The 6 Best Hockey Skates For Wide and Flat Feet (2023 Reviews!)

Getting a hockey skate that fits is undoubtedly one of the most important things you can do for your game.  There is nothing worse than buying a pair of skates and having wicked blisters from your first ice time, which totally curbs your enthusiasm for your slick new set of wheels!  Luckily for those of us with wide or flat feet, evolving technology and expanding model lineups have come to save the day!  Heat molding skates can really get that custom feel, but you need to make sure you pick a boot that is designed for your foot.  If you are in a rush and want to know our top pick – the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro is our top overall skate for wide or flat feet!  Bauer is phasing out it’s Nexus line and introducing a new fitment system (Fit 1, 2, and 3).  ”Fit 3′ profile for super wide feet – the ‘Fit 3’ on the Supreme corresponds to past ‘EE’ wide skates!  Read on to see our breakdown of a few different choices for the best hockey skates for wide and flat feet!

Warning – We have seen multiple websites recommending the CCM Jetspeed hockey skates as a choice for wide or flat feet – We generally live and let live but cannot in good conscience not say something.  The Jetspeed is an amazing skate but is designed for narrow feet.  Please disregard these websites as they do not know what they are talking about and are doing you a as a hockey player a disservice!

Our Recommendations

Best CCM Skate For Wide Feet

CCM’s widest fitting skates, the SuperTacks lineup has a ‘medium’ foot profile, meaning you are going to want to look for EE width in these!

Buying Options

The Wide Boot King

With Bauer’s Nexus line getting put on the chopping block, the ‘Fit 3’ Supreme models are here to fill the void!  The 3S Pro is Bauer’s second from top of the line Supreme skate and is an amazing set of wheels!

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Best Value Skate For Wide Feet

A great mid range skate with the EE or Fit 3 option available, if you are looking to save a bit of cash the S37 is a fantastic choice!

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How We Did Our Research

Hockey skates can be one of the single largest costs when buying equipment.  As such, we want you to know all the nitty gritty details for each skate we present below.  Some of these skates are for people with very wide and flat feet, and some are for people with feet falling somewhere in between wide and normal.

Our article will review several hockey skates from Bauer, CCM, and True to help you narrow down your choices and pick the best hockey skate.  We dove deep into the details on manufacturers websites, e-commerce stores, purchaser reviews and hockey forums to ensure the skates we present are fit for the job!

Read on to see what skate is will suit for your wide or flat foot!

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The Best Hockey Skate Brands For Wide Feet

1. Bauer

Bauer was the first company to develop a hockey skate specifically for wide feet.  The Nexus lineup has great reviews from people with larger foot volumes and continue to be a hot seller for them.  I have spoken to several players who had troubles finding skates until the Nexus lineup came along, making Bauer our top choice for brands supporting wide feet.

2. True

True hockey has been building their brand and following at a rabid pace over the last 5-6 years.  They just released their newest generation True Pro Custom skate which, while it costs a pretty penny, is second to none in fitment and customization options!

3. CCM

CCM has three hockey skate lineups, the Super Tacks, Ribcor, and Jetspeed.  Jetspeed is the thinnest, Ribcor in the middle, and Super Tacks is the widest.  If you can fit a Tacks ‘EE’ width you are good to go!

The Best Hockey Skates for Wide and Flat Feet (2023 Review)

Best Overall Hockey Skate for Wide Feet

Specifications and Features:

  • Performance Fit System – Designed for players who demand a high end skate that fits well
  • LockFit Liner – Bauer’s newest liner system designed to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry
  • Lightspeed Edge with LS Pulse Blade – Bauer’s proprietary blade changing technology makes switching blades during the game faster and easier than ever. Coupled with the new LS Pulse blades, its a fantastic combination
  • 3D Lasted Curv Composite Construction – Bauer’s Curv Composite system ensures a strong, durable, yet lightweight and ultra high performance boot – And it is fully thermoformable!

Pros – Fit 3 system, the new EE, replaces the Nexus skates to make sure those with wide feet aren’t stuck cramming their foot into a narrow boot!

Cons – This is not the top of the line Supreme skate, that is the Supreme Ultrasonic.  You will save some cash going with the 3S Pro!


With Bauer’s popularity of the wide foot targeted Nexus line, they knew they couldn’t just leave the wide foot market unserved as they wind that skate line down.  Enter the awesome ‘Fit 3’ aka EE width in the Supreme lineup, this is a direct replacement for the Nexus ‘D’ size.  Now you can get the top technology in the Supreme line without worrying about an uncomfortable, narrow boot!

Most Advanced Hockey Skate for Wide Feet

Specifications and Features:

  • Anatomical Shaped Boot – The Supertacks lineup has the widest footprint boot that CCM offers.  Designed for an anatomically shaped foot, a ‘EE’ width in these should be just what the doctor ordered.
  • CCM Speed Blade XS– The SuperTacks features CCM’s SpeedBlade XS holder which is their pinnacle in holder technology for enhanced power transfer
  • TotalDri Pro Liner with DuraZone Pads – The liner system ensures you aren’t holding on to any extra water weight, with the DuraZone anti abrasion pads making sure you never get blisters!
  • OrthoLite Custom Support Footbed – CCM bundles several footbed inserts to ensure you find the arch support your foot needs, whether it is flat, medium, or high!

Pros – CCM’s widest hockey skate, If your wide foot can fit this is a premier top of the line model, Huge focus on comfort with the TotalDri Pro Liner, DuraZone antiabrasion pads and OrthoMove custom footbeds

Cons – The AS3 comes in at a premium price as it is the top of the line SuperTacks skate


If you have a wide foot but demand a premium hockey skate, we suggest giving the SuperTacks AS3 Pro a go.  You would have to try the EE width, but if you can fit into them there also comes with it a plethora of comfort technologies we listed in our ‘pros’ section.  On top of that you get one of CCM’s lightest boots, with a wicked pair of carbon black blades, knowing all the technology in this skate is designed to put maximum power to the ground!


Best Customizable Hockey Skate

Specifications and Features:

  • Precision Custom Crafted – Using an anatomical foot scan, True will custom build this hockey skate for your foot.  Whether it is wide, flat, or both, this skate will be built to be yours and yours alone 
  • Highly Customizable – Side panel coloring, Liner type, Tongue profile, and blades are some of the things True lets you customize with your order 
  • BenchChange technology – The new True Pro Customs feature a quick swap system allowing you to change blades out on the fly if they get knicked up or lose an edge
  • Newer, Lighter –  True has shaved 30 grams off its Tongue without losing protection,  and shaved 40 grams from the One-Piece boot with utilization of advanced carbon fibers
Photo of the True Pro Custom Hockey Skate

Pros – Totally custom fitment without losing performance, Newer lighter materials than original True Pro Custom Hockey Skate, Stock StepSteel (aftermarket company) blades for better edge holding, Quick swap blade technology

Cons – You guessed it, Price!  Although the True Pro Custom won’t be much more than say the SuperTacks AS1, it is significantly more than the Bauer 2N’s – But that’s the price to pay for the perfect fit!


Skip the painful process of hockey skate baking, break in, re-baking, etc. with the True Pro Customs.  Over 10% of NHL’ers have now been recruited by True and are using these hockey skates at the highest level.  Think about this – 6’8″ Zdeno Chara uses the True Pro Customs, and really who would have a more massive foot than him?  True has upped their game with the 2019 update of these skates bringing their performance level much closer to Bauer and CCM’s top tier skates.  If you can afford them, this is the ticket for the best fitting skates around.

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Best Value Hockey Skate for Wide Feet

Specifications and Features:

  • 3-D Lasted Composite Boot – Bauer’s second from the top construction type, gives you a stiff, energy efficient boot 
  • Felt Tongue – Injected foam with a metatarsal guard to ensure no errant blades cut the top of your foot!
  • Form-Fit Footbed – The same tacky heel to toe holder inside the boot that will keep your foot locked in all game long
  • LS+ Stainless Runner – A higher than normal runner to give top of the line ice contact and agility

Pros – Wide profile boot, Great protection from 3-D Lasted Composite boot and 2-Piece tongue, Quick swap blade system with Lightspeed Edge, Great value price point

Cons – Not as advanced as the 3S Pro or CCM Supertacks AS3, but you get a great package for a good price


The Bauer Supreme 3S strikes a perfect balance between performance and value for those with wide feet.  A perfectly fine choice for those playing 2-3 times a week and looking for higher tier technologies but not willing to shell out $700-$800 dollars, the 3S has great new age features like an injected tongue, lightspeed edge swappable blade system, and a fast drying liner, all while coming in at a great price point!

Best Budget Hockey Skate for Wide Feet

Specifications and Features:

  • Fiber Composite Boot – A budget friendly construction style, the S37 delivers a stable boot that doesn’t flex too much
  • 2-Piece Tongue – a 40 oz tongue made out of mid density foam protects you from shots off the front of the ankle
  • Memory Foam Lining – A moisture wicking liner with anti abrasion pads is found in the Supreme S37
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Edge – The S37 features standard, non proprietary stainless steel blades, but still has Bauer’s lightspeed edge hot swap holders which is fantastic to find on a budget friendly set of skates 

Pros – Wide foot boot construction for great comfort, Lightspeed edge shared with the top tier 3S Pro,  A boot that is not too stiff that still puts power to the ground, Super wallet friendly pricing

Cons – Being the entry level model in the Supreme lineup, the S37 is not as lightweight nor protective as its more expensive siblings.  If you aren’t getting in front of booming shots it will suffice just fine though!


The Supreme S37is the entry level hockey skate in Bauer’s Nexus lineup, prioritizing comfort and price over top level energy transfer and weight reduction.  If you are just picking the game up or only skate once every week or two, the S37 is a great set of skates to fit your feet while keeping your bank account full!  It still features some great top level Bauer tech like the Lightspeed Edge system, and will keep your foot safe and comfortable all game long!

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6. CCM Tacks 9090

Specifications and Features:

  • SpeedBlade Black Runners – A black oxide coated blade designed to keep and hold your edge longer than ever before
  • Two Piece Boot – The big difference between the AS1 and the Tacks 9090 is the boot.  The Tacks 9090 utilizes a two piece boot to save money on materials
  • Abrasion Protection – Durazone patches protect your skate and tongue from wear from the shin guards
  • TotalDri Liner – This skate comes equipped with TotalDri technology which wicks away moisture and maximizes ventilation allowing your skates to stay dry and fresh all game. 

Pros – Shares many top of the line features with the AS1 such as the Speedblade holders, Rocket Frame construction, Total-Dri liner, Has several anti abrasion technologies for foot and ankle comfort, Lace bite protection built into tongue, Several hundred dollars less than the AS1

Cons – Two piece boot does not put energy down to the ice like the AS1, Standard EE sizing is as wide as it comes


The Tacks 9090 are the second top level Super Tacks skates in CCM’s medium foot volume lineup.  They share many technological advancements found on the AS1, while coming in at several hundred dollars less.  If you are skating 2-4 times a week and want top level skates but aren’t quite willing to dish out $800 dollars or more, the Tacks 9090 are a fantastic choice!

How To Know If You Need Wide Skates

You should know by now if your feet are wider than normal, but we will give you a quick breakdown of how to tell in a hockey boot if you are, and how to find a pair that works for you!


Hockey skate widths are measured in letters and can belong to one of two width nomenclature systems.  The sizing is ranked from narrowest to widest.  The classic ranking system is C, D, E, EE, and an alternative system is N, R, and W meaning narrow, regular, and wide.  As a wide footed player you will be looking for E, EE, or W skates in order to fit properly!


We hope this has shed some lights on the choice you have if you have wider feet or flat feet!  Bauer’s Supreme hockey skates really have the market cornered as they are specifically made for wide feet with the new fitment system.  If you can fit into CCM’s SuperTacks lineup in EE size, then that is also an option.  And if you are looking for the ultimate fit and have some cash to spend, the True Pro Customs are a fantastic option.  If it were up to us, we’d have to crown the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro as our top wide foot hockey skates, due to its wide boot profile, top Bauer technologies, and being priced very well for a top skates compared to other lineups!

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