The Best Lacrosse Backstops of 2023

Do you have a lacrosse stick, balls, and a goal? If so, there’s one more critical piece of equipment you’re going to need as well: a lacrosse backstop.

A lacrosse backstop is designed to be wider and taller than our actual goal so it can catch any lacrosse balls that your goal fails to catch. This way, if you miss the goal, you or other players won’t have to spend time chasing after the ball down the field.

While a backstop net may not be one hundred percent necessary to play and enjoy the game of lacrosse, it can do a lot to help make playing the game far more enjoyable, convenient, and even safer.

You also reduce the risk of a missed ball accidentally causing damage against a nearby building, house, or parked vehicle (or worse, accidentally hitting a nearby passerby or pedestrian). If you’re going to play lacrosse in your backyard or anywhere else in close vicinity to vehicles or other structures, you’re going to need a backstop net.

In this guide, we’re going to cover our choices for the best lacrosse backstops on the market, and we’re also going to dive into the top qualities and features that you should look for in a backstop.

Based on this information, you will be able to easily narrow down your search for a lacrosse backstop and you will also have a list of specific recommendations for you to consider.

Without any further ado, lets gets started.

Best Net / Backstop

Top Of The Line Backstop

Does everything you’d expect of a backstop at a fair price.  A fantastic option all around!

The Mauv 3 in 1 net with backstop is a fantastic option to help with your lacrosse training.  A massive 14 foot height and 10 foot width backstop, any errant shots will be caught by this bad boy and not end up 100 feet away, or worse, through a window!  Made with durable steel and being super simple to set up, the Mauv 3 in 1 is a great choice!

Best Backstop

Simple Yet Effective

Super wide, durable, fast setup, if you are looking for a straightforward no nonsense rebounder, the Crankshooter is a great choice!

The Crankshooter Lacrosse backstop is a non nonsense, massive backstop.  It has a collabsible barrier wall so you can set up and tear this thing down in no time.  It weighs in at 33 pounds so it is easy to move around but also doesn’t require additional weighting to stay in place.  If you just want a straight up lacrosse backstop that will catch errant balls, the Crankshooter is a fantastic choice!

Best Budget Backstop

Budget Friendly Solution

Sporting a massive 12 x 9 foot area, this  backstop is a fantastic value, the tradeoff of course is it is a touch more flimsy than our top picks

If you already have a net and are just looking to make sure missed shots don’t roll a mile away, the Franklin backstop is a great choice.  Using steel carabineers it connects in 14 spots to your net for a secure, solid connection.  If you already have a net, save some cash and grab the Franklin backstop!

Our Recommendations

Best Lacrosse Backstop

A massive backstop to set up in your backyard or a field, this huge backstop will catch any shots that miss the mark!

Buying Options

Best Net / Backstop Combo

A net, backstop, and target practice all in one, if you are looking to make your first net purchase get them all in one with the Mauv 3 in 1

Buying Options

Best Budget Lacrosse Backstop

A great deal that hooks on to existing lacrosse goals, if you already have a net save some cash and grab this net!

Buying Options

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What We Based Our Research On

Lacrosse, as with almost all sports, is a very competitive sport.  The days of natural skill and talent taking you to the top are gone.  If you aren’t practicing in your free time, there are others outworking you and getting better.  Now on the flip side, you don’t want to be putting lacrosse balls through siding or windows, so a backstop is a crucial tool for practicing your shooting.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your shot won’t be pin point accurate from day one.  There will be misses, so corral them with a top notch backstop and get the ball back in your stick as fast as possible!

When we evaluated the various options available, we looked at several key items.  Construction – Will this backstop stand the test of time?  We made sure not to pick any flimsy low quality lacrosse backstops in our article.  Ease of use – We’ve all built Ikea furniture before – no one wants to spend 2 hours struggling to build their backstop, or spend an hour taking it apart if it needs to be moved.  Cost – There are so many training tools out there that you have to be smart where you spend your money.  Top of the line or budget everything is not a good path.  We have backstops of all cost levels in here to help you make a choice!  Reviews –  You don’t want to be the guinea pig for a brand new item that hasn’t been tested!  All of the backstops in our article have great customer reviews and you can be assured that they will perform once they make it to your backyard!

1. Mauv 3 in 1 Lacrosse Backstop - Best Lacrosse Net / Backstop Combo

Specifications and Features:

  • 3-in-1 set includes backstop, goal, and goalie net targets
  • 15 minute setup, no tools required
  • Total coverage 14 feet by 10 feet total

The Details:

The Mauv 3-in-1 Lacrosse Folding Goal Net is truly a great value for the product and features that are provided. First, the net comes with instructions that are simple and very easy to follow. Setup time is listed at only 15 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about struggling with building the net. Once it is assembled, you will find the total coverage to be a large 14 feet by 10 feet. This consists of a 6-foot by 6 foot goal with backstop nets that are four feet on each side. These backstop nets are a great feature of this product because they are throwback nets. This means that when you throw the ball into them, they are designed to bring the ball back to you every time. No more collecting lacrosse balls in the net!

In addition to the large coverage and easy setup, the frame of the Mauv 3-in-1 Lacrosse Folding Goal Net is made from solid steel. This makes it extremely durable and able to withstand the force from many hard thrown lacrosse balls over time. This frame will not bend or dent even after repeated wear and tear from years of use. Moving on to the goalie part of the net, there are seven different targets to focus your practice and increase your aim. These targets help you to avoid the center of the net and increase your chances for a goal.


The Mauv 3-in-1 Lacrosse Folding Goal Net is the best on our list for a reason. It is easy to build, has a large total net space, and is strong and durable, all for an affordable price. This is a great net for players of all ages, however the size of the net makes it ideal for those who are just starting out. On top of it all, this net is highly rated by users.

2. Crankshot Lacrosse Backstop - Best Lacrosse Backstop

Specifications and Features:

  • Extra Large Size – Measuring 21 x 11 feet this backstop has a massive coverage area
  • Lightweight Frame – The Crankshot uses structural steel for the bottom and fiberglass uprights to save weight
  • 18 Play PE Knotted Netting – A super strong, bouncy, and durable netting to bounce your missed shots back time after time

The Details:

The Crankshooter Lacrosse Backstop has many great and useful features to make it the perfect backstop. Its most notable feature is its colossal size. This backstop stands a full 21 feet wide by 11 feet tall, so it covers the largest area possible behind the goal. The net itself is made from 18 ply PE knotted netting. This material is waterproof and extremely durable so that it can withstand the friction caused by contact with balls moving at high speeds. In addition to the strong netting, the framing is made from industrial fiberglass. This material adds both weight and strength to the frame and net overall.

Even though this net is super large, it is extremely easy to set up. Product descriptions claim that the entire net can be built or disassembled in only three minutes. This is possible due to the quick snap design. It allows the pieces to expand and fold quickly and easily with very little effort. When fully assembled, the Crankshooter Lacrosse Backstop weighs 33 pounds, so it is heavy enough to stay on the ground without weighing down. The net also comes with a convenient carrying case so that it can be stored safely and transported easily whenever necessary, perfect for travel games. Your purchase of this product comes with a carrying case, four ground stakes, full powder coating, and plastic feet.


The Crankshooter Lacrosse Backstop wins our vote for best lacrosse backstop. This product was created for use as a backstop behind the goal or a field barrier. This backstop is one of the best on the market for placement behind a goal because of its extremely large size. While it is heavy enough to weigh itself down without additional anchoring, it is also lightweight enough to carry once disassembled. This makes this backstop perfect for use by a traveling lacrosse team.

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3. Franklin Sports Fibertech Backstop - Best Budget Friendly Lacrosse Backstop

Specifications and Features:

  • Fits Existing Goals – Measuring 12 feet wide by 9 feet tall, this clips on to most existing 6×6 goals
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor – Due to not being absolutely massive and easy to take down, this backstop is good for any setting
  • Quick Setup – Using 14 steel carabineers to attach, this can be snapped on an existing goal in a breeze!

The Details:

The Franklin Sports Fibertech Lacrosse Backstop is a great option for those who don’t want to break the bank with lacrosse equipment purchases. This backstop is a great addition to an at home practice goal. When assembled, this net reaches 12 feet wide and nine feet tall, giving you ample room around the goal to miss shots. This net is designed to contain the balls that it catches so that they can be collected when you are done practicing.

To assemble, first slide the poles into the pockets. Once that is done, there are 14 stainless steel carabiner clips that allow you to attach the backstop to the exterior of the net. Then, there are two large, universal, steel clamps that allow you to attach the net to the top two corners of the goal. This design allows the backstop to be able to fit most standard 6 foot by 6 foot lacrosse goals. Both assembly and disassembly only take a few minutes to complete. It is important to note that the purchase of this backstop does not come with a goal.


The Franklin Sports Fibertech Lacrosse Backstop is our choice for the best budget lacrosse backstop. This option costs quite a bit less than the next lowest backstop on our list. While it is more inexpensive than the others, it still has many of the same enviable features that the other backstops offer.

4. McHom Collapsible Backstop - Most Versatile Lacrosse Backstop

Specifications and Features:

  • Multi Sport – The McHom backstop is good for Lacrosse, Baseball, Soccer and more!
  • Durable Construction – The frame is made of durable steel and the net is also high quality so you will get season after season of use!
  • Easy Transportation – The McHom backstop comes with a convenient tote that it folds up into for easy storage and transportation

The Details:

The McHom Backstop is a great choice for lacrosse, or any other sport. First, it has a large protective area. When assembled, the net reaches 12 feet wide and 9 feet tall. This provides ample coverage around a goal, if necessary. Second, the net itself is made from strong and durable materials while the frame is made from steel. Both of these features make this net able to withstand frequent and constant abuse from multiple users, all practicing different sports.

Another enticing feature of this net is its user-friendly design. All the pieces of this net can fit into a medium-sized, lightweight tote that comes with your purchase. Simply take the net apart with a few easy steps, and slide all the pieces into the tote. Then, the net is completely portable so that it can be taken to any practice or game when necessary. For how strong and durable this net is, it is a wonder that it is offered at such a low price point.


The McHom Backstop is a backstop that was created without one particular sport in mind. It can be used for lacrosse, baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, field hockey, you name it! This backstop is a great at home option for those who have children who play multiple different sports. It is collapsible and easily portable, so it can be used both at home or at games if necessary. This product has many positive reviews from families who use this net for all different sports.

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5. EZGoal Monster Lacrosse Backstop Rebounder - Best Rebounder / Backstop Combo

Specifications and Features:

  • High Visibility Frame – The high vis green frame really helps you see the target from long distances to sail your shots in at it 
  • Easy Assembly – Having fewer adjustable angles and connections, the Flair rebounder is quite easy to set up 
  • Flair Sports Guarantee – If you have any problems with this unit, Flair sports promises to help you fix it or will make things right!

The EZGoal Monster Lacrosse Backstop Rebounder was designed to help any player improve their skills. With this net surrounding your goal or rebounder, you can confidently throw your ball as hard as you can without worrying about having to chase it down the street. When fully assembled, the net reaches 11 feet high and 8 feet wide. Its design is made to fit all 6 foot by 6 foot goals, as well as all Goal Pro 4 foot by 8 foot spring rebounders. This net is a great option for pregame practicing, as it attaches and detaches quickly from its goal or rebounder. When it comes time for the game to begin, just a few quick clips undoes the net from the goal. Once the netting is detached from the goal or rebounder, it can be quickly and efficiently folded and stored for use at the next game or practice session.

If construction is what you’re worried about, because of the affordable price, you can rest assured that this net is sound and well-built. The frame is made from powder-coated steel, while the netting is made from durable and waterproof material. This net can be used for quite some time before showing any wear and tear.


The EZGoal Monster Lacrosse Backstop Rebounder is another affordable option for an at home practice net. This net can attach to both a goal or a rebounder, depending on the type of practice you are looking for. Easy attachments are offered to both additions, making this net straightforward and useful. And at a low price point, how could you go without it?

Specifications and Features:

  • Multi Sport – If you play different sports, make use of this backstop for all of them!
  • Heavy Duty Materials – Fiberglass poles and strong durable netting to ensure this lasts for hte long run!
  • Comes With Carrying Case – Bring the Franklin Sport Backstop with you anywhere you go with the convenient tote!

The Franklin Sports All Sport Backstop and Target Net is perfect for young athletes looking to hone their skills and make improvements with their precision and targets. When assembled, this net reaches ten feet wide and seven feet tall, giving you ample room to for uninhibited practice. With a net this size, you don’t have to worry about chasing balls or damaging cars or windows around your house.

For the price, this net is actually quite sturdy. The frame is made from strong and durable fiberglass supports. The rest is made from heavy duty, all-weather netting. The combination of these materials allows you to practice your hardest, each and every time, without worrying about tearing or hurting your net. This net can be used year round, and is built to last. On top of it all, your purchase of this net comes with a convenient carrying case that allows you to break down, store, and carry with ease.


This pop up backstop is another multi-sport option that allows for children to practice many sports using the same net. It comes with different targets for precision practice, no matter the sport. When it comes to lacrosse, this net will keep your missed shots contained while you continue to work hard to improve. This net also is a budget-friendly option for those who are looking to save some money.

Lacrosse Backstop Buying Considerations

Lacrosse Backstop Dimensions

The dimensions that you look for in a lacrosse net backstop depends on what you plan to use the backstop for. If you are a coach who is looking to purchase a backstop for game and competition purposes, then you want to find a backstop with the largest dimensions possible. This is because the goal of this backstop is to contain as many missed throws as possible, preventing players or referees from chasing down balls that miss the goal.

If you are a player who is looking for a net to use at home for practice reasons, then your dimension requirements will be different. Many players do not have the space for an extremely large backstop in their backyard, and it won’t serve the best purpose in that situation as well. For personal use, look for a backstop that connects to a standard lacrosse goal, which is 6 feet by 6 feet, and extends in all directions. There are some nets that you can purchase that come with the goal and backstop together, which is an ideal situation. If not, you will have to purchase a goal and backstop separately. If you purchase them separately, look for a backstop that clips easily to the outside of your goal for quick installation.

Does It Include A Net Or Is It Just A Backstop?

As previously mentioned, some products in the lacrosse market today are either a backstop by itself, or a backstop and goal together. Basically, what you need comes down to preference and utility. For at home use, it is best to have both a net and backstop for practicing. Practicing without a net does not allow a player to refine their skills because there is no goal to aim for. Having both at home training is not necessary, but highly recommended. If you already have a lacrosse net, then you will be wanting to purchase a backstop separately.

Can It Be Used On Turf Or Does It Need To Be Staked Into Grass

The answer to this question depends on where you will be using your net. Many lacrosse fields today are made of turf and not dirt. If you are purchasing one of these backstop nets for pregame practicing, you will need to consider more than just your home field. Think about all the fields where you play away games. If even just one of them is turf, then you should not purchase a net that stakes into the ground. Chances are, you will encounter a turf field at least once during your season. To play it safe, a backstop for school or travel game use should be able to be used on a turf field, without staking. Look for nets that have wide, pop-up bases, standing legs, or have bags for sands or weights at the bottom.

For those who are seeking a net for practice use at home, one that stakes into the grass is the better option. Because it is staked in the ground, it will stay put in windy and rainy weather and does not need to be disassembled after every single use. However, parents may not want holes in their yard from lacrosse net stakes, so that is something else to consider.

Is It Portable / Easy To Store?

So far, most of these considerations had different answers depending on whether you want your backstop for games or at home practice. However, this feature is something that lacrosse players and coaches in both situations can benefit from. Having a backstop net that is portable and easy to store is highly important.

For teams, players must carry and set up all equipment. Having a net that is heavy and difficult to assemble wastes valuable pregame warm up time. For individuals looking for a net for practice, having a portable net allows you to practice in places that aren’t just at home. If portability is something that is important to you in your purchase of a lacrosse backstop, then look for a net that comes with a bag for carrying. This will ensure that you have an easy way to carry and store your net, no matter the situation. Pro tip: take a picture of how the pieces are all stored in the carrying bag before removing them for the first time. This way, you can refer to the picture the first few times packing them away until you get the hang of it!

Conclusion - Wrapping It All Up

And that wraps up our choices for the best lacrosse backstops that you can buy today

Any one of the backstops that we have covered here today will be a good option, or alternatively, you can continue your search for other backstops on the market while following the buyer’s guide that we just described.

Remember that buying a lacrosse backstop will be necessary if you don’t want to chase after missed lacrosse balls or if you need to reduce the risk of hitting a nearby building, vehicle, or person.

For these reasons, buying a good lacrosse backstop should not be something that you overlook.

Look for a backstop that is portable and easy to store, is larger than your actual goal, is easy to assemble, can be easily broken down for transport, and that offer a netting size of 2.5 mm at the bare minimum.

Good luck!

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