The Best Lacrosse Heads of 2023

The most important part of your lacrosse equipment is the head and it is essential for controlling the ball, scoring, and for defense! In this review we have crowned the Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head as top for 2021 for its pinpoint passing and shooting accuracy! This head is also great for durability and has flex zones for even better prowess in the face off circle. Read on for our top recommendations and review of the best lacrosse heads to up your game!

Best Lacrosse Head

Top Overall Lacrosse Head

This Nike lacrosse product is for boss lacrosse players just as the title reads, great for midfield or attack the pin point control is the best feature!

This head follows up their top selling CEO model, coming in more durable with strategic flex points to improve your faceoff and loose ball skills. This top of the line offering offers great versatility for midfield or attack players, and helps ball control with the shortened throat. This head is stiffer than the previous model which also helps improve the quickness of your release!

Most Durable Lacrosse Head

Best Durable Lacrosse Head

STX has developed a polymer material used for the head to give it the best strength to weight ratio on the market, making this lacrosse product very durable!

The STX Hammer Omega lacrosse head is a top option, perfect for playing in ANY weather conditions without warping or weakening over time! This is the premier lacrosse head if you’re looking for something long lasting and dependable. Not to mention, this product gives you a superior ability to pick up loose balls from any angle and the tight throat is great for accuracy.

Best Budget Lacrosse Head

Best Lacrosse Head For the Money

Made for NCAA use and comes in at under $50, this is by the far the best lacrosse head for the money!

Instead of dropping $100 plus on a top of the line head, the STX Surgeon 10 500 lacrosse head gives you high performance for a price that won’t leave you shaking your head! This boosts a tighter throat for precision passing and shooting, while the stiffness provides long lasting durability for all calibers of lacrosse players all for under $50!

Top Recommended Lacrosse Heads

Most Durable Head

Redesigned with durability in mind, this is the head tough lacrosse players turn to when they’re sick of breaking their sticks. Propriety polymer technology gives this a great strength to weight ratio!

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Best Overall Head

A higher pinch point for improved accuracy, especially for players who like their pockets to the middle or front. A top of the line option for any attack or defender!

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Best Budget Lacrosse Head

Solid construction without using the top material technology still provides a great bang for your buck and is our top pick for the best budget lacrosse head!

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What We Based Our Research On

It is easy to think all lacrosse heads are the same, but the design and construction go a long way in the durability and performance in a game. For this roundup review, we looked at value, durability, and performance as the main three criteria. Every lacrosse head is designed for a different type of player, whether that be midfield, defense, or attack. These are important to consider when doing research on your next investment, as the different lacrosse head designs can impact passing, release point, face offs, and ball control!

The stiffness of a lacrosse head can impact every aspect of your game, including receiving passes and picking up loose balls. A higher strength to weight ratio will result in a stiffer and typically more durable head. The angle of the face also plays a major roll in picking up loose balls, and depending on your position and game style each player will have a different preference. We’ve looked at all these things and are going to review them in detail to make your buying decision as easy as possible!

1. Nike CEO 2 - The Best Overall Lacrosse Head

Specifications and Features:

  • Updated Flex Profile – The Nike CEO 2 flex profile favors midfielders and attack lacrosse players with great loose ball feel
  • Shortened Throat – Nike has cut down the length of the throat at the top of the shaft, so you can get your hand further up the shaft and enhance your ball control
  • Aggressive Scoop – Nike has created a higher scoop angle for picking up loose balls and better responsiveness in the face off circle

Pros: Good strength to weight ratio, asthetic appeal with texture and hard lines, precision ball handling, aggressive face angle for loose balls

Cons: The price is on the higher end of the range, but top tier performance


Nike’s follow up to their extremely popular CEO model doesn’t disappoint, and delivers a slightly stiffer head design than its predecessor. If you’re looking to step up your game and play like more of a boss, this head will easily be an upgrade over your current go to! The Nike CEO 2 improves your passing and shooting precision, while still allowing ease of catching the ball. This lacrosse product is versatile enough to be used at any position in lacrosse and isn’t specific for attack players. If you get custom stringing, you can choose your ideal pocket design right from the get go and break this head in even quicker. This is our choice for the top overall lacrosse head and its sure to enhance your lacrosse skills!

2. STX Hammer Omega - Most Durable Lacrosse Head

Specifications and Features:

  • Speed Scoop Technology – Easier and quicker control of loose balls regardless of the attack angle or defensive pressure 
  • Upgraded Rail Geometry– STX has improved the rails of the head to give it greater stability and strength, perfect for face offs
  • Best in Class Durability – The STX Hammer Omega features the highest strength to weight ratio of any current or past STX head!

Pros: Most durable head on the market, dynamic loose ball control and feel with speed scoop, can choose a defense or attack customization

Cons: This is the top STX model and will run you over $100

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If you’re looking for a product that can performance in any lacrosse game regardless of weather and temperature, this is the product for you. Built with a proprietary STX polymer to construct the head with the highest strength to weight ratio seen in any model to date! If you’re a power forward or rugged defender, we would encourage you to consider adding this model to your lacrosse gear. In both the attack and defense models precision passing is emphasized, and designed for ball control specialists. The Speed Scoop technology improves your versatility and quickness when going for the loose ball, and demands respect anytime the ball is on the ground. This is our pick for the most durable lacrosse stick out there, and we feel you can’t go wrong picking one of these up regardless of your skill caliber!

3. STX Surgeon 10 - Best Budget Lacrosse Head

Specifications and Features:

  • Small Face Contour – Enhancing your offensive prowess around the net, the small face gives you pin point accuracy for scoring goals
  • All Climate Performing – The ACP technology helps this stick maintain its stiffness and performance in all climate settings, so you’ll be able to score a goal in a hurricane 
  • Lightweight Construction – Coming in with 10% of the total weight shaved off compared to previous models, this is one of the lightest heads you can purchase

Pros: The best part of this head is the balance between price and performance

Cons: This doesn’t come with the speed scoop technology and the head construction won’t have a top tier strength to weight ratio


If you’re looking for the best lacrosse head for the money but still expect beastly performance every game, this is exactly what you’re looking for. Designed for offensive players, it also has a strong popularity with midfielders for the superior ball control. The smaller head face gives you improved passing and shooting accuracy, and is our top budget pick for 2021 as it currently comes in at a price point under $50!

4. ECD Rebel - Best Lacrosse Head for Offense

Specifications and Features:

  • Graphene Material – Strongest and Lightest material in a lacrosse head, with double the impact strength as standard lacrosse heads
  • Pinched Scoop – A scoop designed to enhance accuracy on shots and feeds, a deadly combination
  • Aggressive Flare – A head design for offense, the flare angle on this stick gives you some added zip on your passes and improves quick release

Pros: Designed specifically for offensive players, improved accuracy

Cons: The Graphene material pushes up the price point on this head


ECD Lacrosse is an american born company and they focus all their efforts on one thing, making the best possible lacrosse sticks. The ECD Rebel with Graphene material is an extremely innovative new product designed by their new “Project Beta” team focusing on pushing the boundaries in the game of lacrosse. This head is sure to level up your offensive prowess and help you score more goals. This head isn’t just for goal scorers, as the slightly pinched scoop helps quick and accurate passers for the play makers. The scoop at the front makes battling for loose balls a breeze, it acts as a guide for the ball and gives the player exceptional feel. This is a top lacrosse head, made specifically for offensive players and gets our pick for the best offensive lacrosse head!

5. Maverik Centrik - Best Lacrosse Head for Midfielders

Specifications and Features:

  • Two Way Play – Made for lacrosse midfielders, this head favors power, strength, and control
  • Narrow Throat – A pinched throat to enhance ball control and make it harder for defenders to knock the ball loose
  • Level 4 Bottom Rail – A popular setup among midfielders, this is ideal for mid to high pockets for quick release and improved power

Pros: Perfect for midfielders, high strength, versatile pocket options

Cons: Not as ideal for strictly defensive players as the head is narrower making shot blocking more difficult


This is an easy choice if your a mid fielder looking for a head that is specific to your game, it improves the power of your passing and offers some of the best ball control features on the market. This is truly designed for play at both ends of the field, the improved strength of material lets you unleash on opponents without having to worry about your head breaking down! This head comes with multiple stringing holes so you can customize your pocket exactly how you want it. The level 4 bottom rail also places this pocket in the mid part of the stick, great for midfielders and quick release ball movement! This is our choice for the best lacrosse head for mid fielders and its sure to give you peak performance at both ends of the field!

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6. ECD Rebel - Best Lacrosse Head for Defense

Specifications and Features:

  • Ultra Stiff Construction – Designed for tough defense, this head is extra stiff for leaning on those attack players and forcing turnovers
  • Rounded Scoop – Engineered to make picking up ground balls easier, this head has a rounded scoop to grab that ball from any angle and in any situation
  • Tight Face Shape – Giving the lacrosse defender the ultimate in ball control, the tighter face makes it almost impossible for the opposition to force a turnover

Pros: Top notch ball control, rounded scoop for better ground ball handling, stiff construction for tough defense

Cons: Built for defensive players only, not as effective for offensive or midfield players


If you’re looking for a lacrosse head thats going to make the opposing teams attackers fear you, the ECD Rebel defense is the head for you. Built with ultra high strength construction and a stiffer design than offensive or midfield heads, this head does some serious damage on the field. The smaller face and aggressive pinch make for untouchable ball handling and accurate passing to get out of your end. This head is extremely durable in all weather conditions and it is super easy to break in! The rounded scoop on the head also makes struggling with ground balls a thing of the past. The ECD Rebel Defense gets our vote for the top defense lacrosse head of 2021!

7. Epoch Integra Z-One - Lightest Lacrosse Head

Specifications and Features:

  • Composite Injected Polymer – Injected with a proprietary composite injected polymer to optimize strength and durability
  • Zone 1 Low Pocket – This head features a pocket designed for the lowest possible zone, giving you peak ball control
  • Knot Lock Tech – Epoch’s newly engineered sidewall holes with unique grooves to help support and anchor all your sidewall knots. 

Pros: Deep pock for ball control, high strength and durable composite polymer material, 

Cons: The Zone 1 pocket design improves ball control but will slow down release


If you’re looking at buying a new head to improve your ball control and ball handling, this might be the beast you’re looking for. The Zone 1 pocket gives you the deepest possible lie, which makes it easy to drive the ball to the net without the opposition forcing a turnover. The Epoch Integra Z-One lacrosse head is specifically designed for elite lacrosse players, that have a penchant for scoring goals! The Knot Lock Tech helps you tie in your stringers, and the composite injected polymer is designed to make this one of the lightest lacrosse heads on the market. This is a top choice for offensive players or midfielders that like a deeper pocket to improve overall ball handling. This is a top product, and one that should not be ignored when buying a new lacrosse head for the season!

8. Under Armour Command 2 - Best Lacrosse Head for Beginners

Specifications and Features:

  • Wide Face Design – The wider profile of this piece of equipment allows easier pass catching and ground ball pickups
  • Flat Scoop – Designed to help protect the front laces and decrease the difficulty of picking up and fighting to loose balls
  • Multi-String System – Allowing for the ultimate customization, there are multiple hole stringing options to customize your pocket just how you like it

Pros: Lightweight and durable design, easy pass catching and ground balls, customizable stringing

Cons: Wide face designs gives up a little in ball protection, but still great for beginner lacrosse players


Just learning to play lacrosse or not at an elite level yet? The Under Armour Command 2.0 is the perfect lacrosse head for younger players or beginners, featuring a wider profile for easy pass catching and a flat scoop to make picking up loose balls simple! A lightweight and durable design make this a top choice for the money, and the multi-hole stringing system lets you customize your pocket like the pros! Overall, this gives you great bang for your buck and won’t let you down in the performance department, giving it our top choice for a beginner lacrosse head.

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9. STX Eclipse 2 - Best Lacrosse Head for Goalies

Specifications and Features:

  • Sidewall Geometry – Newly engineered sidewall design and geometry enhance the overall stiffness of the head without increasing weight
  • Ergonomic Design – The throat is designed to provide a secure grip and make holding the head easy and comfortable
  • Additional Sidewall Holes – Giving you a huge variety of pocket styles, the additional sidewall holes make this a great option to make the perfect pocket

Pros: Improved stiffness and weight, improved scoop design, customizable pocket styles

Cons: Being the top goalie head, this is not the cheapest product you can buy


Just learning to play lacrosse or not at an elite level yet? This is the perfect lacrosse head for younger players or beginners, featuring a wider profile for easy pass catching and a flat scoop to make picking up loose balls simple! A lightweight and durable design make this a top choice for the money, and the multi-hole stringing system lets you customize your pocket like the pros! You can buy this head unstrung or there are options to get it strung so you can break it in after the fact! Overall, this gives you great bang for your buck and won’t let you down in the performance department, giving it our top choice for a beginner lacrosse head.

10. ECD Weapon X - Top Strung Lacrosse Head

Specifications and Features:

  • FlexForm Material – A versatile material that is extremely strong yet flexible for better draws and ground ball pickups 
  • Shortened Throat – The throat of this head is designed to get your hand closer to the end of the shaft for improved ball control and protection driving to the net
  • Precise Flex Points – Designed bend in specific points of the head to improve draws and decrease turnovers 

Pros: A true beast in faceoffs, durable and lightweight design, flexible for better feel

Cons: This top of the line model will cost over $100 but comes fully strung


Looking for a safety’s off weapon on the field, this will make you a threat from anywhere on the field. Great for midfielders taking draws or for attack players looking to score goals. The flexform material gives you a heightened feel of the ball and one of the quickest releases you can find. The scoop of this head makes picking up a loose ball much easier that some more aggressive flare heads. We love the strategic flex points to improve the overall durability of the head and also to give you the advantage off the draw. Designed with input from Greg “Beast” Gurenlian, a modern day prodigy in the face off circle this is a elite product meant for serious lacrosse players!

Lacrosse Head Buyers Guide

There are many different things to consider when looking for your new lacrosse heads – here are a few key points to consider. 

1. Strung vs Unstrung

When buying a new lacrosse head, the majority of them will come unstrung. This gives players the choice of the type of mesh they want to use (hard vs soft) and lets them fully customize how their pocket is setup right from the beginning. If you’re looking to buy a fully strung product, make sure you take note of what kind of mesh it will come strung with and how the shooting strings are setup. 

2. Construction Material

With the technological advancements in today’s game, the materials used for lacrosse equipment is totally different than 20 years ago. Gone are the days of full wooden shafts and heads with leather pockets, now the majority are made from high strength polymers, and some of the new 2021 lacrosse heads are constructed from graphite composites for even lighter and high strength performance. One of the biggest things to consider is the weight of the head and what level you are currently playing. If you’re looking for a lightweight head but don’t want to sacrifice durability, you’ll want to look at some of the graphite or composite injected polymers for the best of both worlds. If you’re just looking for a head to start learning the game, the material definitely won’t be as important as you won’t be playing in as rough a league. 

3. Shape

The shape of the head impacts a lot of different aspects of the game, from ease of catching to getting pinpoint accuracy and superior ball control. A wider shape will assist in catching the ball easier and picking up ground balls, while a narrower shaped head will give you better accuracy for passing and shooting. The type of head you want really depends on your skill level, position, and player preference. 

4. Pocket Positioning

Although you can essentially customize your pocket with any head, most are designed with a specific placement in mind and choosing the stick that aligns with your pocket preference is really optimal. This will allow you to get the best possible performance from the lacrosse stick! 

Mid Lacrosse Pocket

This is the most versatile pocket and can be used by any player, offensive or defensive. The ball will sit right in the middle of the head, giving you equal advantages in ball control, quick release, and accuracy. This doesn’t favor offensive or defensive players and is the most popular and versatile pocket positioning. 

High Lacrosse Pocket

This style of pocket is typically used by defensive or midfield players, as it promotes superior ball control, and enhanced ground ball abilities. The ball will sit closer to the lip of the head, just further up from the mid lacrosse pocket. This lacrosse pocket is used by midfield players that have a big shot, and aren’t necessarily as concerned about getting that quick release. This also has advantages for defensive players as picking up ground balls is easier, which is one of the main responsibilities after creating a turnover!

Low Lacrosse Pocket

This style will have the ball sitting deep in the head, closer to the throat of the shaft as opposed to the front of the stick like in the high pocket. This style is a favorite among offensive players and players that demand superior ball control. Since the ball is so much further in the head, it is better for ball protection especially for attack players. This gives you quick release passing and will ensure you’re not losing the ball when driving to the net. 

5. Budget

Lacrosse heads don’t have a huge cost range, and usually go from $40 all the way up to $120 dollars. So for the most part, budget doesn’t play as big of a role as it might when looking at other pieces of lacrosse gear. 

Position Specific Lacrosse Heads

If you’re playing at an elite level like NCAA or are just looking to improve a specific skillset, you might want to consider a lacrosse head that is meant for a certain position. The design of each will be slightly different, and each will favor a certain set of skills. Read on for our quick guide on the differences between each position specific stick. 

Attack Players

Lacrosse attack players usually go for a lightweight head that facilitates precision accuracy and a quick release. Scoring goals is no easy task, so the faster you can get the ball out of the pocket the better chance you have at beating the goalie. Attack heads also typically have a small face and narrower throat, which also helps improve accuracy of passing and shooting. The pocket is usually further back, which promotes better ball control and a quicker release. 

Midfield Players

Midfield players need the best of both worlds, accurate passing and ball control while also having a stiff enough head to effectively defend. Players that take face offs may opt for a bit more flex, as this will help them be more successful in winning draws. The head for a midfielder is a lot more preference based than anything else, as they have to be able to shoot, pass, pickup ground balls, and defend. 

Defensive Players

The biggest consideration for defensive players is the stiffness and the ease of picking up ground balls. A stiffer head will make it easier to force turnovers, since when you make contact with the opposing players stick your head won’t flex and all of the force will be used to force a turnovers. You need to be able to pick up ground balls easily and quickly after forcing a turnover, so the style of head definitely comes into play here. 

Lacrosse Goalies

Goalie sticks are very unique from any style of player stick, and you cannot use a goalie head to play any other position. The heads are much wider to help them stop the ball and the pockets are typically much deeper and softer so they can easily control the ball after a save. There isn’t a lot of variation in goalie heads other than the material and string, and most have a very similar shape. 

Lacrosse Head Stringing Guide

A lot of players are nervous about buying an unstrung lacrosse head, but the process of stringing in a new mesh is very easily and simple! It also allows the player to have complete control over how their pocket is setup right from the start, so you don’t have to spend hours constantly adjusting and trying to break in a new head. Check out the video below to see how quickly and easily you can string your own stick, or even just replace the worn out mesh in your stick with a newer style!

Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

In this review we made sure to hit all the best lacrosse heads of 2021 and broke them out by position and skill level so there should be something for everyone! Our choice for the top lacrosse head is the Nike CEO 2for its high performance and versatility for every position!

Comment below to let us know your thoughts or if there are other heads you’d like us to review!

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