The Best Hockey Goalie Pants of 2022

No one ever notices what a hockey goalie wears for pants since they all look basically the same, but hockey goalie pants are crucial for safety and making the big save. From cutting down the angle of the shooter to stacking the pads and not hurting your hip on the ice, the hockey goalie pants are not a piece of equipment to forget about. This year, we have chosen the Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Carbon as our best hockey goalie pants on the market for value and devliering top performance.  Read on for our detailed analysis of this pair of goalie pants and all the best competitors in the market. 

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Our Pick

Carbon enhanced performance give these goalie pads the best mobility and protection you can find!

The Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon goalie pants provide unrestricted mobility on the ice and top level protection. The tapered waist fit with multiple flex points and coverage help provide maximum coverage in the net without sacrificing comfort. The use of carbon fiber throughout the pants allow Vaughn to shave off some weight while still providing the ultimate in protection and rebound control. 


Aerolight technology used throughout make these one of the lightest hockey goalie pants on the market!

Featuring a dynamic hip flex system to improve mobility around the crease and flexibility when getting up and down, the Vapor 2X pro goalie pants hit the mark in all categories. The Thermocore liner keeps you cool and dry all game long and since these pants are so lightweight hopefully you won’t be working as hard. Expanded flex zones and length adjustment make sure these are comfortable and won’t restrict motion in any way. 

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Budget Friendly

A great option when you need a reliable pair of hockey goalie pants and don’t want to break the bank for the top model!

The Warrior Ritual X2 hockey goalie pants give you durable and lightweight protection at a price that’s hard to ignore. With upgraded thigh protection and newly designed flex plates, these goalie pants favor movement over a bulkier design. A removable internal belt in the waist gives these pants good adjustability for all goalie styles.

Our Recommendations

Lightest Hockey Goalie Chest Protector

Our pick for the best lightweight goalie pants this year, the Bauer Vapor 2X pro is definitely worth the investment for the lightweight protection and performance they offer.

Buying Options

The Best Overall Hockey Goalie Chest Protector

Vaughn has been a leader in goalie protective equipment for as long as we can remember, and the Velocity VE8 Pro Carbon goalie pants definitely do not disappoint and get our vote for top hockey goalie pants.

Buying Options

The Best Budget Hockey Goalie Chest Protector

A great overall goalie pant at a bargain price, the Warrior Ritual X2 doesn’t disappoint with lightweight protection and flexible movement in the waist and thighs. 

Buying Options

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Research And Findings

Hockey goalie pants, and most hockey pants in general all look the same, but the fit and protection each model offers is where you really have to get into the details. Whenever a goalie is moving around the crease or going up and down, the hockey pants are a big part of that and the fit, size, and design make a big difference for each goalies preference. We are going to break out all the details and find the best hockey goalie pant for your style.

We have spent tons of time reviewing and researching the best brands in goalie pants like Bauer, Vaughn, Warrior, and CCM. While no goalie pants on this list are a bad choice, there are a few we think are better than others.  Read on to see why!

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The Best Senior Hockey Goalie Pants

Performance Features:

  • Tapered Waist Fit – An ergonomic design for your hips give you better flexibility and unrestricted mobility on the ice 
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber The pants are constructed with carbon fiber and HD foams to give you the ultimate protection and coverage in the net
  • Front Belly Pad – A new addition to the Vaughn line this can provide versatile protection at the front or even removed completely based on preference. 

Our Thoughts:

Vaughn isn’t messing around with the VE8 Pro Carbon pants, they come with upgraded Carbon Fiber protection throughout and truly fit like a glove which is why they have our vote for the best hockey goalie pant this year. Multiple flex section in the pants give you unrivaled flexibility, while larger thigh guards keep you protected and maximize net coverage. Vaughn also uses aero-spacer mesh on the inside for improved ventilation and cooling during the game. A nice additional protective piece is the belly flex pad which can be adjusted or even removed completely. Overall, the Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Carbon goalie pants deliver in every category and are a must for serious hockey goalies.  

Performance Features:

  • Thermocore Liner – A new liner system from Bauer that dissipates heat quicker to keep you cool and dry all game  
  • Dynamic 2.Flex Hip System  – The redesigned hip protection has more flexibility than competitors and enhances movement and mobility in the crease
  • Aerolite Technology – The lightweight construction with Aerolite technology and Curv Composite thigh protection make this the lightest hockey goalie pant

Our Thoughts:

One of the most popular brands on the market when it comes to goalie protective gear, Bauer exceeds expectations with this years Vapor 2X Pro hockey goalie pant. This is our pick at Going Bar Down for the lightest hockey goalie pant and it also offers some of the best protective and mobility features. The new Dynamic hip flex system allows better movement in the crease and quicker recovery from shots. The Bauer Vapor 2X goalie pants has a great combination of lightweight protection and mobility enhancing features that are second to none and really deserve all of the hype. 

Performance Features:

  • Flexplates and AxyCut Technology – Flexable and soft design for rebound control and easy mobility
  • Adjustable Backplate – The Warrior Ritual G4 goalie chest protector has an adjustable backplate for a more comfortable fit
  • Chestblock Design – An innovative new lightweight construction from Warrior to maximize protection in the chest.

Our Thoughts:

The Warrior Ritual X2 comes in at the top of the best value hockey pants, the focus was to create a comfortable fit and allow for better flexibility and movement. The Anyflex technology combined with the advanced Flex Plates the Warrior X2 gives you as much protection as you’ll ever need without weighing you down. The lightweight design combined with the versatile internal belt ensure you are comfortable and quick in the crease. We really like the mobility these goalie pants offer and the price doesn’t hurt either, one of the best options for all goalies!

Performance Features:

  • All Now Fit –  A second generation model of the Flex Shield pants, with the popular all now fit which gives you enhanced mobility and unrestricting fit.  
  • Versatile Fit –  This CCM goalie pant is extendable by up to 1″ in length and the inner belt fits to goalies of all sizes, which is a huge advantage if you want to keep these long term.  
  • Molded D30 Material – Providing top of the line protection, CCM engineered D30 material gives you fearless protection against all shots. 

Our Thoughts:

The CCM Extreme Flex Shield II goalie pants live up to the hype in every category, the All Now fit is really groundbreaking and gaining traction with a snugger fit than the classic style. These are aimed to improve overall mobility, while still offering the same net coverage and protection as you’ve come to expect. The fitted shell and the segmented protection zones all over the thighs give you comfortable mobility and flexibility in the net. We’re also huge fans of the adjustable inner belt system and the ability to extend your pants up to 1″ longer. The CCM Extreme Flex Shield II pants are a top of the market product and definitely compete for the best hockey goalie pads of 2019. 

Performance Features:

  • Powerlite Technology- Bauers Powerlite technology gives you the ultimate in lightweight protection, used in the thigh and waist protection so you can face any shot fearlessly
  • 37.5 Liner Technology – A new technology in Bauers Supreme line, the sanitized liner wicks sweat and dries quickly so you won’t be sweating buckets in your pants all game long
  • Knee Guard Protection – These Bauer goalie pants have an extra integrated knee guard in the pant for added protection and a closer fit

Our Thoughts:

Right we all know Bauer is the “best” brand in hockey, but the Supreme 2S pro goalie pants are definitely one of the best out there. This is the newest model in the Supreme goalie pants line and some of the upgraded features really increase performance including the Powerlite and an increased focus on the flexibility and mobility of the pants. The feature we love the most is the anatomical fit, which makes the pants fit closer to your body and designed to make it easier to move. The lightweight and flexible thigh protection ensure your pants won’t get in the way when you’re going cross crease to make the backdoor save! The Supreme 2S Pro goalie pants isn’t the cheapest option by any margin, but the performance and durability they offer make them for sure worth a look. 

The Best Intermediate Hockey Goalie Pants

Performance Features:

  • Anatomical Fit – Vauhgn has re-designed some great features to give you a closer fit on the thighs and adjustable fit in the waist for all goalie styles 
  • Lightweight Protection – The VE8 XFP goalie pants focus on a lightweight design and maximizing protection in the key areas, so you won’t get bogged down with excess protection where you don’t need it
  • Aero-Spacer Internal Liner – A redesigned liner material that enhances flexibility and improves mobility when getting in and out of the butterfly position. 

Our Thoughts:

For intermediate level goalies, you want to ensure the best possible mobility and protection in the goalie pants. Younger goalies are more impacted by improper fitting pants than almost any piece of equipment as they will take the brunt of the shots. One of the best features of the Vaughn Velocity VE8 is almost everything is adjustable, so you can get a little bit more out of this goalie pants than a lot of others. The ventilation system is a great addition to this years model and makes a significant difference especially in practices when you’re working harder than normal. The fit is a wider cut for increased net coverage and protection, while the Aero-Spacer liner system gives these pants best in class flexibility. 

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The Best Junior Hockey Goalie Pants

Performance Features:

  • Dynamic Hip Flex System – Bauer has improved the design of their goalie pants with a multiple point flex system in the hips for better mobility
  • Increased Stretch – The Vapor X2.9 junior goalie pants give you better flexibility with more flex zones to enhance your side to side movement and offer less resistance when going in and out of the butterfly
  • Internal Knee Guard – A great piece of added protection is the internal knee guard, which also helps improve the closeness of the fit of the Bauer Vapor X2.9 goalie pants. 

Our Thoughts:

If you’re looking for an upgraded hockey goalie pant or looking to size up from youth, look no further as our vote for the best junior goalie pant is the Bauer Vapor X2.9. Loaded up with new features taken from the Senior Vapor line including the dynamic hip flex system gives you the ultimate in mobility and flexibility. This is also a very lightweight goalie pant so your mobility and quickness will surely improve from your previous model. The Vapor line of goalie equipment is one of the most popular and the X2.9 hits the market in protection, mobility, and fit. 

The Best Youth Hockey Goalie Pants

Performance Features:

  • Improved Thigh Protection – Bauer has increased the protection of the groin and kidney areas, with added protection flex plates and upgraded materials
  • Outer Stomach Protector – The Prodigy 3.0 goalie pants offer an extra outer stomach protector that ensure no shot will find an unprotected area. 

Our Thoughts:

This may not be the most expensive youth hockey goalie pant you’ll find, but it delivers in all aspects of performance and protection. With an added stomach flap to increase the coverage and still focusing on maximizing the flexibility of the pants. The mobility of the Bauer Prodigy 3.0 goalie pants is second to none and makes getting in the butterfly quicker, and sliding across the crease even easier. These Bauer hockey pants get our vote for the best youth goalie pant to suit your budding goalie up in!


Not the piece of equipment that stands out, but definitely one that makes a huge difference in your performance and protection during the game. Your pants will see a ton of rubber and the odd stick, so choosing one that will offer you protection at all angles is an important factor. They are also tied to how quick and well you’ll be able to move up and down and around the crease, as improper fitting pants could restrict these movements.. Protection, flexibility, and comfort are the three most important things when picking out hockey goalie pants, and every model we have recommended in this article maximizes all three of those things!  Let us know if you have any thoughts or if there are more goalie pants you’d like to see us add to the list!

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