can’t be wrong!

If you’re a goal scorer, you need a solid stick!  Check out our best hockey sticks for forwards article here!

3. Lizard Skin Stick Grip Tape - Best Stick Knob Tape

Lizard Skins is a bit of a unique product we are reviewing, as they do not make products for the blade of your stick, rather choosing to focus on grips exclusively.  They make the Lizard Skin grips in over 10 different colors, and even have more unique grips for baseball bats that are definitely usable on a hockey stick

The Lizard Skin grip tape is made out of a tacky feeling Durasoft Polymer (DSP) that feels amazing in hand.  It also comes with a toe cap, so you can have total control and grip on your stick while reducing wear on your gloves.  By limiting slippage, your gloves will move around less leading to less burned out holes in your palms!


If you are looking for a unique, well made product specifically for the grip of your stick, Lizard Skin is a great choice!  It offers an alternative to full stick grips, and is at a great price point as well.

4. A&R Stick Tape - Cheapest Hockey Stick Tape

A&R is an American manufacturer of many sports related goods.  They make everything from Blade Covers, Mini Hockey Sets, to Hockey Tape!  A&R has been in the hockey tape game for a while, and their products get great reviews at every e-commerce store we have come across.

This convenient 6 pack of comes with 3 white and 3 black rolls.  Each roll of tape measures 1 inch wide by 20 yards long.  This 6 pack has an outstanding 4.5 out of 5 stars from 143 reviews on Amazon!  People use it for everything from taping tools, to hand guns, crutches, and yes of course hockey sticks!  The high quality is obvious when it can be used in so many trying scenarios.


A&R makes a simple yet super effective product.  They use super durable tape for the cloth, and add extra adhesive to ensure it sticks to your stick all game long.  The tape is water resistant, and made in the good old US of A!  Hundreds of satisfied reviewers can’t be wrong!

5. CellyTape Cloth Tape

CellyTape is a relatively new manufacturer who has garnered some outstanding reviews thus far.  Their offerings are limited to Black stick tape, White stick tape, and Clear sock tape as of the writing of this article.  Their tape rolls measure 1 inch wide by 25 yards long, giving you a bit extra tape compared to the average roll.

The tape itself is waterproof, uses a strong adhesive to ensure it sticks to your blade, and is easily tearable by hand.  Best of all this is also another made in the USA product!  Check out this review we found on an e-commerce site below if you have any doubts!

Kimberly MorrisCellyTape Reviewer
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"Say goodbye to the phantom thread strings that plague other “big name” tapes. Clean and pliable, this tape also avoids the bubbles that other tapes seem to get on the tape, fits like a glove, secures instantly, wears well. My tape jobs look so much better and take half the time."


A simple, clean product for a great price.  CellyTape comes in a bit cheaper than other products, but has great reviews from all kinds of hockey players, from forwards to defensemen.  If you are looking to save a bit of cash but still get a great product, give CellyTape a shot!

6. Sports Tape Hockey Tape

SportsTape is a well reviewed tape manufacturer and distributor that is primarily sold on Amazon.  They feature a tight woven poly cotton blend in their tape, giving great grip and durability.  They have serrated edges which is usually a feature in more expensive tapes, allowing for easier ripping and less frayed edges.  They also use a strong adhesive that won’t leave glue behind on your stick and creates a strong lasting bond.  

Best of all, it is made in Canada, so you know you are getting a quality product manufactured in the home of hockey!

SDSports Tape Reviewer
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"We've tried every other conceivable brand of hockey stick tape. This is the best in that it can be wrapped with minimal creasing or wrinkling. Takes the wax well and lasts about two weeks with almost daily use"


SportsTape offers a great product in a convenient multi pack for a great price.  They have outstanding reviews from tons of reviewers, so you can be assured you are getting some high quality hockey tape!

7. Mezut Cloth Hockey Stick Tape - Best Colored Hockey Stick Tape

Mezut specializes in making fun and interesting patterned hockey tape.  They offer four different camo themed tapes, and even make an awesome American flag style tape.  The rolls come in 1 inch by 27 yard rolls, which is a bit bigger than most standard rolls of tape.  The tape is easy to apply, tears without issue, and is made of a thick durable cotton blend for durability.


If you are looking for a high quality stick / grip tape that comes in some cool and interesting patterns, the Mezut cloth tape fits the bill perfectly.  They offer a high quality tape and even toss in 2 yards more than standard rolls so you are really getting a great bang for your buck!


We went over many different Grips and Tapes, and I hope at this point you have a good idea of what might work for your game.  Any little advantage or boost to your game helps these days, so hopefully you find a grip that fits your game perfectly!  Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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