The Best Lacrosse Goggles

Are you looking to buy a new Lacrosse net? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Many people who are relatively new to the sport of lacrosse may be under the mistaken assumption that all lacrosse nets are virtually alike. The reality is that there are many different kinds of lacrosse nets with different features and build qualities that are worth considering before you buy. You may not notice these features just by looking at a lacrosse net from a distance, but they become very apparent once you begin to use them and play the game.

In this guide, we’ll dive into our choices for the best lacrosse goals and the top qualities to look for in a lacrosse net, such as dimensions, materials, and price. Lacrosse nets that are of a weaker build quality in particular will not last long and won’t be much useful beyond simple backyard practice. By the end of this guide, you’ll know exactly how to narrow your search while on the market for a lacrosse goal and have recommendations on which specific makes and models to take a look at.

Best Lacrosse Goggle

Best Overall Lacrosse Goggle

Certified to meet the 2020 playing tules and built with a titanium cage, these are one of the top womens lacrosse gogles on the market and perfect for players of all ages

If you’re looking for lacrosse goggles that aren’t going to break down over time and be able to last multiple seasons, the STX Focus-S Ti is our top choice for best lacrosse goggles of 2021! The double bar design improves your vision on the field so you will not get messed up by a sloppy cage design.

Best Girls Lacrosse Goggle

Top Choice for Girls Lacrosse Players

A perfect pair of form fitting lacrosse and field hockey goggles that wick sweat and moisture to keep you cool all game long

These dual sport lacrosse goggles are a top choice for girls as they meet both women’s lacrosse ASTM and NFHS field hockey standards. Their built for a comfortable fit with silicone padding that are form fitting and comfortable to wear. The STX 2see-2 is our choice for the best girls lacrosse goggles!

Best Lacrosse Goggles for Glasses

Best Lacrosse Goggles for Glasses

These versatile goggles can be easily worn with glasses and have anti-fog and scratch protection on the lenses so your visibility will be unimpaired all season long

The top choice among amazon reviewers for lacrosse goggles to wear with glasses, the Bangers HS-OTG goggles are the best choice if you don’t want to go with a full helmet. They fit comfortable and protect you just as well as the cage goggles so you don’t need to worry about getting injured!

Our Recommendations

Best Overall Lacrosse Goggle

A great option for kids or youth lacrosse players looking for high quality protection and enhanced vision on the field

Buying Options

Best Girls Lacrosse Goggles

The STX 2See-2 goggle is perfect for dual sport players and girls that want the option of different color customizations without giving up protection

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Best Portable Lacrosse Goal

If you need a pair of goggles that work perfectly with glasses, this is one of the top rated choices for players that require glasses on the field

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Specifications and Features:

  • Titanium Construction: The cage of these goggles is made from titanium, a lightweight and strong material that will give you as much protection as possible.
  • Double Bar Design: The double bar design of these goggles gives you the best possible field of vision with no obstructions.
  • Meets All Requirements: The STX Lacrosse Focus-S Ti Goggles meet all requirement standards, so you know they will be a safe and effective choice for play

Extremely Lightweight:  Since the metal used on these goggles is titanium, they are strong and yet extremely lightweight on your face. 

Easily Adjustable: The thick, flat strap that goes around the back of your head is comfortable and easy to adjust for the perfect fit each and every time. 

Comfortable for Long Play: Users comment that these goggles are comfortable even after an entire day of hard play.


Price: The STX Lacrosse Focus-s Ti Goggles have a higher price point than some of the other goggles on our list, however they are a high quality goggle that gives you your money’s worth if you are an avid player.


Our pick for best overall lacrosse goggles are the STX Lacrosse Focus-S Ti Goggles. These goggles are a strong and protective option at a great price point. Since the cage is made from titanium, these goggles are extremely lightweight on your face, yet strong and durable enough to give you complete protection from whatever the game brings your way. The cage is made with a double bar design that gives the player the best field of vision possible while still maintaining the proper amount of protection. 

The head strap is made from wide elastic so that it stays in place and doesn’t roll. The STX Lacrosse Focus-S Ti Goggles are very easy to adjust so that you can find the perfect fit before every use. Even after a long day of play, these goggles are comfortable and do not rub or irritate in any places. These goggles are highly rated by users for their ability to stay in place through an entire game and our choice for the best overall womens lacrosse goggles!

Specifications and Features:

  • Silicone Padding: The cage of these goggles is lined with a form fitting silicone padding so that contact to the player’s face is always soft and comfortable.
  • Does Not Absorb Sweat: The silicone material used for the padding does not absorb sweat, so it minimizes breakouts and keeps the goggles fresh-smelling.
  • Dual Function Goggles: These goggles are made for both field hockey and lacrosse players, so they can be safely used for both sports.

Affordable: Since this mask is for youth players, it is less expensive than adult masks. Also, it is certified for use in two sports, so you can save money buying one mask for those who play both sports.
Easy to Clean: The design of this mask is simple, making it easy to keep clean.
Many Color Options: There are many color options offered for this face mask, so it can be matched to the player’s uniform or a favorite color can be chosen


Does Not Work with Glasses: If the player needs to wear glasses underneath their lacrosse goggles, these are not a great option. Many users mention that glasses do not fit underneath the STC Field Hockey 2See-S Dual Sport Goggle.


The best option for girls lacrosse goggles are the STX Field Hockey 2See-S Dual Sport Goggle. Don’t let the name of these goggles fool you: they are made for both field hockey and lacrosse use. This is ideal for young players who are trying out multiple sports but do not want a whole lot of unnecessary equipment. These goggles are certified safe for both sports and meet both sets of standards.

Additionally, these goggles are super comfortable for girls to wear. The cage is lined with a silicone padding that comes into contact with your face. This padding keeps your face protected and comfortable in any situation. It also does not absorb sweat or moisture, so it does not become smelly or encourage breakouts. This design makes the STX Field Hockey 2See-S Dual Sport Goggle easy to clean or sanitize in between games and practices. Lastly, these goggles are offered in a wide variety of colors. Girls can choose their favorite color for a more personalized feel, or match their goggles to their uniform.

Specifications and Features:

  • Fits Comfortably Over Glasses: These goggles fit comfortably over almost any pair of eyeglasses.
  • Shatter Resistant: The one piece lens is made from polycarbonate, making it shatter resistant to protect you during the roughest of play.
  • Anti-Fog: These goggles are designed with vents to allow for maximum air flow into and out of the goggles, preventing the goggles from fogging up while you play.

Wide Field of Vision: Although these goggles go over your glasses, they still are able to provide you with a wide field of vision so that your view is never obstructed.
Anti-Scratch: A special coating on the lens of these goggles provides you with scratch protection.
Easily Adjustable: Easily adjustable straps give you the best support and comfort while you play so that you can always find the best fit for you.


Bulky: Since these goggles must fit over an entire pair of glasses, they are quite bulky. This does not mean that they are heavy, but they are just bigger on your face than other lacrosse goggles on the market


The best lacrosse goggles for those who wear glasses are the Bangerz HS Over The Glasses Goggles. These are a great option for players who don’t want to choose between being able to see and protection while you play. While they may not be the most attractive goggles on the market, these goggles fit completely over a pair of eyeglasses and do not harm vision at all. They can be quickly and easily adjusted with the adjustable head strap, giving you the closest fit possible. 

The clear design is used to give you a full view while wearing so that nothing obstructs your vision or causes a blind spot. The lens is made from one piece of polycarbonate. This material makes the goggles lightweight, durable, and shatter resistant. The inside and outside of the lens is treated with a special coating so that the goggles are also scratch resistant and anti-fog. The Bangerz HS OTG Goggles meet or exceed all USRA and ASTM standards.

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Specifications and Features:

  • Steel Cage: The cage of the STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggles is made from steel, giving you the best in protection and durability.
  • Oval Wire Design: The oval wire design of the cage allows you to have a full field of vision.
  • Silicone Padding: The wire cage is lined with a soft, silicone padding to protect your face during impact.

Non-Absorbent: The silicone lining does not absorb sweat or moisture, so it stays dry during hot days.
Great Value: The STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggles are high quality with an affordable price, making them a great value.
Meets 2020 Rule Changes: The construction and design of these goggles has been updated to meet the new 2020 standards


Only One Size:  These goggles are adjustable, but only come in one size, so they may not fit even after adjustments. Make sure to check the sizing chart before purchasing


Our choice for best value lacrosse goggles are the STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggles. These goggles are made with a steel cage, giving you the ultimate protection and durability during even the toughest of play. The cage is lined with a soft, silicone padding that cushions your face from each impact. This padding is also non-absorbent, so it does not absorb sweat or moisture from your face or the environment. This keeps the silicone dry and fresh so that it does not grow mildew or retain smell. The silicone padding and steel cage are both easy to clean so that you can keep your goggles fresh between uses. 

The STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggles are easy to adjust, and have a wide, elastic band to keep them firmly on your head. These goggles have been updated to meet the new SEI 2020 rule changes, so they are up-to-date and certified for play and are our choice for the best value lacrosse goggles!

Specifications and Features:

  • Flexible Frame: The frame of these goggles is strong, yet flexible so that it can conform to the shape of your head for a better fit.
  • Wide Eye Openings: The eye openings on these goggles are extra wide and long so that you have great visibility while wearing them.
  • Lightweight Wire Design: The lightweight wire design doesn’t hold you down, and improves your downward vision.

Gel Padding: The inside of the cage is lined with a gel padding for great comfort and easy cleaning.
One-Hand Adjustments: The wide strap on the back of the head can easily be adjusted with a single hand for quick adjustments and tightening in a moment.
SEI Certified for New Goggle Rules: 2020 presented new rules and guidelines for lacrosse goggles. This model has been SEI certified for the new rules so they are ready to use


No Padding on Bottom of Cage: The gel padding that lines the cage is not on the bottom part of the cage, so at times of intense impact, the lower part of your face may feel more force from that impact


The best lacrosse goggles for vision are the Under Armour Charge Women’s Lacrosse Goggles.  These are our choice for best vision goggles because of the wide eye openings on the frame.  This design is made specifically to improve your vision while keeping you protected in all situations.  The frame of these goggles is flexible so that it can provide a more custom and comfortable fit for all wearers. The flexible frame also provides the wearer with reduced pressure points. The inside of the frame is lined with a gel padding to protect the contact points with your face.  This gel also has light etching on it to reduce slipping during play. The combination of materials keeps the goggles lightweight, allowing for free movement without inhibition. 

If the Under Armour Charge Women’s Lacrosse Goggles need to be adjusted during play, simply reach back with one hand to tighten, due to the easy, one-handed adjustment. Lastly, these goggles are SEI certified for the new 2020 goggle rules for lacrosse.

Specifications and Features:

  • Low Profile Cage Design: The cage design of the Bring Dynasty 2 Women’s Lacrosse Goggles is low profile, so it never feels bulky or out of place on your face.
  • Dual Strap: The dual strap for the back of the goggles keeps them in place during rough play and doesn’t allow the goggles to slip or slide anywhere on your face.
  • Contoured Silicone Padding: The silicone padding that lines the inside of the cage is contoured to fit the curves of your face.

Comfortable for Long Wear: The thick, silicone padding provides plenty of protection and coverage to keep you ready and safe for a long day of lacrosse.
Pressure Dispersed: Any pressure that is placed on these goggles is dispersed evenly throughout the padding.
Many Color Options: These goggles are offered in many different colors for customization or personal preference purposes.


Narrower Field of Vision: The eye openings on the cage of these goggles are more narrow than some of the others on this list, potentially obstructing vision during certain situations.


The most protective lacrosse goggles are the Brine Dynasty 2 Women’s Lacrosse Goggles. These goggles have a strong and durable cage to keep you safe from any blows that come your way. Players love the low profile design of these goggles, as well as how light they feel on your face. The inside of the cage is lined with a silicone padding to keep your face protected during impact. This padding is ergonomically contoured to fit the curves of your face for a more customized and comfortable fit. In fact, these goggles can be worn all day for multiple games and not cause any discomfort for the player. In addition to the padding providing comfort for the player, it also allows for the pressure from any impact to be dispersed evenly throughout the padding. This prevents one area from feeling the brunt of the impact and potentially even prevents an injury. The Bring Dynasty 2 Women’s Lacrosse Goggles are offered in many different color options for an even more customized feel.

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Specifications and Features:

  • Polycarbonate Frame: The frame of the Cascade Poly Arc Titanium Women’s Lacrosse Goggle is made from strong and lightweight polycarbonate.
  • Titanium Cage: The cage is made from titanium, a material known for both its light weight and durability.
  • PoronXRD Protection: Lining the cage is the PoronXRD material. This material is pliable and soft to protect your face. It also is able to dissipate linear force so that it is evenly distributed among the material instead of concentrated in one spot

Silicone-lined Strap: The inside face of the head strap is lined with silicone so that it does not slip during any type of movement.
Fits a Wide Range of Faces: The design of these goggles is meant to fit many people so you are sure to find the perfect fit for you.
Comfortable: The combination of the low profile design, light weight, and PoronXRD makes these goggles comfortable for a whole day of use.


More Expensive: These goggles are slightly more expensive than most of the others on our list.


The Cascade Poly Arc Titanium lacrosse goggles are top of the line when it comes to strength of materials. The fit is comfortable with a low profile design that enhances your vision on the field and keeps you protected from any sticks or balls. These are some of the highest priced womens lacrosse goggles but for good reason, as the Casecade Poly Arc Titanium goggles incorporate some of the best technology on the market. 

Specifications and Features:

  • Full Head Protection: The Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear provides the player with full head protection instead of just face and eye protection.
  • Integrated Goggle System: This headgear has an integrated goggle system that is designed to relieve the facial pressure that comes with a separate pair of goggles.
  • PoronXRD Lining: The lining of the helmet is made from PoronXRD material that is designed to help absorb and dissipate the force from impacts

Steel Mask: The cage of the mask is made from steel, giving you solid and dependable strength and protection.
Large Air Vents: Large air vents in multiple parts of the headgear allow for air to flow through freely to keep you cool and comfortable.
Dual Hair Slots: Dual hair slots allow for multiple different hairstyles to be worn underneath the headgear, accommodating many preferences


Bulky and Uncomfortable: While this set of headgear provides the most protection for a player, many users complain that these are bulky and uncomfortable to wear while playing. It could just take some getting used to


For those who need a full set of headgear, the best women’s lacrosse headgear is the Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear. Headgear offers not just goggles, but head protection as well, all in one convenient piece. This headgear protects from any accidental ball or stick contact with the player’s head, so you are safer in any situation. The goggles of this mask are integrated with the headgear, alleviating any facial pressure that is typically caused by lacrosse goggles. The cage of the integrated goggles is made from steel for the utmost protection and durability. The lining of the helmet and goggles is made from PoronXRD, a material that is comfortable to wear while also dissipating any impact that is received. Since the Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear is much more material on your head than just goggles, the headgear has many large vents in it to increase airflow and keep you cool and comfortable while you play, even on the hottest days. Additional features are dual hair slots, interchangeable cheek pads, and easily adjustable straps.

Lacrosse Goggle Buying Guide

Before making your final decision, take a look at our buyer’s guide below. Here, we detail the most important features to consider before purchasing lacrosse goggles.

Cage Material

The first thing to consider when purchasing lacrosse goggles is the material that the cage is made out of. This is the part of the goggles that provides the most protection to your face and eyes, so you want to make sure the cage is made out of a strong metal. Titanium and steel are two common materials for cages that are strong, durable, and lightweight.

Cage Design

The next feature to look at is the design of the cage. The bars of the cage should cover the brow bones and cheek bones adequately without getting in the way of the line of vision of the player. Look for double bar designs that have wider openings for the eyes so that there is no bar impeding the field of vision.


The inside of the cage should have a padded lining to protect the cage bars from digging into your face during impact and play. A great option for padding is silicone, as it typically does not absorb sweat or moisture. Other common options are gel or other composite materials. No matter the material, you are looking for padding that is thick and soft. It is best for the material to be contoured to the curves of the face for the best fit possible.


Lacrosse goggles need to fit on your face snugly and firmly for the best protection. In order for them to fit your face perfectly, they need to be easily adjustable. Look for a wide and elastic adjustable band that goes around the back of the head. For convenience, a one-handed adjustment is the best option.

Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

And that concludes our breakdown of the best women’s lacrosse goggles and headgear. Lacrosse is a high intensity game so keeping your head and eyes protected should be one of the top concerns for all players.

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