8 Best Goalie Hockey Sticks of 2023 (Durable & Lightweight!)

Hockey goalie sticks have come a long way from the birch and aspen paddles our backstopper ancestors once used – Carbon Fiber, multiple curve choices, and vibration damping technologies make sticks of old look like a Ford Probe next to a McLaren P1.  We have detailed breakdowns of all the top sticks we have researched, but getting right to the point – Our top stick of the year is the Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+ Composite Goalie Stick.  Ultra lightweight yet still having multiple layers to weather impacts and dampen vibration, Warrior has packed as many features into this goalie stick as they have into the groundbreaking Fantom QRE, and for that reason it is the top dog in our eyes.

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Our Pick

Super lightweight and solid construction with a 14k weave and Warriors Minimus Carbon G 1200 make this the stick to beat!

Warrior has been on a mission the last few years to get back in the ring with Bauer and CCM on the stick front, and their efforts haven’t been limited to player sticks alone.  The Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+ carries over top Warrior material technologies like their Minimus Carbon G1200, which is a flat carbon composite weave which prioritizes lightweight and responsiveness.  Also armed with slidegrip technology, making it easier for you to both hold onto the stick but also get those pokechecks out lightning fast.  This is an unreal stick and you won’t be disappointed with it, just check out this review we pulled off of Pure Hockey –

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Best New Stick

Advanced carbon layering to give the Ultrasonic a durability boost over the outgoing 2S and lower tier 3S, this stick is built to last!

Bauer has really focused on durability with the new 2020 Supreme Ultrasonic Goalie Stick.  A 3K carbon shaft gives more strength near your hands, and the Ergo Sping plus is extended up the sides of the paddle to help it last through long, hard games.  The 26″ standard length stick weighs in at a mere 650 grams so you don’t have to worry about your arm tiring out!

Budget Friendly

A relatively light weight and balanced stick that comes it at half the price of top of the line goalie sticks

CCM’s mid tier hockey stick has been getting great reviews this year from people wanting great performance, yet not looking to save a bit of money on their goalie stick.  CCM has used their Silver Sigmatex shaft for improved balance and some weight savings.  The Silver Sigmatex uses a spread toe fabric, which is basically a way of arranging fibers in a straight orientation to give them better load carrying capabilities.  The result is a stick that feels great in your hands, performs great on the ice, and simultaneously takes it easy on your wallet.

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Our Recommendations

Lightest Hockey Goalie Stick

Upgraded from the Supreme 2S, the Ultrasonic is a new top tier stick with great durability and super light weight!

Buying Options

The Best Overall Hockey Goalie Stick

An awesome combination of lightweight, strength, and puck handling feel, this Warrior wins our top stick of the year

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The Best Budget Hockey Goalie Stick

Hardly a compromise, this stick is still relatively lightweight, and has an advanced carbon weave used for durability and strength

Buying Options

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Research And Findings

Hockey goalie sticks are like a jack of all trades.  They need to be balanced, lightweight, and most of all, durable.  What other piece of equipment needs to be able to deflect slapshots and at the same time lay perfect outlet saucer passes?  We took a deep dive into the world of goalie sticks and have picked out the best of the bunch to help you choose the best one for your game.

We have looked at and researched sticks from Bauer, CCM, Warrior, and True to make sure we left no stone unturned.  Read on and take a look at what we think are the best hockey goalie sticks of the year and what sets them all apart!

The Best Hockey Goalie Sticks

  • Ergo Spine + –  Extending the spine of the stick into the blade enhances the overall geometry of the stick and increases durability
  • Aerofoam III Blade – 3rd generation Aerofoam enhances puck feel on passes, shots, and stops
  • 3k Carbon Shaft – Lightens the stick up and enhances durability over previous carbon fibers used

Our Thoughts:

Brand new for 2020, the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic is a huge release.  Building on the Success of the Supreme 2S, and slotting in above the brand new Supreme 3S, this is Bauer’s new top dog and is unrivaled in its feel, durability, and low weight compared to other offerings!

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  • Super Light Design –  Using their 14k weave Warrior has designed a lightweight but super strong goalie stick
  • Slide Grip Technology – Gives you superior feel on the shaft of the stick for lightning quick poke checks
  • VibexLite – Warrior’s anti vibration technology help the stick feel solid and in control in your hands even if you take a clapper right off the middle

Our Thoughts:

Warrior has come to the table this year with an unreal package in the Ritual V1 Pro+.  Special attention has been paid to balance and weight, with Warrior’s HiFused construction and Minimus Carbon G 1200 helping it out in that regard.  Adding on top their SlideGrip technology to help with stick feel and pokechecks, this stick has it all and will help you keep more pucks out of the net than ever before!

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  • 12k Carbon Weave – A lightweight and super strong carbon fiber weave help the 2S achieve best in class weight
  • TeXtreme – A proprietary carbon that Bauer puts in most of its sticks, it is 20% lighter than rival technologies
  • Ergo Spine – Unique paddle design using TeXtreme carbon to slim the paddle while keeping it strong and durable
  • Aero Foam 3 Blade – An awesome blade that has great feel for shots and passes while simultaneously increasing rebound control

Our Thoughts:

Bauer is one of the top dogs in the Player stick market, and its no surprise that they have some super solid entries into the Goalie market as well.  Many users report the Supreme 2S Pro as being one of the lightest sticks available.  Add in Bauer’s proprietary carbon fiber blends, and you have a lightweight, durable stick that’s going to help lower your GAA right away!

  • Silver Sigmatex – CCM’s shaft technology helps save weight while keeping the stick solid and durable
  • ZeroFlux Technology – A vibration dampening feature that helps the stick from vibrating right out of your hand when blocking big shots
  • Excellent price point – CCM has managed to create a relatively light, very sturdy stick at a mid price point, helping you keep some extra cash in your pocket!

Our Thoughts:

CCM has beefed up its mid range Premier P2.9 stick with the Silver Sigmatex and ZeroFlux technologies, resulting in a stick with good balance, good weight, and great durability.  The stick lands in the mid range for goalie stick prices, and keeping some extra money in your pocket is never a bad thing!

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  • BRT+ Technology – True’s own strengthening technology, they have extended it from the shaft into the paddle to create a thinner, stronger stick
  • Viscoelastic Layer – True installed a ViscoElastic layer on the blade and paddle to absorb impacts and help with rebound control
  • Ultimate Balance – True sticks are known for their top tier balance and feel, and they succeeded in implementing the same features into their goalie sticks

Our Thoughts:

True has made huge inroads in the last few years in the player stick space, and their goalie sticks shouldn’t be neglected when talking about top tier choices.  With proprietary technologies to help increase durability, reduce weight, and cut down vibration, True makes an extremely solid goalie stick that should definitely get a look when you are searching for a top of the line twig!

  • Assymetrical TexTreme Blade – An optimized blade profile to help with puck handling
  • Optimized Flex Profile – The Vapor 2x is really a puck handlers stick, and they have worked to optimize the flex zone to help you snap saucers off to the far blue line!
  • Aero Foam 3 Blade – Same as the Supreme 2S Pro, helps with puck feel to ensure laser accurate passes

Our Thoughts:

While the Supreme 2S Pro is the new stick on the block for Bauer, the Vapor 2X isn’t far behind.  A puck handlers stick, with an optimized flex zone, and Aero Foam 3 blade, goalies who love to mix it up and get in the action would be best served by picking up a stick from the Vapor lineup, and this is the best of the bunch.

  • Sigmatex Spread Tow Technology – A style of carbon fiber weave, this technology increases strength without adding any unwanted weight
  • Sigmatex Shaft – CCM also incorporated CCM into the shaft of the stick, giving it an even, balanced feel and making sure the corners are strong and won’t chip on you 
  • ZeroFlux Dampening Technology – Same as the P2.9, the zeroflux technology ensures the stick clamps down on vibrations and helps your rebound control

Our Thoughts:

CCM’s upscale Premier line goalie stick, the Premier II builds on the P2.9 in a few ways.  By incorporating their Sigmatex technology in the shaft, paddle, and blade, they decrease weight across the entire stick while maintaining excellent strength and durability.  If you are a CCM fan and are looking for their best stick, the Premier II is your choice!

  • BRT+ Technology – Similar to the A6.0 HT, True has incorporated its BRT+ Technology into the A4.5, making the stick stronger and thinner
  • Excellent Balance – True has strategically removed material in certain places such as the lower paddle area, which help create a lighter overall stick with amazing balance and feel

Our Thoughts:

If you are looking for top of the line feel and balance, but are trying to save some money, the True A4.5 HT is a great bet.  A company known for making sticks that have the ultimate feel, the A4.5 shares a few features with the A6.0, but comes in at a more manageable price, and you should be able to find it around $150 USD!  For a stick that performs this well and feels as good as it does, it’s a fantastic price point


Goalie sticks might not get the attention that each new iteration of players sticks do, but they are still extremely important and crucial to the game.  Every player knows how great it is to have a goalie who can control and play pucks, and in our opinion each stick on here should help you improve in that area.  If we had to pick one, the Warrior Ritual V1+ Pro is our top stick, but you can’t go wrong choosing from this list.  Let us know your thoughts below and if there are any other sticks you’d like us to review!

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