Hockey Acceleration Training – How To Be More Explosive

Acceleration Training

The modern game of hockey requires players to be proficient in many different skillsets.  Shooting, passing, skating, stick handling, hitting, and even positional play.  There can be no argument however that Speed has been playing an increasing role in the game over the last decade, as players with speed never before seen are absolutely dominating … Read more

How To Take A Wrist Shot

With the speed of today’s hockey game constantly increasing, the wrist shot is arguably the most effective shot in hockey because of the quick release and accuracy you get. For any player, this is the first shot you should master as the technique also leads into an effective snap-shot. Although you don’t get the same … Read more

How To Saucer Pass

We’re going to be focusing on a fundamental hockey skill that opens up an entire realm of opportunities on the ice, the saucer pass. This is widely used in the NHL for two reasons; its a lot harder for defenders to intercept a saucer pass and it opens up passing lanes that simply wouldn’t be … Read more

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