SuperDeker DekerBar Review

In case you haven’t heard of SuperDeker before, they came out with one of the best interactive hockey stickhandling training tools on the market. The original SuperDeker is designed for in-home use and has made kids hockey training fun with an interactive game that forces you to react to a light on the surface to … Read more

How Many Stanley Cups Did Wayne Gretzky Win?

Ice hockey has one of the most passionate fan bases of all time. Fans can’t get enough of the high speed skating, shooting, scoring, and of course – fighting!  It is only fitting that such an awesome, unique sport would have a championship trophy that continuously wins the accolade of ‘The Best Trophy In Sports’ … Read more

The Best Hockey Tiles

Best Hockey Tiles

With access to hockey training so much more difficult, this year has increased the importance of setting up a hockey training space for driven hockey players to practice their skills. Hockey flooring tiles are the perfect addition to the garage or basement practice area, as they are fully customizable for layout and can fit in … Read more

The Best Hockey Stickhandling Training Aids

Best Stickhandling Training Aids

When you’re watching your favorite National Hockey League players, I am positive you find yourself in awe of their stickhandling skills and how they’re able to control the puck as if it is on a string. I will say one thing, a lot of their hockey stickhandling abilities come from intense practice to perfect their … Read more

The Best Hockey Passers For Training

Best Hockey Passers

Mastering your hockey passing skills require some serious practice, and in the skills focused game of hockey the impact of passing cannot be under stated! If you watch any of the top players in the NHL, their ability to give and receive a pass while skating at top speed is truly impressive. This ability comes from … Read more

The Best Hockey Balance Boards

In order to excel in the game of hockey, you need to take your off ice training seriously and there is a ton of innovative ways to accomplish this. One of the simplest tools to do this is incorporating a hockey balance board in your off ice training. The balance board is a tool that … Read more

The Best Hockey Shooting Targets

Best Hockey Shooting Targets

In todays game of hockey which is becoming less reliant on physical play and more focused on player skill development, incorporating hockey shooting targets into your skills training program only makes sense! We’re going to cover everything from hockey shooter tutors, skills nets, and attachable shooting targets in this honest review of the best hockey shooting … Read more

Best Gifts for Hockey Coaches

Best Gifts for Hockey Coaches

CHECK OUT OUR BEST BLACK FRIDAY HOCKEY DEALS GUIDE Getting a gift for the hockey coach in your family is no easy task, from everything to coaching boards, whistles, apparel, new sticks we’re going to save you the headache of searching endlessly for the perfect gift.  Dad gifts are usually socks, some cool tech gadgets, … Read more

Best Gifts for Hockey Fans

CHECK OUT OUR BEST HOCKEY DEALS GUIDE Shopping for the hockey fan in your family isn’t as simple as buying a new stick (unless of course they play) so we at Going Bar Down have decided to make a separate guide just for this occasion! With everything from snug hoodies to comfortable scarves, we’ve got … Read more

Superdeker Hockey Training System Review

If you have been searching for an interactive hockey training system to work on your puck handling, chances are you have come across the SuperDeker and wondered, is this really worth it? Considering the price tag and the fact that it is truly interactive and only works with a special puck, it makes sense to … Read more

The Best Hockey Shooting Pads

It has become a lot easier to work on your hockey skills off the ice, with some premium options for hockey shooting pads and other training aids. In this guide, we will review the best hockey shooting pads on the market so you can step up your off season hockey training to include working on … Read more

What Is A Hockey Puck Made Of

What is a hockey puck made of

Every hockey player or fan knows what a hockey puck is and what it is used for in the game. Everyone at some point has wondered what a hockey puck is made of, what are the dimensions, and are there any variations to the standard hockey puck? Hockey pucks are all made of a material … Read more

Hockey Fighting Rules

One of the most controversial topics in hockey is fighting, with some fans believing that it should be taken out of the game while others wishing there was more of it. We’re going to break down the rules of fighting in hockey so you can understand exactly why a fight might occur and what the … Read more

What Is Icing In Hockey

One of the most common questions and confusing things about a hockey game, what is hockey icing? Why does the referee blow the whistle when the puck gets shot down the other end of the ice, and sometimes he doesn’t? Hockey is a complicated game so we’re going to break it down for you step … Read more

How Long Is a Hockey Game

Hockey Game Length Featured Image

The game of Hockey has hundreds of rules, penalties, and little nuances that make is as amazing as it is.  While learning all of those can take months if not years, a question often asked is ‘How long is a hockey game?’ and that is what we are here to talk about.  Of course, it … Read more

Top Roller Hockey Brands

This article was written by our friends over at The Beer League Tribune, make sure to check out their page for more great articles! Roller hockey is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing sports. While some of the equipment from ice hockey can cross over to roller, and the major manufacturers make products for roller, … Read more

How To Be A Better Hockey Player

How to be a better hockey player

Practice makes perfect and this is true for all sports. Ice hockey in particular is an intense, fast paced game that requires rigor, dedication and concentration. That’s why it’s important to always try to improve your game. The guys at Tucker Hockey have put together an awesome infographic for us that outlines how you as … Read more

The Best Supplements For Hockey Players

Today’s game of hockey can take an incredible physical toll on your body.  Athletes in general are being asked to give more and more game in and game out.  You need to be stronger in the gym, Faster on the ice, and recover quickly for the next days skate.  While we wish that whole foods … Read more

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