The Best Hockey Goalie Blockers of 2022

The hockey goalie blocker is sometimes left behind in the shadows of a shiny new glove or set of pads, but any tendy worth his weight knows choosing the right blocker has a huge impact on your game.  From handling your stick to making precise poke checks, to slick blocker saves deflecting the puck in the corner, your blocker has a huge impact on your game.  You need a solid blocker to protect your hand, but at the same time need flexibility for your wrist, and can’t be using a boat anchor that is going to tire you out over the course of the game.  To this end, we have chosen the Bauer Supreme 2S Hockey Goalie Blocker as our best blocker of the year.  An evolution of the groundbreaking OD1N family, this blocker has everything you need to complete your goaltending setup.  Read on for our detailed analysis of this blocker and others we think are worth a look!

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Our Pick

Featuring a bindingless design and a one piece sidewall, the evolution of the 1S OD1N will help you keep more pucks out of the net game in and game out!

Bauer has taken an evolutionary design over a revolutionary design when it comes to the Bauer Supreme 2S goalie blocker.  Pucks will pop right off this baby and go right into the corner, and it has some play in the glove due to the one piece sideplate allowing you to almost ‘flick’ pucks away from you.  The blocker features great finger protection with XRD foam and an additional index finger protector that can be removed if you so choose.  No matter what your style is, this blocker is sure to help you get that save percentage up!

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An innovative Boa tightening system will keep this blocker tight and secure on your hand all game long without adjustments between whistles

Brians has incorporated the Boa technology in its glove lineup, and has thankfully also brought it over to the Opt1K goalie blocker.  Replacing the back hand strap with a Boa system will lock this blocker down all game long, and the fingers have Brians Smart Strap technology to allow adjustments to fit your style perfectly.  Finally, a removable foam pillow to increase thumb protection when required is featured.  If you want the best fitting blocker on the market, this must be your choice.

Budget Friendly

A lightweight yet very protective blocker at an attractive price point

Warrior’s goalie department is focused on creating highly competitve pieces of equipment at better prices than their competition.  The Warrior Ritual G4 Goalie Blocker is one of the lightest blockers on the market, but incorporates Warrior’s HyperComp protection throughout to keep you safe at the same time.  Not only is it lightweight, but is also usually priced ~$100 less than comparable top of the line blockers so it is a fantastic choice if you are looking to stick to a budget!

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Our Recommendations

Best Fitting hockey goalie blocker

Featuring Brians exclusive Boa system, this blocker will be locked in tight all game long

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The Best Overall hockey goalie blocker

A premier hockey goalie blocker featuring high quality drying materials and amazing protection and fitment

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The Best Budget hockey goalie blocker

One of the lightest goalie blockers at a fantastic price point

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Research And Findings

If the pads are the lead singer, and the glove is the lead guitarist, that makes the blocker the bass player.  Critical for success, but not always in the limelight.  While flashy new pads and gloves might grab your attention, you can’t neglect the importance of a great goalie blocker, and we are here to try and help you narrow your choice down and find the right blocker for your style of goaltending.

We have spent tons of time reviewing and researching the best brands in goalie gear like Brians, Vaughn, Bauer, CCM, and Warrior.  While no blocker on this list is a slouch, there are a few we think are better than others.  Read on to see why!

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The Best Senior Hockey Goalie Blockers

Performance Features:

  • One piece design –  This style of design helps save weight and increase feel throughout the blocker
  •  One piece sidewall – Helps you better your rebound control
  • Bauer 37.5 interior and nash palm – A nash palm for excellent stick feel, and Bauer’s awesome fast drying 37.5 liner inside to keep your hands dry throughout the game

Our Thoughts:

Bauer had a serious hit with the Supreme 1S OD1N line, and has improved in several areas with their 2S goalie set.  Lightweight and great at absorbing shots, you will feel fresh all game and have no problem deflecting pucks away from your net.  The combination of a 37.5 liner and the nash palm give you the best of both worlds, with fantastic feel that will stay dry and not feel slick in your hands.  Check below for the best prices we have found on the 2S Pro!

2. Brians Opt1k Blocker- Best Fitting Goalie Blocker

Performance Features:

  • Boa Tightening System – Brians innovative Boa tightening system is a welcome addition here, helping you dial in for the perfect snug fit every game
  • Tapered Blocker Board – Helps save weight on the blocker while still maintaining the same great coverage
  • Flexible Sidewall – Helps you really seal your entire body off, reducing the number of pucks that would otherwise leak through
  • No Slip Grip – Brians SBA liner keeps a tacky, grippy feel about it once your hand starts to sweat so you never lose hold of your stick

Our Thoughts:

Brians won’t be a stranger to any goalie who has been around long enough, and they have another winner on their hands with the Opt1k line.  They have implemented their Boa tightening system across all their top blockers and catchers, and for good reason.  The combination of the Boa tightening system, no slip grip, and the smart strap adjustment make this easily the best fitting blocker on the market.

3. Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Blocker - The Best Value Goalie Blocker

Performance Features:

  • Hyper Comp Construction – Warrior has reinforced the G4 with their HyperComp construction, giving you elite level protection from all angles
  • Extremely Lightweight – Warrior has worked to shave every ounce they can, and even have a removable palm insert if you’d like to shed more weight
  • Adjustable contoured thumb and finger – No one likes catching a puck in the hand, so Warrior has reinforced the hand protection to insure if you do you won’t be injured

Our Thoughts:

Warrior’s goalie gear this year is all about being light weight but not giving up any protection.  The G4 does a great job of this and will perform as any great blocker will but really limits the weight to keep your arm fresh all game long.  If you are looking to keep the weight down and save some money at the same time, the G4 is the choice for you! 

4. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Blocker

Performance Features:

  • Quattro Ivory Pro Palm – An unreal feeling palm to help your hands stay dry and maintain maximum grip on your stick all game long
  • Thin Tapered CURV Composite – The 2X Pro is significantly thinner than the outgoing 1X, and Bauer has achieved this with the use of the CURV composite and HD foam technologies
  • C.O.R.Tech ST Skin – This technology was built to increase the blockers durability, and also helps improve rebound control

Our Thoughts:

Bauer has made a thin, lightweight blocker for its Vapor lineup.  With many of Bauer’s top of the line technologies liek CURV composite, and a Thermo Core 37.5 liner to wick away moisture, this blocker will perform to your utmost expectations all game long.

5. Brians GNETiK Blocker

Performance Features:

  • Boa Tightening System – Brians has brought the Boa tightening system to its GNETiK blocker same as the GNETiK Glove, and the system works perfectly to lock your hand in with just the right tightness
  • E-Foam core blocker board – Newly redesigned for this year, the blocker board has a light, balanced feel all while providing unreal rebound control
  • Beveled Nose – Helps to cut weight from the blocker without sacrificing pop, meaning rebounds will still bounce off this blocker with some juice on them

Our Thoughts:

Every goalie knows Brians makes a premium product and the GNETiK blocker is no different than the rest.  The Brians Boa tightening system, a totally redesigned blocker board with a beveled nose, and a reinforced finger system mean this blocker has every and any feature a goalie could be looking for in a top of the line piece of equipment.

6. Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Blocker

Performance Features:

  • Huge Front Board – Vaughn has made a massive front board with a very defined angle to help you stop and deflect anything thrown your way
  • Carbon Fiber Finger Guards – No one wants to take a puck to the finger and risk injury, so Vaughn has implemented one of the strongest, lightest materials known to man 
  • VX Suede Palm – A buttery soft palm that has been given an anti microbial treatment to keep this glove and your hand feeling and smelling fresh!

Our Thoughts:

Vaughn is a little smaller of a player than Brians, Bauer, Warrior or CCM, but they still make some fantastic goalie gear at a very attractive price point.  The Ventus SLR2 has tons of top of the line features and will run you usually ~$100 less than the big boys equipment.  Check our links below to find your best local price!

7. Brians Heritage Blocker - Best Classic Fit Goalie Blocker

Performance Features:

  • Canadian Craftsmanship – Like all of Brians gear, this blocker is hand made in Canada to ensure a flawless build and the utmost quality!
  • Most Flexible Blocker in Lineup – With its excellent leather strap fitment system, this blocker will fit you great no matter your playing style or preferred blocker fitment
  • No Slip Grip – Brians SBA material throuhgout the hand provides tack to ensure a great grip until the final buzzer

Our Thoughts:

Brians Heritage line keeps a classic look and feel while cherry picking certain technologies from the Opt1k and GNETiK lineups.  A flexible, wonderful fitting blocker that is super lightweight despite missing Brians Boa system, this blocker will be getting looks all game long as it simultaneously keeps pucks out of the back of the net.


Choosing a blocker might seem like a simple task at first glance, but when you dig into it, there are many variables.  Do you want a Boa tightening system?  A thin blocker board or a thick one?  Lively or do you want it to absorb pucks?  When we think about all this and decide which blocker takes the cake, it has to be the Supreme 2S.  Fantastic fitment, lightweight, and an update on the amazing OD1N design make this our must have of all the blockers we have tested.  Let us know if you have any thoughts or if there are more blockers you’d like to see us add to the list!

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