SuperDeker DekerBar Review

In case you haven’t heard of SuperDeker before, they came out with one of the best interactive hockey stickhandling training tools on the market. The original SuperDeker is designed for in-home use and has made kids hockey training fun with an interactive game that forces you to react to a light on the surface to stick handle over. You can read the full SuperDeker review on this innovative product we wrote previously. The development team at SuperDeker has followed up with a more traditional hockey stickhandling tool called the DekerBar.

A key feature of any kind of hockey training equipment is assembly and take down is easy, it is lightweight, and it is portable. The SuperDeker DekerBar hits the mark on all of these, as assembly takes less than two minutes! It is also durable yet lightweight constructed with high strength plastic cones and lightweight bars. It has also been designed to use at home or on the ice, with additional suction cups that keep it held in place even with contact.

SuperDeker DekerBar Assembly

What Parts Are Included With The Deker Bar?

Hexagonal Base – The DekerBar comes with four base pillars each with six different slots that the stickhandling bars can slot into for different configurations

Dimensions – 4 inches wide; about 4 1/8 inches tall

Four Stickhandling Bars– The sturdy and lightweight stickhandling bars easily slot into the pillars with different height options to create different configurations and change the level of difficulty.

Dimensions – 19 7/8 inches long when connected from base to base

Four Suction Cup Inserts – The four yellow inserts with suction cups on the bottoms slide into the top of the pillars in case you want to lock the DekerBar in place on the ice or on a finished concrete.

Picture of the parts of the Superdeker Dekerbar

What We Like About the SuperDeker DekerBar

There are a lot of features that make the SuperDeker DekerBar stand out from other similar products, and we’re going to run through our top three that make it one of the best hockey stickhandling training tools!

1. The DekerBar Has Endless Configurations

One of the coolest features of the DekerBar is that it can be configured it any way you can think of. From a straight line, a square, a zig zag, or you can break it up into two separate stick handling training aids. This flexibility allows you to configure it for different drills, specific skills, and for all different skill levels. You are also able to adjust the height of the stickhandling bars to allow for more or less room, which means it can be used with a stickhandling ball or a puck.

Triangle setup of the superdeker dekerbar

2. You Can Use Your DekerBar Indoors, Outdoors, and On-Ice

The one advantage the DekerBar has over the interactive SuperDeker is that you can bring this to your practices for on ice drills, or use it at home inside or outside! This is a great training aid to practice your hockey puckhandling skills, and you can incorporate it into drills with other training gear such as a hockey passer. If you are a hockey coach or parent and want to make practices more skilled based or to provide a different kind of challenge for the players puckhandling, the DekerBar is a great tool to enhance skill development.

3. The DekerBar is Compact and Lightweight

A nice feature of the DekerBar is that it is very easy to set up and takedown, therefor storage and the ability to bring it places with your is much easier. Furthermore, the whole assembly weighs less than 5 lbs and it can all fit in a duffle bag for easy transportation and packing. If you have tried other hockey training gear, you know that some of it can be exceptionally bulky and heavy, while also not easy to set up and carry with you. This gives the DekerBar a distinct advantage over some of the competition!

Final Thoughts on the Superdeker Dekerbar

Overall, we were happy with the performance of the DekerBar and the ease of use to change configurations and setup. Initially, given how lightweight the product is we were concerned that durability and strength could be an issue but after banging multiple pucks off the pillars it held up to the abuse. The ability to change the configurations to focus on specific puckhandling skills is a great feature, as well as being able to adjust the height of the stickhandling bars, its also manufactured in North America! The DekerBar is a great product if you are looking for something you can easily incorporate into on ice practices or training at home, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to aspiring hockey players of all skill levels!

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