CCM Ribcor 80K Skate Review

CCM continues their push for hockey dominance with the release of the CCM Ribcor 80k hockey skate.  The Ribcor line has always been about fit, even if they have lost the pump technology that made them famous.  Read on below for our breakdown of the new 80k and what new features CCM has packed in, as well as the differences between this and last years 70k!

CCM's Newest Ribcor

Best CCM Skate For Wide Feet

CCM’s Ribcor line has always been about blending performance with fit, and the new 80k is no exception.  Featuring ADPTmemory foam padding and TotalDri Pro+ liner system, this is the closest you will get to that custom feel without paying the full custom price.

The CCM Ribcor 80k is an awesome evolution of the popular Ribcor 70k skate from last year.  The Ribcor lineup is known as the comfortable fitting skate in CCM’s skate department, with a flexible boot and sizing that suits those with larger feet.  

Skate Details

Flexframe Technology

CCM worked with NHL players to provide class leading forward flexion to help improve stride power and lateral stability.  This technology maximizes energy transfer so you don’t waste any extra energy on the ice.

Speedblade XS and XS1 Runner

The CCM Speedblade Xchange system allows you to swap out broken blades in the blink of an eye.  The XS1 black runner gives your edges a longer life with an oxide-treated skate blade.

Buying Options

ADPT Memory Foam

The Ribcor line is all about fit and comfort, while maintaining high level performance.  The ADPT memory foam ankle pads give you a custom feeling fit right out of the box

Our Research and Findings

CCM Ribcor 80k Skate

Specifications and Features:

  • FlexFrame Technology – Offered in last year’s Ribcor 70k, CCM has improved on this in 2019, and offers variable stiffness throughout the boot to make sure every ounce of power your legs make hit the ice!
  • ADPT Memory foam and TotalDri Pro+ Liner – The Ribcor skate line is built for higher volume feet, and the ADPT memory foam ensures your foot is held comfortable and tightly, while the TotalDri Liner ensures a quick drying time when you pull the skates off
  • CCM Othromove Footbed – Reeboks final step in creating this new skate was to employ its Orthomove footbed, offering a comfortable bed for your foot, but a stiff bottom connecting it to the boot to help with energy transfer 


  • People with wide or flat feet can rejoice in knowing that CCM is taking care of them with this model.  The flexible boot ensures that players with non-typical foot shapes will feel right at home slipping on the Ribcor 80k skates
  • CCM’s FlexFrame technology is carried over from last year’s model but is still top of the line when it comes to putting power to the ground while maintaining comfort for your foot.
  • CCM’s TotalDri Pro+ liner ensures fast drying times when airing your gear out.
  • A CCM Tritech pro tongue is a multi layered felt tongue that prevents lace bite while ensuring you get the best protection on top of your foot and bottom of the ankle.


  • In making this skate suitable for larger feet, those with more conventional foot sizes might find it a bit large when trying their size on.  I recommend sticking to the Supertacks or Jetspeed lineup if you don’t have an extremely large or wide foot


A beautiful looking skate packing top of the line technologies and a focus on comfort?  Sign us up!  This skate has it all from its flexible frame, enhanced runners and blades, to the memory foam liner and custom feeling footbed.  If the Supertacks of Jetspeed lineups have left your foot feeling cramped in the past, the Ribcor 80k is a must have for your game to let you skate unencumbered game in and out!

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