The Best Hockey Helmets of 2022

Helmets, concussions, and other head injuries are some very hot topics in contact sports these days, so choosing the right helmet to protect yourself is imperative.  This is definitely the one item you do not want to cheap out on as quality materials and construction is crucial for proper protection. We are going to be … Read more

The Best Hockey Stores In Calgary

The city of Calgary, Alberta – Home to the Calgary Flames, Calgary Hitmen, and hundreds of minor hockey teams, is undoubtedly a hockey town.  Luckily for locals, there are tons of hockey stores to choose from within the city limits!  Looking to see which one is your best bet?  Check out our list below! Curious … Read more

The Best Inline Hockey Gear

One great thing about starting to play roller hockey is that a lot of ice hockey gear is transferable, and you really only need a few pieces of protective gear to get you ready to roll. Roller hockey players are required to wear the following gear: Protective Hockey Helmet Hockey Visor/Cage Lightweight Hockey Gloves Hockey … Read more

The 5 Best Hockey Mouthguards

Hockey is a fast paced sport where pieces of vulcanized rubber fly around in excess of 100 miles per hour and carbon fiber sticks can come whipping up at your face at any moment.  Add to that many players are playing in a contact league where jaw injuries and concussions are a real thing, and … Read more

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