The Best Hockey Tiles

With access to hockey training so much more difficult, this year has increased the importance of setting up a hockey training space for driven hockey players to practice their skills. Hockey flooring tiles are the perfect addition to the garage or basement practice area, as they are fully customizable for layout and can fit in literally any space!

Hockey tiles are different from synthetic ice as you can’t use skates on them, but they are great for shoes and roller blades! It also makes stickhandling and passing/shooting drills much easier with the seamless fit that makes it much more game like that a shooting pad. In this article, we’re going to review the best hockey tile products on the market!

Best Hockey Tile

A greater starter option for setting up your hockey training area, these shooting tiles come in packages of 10 and are 18″X18″ each and connect on every side

One of the leading names in hockey training equipment, the HockeyShot flooring tiles do not disappoint. Easily configurable in any orientation to fit your space, these hockey tiles offer the most ice-like product out there. With a new and improved finish, handling the puck on these hockey floor tiles will feel like you are on the ice. They are weather treated so they work both outside and inside, so the options are endless as to where to deploy these hockey flooring tiles and they get our vote for the best hockey tile!

Runner-Up Hockey Tile

This is the most versatile stickhandling training aid because it is fully adjustable, both in height and configuration. 

Our runner-up choice for the best hockey flooring tiles are the Better Hockey Extreme, which are very similar to the HockeyShot floor tiles as they come in packages of 10 and have dimensions of 18″X18″. The Better Hockey extreme flooring tiles with passing kit offer a perfect opportunity to practice one timers and your passing skills without needing another player there. All you need is a net and you can quick shots after receiving a pass all day long!

Best Budget Hockey Tiles

The best thing about the Hockey Revolution hockey flooring tiles is that they have more flexibility on number of pieces, ranging from 4 to 40

A great option if you’re not looking to buy a huge pack of hockey dryland tiles, as these are available in a smaller 13″X13″ size and they also have more flexibility in how many you need to order at a time. The Hockey Revolution hockey floor tiles have a top-notch frictionless surface for seamless puck control and they can be set up anywhere!

Our Recommendations

Runner-Up Hockey Tiles

A fully configurable and versatile stickhandling training aid that is perfect for hockey players of all ages

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Best Hockey Tile

Our choice for the best hockey floor tile as you get a supreme frictionless surface that is perfect for practicing your passing and shooting at home

Buying Options

Best Budget Hockey Tile

Customize your hockey training space easier with a ton of different ordering options for Hockey Revolution My Puzzle hockey floor tiles 

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The Best Hockey Tiles Reviewed

1. HockeyShot Hockey Tiles - Best Overall Hockey Tile

Specifications and Features:

  • Patented Symmetrical Clipping – Extremely vesatile hockey tiles clip together in every direction, for any orienation and quick + easy set-up
  • Improved Surface – A new formula makes the feel of the puck smoother and also reduces glare and scratch marks
  • Dimensions – 18″X18″X7/16″ with 10 hockey flooring tiles included

What Players Are Saying:

Derek in Wisconsin
Not Cheap but Worth it
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I use these in my basement. They contour to the slightly sloped floor and connect together quite nicely. I use mostly just black standard pucks on these and they always slide across the tiles smoothly. I also like the big size of them (2.25 square feet each).
Pretty good for puckhandling and outside
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We use these to shoot pucks/ puck handle on the back patio. the open structure on the back lets water from the hose/sprinklers flow underneath it, the solid plastic we had before would trap the water and it wouldn't evaporate. The seams are more visible/obvious than other surfaces, but I like that the tiles are bigger.


If you are sitting and watching a casual NHL wondering how your favorite player is able to go far post and in while skating full speed, this is one of the reasons. Setting up hockey floor tiles in your basement, garage, or backyard will give you noticeable gains in your shooting and puck handling skills as you’ll be able to practice off ice with a regular puck instead of a ball. The HockeyShot dryland floor tiles are weather resistant so they can be used in the middle of the summer, they’re also easily configurable and quick to setup or takedown! These hockey shooting tiles are perfect for perfecting that shot or toe drag and we highly recommend for the ultimate offseason training tool!

2. Better Hockey Extreme Dryland Flooring Tiles - Runner-Up Hockey Tile

Specifications and Features:

  • Includes Passer – A nice addition to these hockey dryland tiles is the inclusion of a hockey passer, so you can easily work on one-timers and passing skills
  • Weatherproof Design – Practice both inside and outside with its UV protectant and weather proofing surface, great for all weather conditions
  • Dimensions– 18″ X 18″ yields 22.5 square feet if you buy a package of 10


This is the perfect startup kit for beginner hockey players, as it includes not only hockey dryland floor tiles but also a hockey passer for additional skill development! As with HockeyShot floor tiles, you they are 18X18 and can be set-up virtually anywhere you are able to find space. These hockey shooting tiles are the answer for setting up your hockey training center instead of paying for expensive ice-times! We love the better hockey extreme dryland flooring tiles because of the durable and ultra-slick surface you get. It will be sure to improve your puckhandling and shooting skills in a hurry if you spend some time practicing on these hockey dryland tiles. 

Looking for a balance board to take the training difficulty to the next level? Check out our guide on the Best Hockey Shooting Targets!

3. Hockey Revolution My Puzzle - Best Budget Hockey Floor Tile

Specifications and Features:

  • Durable for Rollerblades – Great for setting up outdoors or indoors and practicing your shooting skills with rollerblades on 
  • Superior Durability – Excellent reviews on how durable and long lasting these hockey dryland tiles are 
  • Dimensions – At 13″X13″ these tiles are smaller and more customizable, coming in packages of one to 40 tiles!


There is no question being able to train with a real puck on a ice-like surface makes a massive different in skill development, and the ability to use rollerblades on these hockey tiles is an added bonus. The Hockey Revolution dryland tiles are built to easily clip together in any configuration on a flat surface, and is the perfect way to improve your hockey shot! What is great is you can buy anywhere from one to 40 hockey shooting tiles so you can easily build out the perfect setup. We love the Hockey Revolution My Puzzle as our top budget hockey flooring tile!

4. Snipers Edge Hockey Shooting Tiles

Specifications and Features:

  • Real Ice Feel – A excellent frictionless finish is perfect for passing, stickhandling, and shooting drills and you won’t even notice the difference when you step back on the real ice
  • Color Options – The majority of hockey floor tiles come in only white, but Sniper Edge has four colors to choose from including red, white, light blue, and dark blue
  • Dimensions – At 12″X12″ these are a perfect one square foot in size and come in packages of 20, for 20 square feet of customizable design


These are a favorite choice for younger kids as the different color variations make it even more enjoyable to practice their developing skills on! Sniper Edge dryland slick tiles have a natural ice feel and they are super easy to assemble! They are good for any flat surfaces, and even have enough strength to withstand the weight of a car (as long as they’re flush with the concrete)! Made in the USA, these are designed for the budding hockey player that wants to get those extra reps in shooting the puck on a net or just practicing his dangles. We highly recommend checking out this product as they are definitely one of the best hockey floor tiles on the market. 

Specifications and Features:

  • Lightweight and Portable – Easily connected and portable, you can take some or all of your hockey floor tiles with you to train outside or move locations for a team training session
  • Innovative Training – With different colored hockey tiles and access to Hockey Revolutions training app, you can challenge yourself in different ways to improve your range of motion and puck handling skills
  • Dimensions – Includes 49 floor tiles that are 13″X13″ for a massive square footage of 57.5 feet!


You will never get bored of practicing your skills with the Hockey Revolution 360 pro hockey flooring tiles, as their innovative app makes it challenging and fun to work on your skills. Great for kids and high caliber hockey players alike, this is the perfect product to improve your passing, shooting, and puck handling skills in just one swift purchase. The surface is very smooth and seamless so you will easily feel the similarity to real ice, and your fast improvements will back this up. It is a great training tool especially to get kids more exciting about practicing their hockey skills and staying active. 


All the products we reviewed in this article are great quality, and one of the big considerations to what product you end up purchasing is how much space do you have. They all have different hockey floor tile dimensions and you can also customize how many you order at one time, so an important step is to measure the area you will want to set up the hockey floor tiles. Remember that none of these hockey flooring tiles can be used with real ice skates but can be practiced on with inline skates.

Our favorite product for at home is definitely the HockeyShot Ultimate Hockey Tiles because of the perfect ice-like feel and how easy it is to set-up. The hockey player in your family will love setting up his home “rink” and practicing with friends or alone, and the addition of a net or hockey passer will make this a hockey players paradise!

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