6 Best Hockey Stick Bags (Protect Your Stick!)

Let’s get right to the point – these days you are typically paying anywhere from $150 – $300 for your hockey sticks.  That is a lot of money.  Sure they are built to take a beating, but why not save that durability for the ice?  A high quality hockey stick bag could last you for life, and give every stick you purchase from here on out a bit of extra life.  No more chips from tossing in the car, on the bus, or on the plane!


Black Bauer team hockey stick bag

Not only will your protect your twigs from damage outside the rink, but for many of our choices you free a hand up by having convenient carry straps!  We won’t hype stick bags up anymore to you – if you are here, you want one and we will do our job of breaking down the best options for you.  Read on to see our choice for the best hockey stick bags!

Best Hockey Stick Bag

Our Top Choice

Protect your sticks with this super high quality stick bag made by the boys at Pacific Rink!  Read on below for why this is our top choice!

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Our pick for the top hockey stick bag is the Pacific Rink Stick bag.  It is stylish, has tons of features, and doesn’t come in at an outrageous price.  Read on below for all the details!

1. Pacific Rink Stick Bag - Best Overall Hockey Stick Bag


  • 1000d Cordura/Kodra – A super durable material designed to last a life time!
  • Padded Stick Blade Compartment – This one is obvious, adds extra protection for your blades!
  • ID Pocket – God forbid you ever lose your precious twigs, this will help someone return them to you!  Without this you can guarantee your sticks are gone!
  • 67″ L x 5″ W

Pros: Made out of durable material, High quality, Long and Wide enough for up to three sticks, ID Pocket to help get sticks back in case you lose them, Shoulder strap for easy transport
Cons: This bag is on the higher end of all the stick bags we reviewed, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for!


Pacific Rink is known for building premium items, whether it is hockey bags, clothing, or hockey stick bags.  Their hockey stick bag is no different, and exudes quality and excellent craftmanship.  If you demand the best, this is your go to!

2. Pure Hockey Stick Bag - Best Value Stick Bag


  • Simple Effective Design – Put your sticks in, zip it up, that’s it!
  • Convenient Strap – Free your hands for a sports drink or coffee and toss your twigs over your shoulder!
  • 71″ x 4.5″ – Plenty of room for standard length sticks all the way to sticks with big extensions in them!

Pros: Simple design, Effective and easy to use, High quality materials, Fantastic price point
Cons: Lacks some of the more premium features like extra blade protection or an ID card holder


A simple, no nonsense design that will protect your sticks and save you money.  This bag gets the job done and is the lowest cost full stick bag on our list to boot!

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3. A&R Hockey Stick Vault - Best Blade Protector


  • 600 Denier Fabric – Denier is a scale for how thick and sturdy materials are.  The higher the count the stronger the material – rest assured the Stick Vault will keep your blades safe and sound!
  • PolyPropylene Strip – A hard polypropylene (hard rubber) around the edge of the blade bag to prevent knicks and scratches
  • Vent Holes – Allow moisture to wick off the blades and your tape job all while protecting them with these innovative blade holes

Pros: Very economic price point, protects the part of the stick where wear and tear typically is the worst, name bar slot for personalization
Cons: Leaves shaft of stick unprotected, no convenient carry strap like full stick bags feature


If you want to save some money and really protect the part of your stick that gets knicked up and damaged the most – the A&R blade protector bag gets the job done for a great price.  High quality materials and a hard rubber lining help this blade protector last for years, constantly delivering high quality protection!

4. Bauer S14 Team Stick Bag - Best Stick Bag For Hockey Teams


  • Carries Up To 50 Sticks – With most players on a team having 2 sticks, there is ample room for an entire teams sticks, plus a few more!
  • Large Broad Wheel Base – A bag this size needs to be mobile and easy to move around.  Bauer has included heavy duty wheels and a massive wheel base to make transport easier.
  • 72in x 12in x 6in – These dimension provide ample room for an entire teams worth of sticks.

Pros: Massive internal storage space, heavy duty construction, wheels and carry straps for multiple modes of transportation
Cons: Bulky and will require a truck or large SUV to transport, but that is to be expected when transporting an entire teams worth of sticks


If you play for a travelling team or are a teams equipment manager, the Bauer S14 team bag could make your life alot easier.  Don’t worry about juggling 40-50 sticks as you carry them to the team bus, and protect them all the while thanks to Bauer’s sturdy construction.

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5. CCM Player Stick Bag


  • High Strength Polyester – Polyester is a go to material when you need light weight and high strength, and resists rips and tears
  • 2 Stick Capacity
  • Easy to carry strap
  • 71″ Long x 14.5″ Wide

Pros: Simple and effective design, Shoulder strap for easy carry, Good price point
Cons: A bit of a more simple design, no high end fabrics or vents, no name holder


A simple, no nonsense stick holder from CCM.  Room for two sticks, carry strap and high strength construction.  Not much else to say!  Check out the link below for the best price we have found!

6. A&R Stick Bag


  • 600 Denier Polyester – High strength polyester will not rip or tear and will last you for most of your hockey career!
  • Nylon Strap – A convenient and high quality strap to throw the stick bag over your shoulder and free your hands up
  • 62 in x 5 in – The A&R Stick bag can hold up to three hockey sticks, more than enough to get you through any game!

Pros: Great pricing, Room for three sticks (one more than most bags), Sturdy construction
Cons: Less features than other stick bags


The A&R Hockey Stick Bag is one of the more basic and simple designs out of all the stick bags we have reviewed.  It has a great price point though, so if you are looking for a no nonsense design and to save some cash, the A&R might be the hockey stick bag you are looking for!

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We hope our article on the best hockey stick bags has given you some good choices and will help you make the right call to protect your sticks.  There are quite a few options out there, and lets be honest, they will all get the job done in one way or another,  But do you want a high strength shoulder strap?  Room for 2 or 3 sticks?  Do you want to put your name tag in the bag incase you lose it?  There are surprisingly lots of options and hopefully our article helped highlight them!  Sound off in the comments below on which Hockey Stick Bag is your favorite, or if there is another one you’d like us to review!

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