The Best Hockey Goalie Skates of 2023

The hockey goalie skate doesn’t get noticed as much as a shiny new glove or set of pads, but a goalies skates are vital for quick recovery and positioning.  From recovering from a save, going post to post, and even playing the puck your goalie skates have a bigger impact on your game than you might think.  You need a pair of goalie skates that are comfortable, protective, and give you the best agility in the crease possible. To this end, we have chosen the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Goalie Skate as our best goalie skate of the year.  Another top of the line skate added to the Vapor line and its what you need to complete your goalie equipment setup.  Read on for our detailed analysis of this skate and and the best competitors in the market. 

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Our Pick

Featuring a carbon composite frame, improved attack angle, and a lighter design than the previous model. 

Bauer has taken an evolutionary design over a revolutionary design when it comes to the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro goalie skates. The have improved everything from the liner system, the composite frame, and the blade holder to help you make more saves and win more games. The protection these skates offer is second to none, and Bauer has achieved this while shaving off some weight even. The responsiveness of the skates make cutting down the angle and moving post to post a breeze. 


With improved energy transfer from the lightweight frame, these CCM goalie skates give you unparralelled quickness in the crease. 

The CCM Jetspeed FT2 goalie skates will not let you down if you’re looking for a lightweight skate with a stiff and responsive composite frame. Whenever you think lightweight, you think the protection naturally has to go down but the liner and high strength frame make sure you won’t feel any pain stopping a shot off the skate. The flex contour of the boot also make going into butterfly and the recovery easy and comfortable, with its one piece boot and composite frame. 

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Budget Friendly

A solid pair of goalie skates that gives you all the protection and balance you need for a discount price!

The CCM Tacks 9060 skates are tried tested and true, and come in at a much lower price point than the Jetspeed line or the Super Tacks goalie skates. These skates give you everything you need in regards to a protective goalie skate that is comfortable and lightweight. These even include the new blade holder desigend for the Super Tacks AS1 goalie skates so these are still loaded with the newest technologies in CCM goalie skates. 

Our Recommendations

Lightest Hockey Goalie Skate

Our pick for the best lightweight goalie skates on the market, the CCM Jetspeed FT2 goalie skates are definitely worth checking out. 

Buying Options

The Best Overall hockey goalie skate

The Bauer Vapor line is a strong competitor for the best goalie skate line on the market, and we have to give the Vapor 2X Pro goalie skates the nod for best goalie skate 

Buying Options

The Best Budget hockey goalie skates

A great overall goalie skate at a great value price point, one that can’t be overlooked if you’re not aiming to spend top dollar on your goalie skates. 

Buying Options

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Research And Findings

You can’t argue that as a goalie your skates are the piece of equipment that gets used the most, you’re standing on them all game and even when you’re not they’re pushing you from post to post. Critical for success, but not the piece of equipment you notice on a goalie these require special attention as the stiffness is really preferential to each goalie. You can’t neglect the importance of a great goalie skates, and we are here to try and help you narrow your choice down and find the right goalie skate for your style.

We have spent tons of time reviewing and researching the best brands in goalie skates like  Bauer and CCM. While no goalie skates on this list is a slouch, there are a few we think are better than others.  Read on to see why!

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The Best Senior Hockey Goalie Skates

Performance Features:

  • Lockfit Pro Liner –  Designed so there is absolutely no slippage in boot and gives you an optimal fit for explosive power.  
  • Curv Composite Boot A sturdy composite material maximizes energy transfer to the ice for quicker recovery and acceleration, not to mention great protection.
  • Aerofoam Ankle Memory Pads – An extremely lightweight and comfortable material fits nicely on your ankles to provide excellent protection,.

Our Thoughts:

The Bauer Vapor goalie skate line is always trying out the newest technology and this skate is no different, with significant upgrades from previous models. A new composite boot gives you lightweight protection that also increases your quickness on the ice. The Aerofoam memory pads combined with the lockfit liner make this one of the most comfortable goalie skates you will try on. These goalie skates have made waves in the NHL as well with almost 1/4 goalies wearing these!

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CCM Jetspeed FT2- Lightest Goalie Skate

Performance Features:

  • Lightframe 360 Boot – A newely engineered 1 piece boot provides every goalie with a close ergonomic fit to maximize performance.  
  • Asymmetric Flex Boot Collar – A lower cut boot collar designed for maximize flexibility getting in and out of the butterfly position. 
  • Flexible Sidewall – Helps you really seal your entire body off, reducing the number of pucks that would otherwise leak through
  • No Slip Grip – Brians SBA liner keeps a tacky, grippy feel about it once your hand starts to sweat so you never lose hold of your stic

Our Thoughts:

Brians won’t be a stranger to any goalie who has been around long enough, and they have another winner on their hands with the Opt1k line.  They have implemented their Boa tightening system across all their top blockers and catchers, and for good reason.  The combination of the Boa tightening system, no slip grip, and the smart strap adjustment make this easily the best fitting blocker on the market.

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CCM Tacks 9060 - The Best Value Goalie Skates

Performance Features:

  • HD Microfiber Liner – CCM has used a modified HD Microfiber Liner with quick drying and abrasion resistant materials for longer lasting durability. 
  • Speedcore Stiffness – The boot of the skate is designed to be a bit stiffer for faster and more responsive mobility in the crease.
  • Attack Profile Holder – Featured on CCMs top of the line models, the Attack Profile Holder cuts down the attack angle and reduces overall weight of the skate. 

Our Thoughts:

Looking to save a bit of money by not going for the top of the line model but still want to get the best performance out of your game, the CCM Tacks 9060 are the best value goalie skates we’ve found. Featuring the attack profile holder seen on top of the line models, the weight has been reduced even further from previous models. The thermo-moldable microfiber liner with abrasion resistant technology simultaneously increases comfort and durability of the goalie skate for extended use. A real nice feature is the responsiveness of the skate, making those quick post to post movements has never been easier and faster with the CCM Tackcs 9060, our choice for the best value goalie skate!

Performance Features:

  • Lockfit Pro Liner –  The Surpeme 2S Pro has a heel lock system to reduce slippage in boot and gives you an optimal fit for explosive power. 
  • LS5G Blades – Including an extra carbon coating this skate blade is designed to give your edge extra long life for explosive movement each and every game. 
  • Carbon Curv Construction – The boot is designed with Bauers new Carbon Curv composite design, which gives these goalie skates the best combination of balance and responsiveness. 

Our Thoughts:

The Supreme goalie skates line has been a favorite for years, and the 2S Pro is a nice upgrade over the previous model and the biggest difference has been the comfort level. The Lockfit liner really improves the feel of the skate going side to side, and with no slippage there is no energy wasted. The Curv Composite construction reduces the weight of the boot over previous models and has a really optimal stiffness. Overall, Bauer has put all the pieces together to improve on the 1S model and this definitely gets our vote as one of the best goalie skates you can find today!

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Goalie Skate

Performance Features:

  • Asymmetrical Flex Stance – Super Tacks AS1 goalie skates uses a dual stiffness profile for increased comfort in the goalie stance, while also improving the boot stiffness for higher responsiveness and quickness. 
  • Attack Profile Holder – A new technology for this years top of the line CCM goalie skate, the Attack Profile Holder cuts down the attack angle and reduces overall weight of the skate.
  • Prolite G Black Blades – A carbon treated steel blade that improves edge life and overall life of the goalie skate blade, this won’t need sharpening nearly as much as other skates. 

Our Thoughts:

An extremely popular skate in the NHL, the CCM Super Tacks AS1 goalie skate is stocked with new technology and features to take your game to the next level. The biggest change is the dual stiffness profile in the boot and tongue, designed for improved comfort in the goalie stance but also ultimate responsiveness in the boot to make sure no energy is wasted. You can really feel the improved boot stiffness when adjusting your angles to the shooter and trying to stop that back door play. The attack profile holder gives you a minimalistic design that drops the overall weight of the skate while still giving the goalie the best angle of attack. Overall, one of the top CCM goalie skates and you really can’t go wrong with this choice!

The Best Junior Hockey Goalie Skates

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro JR - Best Junior Goalie Skate

Performance Features:

  • Anatomical Fit – Bauer has used a thermo moldable liner combined with their new lockfit boot technology for uncompromising comfort and fit. 
  • Vertexx Edge Goalie Holder – Designed for a improved aggressive attack angle while eliminating excess material for a ligher more mobile skate
  • LS5G Blades – Including an extra carbon coating this skate blade is designed to give your edge extra long life for explosive movement each and every game.

Our Thoughts:

Are these the best junior hockey goalie skates you can buy? We certainly think so, with all the top technology used in the Senior skates the Junior skates don’t leave anything out. An improved liner system gives you a closer and more comfortable fit, with increased durability in mind. The combination of the Vertexx edge holder and LS5G blades give you a lighter skate with an edge that lasts much longer. You will feel the difference in your mobility and quickness, as the stiffer boot improves energy transfer to the ice. The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Jr skates give you peak performance every time you step on the ice to keep your team in the game!

CCM Jetspeed FT480 JR - Lightest Junior Goalie Skates

Performance Features:

  • Rocketframe Composite Frame – An ultra high strength and lightweight composite frame gives the goalie excellent protection and responsiveness. 
  • Totaldri Abrasion Protection Liner – CCM has improved the moisture wicking and abrasion protection in the liner, keeping you dry all game and ensuring your skates don’t wear out. 
  • SB XSG1 Blade – High performance CCM blade that gives you 9% more height than the previous model with improved edge life. 

Our Thoughts:

The CCM Jetspeed line is known for one thing, advanced quickness and lightweight products. The CCM Jetspeed FT480 are up there for the lightest junior hockey goalie skates this year and definitely get our recommendation. The ultra comfortable CCM liner is improved this year with better durability and a thermo molding core. The lightweight rocketframe construction improves energy efficiency while giving you all the protection you’ll need. The CCM Jetspeed FT480 junior goalie skates focus on power transfer and quickness so you’ll never be late getting to the far post. 


People love to throw out the stigma that goalies don’t skate, but they’re the ones on the ice and standing for the full 60 minutes. Choosing a comfortable and high performance pair of skates is a decision that is often overlooked compared to buying goalie pads. But when you think about it, your pads really aren’t going to do much use if you aren’t able to move aroudn the crease quickly to make the saves. Protection, mobility, and comfort are the three most important things when picking out goalie skates, and every skate we have recommended in this article maximizes all three of those things!  Let us know if you have any thoughts or if there are more goalie skates you’d like to see us add to the list!

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