The Best Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors of 2022

You never see what a hockey goalie wears under his jersey for chest and arm protection, but the goalie chest protector is crucial for safety and making great saves. From cutting down the angle of the shooter to caressing that shot to the chest without a rebound, the goalie chest protector plays a big part in both of these. This year, we have chosen the Brians OPT1K Goalie Chest Protector as our best goalie chest protector out there for the value and top performance.  Read on for our detailed analysis of this chest protector and the best competitors in the market. 

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Our Pick

Featuring lightweight foam material and Smartstrap technology for easier adjustability, our top choice. 

Brians OPT1K goalie chest protector provides the ultimate in responsive rebound control and top in class mobility of the arms. The lightweight foam material makes it feel like you’re wearing player shoulder pads, and the construction helps you cuts down angles even better. The adjustable floating collar provides even more flexibility in the fit providing every goalie with the perfect style and fit you want. 


With improved flexibility in the arms through multiple flex points and a lightweight design, this is a can’t miss goalie chest protector.  

It’s no surprise the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro comes top of the list, as it has been a staple in goalie protective gear for years and this year is no different. With loads of new features like the multiple flex point system on the arms and the ultra lightweight material used, Bauer has put out a stellar product with this years newest Vapor goalie chest protector. 

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Budget Friendly

A solid goalie chest protector that gives you all the lightweight protection and mobility you need for a discount price!

The Warrior Ritual G4 goalie chest protector delivers top end results for a budget price, with new Anyflex technology giving you even better mobility and reaction timing. Its designed to flex easily in the arms and chest and for the price it gets our vote as the best budget hockey goalie chest protector. The chestblock design also maximizes protection and also softly caresses the puck on rebounds. 

Our Recommendations

Lightest Hockey Goalie Chest Protector

Our pick for the best lightweight goalie chest protector released this year, the Bauer Vapor 2X pro is definitely worth the investment for the protection and performance it delivers. 

Buying Options

The Best Overall Hockey Goalie Chest Protector

Brians has always been at the top of the market for creating the best goalie protective gear, and the OPT1K lives up to the hype with our pick for best hockey goalie chest protector. 

Buying Options

The Best Budget Hockey Goalie Chest Protector

A great overall goalie chest protector at a price point that is hard to ignore, the Warrior Ritual G4 delivers with lightweight protection and flexible movement. 

Buying Options

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Research And Findings

You can’t argue that as a goalie your chest protector gets a lot of work, it sees 80% of the saves you make wether off the chest or the arms and its crucial for your protection. Critical for success, but not the piece of equipment you notice on a goalie these require special attention as the fit, size, and design make a big difference for each goalies preference. Its hard to ignore the need for a mobile and lightweight chest protector, and we are here to try and help you narrow your choice down and find the right goalie chest protector for your style!

We have spent tons of time reviewing and researching the best brands in goalie chest protectors like Bauer, Brians, Vaughn, and CCM. While no goalie chest protector on this list is a bad choice, there are a few we think are better than others.  Read on to see why!

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The Best Senior Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

Performance Features:

  • E-Foam Technology – The lightweight E-Foam technology and Airknit construction make this one of the lightest goalie chest protectors
  • Adjustable Floating Collar A great feature that lets you adjust the fit and positioning of the collar protection for optimal fit and protection
  • Smart Strap Adjustments – This innovative strap system lets you completely adjust the length and fit of the chest protector.

Our Thoughts:

Brian is one of the top brands in goalie protective gear and this chest protector is our top choice for this year! The rounded bicep protection and airknit construction give the Brians goalie chest protector excellent mobility and protection. The E-Foam technology give you a soft feel when taking a puck off the chest or arms and enhances rebound control. We really liked the smart strapping system and adjustable floating collar for really customizing the fit of this goalie chest protector. The OPT1K also has great ventilation to keep you cool all game long while still making lit saves. 

Performance Features:

  • Thermocore Liner – A new liner system from Bauer that dissipates heat quicker to keep you cool   
  • Dynamic 3FLEX Arm Protection  – The redesigned arm protection with three flex points give you ultimate combination of mobility and protection
  • Aerolite Technology – The lightweight construction with Aerolite technology and composite Curv liner make this the lightest hockey goalie chest protector

Our Thoughts:

One of the most popular brands on the market when it comes to goalie protective gear, Bauer doesn’t let you down with their updated Vapor 2X Pro chest protector. This is our pick at Going Bar Down for the lightest goalie chest protector and it also offers some of the best protective features. The mobility with the three flex points on the arm protection and the Arch adjustable collar will make sure you can get to every shot. The Bauer Vapor 2X goalie chest protector has a great combination of lightweight protection and mobility enhancing features that are second to none. 

Performance Features:

  • Shockshield and Anyflex Technology – Flexable and soft design for rebound control and easy mobility
  • Adjustable Backplate – The Warrior Ritual G4 goalie chest protector has an adjustable backplate for a more comfortable fit
  • Chestblock Design – An innovative new lightweight construction from Warrior to maximize protection in the chest.

Our Thoughts:

The Warrior Ritual G4 comes in for our best value chest protector, with a great price point and top tier performance. Warrior utilizes a lightweight design and works to enhance range of motion and flexibility. The Anyflex technology doesn’t make you feel ridged when squaring up to the shooter. These goalie chest protectors also have HyperComp bicep and forearm shields for added protection in the arm, which are also adjustable in length. Overall, the Warrior Ritual G4 goalie chest protector is an excellent option that doesn’t miss the mark in the protection or flexibility categories. 

Performance Features:

  • Dual Segmented Design –  CCM has redesigned the chest and arm protection with multiple flex points for enhanced mobility and flexibility stopping second chances. 
  • Removable Rib Protector –  An optional rib protector to increase protection around the lower ribs that can also be taken off depending on preference. 
  • Molded D30 Material – Providing top of the line protection, CCM engineered D30 material gives you fearless protection against all shots. 

Our Thoughts:

The CCM Extreme Flex Shield II goalie chest protector doesn’t fall far from the top in terms of price and the performance these offer. Loaded with new technology and innovative designs, this chest protector gives you the ultimate flexibility and movement. Everything about this chest protector was designed to enhance movement, with the removable rib protection and dual segmented construction of the arm and chest. The elbow protection is adjustable as well as the shoulder protection, which makes these fully customizable to all goalies preferences. The CCM Extreme Flex Shield II is one of the best goalie chest protectors on the market and definitely competes for the top spot!

Performance Features:

  • Powerlite Technology- Bauers Powerlite technology gives you the ultimate in lightweight protection, used in the shoulders and arms.
  • 37.5 Liner Technology – A new technology in Bauers Supreme line, the sanitized liner wicks sweat and dries quickly
  • Comfort Edge Rib Technology – The Bauer Supreme 2S pro goalie chest protector has a comfortable and flexible protection in the mid section.

Our Thoughts:

An extremely popular goalie chest protector in the NHL, the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro goalie chest protector is really a can’t miss. This is the newest model in the Supreme line and the new features including Powerlite material and the 37.5 liner make this a top choice for all goalies. One of the features we like best is the two strap velcro adjustable fit, which provides a lot of versatility for exactly how you want to wear your chest protector. The lightweight and flexible arm protection doesn’t restrict your glove or blocker movement at all! The Supreme 2S Pro goalie chest protector is a top of the line choice and delivers in all aspects. 

The Best Intermediate Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

Performance Features:

  • Anatomical Fit – Vaugn has re-designed some great features to improve the fit around your back, shoulders, and collarbones. 
  • Lightweight Protection – The Vaughn Pro Carbon design of goalie chest protectors ensure the highest level of protection while also staying extremely lightweight so you don’t get dragged down by a heavy, bulky goalie chest protector. 
  • Improved Mobility – Vaughn has made almost every piece of the goalie chest protector adjustable, so you can set it up exactly how you want so it won’t hurt your reaction time with your glove or blocker but still let you square up quickly to shooters. 

Our Thoughts:

For everyone with an intermediate goalie, you know finding and keeping equipment long term is hard with a growing goalie. One of the best features of the Vaughn Velocity VE8 is almost everything is adjustable, so you can get a little bit more out of this goalie chest protector than a lot of others. And lets face it, goalie equipment is expensive so anything you can do for an extra year is a huge step! Overall, this is our pick for the best goalie chest protector because of the top of the line protection, improved mobility and flexibility, and also the adjustable nature of this chest protector. 

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The Best Junior Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

Performance Features:

  • Contoured Construction – Bauer has improved the design by providing a better contoured, anatomical fit for improved mobility and flexibility. 
  • Improved Interior Liner – Bauer has upgraded the internal liner on the Junior products to be in line with the top tier Senior models, which includes a monster improvement on the moisture wicking performance of the liner. 
  • Comfort Edge Rib Protection – A re-engineered design of the rib protection, Bauer has focused on protection but also better mobility and comfort so the rib guard doesn’t dig into your stomach. 

Our Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a new chest protector for your junior goalie, look no further as our vote for the best junior goalie chest protector is the Bauer Supreme S27. Loaded up with new features taken from the Senior Supreme line including the moisture wicking liner and multi-faceted adjustment system will ensure the best in comfort and protection. This is also a very lightweight goalie chest protector so your mobility and quickness will surely improve over your previous model. We can’t say enough about this product, definitely one of the best junior goalie chest protectors on the market and for the price its really a steal of a deal when you factor in the long life durability. 

The Best Youth Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

Performance Features:

  • Improved Arm and Shoulder Protection – Bauer has added more protection on the Prodigy 3.0 model compared to older versions, which gives goalie even better protection. 
  • Adjustable Arm Length – Bauer has engineered the arms to be adjustable for the growing youth goalie, improving the flexibility and comfort.

Our Thoughts:

Although you may think all Youth Goalie Chest Protectors are basically the same, the Bauer Prodigy 3.0 actually comes in at a excellent price point compared to some of the competition. It also has improved protection and better flexibility than previous models, and also remains very lightweight. If you’re looking to upgrade or get a starter goalie chest protector for your youth, this is our top choice for best in the market. 


You might think that every goalie chest protector is ultimately the same, but there are huge differences in construction and feel to every single one. Choosing a comfortable and highly protective goalie chest protector is often overlooked compared to buying goalie pads or skates. But when you think about it, the quickness of your glove and blocker are tied to how mobile and flexible your chest protector is. They also come into play in a big way when controlling rebounds and challenging the shooter. Protection, flexibility, and comfort are the three most important things when picking out goalie chest protectors, and every model we have recommended in this article maximizes all three of those things!  Let us know if you have any thoughts or if there are more goalie chest protectors you’d like to see us add to the list!

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