8 Best Youth Hockey Sticks of 2023 (For All Skill Levels)

After countless hours of , reading consumer and professional reviews, and reviewing manufacturer specs, we have crowned the Bauer Vapor Flylite as our champion.  Youth hockey sticks are designed for little hockey dynamos between 3’0″ and 4’8″ and 3 – 8 years of age, and getting a great stick into your little ones hands will … Read more

The Best Hockey Stick Grips

Today’s hockey game is ever evolving, and even the tried and true stick tape we have used for decades has found some competition.  Stick grips that you install on top of your stick made of rubber with varying textures and patterns have begun emerging and gaining prominence recently.  Some people may still prefer the classic … Read more

Warrior Fantom QRE Stick Review

Fantom QRE Blade

Warrior is taking aim at the lightweight stick crown with its latest release, the Fantom QRE.  A special, lightweight version of the Covert QRE, the Fantom takes performances to the next level.  Read on for details! Warriors Lightweight Stick Warrior Fantom QRE Stick Warrior’s Lightest Hockey Stick Warrior has taken the crown from Bauer with … Read more

The History of Hockey Sticks

One of the most unique and ever evolving pieces of equipment in the game of hockey is the hockey stick.  From humble wooden beginnings, to incorporating curves, and finally the technological explosion of the last two decades yielding high performance composite sticks, the hockey stick has a very interesting past! Our article will cover the … Read more

How To Saucer Pass

We’re going to be focusing on a fundamental hockey skill that opens up an entire realm of opportunities on the ice, the saucer pass. This is widely used in the NHL for two reasons; its a lot harder for defenders to intercept a saucer pass and it opens up passing lanes that simply wouldn’t be … Read more

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