The Best Hockey Goalie Gloves of 2022

Your hockey goalie glove is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of equipment you have to keep the puck out of the back of the net.  Nothing feels quite the same as flashing the leather and robbing someone trying to go top shelf on you, and having the right catcher is critical to stop those shots.  With that in mind, our top glove of the year is the Brians GNETiK IV Goalie Catch glove.  This glove has it all, and an innovative boa fitment system is what puts it over the top in our opinion and helps it win the crown.  Read on for the details!

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Our Pick

Best Hockey Goalie Glove - Brians GNETiK IV

An awesome tightening system along with premium materials throughout, this is the premier glove available right now

Brians has long been the promised land of goalie gear, and this year they make no exception with this wicked glove.  The Brians GNETiK IV Pro boa tightening system keeps your hand locked in at the perfect tension all game long.  The glove also features true one piece construction to give you the ultimate feel as well as improved durability.  Rounding out the massive suite of features if a nash interior catch surface to give this glove a little extra texture and feel.  You can’t go wrong with this puppy and your glove side will be basically impenetrable once you have it in your bag!

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Similar to the legendary 1S OD1N glove with several upgrades making it a true contender for best glove

How can you improve on a mitt like the 1S OD1N?  Bauer was up to the task and didn’t take the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro lightly.  Keeping a similar break angle and feel, and upgrading it with the Curv composite constuction to lighten it up a bit has proven to be a winning combo.  Bauer also updated the inside with their 37.5 drying technology and a new palm material to keep the glove as dry as possible and keep the excellent feel that the OD1N possessed.

Budget Friendly

Warrior’s biggest catching pocket with a new finger positioning at a fantastic price point

Sometimes its not in the budget to drop top dollar on a new glove, and the Warrior Ritual GT2 comes in to save the day and save you a bit of cash.  Featuring Warrior’s biggest pocket on a glove, with the HyperComp reinforced core, this glove is a lightweight yet well protecting unit that will help you keep that GAA down.

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Our Recommendations

Right Behind Brians as a top Goalie Glove

An upgrade on the 1S OD1N, with new premium linings and construction, while maintaining the OD1N’s feel and structure

Buying Options

The Best Overall Hockey Goalie Glove

An unreal goalie glove featuring a Boa tightening system, floating wrist pad, and a buttery soft Nash interior catch surface to help you feel every shot

Buying Options

Best Budget Goalie Glove

Warrior’s biggest catching pocket along with a price that will help you save around $100 compared to the premium priced gloves

Buying Options

Research And Findings

You don’t want to have an old, floppy catcher when someone comes bearing down on you on a breakaway.  You want something that is going to perform well and more importantly you feel good about using.  We are going to cover what we think are the best goalie catchers on the market right now that will have you flashing the leather like vintage Felix Potvin.

We have spent tons of time reviewing and researching the best brands in goalie gear like Brians, Vaughn, Bauer, CCM, and Warrior.  They all make excellent gloves that can help stop the puck, but each manufacturer and glove model have a few nuances to them that we will try to help spell out for you.  Read on and get all the details!

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Best Senior Hockey Goalie Gloves

1. Brians GNETiK IV Glove - Best Overall Goalie Glove

Performance Features:

  • Dual Boa Tightening –  A backhand and wrist boa tightening system showcase Brians innovative spirit and pursuit of excellence
  •  35 Degree Break Angle – Will help the puck deflect right into your catching pocket
  • Redesigned Closure – Brians has completely re-built the closing system of the GNETiK to help create ultra tight closure every time
  • E Foam Technology – This is Brians proprietary lightweight foam that keeps the glove light but still gives you the protection you need.

Our Thoughts:

Brians is an elite goalie equipment manufacturer and this glove is no exception.  The Boa technology is super innovative and actually helps keep the glove snug on your hand all game long without needing adjustments between every whistle.  Brians has its Hex-Air floating cuff to protect your wrist, and a digitech palm to really help you feel every shot that comes your way.  Finished off with the signature Brians eyes graphics, this is a mean looking glove that performs just as well as it fits.

2. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Glove - Our Second Choice

Performance Features:

  • Evolution of the OD1N – A bit of a longer glove with a large perimeter, this glove takes up alot of net
  • Double T Construction – Compared to the OD1N’s single T, this is an evolution that really knocks pucks down when they hit the glove helping you snag them
  • Catch Grip Liner – You can really tell late in the game that this liner helps keep things dry.  Nothing is worse than having the inside of your glove being slick and Bauer has ensured this won’t be the case.
  • 37.5 Liner – Built into the Catch Grip Liner, this drying technology also helps keep the glove dry and is seen in all of Bauer’s premium products

Our Thoughts:

Bauer had a real winner with the 1S OD1N lineup, and they know that they don’t need to re-invent the wheel with the 2S.  A catcher that is a bit more finger controlled, along with numerous liner and drying upgrades make this a great feeling glove all game long.  The Curv construction helps shed some weight to keep your arm feeling fresh, and the double T design makes the pocket feel even bigger and helps reduce the number of pop outs you may experience with other gloves.  Bauer’s choice to refine instead of redesign has paid off and makes this a fantastic upgrade to the Supreme lineup

3. Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Glove - The Best Value Goalie Glove

Performance Features:

  • Massive Pocket – Warrior shortened the overall length of the glove up a bit and have the biggest pocket in their lineup on this glove
  • Double Tee Pocket – A growing trend in gloves is the Double T, this will really help with playing the puck for those goalies who like to be like a third defenseman out there
  • 75 Degree Finger Positioning – A more traditional finger positioning, this glove feels just like previous models so you can be game ready the first time you slip it on

Our Thoughts:

Warrior has put its HyperComp reinforced core into the glove to really help with protection and reduce stingers, at the same time lightening up the glove compared to the older model.  Warrior has ton’s of straps on this glove to really anchor it on your hand as well.  A shortened frame and a massive pocket really accentuate puck handling as well which help you play the puck and get it out of your zone as soon as possible.  The price point on this glove is great too so you can add it to your repertoire without breaking the bank!

4. Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon Glove

Performance Features:

  • Comfort and Flexibility – No matter how you hold your glove, Vaughn ensured this will fit great the second you put it on
  • Massive Catching Area – Vaughn increased the size of the catching area to help you cover more net than ever before
  • Carbon Fiber Lining – The glove comes in at a feather light 2 pounds thanks to carbon fiber instead of plastic lining.  The carbon fiber also increases strength and durability

Our Thoughts:

Vaughns focus with this glove was to make it feel great out of the box without sacrificing performance and durability.  A huge catching area helps you stop pucks, and a carbon fiber lining helps shed weight to keep your arm fresh all game.  The glove features a single T pocket too for those who prefer a more traditional pocket type.  All Vaughn gloves are heat moldable so if it doesn’t feel just perfect out of the box, you can further customize this baby to feel like you’ve been using it for years!  

5. Brians Opt1k Glove - Best Single T Goalie Glove

Performance Features:

  • Boa Tightening System – Brians has brought the Boa tightening system to its Opt1K lineup as well and it works wonderfully
  • Huge Pocket – A huge pocket with a more traditional 40 degree closure with overlapping pocket closure
  • Single T Pocket – A traditional, deep single pocket, users report that it seems like everything just funnels right into the massive pocket
  • Great Grip – Brians SBA material lines the inside of the glove to ensure that late into the game you dont have any slipping issues to keep you clutch to the final buzzer

Our Thoughts:

Vaughns more traditional glove compared to the GNETiK with its single tee construction, people can’t stop talking about how big this glove makes itself feel when it comes to stopping pucks.  Loaded with Brians Hex-Air technology and lined with E-Foam to keep your hand safe, this is the traditionalists alternative to the GNETiK line.  You can’t go wrong with either glove, but if you are a single tee faithful, the Opt1k is the glove for you.

6. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Glove

Performance Features:

  • Huge Depth Pocket – Goalies everywhere are loving the 2X’s massive pocket that they have installed on this glove
  • Catchgrip and Thermocore – Helps get rid of that slimy feeling your glove can start to get as the game drags on.
  • 60 Degree Full Hand Closure – A traditional thumb and finger style pocket, you will close this glove using your entire hand

Our Thoughts:

Bauer’s single tee alternative to the Supreme lineup, the Vapor 2X storms onto the scene with a massive pocket that swallows up anything that comes its way.  The blocking surface along the forearm literally funnels the puck right into your pocket.   The palm features Bauer’s Aerolite technology to lighten the glove up, and has the Curv composite construction to aid in keeping the weight down as well.  You will love this Vapor entry from Bauer and will turn the top corner of your net into a brick wall!

7. CCM Premier II Glove

Performance Features:

  • 590 Angle Break – This is a classic and celebrated CCM thumb to index finger 60 degree break that is tried and true and works very well ont he Premier II
  • Double Tee Design – Really helps you track the puck by giving a huge pocket with great visibility
  • D30 Smart Foam – CCM’s proprietary protective foam seen on shoulder pads and pants finds its way into the Premier II, adding lightweight but excellent protection for your hand and wrist

Our Thoughts:

CCM’s classic Premier glove has all the traditionalist features, and adds a double tee pocket to help track the puck.  A one piece cuff and thumb gives you maximum protection and coverage, and D30 protection adds an additional layer of safety for your hands.  A redesigned hand strapping system improves the fit over the last Premier glove, ensuring a quick and painless break in system and a glove that will see you through the most grueling games. 

8. Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Carbon Glove - The Best Mid Tier Goalie Glove

Performance Features:

  • One Piece Cuff Design – A One piece cuff for maximum protection
  • Massive Perimeter  – Coming in at the NHL max of 45″, any shooter staring this pocket down is sure to be intimidated 
  • Lightweight Pro Feel – VAS high impact foam and a new design help cut weight so you never feel bogged down wearing the VE8

Our Thoughts:

Vaughns VE8 Pro Carbon is another excellent entry into the goalie glove arena.  Featuring a split double tee pocket for great puck tracking and carbon fiber lining throughout, this glove will keep your hand safe and back of the net safe from pucks at the same time.  As with other Vaughn products, this glove and be heat molded for the ultimate in custom feel!

9. Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Glove

Performance Features:

  • Extremely Lightweight – HyperComp reinforced core keeps protection at elite levels while helping to shed weight around the entire glove
  • Fully Customizable Fit and Break Angle – Internals of the glove can be opened up and altered to let you transform this glove into your ideal style!
  • Removable Liner – The Ritual G4 comes with a stock 75 degree liner, but this can be swapped for a 60 or 90 degree liner based on your preference

Our Thoughts:

The Warrior Ritual G4 is the ultimate in a customizable goalie glove.  The ability to open the glove up and access the wrist, backhand and fingerstalls for a total custom style fitment.  The ability to swap out the stock 75 degree liner for the 60 and 90 degree is another huge benefit.  It’s like being able to have three different gloves to play with at a fraction of the price.  This glove also comes with warriors single tee axyflex technology to help reduce popouts and really absorb pucks right into the pocket.  This is a fantastic and basically custom glove for a fraction of the price of a real custom glove!


Goalie equipment is a very personal choice.  Single or double tee?  Straps or Boa to keep your hand locked in?  What degree of closure are you looking for?  These are all tailored to the individual and we hope our article helped you find a glove that will really help you stop pucks.  For our money the Brians GNETiK IV is the best of the bunch that we have seen, but with so many elite gloves available these days, we really don’t think you can go wrong choosing from this list.

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