The Best Lacrosse Bags [For Gear, Sticks, and Balls]

Lacrosse players have to carry alot of gear back and forth to practice, games, and training, so you need to make sure you have the right back for the job!  Equipment bags, stick bags, and ball bags are all important for keeping organized and making sure you don’t show up to the field missing a key piece of gear!  Our top pick for the year is the Warrior Black Hole T1.  Check out our other top choices below and our full reviews on even more bags right after!

Best Lacrosse Equipment Bag

Best Overall Lacrosse Equipment Bag

A well priced bag with ample storage for sticks, shafts, and shoes, this bag does it all!

Measuring at a huge 42x13x12 inches, the Black Hole has space for all your lacrosse gear!  A separate compartment for used and smelly gear, and a great build quality that will last for many seasons to come!

Best Backpack Style Lacrosse Bag

Best Backpack Style Lacrosse Bag

Doing more with less room, the Athletico bag is cleverly designed to store all your gear in a simple, easy to carry bag!

An ergonomic design with tons of storage in a small package, the Athletico is a great backpack style bag to store all your lax gear in.  Dual stick holders, vented cleat containers (we know you need this), and a pocket big enough for all your gear, this bag is a perfect all arounder.  It even comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you aren’t happy, they will fix it!

Best Lacrosse Stick Bag

Best Lacrosse Stick Bag

Keep your sticks safe and sound with STX’s well priced stick bag!

With enough room for 3 sticks, it doesn’t get more self explanatory than this.  No space age materials, no carbon fiber, just a simple bag at a great price that is going to keep your sticks from  being banged up outside the game

Top Recommended Lacrosse Bags

#1 Value Lacrosse Gloves

Epoch makes several different tiers of lacrosse gloves, but really hits the sweet spot of performance for the money with the Epoch ID’s

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Top Overall Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik does an amazing job with it’s Max glove to offer the ultimate in protection while still keeping performance as a top priority!

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Top Womens Lacrosse Gloves

A great overall glove for a great price, the Brine Mantra Ice is a grippy, protective glove that is perfect for any Womens

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What We Based Our Research On

Lacrosse is a sport with tons of gear – Helmets, Sticks, Cleats, Shoulder / Shin pads, Visors, Mouthguards, the list goes on!  You need somewhere to stuff all that gear!  Well thankfully manufacturers have improved since the days of a plan old sack to carry your gear, you now get separate pockets, mesh pockets for wet gear, and stick carrying options as well!

We’ll be focusing on the top products from Athletico, Warrior, Warrior, STX, and Brine just to name a few big brands. Different positions need to consider different features when shopping for bags, as your storage needs might be a bit different!  Read on to see our full breakdowns of the best bags around

Specifications and Features:

  • Massive Storage – Measuring in at 42x13x12 inches this lacrosse carry bag has room for all your gear!
  • Wet Gear Compartment – You played a hard game, now your gear is wet and stinky, keep it separate from your other equipment!
  • Side Pockets – Full length side pockets for stick and shaft storage

Pros: Huge volume, Tons of storage, Wet gear compartment, Warriors best selling lacrosse bag of all time!

Cons: Not many, it is a simple, straightforward carry back that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!


If you have a bunch of gear and need something to carry it in, the Warrior Black Hole T1 is a fantastic choice.  Tons of room, and a great price are why we ranked it as the best!

2. STX Lacrosse Challenger Bag - Best Budget Lacrosse Carry Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • Outside Sleeve – Designed to keep your sticks separate from your gear
  • Accessories Pocket – To keep your keys, wallet, mouthguard, balls, whatever small items you’d like to keep separate!
  • Two Sizes – The bag comes in 36 inch or 42 inch long sizes, the smaller size being best for younger players with smaller sticks and gear!

Pros: Bargain price on the 36 inch bag, Exterior pocket for sticks, Large inside pocket, Small items and valuables pocket helps keep those separate!

Cons: No real cons, it stacks up great with the Warrior bag and really comes down to personal preference! 

JLVerified Reviewer
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Perfect size for my 12 year old son. Anything larger would be tough to carry. Has plenty of room for all of his gear, with room to spare. I really can't wee why a teenager would need a larger bag. Seems to be well constructed, too.


Need a bag?  This is a great bag!  It checks all the boxes – Large storage compartment, stick sleeve, valuables pocket, decent pricing.  If you like the looks of it, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this one!

Specifications and Features:

  • Massive Storage – Main compartment is huge with room for all your gear
  • 4 Stick Storage – The stick pocket is bigger than most, with room for up to 4 sticks
  • Accessory Pocket – For convenient storage of you keys, wallet, or small lacrosse accessories

Pros: Huge main pocket, Massive side stick pockets with room for 4 sticks, Solid durable carry straps, Great quality construction that will last for years

Cons: One of the more expensive bags, but not by much!


Brine is a quality lacrosse company, and this bag is no outlier.  Tons of storage, great looks, and the biggest stick storage pocket we’ve seen – If you like carrying around extra twigs then this is your bag!

1. Athletico Lacrosse Bag - Best Overall Backpack Style Lacrosse Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • XXL Backpack Bag – Room for all your gear, with stick pockets on the side to boot
  • Clever Features – Dual stick holders, Vented cleat compartments and more! 
  • Multi Sport Use – While this bag is designed for lacrosse, it can easily be used for field hockey, football, soccer, and more!

Pros: Clever design allows for maximum storage out of a small bag, 100% satisfaction guarantee, Great price, coming in cheaper than most carry style bags

Cons: One of the more expensive backpack style bags, but still quite a bargain!


Athletico specializes in bags and storage devices, and it shows!  Their flagsip lacrosse bag has tons of storage and features and comes in at the right price!

Specifications and Features:

  • Amazing Looking Bag – Mauv has really out done the other manufacturers with this sleek, attractive all black bag and their gold lettering!  Looks do matter!
  • Water Resistant – Made from Polyester and utilizing a Poly-Urethane coating, the entire bag is resistant to getting wet
  • Durable Build – Reinforced backpack straps to ensure this bag lasts for many seasons!

Pros: Fantastic looking bag, Water resistant, Two side pockets with a bottom shoe compartment, and stick pockets, 100% Satisfaction guarantee

Cons: No real cons, the price is very comparable with other bags of this style


STX is a household name when it comes to Lacrosse for a good reason, they got their start in the sport and continue to excel, putting out great equipment every year.  The Surgeon RZR is no exception, representing the pinnacle of their glove lineup.  It is packed with technology to buff up the glove in areas of high impact, keep you hands cool and dry with vents on the palm and backhand, And has a modern, tapered fit to really fit your hands perfectly.  Just check out the review below and then head to one of our preferred retailers to get your set!

ScottLacrosse Monkey Reviewer
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Super lightweight. Padding design gives Great protection AND fast break-in. Palm vent design gives connected feel. Thumb a bit stiff when new but will break in fine. A bit pricey, but if you're a touch player, I bet you'll like these. Too new to tell how durable they'll be. So far so good!

Specifications and Features:

  • Multi Panel Ventilated Padding – High quality but still super breathable
  • Water Resistant Material – Durable polyester fabric construction to keep water out of your bag if you get caught in a storm!
  • Massive Storage  Room for all your gear, as well as a few balls and 2 sticks!

Pros: Clever Construction, High Quality Material, Dual Stick Pockets, Dedicated Shoe Pocket

Cons: With all of the premium options and materials, this bag is one of the higher priced backpacks


Sporting a 4.5 / 5 star rating with over 70 reviews, you can rest easy purchasing the Wolks XXL Premium Lacrosse Bag.  Tons of storage with a versatile pocket system, this bag has room for all your gear and more.  Don’t worry about playing in the rain either, water resistant materials will help keep your clothes dry while you light it up in field!

1. STX Lacrosse Stick Bag - Best Overall Lacrosse Stick Bag

Specifications and Features:

  • Nylon Construction – Durable and lightweight, Nylon is a material of choice for bags for good reason, it works!
  • External Pocket – Stash your wallet, keys, or other personal items in the large external pocket located at the top of the head
  • Large Top Opening – Get your sticks in and out easy with an extra large opening at the top


A good lacrosse stick bag doesn’t need to be overly complicated, it just needs to protect your sticks to and from the field!  The STX stick bag does exactly that for a good price.

2. Athletico Lacrosse Stick bag

Specifications and Features:

  • Fits Sticks 46″ And Under – A decent size but we want to make sure you don’t order if your sticks are longer!
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap – The adjustable strap means you can use this if your are a child or adult, it will fit all ages!
  • Front And Back Pockets – Store your wallet, keys, goggles, phone and more with dual storage pockets!

Pros: Extra Storage Pockets, Satisfaction Guarantee, Adjustable Strap, Padded Main Compartment

Cons: there are none!


Need a bit more storage than our top pick?  Try the Athletico lacrosse stick bag.  With tons of 5 star reviews and a great price, you can’t go wrong!

Are you playing competitive, or just going out to toss the ball around with friends?  If you need to store all your gear and more, a carry bag might be your best bet.  However if you like to travel light, grab a backpack style bag and stuff your things in there!

Nylon and Polyester are the most common construction materials for lacrosse bags.  Just make sure the bag you order has reinforced straps and a bunch of good reviews (all of the ones we highlighted do) to make sure the weak link on the bag doesn’t break on you!

You can get bags in either material.  Leather is typically higher quality, longer lasting, but also more expensive and heavy.  It all depends what your preference is.


We hope our bag article gives you some good ideas for your next lax bag.  We made sure not to pick any duds, so honestly you should be good to order any bag off our list.  Did we miss a bag you’d love to see reviewed?  Drop a comment below and let us know!

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