Canadian NHL Teams

For over a 100 years, the NHL has been the premier hockey league and in Canada it is the most popular sports in the country! Did you know, the ‘National’ in NHL initially referred to Canada only? In the beginning, the National Hockey League had only four teams, all Canadian! That was even before the era … Read more

What Hockey Glass Is Made Of

Hockey glass refers to the glass that sits on top of the boards in ice hockey rinks. This glass was created for several reasons, firstly it protects spectators against line-drive pucks that miss that net and go above the boards. Hockey glass is an extremely effective way to keep fans from getting hurt by flying … Read more

Hockey Net Dimensions

It’s a goal! The puck hits the cross bar and deflects right into the net and the arena and scoring team goes wild! As you are celebrating with your pals, let’s test your hockey knowledge and see if you know the standard dimensions of a regulation hockey net! To make it easy, we have created … Read more

How Much Do NHL Referees Make

As a professional sports league, the National Hockey League (NHL) is known for its high player salaries and multimillion-dollar franchises. But how much do the referees earn in this big dollar sport? How much do referees earn per game? How many games do they referee in every season? What’s the yearly salary for NHL linesmen? … Read more

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