CCM vs Bauer Hockey Skates

You’re looking for a new pair of hockey skates, the most vital piece of equipment a hockey player wears and you’re wondering whats the difference between CCM and Bauer? These are the two biggest companies and most recognizable brands in the hockey world, and they’re each unique in the qualities they offer! Hockey skate technology has changed a ton over the last few years, with skates now offering anatomical fits to your foot instead of the classic boot cut fit. Both CCM and Bauer have some great high quality options, and neither skate is going to let you down on the ice.

In the NHL, 70% of all players choose Bauer skates while just under 20% choose CCM hockey skates. Rounding out third is the True Pro Custom skate which we’ve already covered in a different post!  

The reigning skate champ heading into the 2021 – 2022 season is the Bauer Vapor 2X, as some players fell in love with it back when it came out and refuse to switch! (According to Gear Geek)

At the end of the day, a lot of the choice is personal preference and what fits your foot the best is what you need to go with. We’re going to break down the fitting styles and technology in both brands to help you make the best choice for your game!

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Bauer Vapor Vs Bauer Supreme Vs Bauer Nexus Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor Hockey Skate Fit

The Bauer Vapor line of hockey skates has a hybrid between the Classic Fit (Nexus) and the anatomical fit (Supreme). The Vapor skates fit narrower from the heel to the toe than the classic fit, but have the same toe design as the classic fit skates. These are better for players with narrower feet or that like a tighter fit around the ankle than the Nexus line offers. 

Bauer Supreme Hockey Skate Fit

The Bauer Supreme hockey skate are engineered for acceleration and impressive top speeds on the ice. These are designed for fast hockey players, featuring a snug anatomical fit on your feet. These skates are made so your feet are locked in and won’t have any space to move around during a game. These will eventually form to your foot so well it will be like slipping on a glove before each game!

Bauer Spreme Skate Fit

Bauer Nexus Hockey Skate Fit

The Bauer Nexus Skate Line Is Discontinued!

Bauer has gotten rid of the Nexus lineup, instead replacing it with different volume boots across the Supreme and Vapor lineups.  The Nexus line always lacked the top tier technologies in the other two lines, and was simply the wide skate lineup.  With the change, you can now get whichever top technology you’d like (Supreme or Vapor) in a wide EE foot profile!

Bauer Nexus Skate Fit

CCM Ribcor vs CCM Jetspeed vs CCM Super Tacks Hockey Skates

CCM Ribcor Hockey Skate Fit

The CCM Ribcor skates feature a close, snug fitting boot that doesn’t let your foot move around at all. Meant to form fit and hug your feet as close as possible, the Ribcor skates ensure you’re locked in all game. 

CCM Jetspeed Hockey Skate Fit

The CCM Jetspeed hockey skate line has a snug ankle lock fitting heel, locking your ankle in place while giving you more room at the front of the skates. These fit almost as snug as the CCM RIbcore skates, but you have extra space at the front of the skate toward the toe. A great skate for acceleration and speed!

CCM Super Tacks Hockey Skate Fit

The CCM Tacks skate is a good choice for those with wider feet or wanting a more classic feel in their skate. It gives you the most room at at the heel and toe, while also featuring an anatomical design to optimize the fit. 

Just for fun, lets take a quick look at the breakdown of the different types of skates being used in the NHL from the Bauer and CCM. Bauer is the clear winner in terms of total percentage, as you can see but one interesting trend in both brands is the shift towards a tighter, more anatomical fit at the professional level. Both the Jetspeed FT2 and the Supreme 2S Pro feature a tighter fit around the foot and the classic fit Nexus and Super Tacks have fallen way off. 

Bauer Vapor Vs CCM Ribcor Skates

Both the Bauer Vapor and CCM Ribore hockey skates share one main goal in common, they’re designed for speed and acceleration. When you’re coming out of a tight turn or crossing over you want to be able to explode out and attack the defender, and both skates let you do just that. 

The Bauer Vapor feature a flexible boot, and the overall rocker of the skate is the furthest forward of all the Bauer skates. The CCM Ribcore also achieves same effect a bit differently, using a variable flex boot which gives the skater a bit more versatility on the ice. 

Both hockey skates are designed for a low profile foot, as the heel is shallow so the arch of the skate boot isn’t as big. Both skates are designed for a snug fit, but the Vapor tends to give you a little more room at the toe than the Ribcore. Both skates minimize the extra space in the boot and try to make the skate fit as closely as possible, but if you have wider feet we would recommend trying the Bauer Vapor skate line before the CCM due to the tapered fit. 

Bauer Supreme Vs CCM Jetspeed Skates

If you’re in the market for a truly anatomical fit, then the Bauer Supreme or CCM Jetspeed skate lines are what you should be checking out. Both are designed to fit your feet as closely as possible, creating a glove like feel every time you put these skates on. 

If you’re a shifty forward or agile defenceman that relies on superior mobility on the ice, both the Supreme and Jetspeed are engineered to give you just that. A deeper heel lock to keep your foot firmly in place, the Supreme has composite inserts throughout to give you a snug fit all around your foot. The Jetspeed skates give you a bit more room towards the toe, but are still designed to be a narrow fitting skate. 

Both the Jetspeed and Supreme skates have a stiffer boot, to give you better responsiveness on the ice. These are meant to have the skate as an extension of your foot, with as little movement as possible in the boot to maximize energy transfer. If you like a little more room in your skates at the toe, the Jetspeed skate line is what we would recommend!


Bauer Nexus Vs CCM Tacks Skates

We still have this comparison here, but as you now know, the Nexus line is discontinued!  If you want a ‘wide’ boot, you either have to go with the CCM tacks line or get an EE boot width in the Supreme lineup!


CCM Vs Bauer Hockey Skates in the NHL

Bottom Line - Our Verdict

You aren’t going to go wrong picking Bauer over CCM, or vice versa as these are both top of the line skate brands. The key is picking the right style for your individual foot and game. My personal preference has always been the Bauer Vapor skates, as they fit my feet the best and the forward rocker is the style that fits my skating style the best!

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