The Best Lacrosse Cleats of 2023

Looking for the perfect lacrosse cleat for your game to help you be the quickest and most agile player on the field? In this review we have awarded the Nike Alpha Huarache 7 Elite lacrosse cleat as best for 2020 for its extremely comfortable fit and the best traction on the market! These high top Nike lacrosse cleats use a breathable foam cushioning around the ankle for improved protection. Read on for our top recommendations and review of the best lacrosse cleats so you’ll be the player making the hardest and fastest cuts on the field!

Best Lacrosse Cleat

Top Overall Lacrosse Cleat

The Nike Huarache Elite is a top of the line product for serious lacrosse players, lightweight and amazing feel for the quickest cuts and acceleration. 

This lacrosse cleat doesn’t mess around, using a flexible TPU plate with triangular cleats to improve your feel on the turf, and enhance your traction for better agility. It’s hard to doubt Nike with anything they do with shoes and these cleats really hit the mark in every category; super durable, amazing feel, and next level traction make these lacrosse cleats a can’t miss choice! The Flywire cables zig zag around your foot to keep you locked in all game. Not to mention these are some of the sharpest looking cleats out there.

Best Lightweight Lacrosse Cleats

Best Lightweight Lacrosse Cleats

Designed for better lateral movement and explosive cuts, these lightweight New Balance lacrosse cleats are pushing the limits for the benefit of your game.

New Balance lacrosse cleats are pretty new to the game, but their focus on better traction has gone a long way in earnings the respect of lacrosse players everywhere. A dual-density TPU sole is extremely lightweight and allows your foot to flex naturally as if you were barefoot on the field. The multi directional cleats are engineered specifically for lacrosse movements, so you can make those sharp cuts to the net and score the highlight reel goal!

Best Value Lacrosse Cleats

Best Lacrosse Cleats For the Money

Loved by college players and recreational lacrosse players, these lacrosse cleats give you the performance you need combined with the top value!

Want the best possible performance without needing to spend over $100, these Under Armour lacrosse cleats are the best possible combination of value and performance. A comfortable and snug fig, you’ll feel just as agile wearing a pair of these as you would a more expensive model. Built for improved acceleration with secondary cleats for that little bit of extra grip, this was an easy pick for the best lacrosse cleats for the money!

Top Recommended Lacrosse Cleats

Best Lightweight Cleats

Continuing to change the lacrosse game with their cleats, New Balance serves up some of the lightest cleats in the game designed specifically to enhance your lateral movement on the field

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Best Overall Cleats

One of the newest offerings from Nike in lacrosse cleats, these give you peak performance in any weather and field condition, and the high top gives unparalleled ankle support.

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Best Value Lacrosse Cleats

A comfortable fit made possible by a molded 4D foam that forms to your foot over time so these keep feeling better and better. A great pair of lacrosse cleats if you’re looking to save some cash!

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What We Based Our Research On

Lacrosse cleats and sticks are arguably the two pieces of equipment that can make a noticeable difference in your game every time you’re on the field. The stick is obviously used for shooting and passing, but if you don’t have the proper cleats your traction, lateral movement, and explosiveness will suffer so you won’t be in a good position to use your stick. Scoring goals is more than just stick skills, quickness and agility are key for a lacrosse player and we’re going to break down the best lacrosse cleats for 2020 in this review!

We’ll be focusing on the top products from Under Armour, Nike, and New Balance just to name a few big brands. Different players have difference cleat preferences, whether it is wearing high tops, low tops, or if you’re looking for something more lightweight. We will look at all the specifications and features that impact the comfort, lateral movement, weight, and traction of the lacrosse cleats so you can make the best decision for your game!

Specifications and Features:

  • Flexible TPU Plate – Constructed with a flexible TPU plate on the bottom sole to give these lacrosse cleats excellent lateral mobility for those hard cuts
  • Flywire Cables – The innovative lacing system of these Nike lacrosse cleats also connect to flywire cables that zig-zag across the shoe to keep your foot locked in place all game
  • Breathable Mesh – A synthetic mesh overlay on the shoes give these superior ventilation and breathability for the ultimate in comfort
  • Slip on Fit – A knit cuff at the top wraps up your foot in a tight slip on foot for 

Pros: Superior lateral movement and traction, lightweight feel and improved acceleration, comfortable slip on fit

Cons: The price is on the higher end but these cleats utilize a lot of innovative technology


If you’re competing at the top level or you’re serious about lacrosse, look no further than the Nike Alpha Huarache Elite if you’re searching for your next pair of lacrosse cleats. This is an easy choice, with huge technological advances like the flywire lacing system that locks your foot in for those explosive cuts. The flexible TCU plate gives these cleats a natural feel as they move with your foot as if you’re wearing sneakers. This gives you optimal lateral movement for braking, accelerating, and quick lateral movements. These Nike lacrosse cleats also give you amazing comfort, with a knit cuff at the top for a slip on feel and breathable mesh material. This is a tough shoe to beat, offering a high top style and great ankle protection so you’ll stay in the game. These shoes also come in a lot of different colors and patterns to show off your swagger. The Nike Alpha Huarache Elite gets our pick for the best lacrosse cleats of 2020.

Specifications and Features:

  • Dual Density TPU Plate – The TPU plate is made up of a dual density material to give you better flexibility, traction, and stability on the field
  • Moldable Heel Pads – Soft pads on the heel area of the shoe suck your foot in and lock it in with the cleats, so you don’t have to worry about your foot slipping mid game
  • Flexible Fit – A slip on style full tongue give these lacrosse cleats a snug and comfortable fit for players of every position
  • Mesh Collared Fit– A breathable and flexible top mesh collar give you better ankle support and stability making those hard cuts

Pros: Extremely lightweight and breathable cleats, great traction on the field in all weather conditions

Cons: They aren’t as protective as some other cleats, and are for players needing quickness


If you aren’t a fan of the restrictive, stiff cleats then the New Balance Freeze LX 3.0 lacrosse cleats are the product for you. Designed to fit more like a sneaker, they are extremely lightweight and comfortable just like the shoes you came to the game in. The acceleration and quickness you get with these cleats is unparalleled, making the quick moves to the net easier than ever. The dual density TPU plate makes these cleats even lighter, without sacrificing the stability and flexibility you need. These lacrosse cleats have Lamitex material to prevent any stretching and also improve the ankle stability of the cleat. Overall, these are our choice for the best lightweight lacrosse cleats and you’re going to get a top product for a price that won’t break the bank!

Specifications and Features:

  • Molded TPU Plate – The molded TPU plate is engineered to give every player lightweight feel and superior traction in any conditions
  • Secondary Cleats – For enhanced traction on those hard cuts and stops, secondary cleats enhance your mobility on the field
  • Sock Like Fit – The material on the top of the cleat is woven to give you a more comfortable and snug fit, and top level ankle stability
  • 4D Foam Material– The bed of these lacrosse cleats is a soft foam that forms to your feet for enhanced comfort and feel of the turf, and helps prevent injuries and cramps

Pros: Top level performance at a value cost, lightweight and comfortable fit, improved traction

Cons: This cleat is designed to be more flexible and gives up a little in the ankle support


Looking for a top lacrosse cleats that isn’t going to break the budget for the month, look no further as the Under Armour Banshee is our top value lacrosse cleats for 2020! You don’t need to worry about a lack of features, as these come with a woven top material to give these a slip on feel that will keep your foot snug for every hard cut to the net. The molded TPU plate decreases the weight and still gives you superior stability and traction on the field. These Under Armour lacrosse cleats use a mesh tongue for improved ventilation and a synthetic material to cover the toe for better durability. These aren’t just your run of the mill cheap lacrosse cleats, you’re going to get top performance at a great price point!

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Specifications and Features:

  • Triangle Shaped Studs – The cleats on these are triangular for enhanced traction in every direction, improving lateral movement, stopping, and acceleration. 
  • Foam Midsole – Comfortable and soft material for better feel and reduced movement of your foot throughout the game 
  • Low Profile Fit – A low profile shoe for players looking for alternatives to the hightop, they have the feel of a runner with the protection and stability of a high end lacrosse cleat

Pros: Comfortable fit, ultimate traction in ever direction with the triangular spikes

Cons: With the low profile design, these give up a little in ankle support


Looking for a lacrosse cleat that has a design closer to a running shoe, the Nike Alpha Huarache 6 pro give you a low profile design with superior traction. Players across all leagues rave about the feel you have with these cleats when going full speed on the field. The triangular design ensure any lacrosse player won’t have any issues with traction making an explosive move to the net! A molded base with a soft foam mid-sole also make the comfort and feel of these shoes some of the best on the market in 2020. The synthetic material give these lacrosse cleats amazing ventilation and breath ability, so playing two games in one day won’t be an issue! These are a top of the line lacrosse cleat, and if you don’t like stiffness of a high top cleat these are one of the best alternatives!

Specifications and Features:

  • Mesh Tongue – Improved breathability and ventilation of your lacrosse cleats, the mesh tongue also improves the fit and comfort
  • Rubber Sole – A softer rubber sole than some of the TPU plates used in other lacrosse cleats give these a more flexible and soft feel on the turn without sacrificing traction
  • Forefront Flex Groove – Engineered to improve fit and lock your foot in place all game, the flex groove gives you improved stability and movement on the field

Pros: Great for beginner players, comfortable and flexible fit for all positions

Cons: The stability isn’t as good as cleats with a TPU plate


If you’re just starting out playing lacrosse or wanting to give it a try, these cleats are perfect for beginner players. For starters, the cost isn’t high and you get quite a good product designed specifically for lacrosse. Warrior is a brand that has been in lacrosse forever, and they put that experience to work with the Burn 9.0 lacrosse cleats. A breathable fit with a low profile, they offer improved comfort and ankle support over using straight running shoes. The traction is solid and you’ll find yourself making explosive cuts and accelerating quicker than ever before. These are our pick for the best lacrosse cleats for beginners, and one worth looking at for your first pair!

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Specifications and Features:

  • Kinetic Stitch – A material and stiching make these move when you move, for ultimate flexibility and comfort on the lacrosse field
  • Secure Fit – A slip on style fit give these New Balance lacrosse cleats a snug, comfortable fit that improves lateral mobility on the ice
  • Triangle Cleats – Enhanced traction in every direction with strategically placed, triangular cleats to give lacrosse players that extra bit into the field

Pros: low profile and lightweight fit, superior comfort 

Cons: The lightweight material can get a little soaked when playing in the rain


Looking for a pair of cleats that will truly help you become more explosive on the field, the New Balance Burn X3 have you covered. With lightweight and breathable construction, your feet will stay cool and dry throughout the game. The triangular cleats literally help your range of motion in every direction, and you’ll feel more explosive every time you’re marking a hard cut on a defender. You’ll also feel the kinetic stiching as soon as you slide these cleats on, designed specifically for fast and explosive movements. These dominate the lacrosse field and are a popular choice among many NCAA players, so they definitely deserve some attention! The New Balance Burn X3 is our pick for the best low profile lacrosse cleats out there!

Specifications and Features:

  • Superfoam Insole – For the best shock absorption in the game, the Under Armour superfoam insole gives you the ultimate in comfort
  • Lightweight Speed Plate – A fiberglass and TPU plate give you top level stability and agility in any game situation
  • Full Length Construction – The outer bootie gives you an amazingly snug, and comfortable fit with plenty of support
  • Bladed and Conical Studs – For the best in traction, these lacrosse cleats give you explosiveness in every direction with a strategic stud design

Pros: Lightweight construction, superior shock absorption and feel, top mobility and traction

Cons: This is a top of the line Under Armour lacrosse cleat so its higher in price


Designed with the serious lacrosse player in mind, these lacrosse cleats excel in every category and are a top choice for 2020. An ultra lightweight speed plate designed to improve stability, without increasing the weight of the shoe for superior acceleration. The explosive lateral cuts on the field are also enhanced with the combination of bladed and conical studs. Don’t get us wrong, with all these performance enhancing features these cleats are also insanely comfortable. The Superfoam insole goes a long way in cushioning your foot and absorbing the impact every time you make a move in a lacrosse game or practice. The Spotlight MC Under Armour lacrosse cleats are some of the best out there and if you’re a lacrosse player serious about taking your game up a notch, we recommend giving these a try!

Specifications and Features:

  • Sprintstuds – Conical studs with dual width give you deep traction while also letting you accelerate and reach top speed faster!
  • Socktight Construction – Adidas lacrosse has created these cleats with a snug fit laces to give you that perfect fit to lock your foot in all game 
  • Lightweight Construction – With a sprintframe plate to reduce weight and improve lateral movement and acceleration on the lacrosse field

Pros: designed to improve acceleration and traction on the field, lightweight and comfortable slip on fit

Cons: Higher on the price scale but top of the line performance for every game 


These top Adidas lacrosse cleats have brought some of the soccer technology to the sport of lacrosse. The circular studs with two different widths give you the best of both worlds, fast acceleration and a tough grip on the field! You’ll feel the different when cutting inside on a defender and breaking away down the sidelines. The low profile and lightweight design truly favour the lacrosse players where speed is a big part of their game. The sock like contruction gives you a snug and confortable fit every time you slip these lacrosse cleats on. A top choice for many lacrosse players the Adidas Adizero 8.0 definitely won’t let you down, and will be sure to help you improve your game!

Specifications and Features:

  • Low Arch Design – A flater sole design in these new balance lacrosse cleats to give you a better top speed, without losing any acceleration or mobility
  • TPU Molded Cleats – Engineered to give lacrosse players better stability and traction, the soles and cleats are molded with a hard lightweight TPU material
  • Synthetic Construction – Built for better durability, the New Balance Rush V1 lacrosse cleats are constructed with lightweight and breathable synthetic materials

Pros: Built for breakaway speed, lightweight and durable construction

Cons: They have a narrower fit so sizing can be a bit small compared to your regular shoe size


If you’re a lacrosse player and speed is your greatest asset, these New Balance lacrosse cleats are designed with speed in mind. The lower arch gives lacrosse players better top speeds, and you don’t lose much on the acceleration. The lightweight molded TPU plate pushes the boundaries of your lateral movements, giving you explosive quickness on every cut you make. The traction on these lacrosse cleats is superb, and they’re really easy to break in! Like almost every New Balance shoe, these lacrosse cleats are very comfortable and offer an ergonomic fit. One of our top choices of the best lacrosse cleats, they’re built for improving your top speed!

Specifications and Features:

  • Flexible Sole – Nike engineered these lacrosse cleats with a flexible rubber sole to ensure the shoe has as much contact with the turf as possible
  • Flywire Laces – These Nike lacrosse cleats have laces that also connect to flywire cables that zig-zag across the shoe to keep your foot locked in for every cut you make on the turf
  • Lightweight Design – These Nike turf lacrosse cleats are super light and durable, and feel exactly like you’re wearing runners

Pros: Flexible and lightweight design for great on field mobility, lightweight and breathable construction

Cons: These are a great lacrosse cleat for turf but don’t crossover to field lacrosse well


If you’re looking for a second pair of cleats for when you play on a turf field, or if the majority of your games are turf then these are the perfect lacrosse cleats for you. Our choice for the best turf lacrosse cleats are insanely light, and feature a soft rubber sole for better traction all over the lacrosse turf. These are a better option over your standard runners or sneakers, designed for lateral movement and better ankle support that you need playing lacrosse. These are a great choice for players of all calibers, and these won’t run up the bill either! Nike has surged in lacrosse gear lately and these shoes are a great example of why they’re becoming so popular! The Nike Huarache 7 Pro turf lacrosse cleats are a true game changer when it comes to making those lateral cuts and burning the defenders!

Lacrosse Cleats Buyers Guide

If you read this article and have a few questions about the features we talked about or some of the materials used in lacrosse cleats, we’re going to try and answer of these with our buyers guide! 

1. Materials

When we’re talking about a piece of equipment that affects your every move on the lacrosse field, you know there is a lot of science going into these designs. One thing to consider when buying lacrosse cleats is the material of the cleats and out-sole plates, as they have a big impact on traction, lateral movement, and stability on the field. The one everyone is familiar with is the standard rubber sole that is used in almost every shoe, but there is a specialty plastic we mentioned a number of times in this article. 

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) – This is a material that is very commonly used in the plates of lacrosse cleats, and its a extremely lightweight and stiff plastic. This is a great advantage when playing a field as it gives you improved traction and lateral movements. The hard plastic material gives your foot better stability than a rubber sole and a TPU plate is a good feature to consider when you’re looking for a lacrosse cleat. 

2. Lacrosse Cleat Profiles - Low, Mid, High

Just like shoes, lacrosse cleats can come in different ankle profiles that have an impact on your game but are mainly driven by player preference. We’re going to break down the differences and some of the pros / cons of using a high, mid, or a low profile lacrosse cleats!

Low Profile Lacrosse Cleats

A low profile lacrosse cleat is designed for quickness and acceleration, and will never have quite the ankle support as a high profile cleat. Low profile cleats typically come up just to below your ankle, giving your foot more rotational freedom of motion. A popular choice with many lacrosse players because of its similarity to normal running shoes. 

Mid Profile Lacrosse Cleats

The mid profile lacrosse cleats typically come up slightly higher than low profile cleats, just above the ankle to give you better ankle support. These are a great compromise between better freedom of motion than a high top, and improved ankle support over the low profile cleats. Most mid profile cleats come in the extremely comfortable slip on style, so it feels like you’re putting on socks. 

High Profile Lacrosse Cleats

The high profile cleats are like the old school high top chucks, except with way better ankle support! These cleats come up over the ankle and usually tie up to the bottom of your shin, and are designed for the best ankle support. These give you improved traction and lateral movement on the field for beating defenders, but might not be the best for the breakaway speed. 

Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

In this review we made sure to hit all the best lacrosse cleats of 2020 and included some value choices if you’re not looking to spend top dollar! Our choice for the best lacrosse cleat for the 2020 season is the Nike Alpha Huarache 7 Elite, for its ankle support and top level performance on every cut you make. These are one of the best lacrosse cleats for the money and will be sure to take your game to another level. 

Comment below to let us know your thoughts or if there are other cleats you’d like us to review!

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