Buttendz Grip Review – The Best Grip In The Game?

We’ve all seen it before.  Your top of the line gloves start to develop a hole in the palm.  You wonder how after only a season or two you have burned another palm out and how much money you are going to have to put into a used set of mitts.  Well the good news for you is that we got our hands on some Buttendz grips and are here to help you elimate the problem from your life!                 

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The History Of Buttendz

Breaking the Status Quo

Buttendz was started way back in 2013 by Kevin Lonergan and Rob LaLonde.  Rob created his first prototype and gave it to his friend Brandon Prust, who at the time was playing for the Montreal Canadiens.  Prust loved the grips and began using them exclusively, foregoing the traditional white tape everyone grew up using.  With an awesome review from an NHLer to their credit, Kevin and Rob began producing Buttendz on a mass scale and opening their website in 2014. (Buttendz.com)

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Hockey Buttendz Grips

Buttendz first launched with only one grip, the Flex.  This grip featured a large knob, with a rounded edge at the top.  Buttendz used their patented Tilling Texture for the rest of the grip to give is amazing feel.  This grip was built for great stick control and power transfer in the shot.  The grip also now comes in 9 awesome colors, ensuring it will match whatever color scheme you currently rock.  

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Expanding the Lineup

We all know how many different ways you can tape the top your stick.  Are you a huge knob guy?  Are you a no knob guy?  Do you twirl the tape to create a ribbing pattern down the top of the stick?  We’ve all experimented with various styles and eventually settled on our favorites.  Knowing this, the boys at Buttendz expanded their lineup over the coming years to simulate whatever kind of knob guy you might be!  The lineup now features four player knobs, one goalie knob, and two lacrosse knobs!

The Fusion Z was designed with all the best parts of the Flux Z, but with a smaller knob at the top for better mobility.  I prefer a smaller knob as a forward and this is definitely one of my favorite Buttendz grips

The Twirl 88 builds on the Fusion Z, shrinking the top knob even more (borderline eliminating it), while adding the ribbed feeling of spinning your stick tape in a tight thread and wrapping it up and down the stick.  This grip gets top marks from me and is my favorite one they make.

The Future is a hybrid of the Fusion Z and the Twirl 88.  A small but noticeable knob up top combined with the twirled tape ribbing make this a top choice if you want the ultimate in grip.

The Sentry is Buttendz entry into a goalie grip.  Featuring a massive knob at the top to allow goalies to keep their grip with poke checks or when swatting the puck away from forwards coming around the net, this is the ultimate goalie grip and is a no brainer upgrade from the typical white tape and knob goalies apply themselves

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Lacrosse Buttendz Grips

Photo of Lacrosse Players celebrating a goal

Buttendz Paradox

Buttendz entered the Lacrosse game a few years after hockey, and have update the Paradox in 2018 to keep up with player feedback and demands.  A sport like Lacrosse differs from hockey in that it is played normally in much hotter temperatures, and the Paradox helps you keep a solid grip on your lacrosse stick as the minutes pile on in the box or field.

Buttendz Fusion Lacrosse

The Fusion was developed with players taking faceoffs and goalies in mind.  Buttendz has made sure that this grip is legal for use in all levels, and just might give you the edge you are looking for in your Lacrosse game if you are tasked with important draws!

Photo of the Buttendz Fusion Goalie

Installing Your Buttendz

Installing your Buttendz grip is quite easy, but it is possible for you to hit a snag along the way!  Buttendz has some great resources on their youtube channel, or read on below for how I tackled the challenge!

First step: Get the old white tape off!  I used a sharp kitchen knife to cut the tape in a line, allowing it to be peeled from either side quite easily.  I had played a few games with this stick already so peeling it off from the bottom wasn’t an option as i’d already worn that part of tape out and wasn’t finding it!

Picture of hockey tape before being cut
Picture of hockey tape after being cut
Ready to install the Buttendz!

Now that you are ready to install the Buttendz, you need to apply the adhesive spray to the top part of the shaft of your stick, and the inside of the grip.  The fellas at Buttendz recommend using 1/2 of the bottle.  I sprayed my adhesive on, but in the process got some on my hands and was unable to grip and pull the Buttendz down anymore.  I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, but by the time I got back it was too late, i could not move the grip anymore.  Luckily, the guys at Buttendz have run into this and have lots of helpful tips.  I used one off their website and began slide spoons under the flat surfaces of my stick to wedge the grip.  Once I did this, I was able to pull the grip down the final inch or so and remove the spoons.  Now I just needed to let it dry!

Using spoons to help finish the install
The grip installed and ready to go!

Now my grip was ready to dry for the next day and play with at my next game.  I can tell you there is no comparison between hockey tape and a Buttendz grip.  Not only did my stick feel more secure, but I could feel that the stick did not slide up and down my palm as I stick handled, which in the long run will preserve my glove palms, which is perfect as I just re-palmed them with some buttery soft clarino nash.

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