Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads (2022 Update)

There is a lot of protective gear that is required to play lacrosse. While your first thought is to protect your chest and collarbones, there are other vulnerable parts of your body that need protecting as well.  Box or Field, you are going to be taking some slashes and hits!  Lacrosse elbow pads may not protect your heart or any vital organs, but anyone that’s taken a slash to the forearm, or taken a fall and had your elbow pad slide up, knows that having an old or cheap pair can be pretty costly. 

Arm guards are worn to protect you from checks and slashes, and to absorb the blow from any stick that comes your way.  Arm guards can be the difference between a minor bruise and a major, bone-shattering injury. While attackmen are the most vulnerable to hits and slashes in these areas, all positions can benefit from wearing elbow or arm guards. It is important to consider your position before choosing which type of arm guard to wear.  If you want the goods right away – the Epoch Integra Elite is our top choice for the year.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best lacrosse elbow pads on the market today. We will also discuss some features and qualities to consider when purchasing your arm guard.  By the end of this article, you will have a good idea as to which arm guard is right for you!

Best Overall Lacrosse Arm Pad

Top Of The Line Mens Elbow Pads

Awesome protection and amazing features like multi density foam, sandwich locking system, and 3 colors to choose from make the Epoch Integras our top choice!

Epoch is well known in the Lax world for all their protective gear, and their arm guards don’t disappoint!  Although a bit higher in price than some models, the Integra Elite you are getting some amazing tech for your money.  Our favorite feature is the compression sleeve, instead of just relying on a few straps, they have straps AND a compression sleeve.  These babies will not slide up your arms during gameplay!

Best Lacrosse Elbow Pads For Attack

Specifically For Attackmen

A perfect choice for youth and beginner lacrosse players, with a high level of protection and a lightweight design with hard plaster should caps

Built specifically for Attackmen, the Epoch Elite Attackmen version have a few key differences, including awesome flexibility via a 4 way stretch two piece spandex sleeve!  If your job is to put the ball in the back of the net, these are a fantastic choice of arm guards for you!

Best Lacrosse Arm Guards For Defense

Protect Your Arms While Protecting The Net!

The Warrior Evo Arm Guard is a good all around-er that we think will work good for defense due to its simple, lightweight design!

Attackmen typically need more specific features in our opinion (shooting, and taking a beating from your defensemen) so we chose this good all around pad for D men.  It could be used for either, with features like its 5-piece grid flex system and a ventilator sleeve!  The Warrior Evo Arm Guard is a solid pick!

Our Recommendations

Epoch Elite

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Attack

A great product for a lower level of protection but a higher level of mobility is the Maverik MX shoulder pads

Buying Options

Epoch Elite Attackman

Best Overall Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

The STX Cell 4 shoulder pads have everything from a lightweight and comfortable design to 25% more flexible, definitely one to check out

Buying Options

Warrior Evo Arm Guard

Best Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Looking for a new pair of shoulder pads for your youth lacrosse player, these are the perfect combination of lightweight protection and mobility

Buying Options

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Specifications and Features:

    • Made with Ariaprene: These pads are made with ariaprene, a material that feels like a second skin, allowing you to move and play with no restrictions. 
    • Player Core Control: Core control gives you protection as you play.
    • Multi-Density Foam: 2-Step, multi-density foam decreases the amount of stitching required on the pad, giving you more flexibility and movement.


  • S.Cafe Technology: Integrates coffee grounds to help cool, dry quickly, and reduce odor.  Also provides UV protection. 
  • Hardshell Cap: A hardshell cap combined with composite materials give you the most protection while playing.
  • Sandwich Locking System: The sandwich locking system gives you a customized fit, making sure the pads do not slip while you play.


  • Sizing Issues: Users mention that sizing tends to run large, and these pads are not offered in small sizes, so make sure you read the sizing chart carefully before purchasing.


Our choice for best lacrosse elbow pads are the Epoch Integra Elite Arm Pads.  These pads have everything you could possibly need to protect you during play. The combination of Ariaprene and hardshell cap allow you to move, pass, and shoot freely while also keeping you safe and protected. The use of 2-step, multi-density foam adds to this combination by minimizing the amount of stitching needed on the pads.  This, in turn, reduces weight and improves flexibility so that you are never restricted when you play. The Player Core Control, featuring S.Cafe Technology, works to keep you cool and dry during even the hottest of games.  It also reduces odor and provides UV protection. Lastly, the sandwich locking system eliminates the annoying problem of arm pads slipping while you play.  This system keeps your pads in place by giving you a more customized fit.

Specifications and Features:

  • Phase Change Technology: Phase Change Technology properly absorbs and releases heat to keep you comfortable. 
  • 4-Way Stretch: Constructed with 4-way stretch and a 2 piece spandex sleeve so you can move freely with no restrictions. 
  • Dual Density Foam: The dual density foam is compression molded so that it can be more precisely shaped for a cleaner design and more flexible fit.


  • Control Heat and Moisture: These elbow pads are great and trapping and releasing heat and moisture to keep them away from your skin while you play.  
  • Ultimate Flexibility: Though attackmen require slightly more protection, these pads do not sacrifice flexibility.  They allow you to move without limitation.
  • Sandwich Locking System: The sandwich locking system is in place to keep your elbow pads from slipping. This happens by providing a fit that you can customize.


  • Specialized for Attackmen: While this is not a disadvantage for attackmen, it is for those who play other positions.  These pads are not the best option for those who play other positions.


Another great option from Epoch Lacrosse are the Integra Arm Guards for Attackmen. These elbow pads are made specifically for attackmen, and should not be used for those who play other positions on the field. These pads feature Phase Change Technology. Phase Change Technology is Epoch Lacrosse’s patented technology that has the ability to trap and release heat and moisture in your pads.  It keeps both of these things away from your skin to keep you as cool and dry as possible, even during the hottest of days. These pads also provide a great deal of flexibility as you play.  A 2 piece spandex sleeve provides 4-way stretch to allow you to move in any direction necessary without inhibition. Dual density foam that is compression molded means that less stitching is required for construction.  This gives your pads more flex and less weight. Lastly, the sandwich locking system allows you to adjust your pads easily and secure them in place where they will not more or slip while you play.

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Specifications and Features:

  • D30 Aero Foam: D30 Aero Foam is located on both the bicep and the forearm to provide you with the maximum amount of hit protection.
  • Elongated 7 piece construction: Construction in seven different pieces gives you more comfort and a better fit.
  • Cage FLX System: The Cage FLX system allows for a more flexible profile with form fitting comfort.


  • Specialized Grip Print: A specialized grip is printed on the inside of the arm guard so that it stays securely in place on your arm. 
  • Ergonomically Designed: The pad is designed to ergonomically fit your body so that it hugs your body perfectly.
  • Breathable Materials: The Warrior Evo Arm Guard is built with breathable fabric, allowing for air to flow through the pad to your skin.


  • Sold Individually: The Warrior Evo Arm Guard is not sold in a pair.  It is sold individually. So, if you choose these pads, you will have to purchase two in order to be properly protected when you play. 


The Warrior Evo Arm Guard is our choice for best lacrosse elbow pads for defense. This pad has protection in all the right places so that your elbow and arm will never be vulnerable.  D30 Aero Foam is located on the bicep and the forearm of the pad.  This allows for protection from both high and low hits while also keeping a low and non-bulky profile. The elongated, 7 piece construction, combined with the Cage FLX system gives you a form fitting pad that is always comfortable.  These features also combine to give you great flexibility while playing without holding you back. The ergonomic design of each pad hugs the curves of your arm naturally so that there is no discomfort or rubbing. Lastly, the inside lining of your pad is printed with a specialized grip print.  This is designed to grip the skin on your arm so that the pad never slides out of place while you are playing. 

Keep in mind, these pads seem to be sized for younger players.  So, make sure to check the weight ranges and measurements on the sizing chart before purchasing.

Specifications and Features:

  • GeoFlex II Technology: STX Lacrosse’s proprietary GeoFlex II Technology reduces weight and increases flexibility for optimum performance. 
  • Hard Plastic Elbow Cap: The elbow cap of these pads is made from hard plastic, so it gives you maximum protection for one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. 
  • Breathable Materials: The breathable protection system allows for air to flow through the pad, keeping you cool and dry as you play, even in extreme heat.


  • Non-Slip Silicone Tape: A strip of non-slip silicone tape lines the top of and bottom inside of these pads to keep them in place while you are wearing them. 
  • Dual Adjustment Straps: Adjustment straps are located on the top and bottom of these pads, allowing you to get the best fit possible for comfort and protection. 
  • Color Customizable: The STX Lacrosse Cell 4 Men’s Lacrosse Arm Guards come in many different colors, so you can customize your arm guards to match the colors of your team.


  • Not Enough Slip Protection: While the STX Lacrosse Cell 4 Men’s Lacrosse Arm Guards do have a strip of non-slip silicone tape to help keep your pads in place, many users find that it is not enough, and their pads still slip or move out of place more than they would like.


STX Lacrosse is a well-known and highly rated company that has been producing lacrosse equipment for many years.  This is why it is no surprise that the STX Lacrosse Cell 4 Men’s Lacrosse Arm Guards are some of the best high protection lacrosse arm guards on the market today. The hard plastic elbow cap completely covers the area of your elbow so that it is well protected and not vulnerable to hits or slashes.  GeoFlex II Technology is STX Lacrosse’s proprietary technology that provides you with two great benefits.  First, it reduces the overall weight of the arm guards so that they don’t weigh you down.  Second, it is proven to be 25% more flexible.  Non-slip silicone tape on the inside of each pad prevents them from slipping or moving out of place during use. Additionally, the adjustment straps located on the top and bottom of the arm guards give you two places for size adjustment so that you can find the best fit possible. These arm guards come in many different colors, so it is easy to customize your guards to fit the colors of your team if that is something that interests you.

Specifications and Features:

  • Aero Shield Technology: Aero Shield Technology, which looks like a honeycomb surrounding the guard, is designed to protect players from hacks and slashes.
  • Ventilator Chill Mesh Sleeve: An internal ventilator chill mesh sleeve keeps your arm cool during hot days of playing. It also provides a secure and comfortable fit to your arm.
  • Double Adjustment Straps: Two adjustment straps, one on the bicep and one on the forearm, allow for a more customized fit for your elbow guard.


  • Non-Slip Gel Print: The inside of the liner of these elbow pads are lined with a non-slip gel print.  This is designed to keep the pad secure and in-place on your arm so you are not constantly tugging them to stay in place. 
  • Weight: The materials used to create these elbow pads are extremely light weight, giving you a piece of protective gear that doesn’t weigh you down or obstruct your playing in any way. 
  • Price: These pads are a great price, especially for the quality and features that they provide.


  • Does Not Provide Optimal Protection for Entire Arm: While there is ample protection for your elbow, users mention that the length and construction of these pads do not provide optimal protection for your entire arm.  
  • Sold Individually: The Brine Triumph II Lacrosse Arm Guard is not sold in a pair.  This guard is sold individually, so make sure to add two to your cart instead of one.


If you are on a strict budget, and don’t have a ton of money to spend on new lacrosse arm guards, then the Brine Triumph II Lacrosse Arm Guards are for you. Aero Shield Technology surrounds the exterior of the pad to provide your arm with protection.  The honeycomb design is strategically placed in areas that tend to receive the most impact. This gives you the ample protection from hacks and slashes that you need. Underneath all the protection lies the ventilation chill mesh sleeve.  This hugs your arm, providing a secure and comfortable fit for the guard on top.  It also is designed to keep your arm cool, especially in times of extreme heat or long days of play. Double adjustment straps and non-slip gel print work together to keep the arm guard in place as you bend and flex. They also help to provide a more snug and customized fit for you. Keep in mind that the price and purchase from the link above is for one arm guard.  

Keep in mind – You will have to purchase two in order to be fully protected while you play.

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Specifications and Features:

  • High Density Foam: High-density foam provides soft and comfortable protection so that you are comfortable while playing, but also protected at the same time. 
  • Hard Shell Cap: The hard shell cap covers the entire elbow area for maximum protection from hits. 
  • Sure-Fit Design: The Sure-Fit Design allows for each pad to function and fit with a full range of motion if worn properly.


  • Made with Quality Materials: Made from high-quality, raw materials, and designed by the best engineers in the field. 
  • 3-piece Design: The three-piece design allows your arm to bend and flex freely without restrictions.  It also provides more comfort for your arm.
  • Breathable:  The Epoch iD Jr Youth Lacrosse Arm pads offer protection while being able to allow air to flow through them. 


  • Not Specialized: These arm guards are made for youth players who are still finding out which position they should play.  Therefore, they are not specialized for a particular position.  These pads should only be used by young players who switch positions frequently.
  • One Month Warranty: These arm guards come with a one month warranty.  While a warranty is great, one month is not a very long time to cover defects in a product.


If you are purchasing elbow pads for a new or young player, then the Epoch ID Jr. Youth Lacrosse Arm Pads for Attack, Middle, and Defensemen are a great option for you.  These pads are great for players who are just starting out and are going to be switching between positions on the field frequently.  Even though these arm guards are super affordable, they are still made with high quality materials that will protect your player and last. The Sure-Fit design was included in order to allow the pads to fit and function with a full range of motion for each arm, even if the pads are accidentally put on incorrectly. The three piece design also allows for increased movement and flexibility, which is especially important for young players who are learning the game. Not only do these arm guards fit well, they provide great protection too.  High density foam protects the bicep and forearm while a hard shell cap is in place to protect the elbow from any hits. Lastly, the materials used are breathable, so they do not trap heat or moisture inside.  Air can flow through to minimize sweat and odor.

All in all, these are a fantastic, affordable option for younger players!

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Lacrosse Elbow Pads

Before you begin shopping for lacrosse elbow pads, it is important that you consider a few things.

Level of Protection

Different types of arm guards come with different levels of protection. Most of the time, it comes down to personal preference when choosing the level of protection you want.  The main exception is if you or the player are an attackman.  This position should have a higher level of protection than others on the field as defensemen are typically trying to stop them by hitting or slashing their arms.


As previously mentioned, the position that you play as an affect on how much protection you need from your arm guards.  Attackers need the most protection, which defensemen probably need the least amount of protection. While this is typically the case, there are no requirements for the amount of protection for each position.  Therefore, you can pretty much choose whichever level of protection you feel comfortable with.

Level of Mobility

Lastly, mobility is an extremely important feature from your arm guards.  Arm guards that are stiff or heavy will restrict your movement and negatively affect your playing.  Even if you need a lot of protection from your arm guards, you can still have protection and mobility.  Just make sure to read the descriptions carefully and look for user reviews to see if there are any comments or descriptions of flexibility.

Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

Arm guards are an essential part of your lacrosse gear.  No matter which position you play, they can really provide some essential protection for your arms and elbows.  By now, you should have a good idea of what kind of arm guard you need.  As always, with all online purchases, make sure to read the sizing chart and take measurements before buying.

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