The Best Hockey Stores in Toronto

Home to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Marlboros and numerous other well-known hockey teams, the city of Toronto has a rich history in ice hockey. Without a doubt, Toronto can be called the Canadian city for hockey. The city of Toronto also caters to hockey fanatics and players through its wide variety of hockey stores to choose from! 

Your search for hockey stores in Toronto led you here, and don’t worry as we have got you all covered. The top hockey stores in Toronto have been reviewed by us in this article. We have provided you with the light at the end of the tunnel, which you can follow to find the best hockey equipment in Toronto.

So, without any delays – let’s get to business!

1. Toronto Hockey Repair

We start with undoubtedly the best hockey store in Toronto. Located just west of the Dundas West Subway Station, the store particularly specializes in skate sharpening and customized goalie equipment for their customers.

The store offers a wide range of products to choose from. It has been a dedicated store to ton of hockey players since the store’s inception in 1981.

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  • Huge Variety: The store offers a huge selection of the latest hockey products. Talking about a wide product range, not many stores come close to Toronto Hockey Repair. You can find all the latest releases here. 
  • Trustable Online Shopping: Shopping online for hockey products and accessories can prove an unsettling experience at times. There are many chances that the customer ends up being dissatisfied with the online service and sizing. With Toronto Hockey Repair this store has maintained an excellent track record of online customer service. Ease up on the nerves and order whatever you need, you would surely be satisfied. 
  • Sharpening Service Available: The store deals in expert sharpening service, which is much needed for regular customers. It provides precision sharpening as well as Flat Bottom V sharpening services.
  • Custom-made Equipment: One of the major plus points of the store is their service of providing quality custom-made equipment. Many individual hockey athletes and teams place orders for their customized equipment to the store, which is a testament to their good quality
  • Repairing Service: In addition to providing quality stuff, the store also deals in repairing damaged or worn-out equipment. You can easily send them the product for repair using a courier service.  


  • Variable Shipping Costs: The store uses a courier service for delivering products, and also receiving products for repairs. Costs can vary depending on the order quantity etcetera which can be a fuss at times.  
  • Occasional Out of Stock Situation: The store can go out of stock, particularly during the period of hockey season. The stock gets updated in 4-5 days, which can be troublesome for customers.

Bottom Line 

Surely one of the best and reliable stores in town! Recommended for customized equipment and sharpening/repair services.

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2. HockeyStickMan Showroom

Another reliable choice for good hockey equipment is the HockeyStickMan (HSM) Showroom. The store has put quality and affordability above everything in its mission.

They keep all operating costs at minimum levels and do not invest in fancy store decors or marketing campaigns. 

They deliver quality and quantity to their customers, at very reasonable prices. This is one of the stores that definitely deserves a visit if you’re looking for hockey equipment in Toronto!

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  • Economical Prices: The store is famous for its affordability factor. It keeps overhead costs at a minimum to provide customers with the best quality products at very reasonable prices.   
  • Many Product Categories: The store boasts a formidable range of hockey products and accessories. Be it protective gear or training gear, goal equipment, or hockey sticks – You can buy everything under the single roof of the HSM Showroom. 
  • Sales and Discount Offers: Price is probably the main thing customers look for when buying products. In addition to already economical prices, HSM also holds many seasonal sales as well as their yearly clearance sale. Other discount offers also keep coming throughout the hockey seasons.  


  • Guarantee Period: The store offers a 30-to-35-day guarantee on their new and refurbished hockey sticks. Some customers may find this period as small and can leave them dissatisfied in case of any bad experience. 
  • Simple Product Display: As mentioned earlier, HSM does not have any fancy decors or display counters for their product range. It is done as a cost-cutting measure. Some customers can be very conscious about the store’s ambience and may find it a bit odd. 

Bottom Line 

Stores like HSM are rare. Having a wide product variety as well as such affordable prices all under one roof makes this store a must-visit option.

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3. Dukes Source for Sports

Located in Etobicoke in Toronto, Duke’s Source for Sports is a reliable name on the list of hockey stores in the city. The store’s tagline reads “We know our stuff”. This is a testament to their staff who are experienced in the field of hockey. They aim to provide the best customer guidance possible. 

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The store also fosters partnerships with leading industrial brands. They employ frequent testing procedures to maintain the good quality of their products.


  • Sharpening Service: The store offers a dedicated service for the sharpening of skates. Their experienced staff handles this important and delicate task very smoothly. Moreover, sharpening is one of the most desired services by hockey enthusiasts. 
  • Deals in Sportswear: The thing that sets this store apart from others is the fact that it deals in sportswear. Jerseys and uniforms of many famous teams can be purchased easily from the store. 
  • Expert Staff: The staff at Duke’s is properly trained, and has the needed experience to guide customers regarding every little detail possible. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. 
  • They are happy to help with all kinds of problems for customers. They have adequate knowledge about all the products as well.
  • Custom-made Jerseys: The store also offers an additional service in the form of custom-made jerseys as well as corporate uniforms. Customers can modify the jerseys according to their liking with a small addition to the original costs.
  • Various Repairing Services: The store also offers a formidable range of repairing services. The services range from blade alignment up to bike repairing and tune-ups. 


Partial Return Policy: The store does not offer a full-fledged return policy. Used/refurbished items and certain sportswear cannot be returned or exchanged according to their policy. This can prove troublesome for customers at times.

Bottom Line

Equipped with friendly and trained staff, Duke’s is the best stop for buying hockey equipment and custom-made sportswear. It also offers a range of sharpening and repair services.    

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4. Just Hockey Source for Sports

With over 25 years of experience under their belt, Just Hockey is rightly listed amongst the top hockey stores in Toronto. They have literally everything related to hockey in store. 

Be it player equipment, goalie equipment, or even hockey apparel – Just hockey is the best place to get it. Located on Don Mills Road in Toronto, this store should be a must-visit on the list of many hockey enthusiasts. 

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  • Experienced Staff: Just Hockey employs well-trained staff who are quite experienced in dealing with the store’s equipment as well as additional services. The staff makes sure that every customer is guided properly and all queries are solved as quickly as possible. The staff puts customer satisfaction above everything. 
  • Deals in Variety: Their extensive product variety and different categories to choose from, puts Just Hockey in the driving seat against other competing stores. Be it player equipment or goalie equipment, hockey accessories, or apparel – this store is the one-stop-shop to buy all such stuff.  
  • Sharpening Service: The store is renowned for its award-winning skate sharpening services. They have been 25 years in the business, and such a great deal of experience translates into top-quality services. The store offers the best sharpening service, that too at reasonable prices.


Website Under Development: The store is still working on developing its website. The current site has a lot of issues and bugs that need to be fixed. AI has also been just recently integrated into the website. Significant improvements are still required to make the site more user-friendly.

Bottom Line

Just Hockey is rightfully credited as one of the best hockey stores in town. A whopping 25-year experience, extensive product range and award-winning sharpening service – They are all a testament to the top-quality of the store.

5. Toronto Pro Sports Excellence

Situated on Roytec Road in the area of Woodbridge, Toronto Pro is another established and reliable name in the list of top hockey stores in the vicinity of Toronto. Toronto Pro would surely impress your inner hockey fanatic with its variety of the latest and top-notch equipment. 

The store also specializes in skate sharpening as well as skate fitting services. The store has mentioned customer priority and satisfaction in its mission statements and delivers quality as promised.

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  • Skate Fitting Service: Toronto Pro sets itself apart from ordinary stores by offering a service that very few stores deal in. The store deals in professional level skate fitting service. The staff properly sizes the customers for skate fitting to give a maximum performance result. 
  • Skate Sharpening: The store also deals in a very good skate sharpening service. If you live in Toronto and have got blunt skate blades, then Toronto Pro is the best solution to your worries. The store uses “Blade master” equipment for sharpening, which is also the first choice of all NHL teams.  
  • Multi-level product range: The store caters to all levels of hockey fanatics. Whether you’re a beginner or even a professional, it is sure that you’d find the best quality products in the store. 
  • Price Match Guarantee: Toronto Pro also serves as a member of the Sports excellence Buying Group. They ensure completely reasonable and market-competitive prices. Price-match guarantees are also available to add to their reliability.


Website Features: Toronto Pro lags behind its counterparts in the context of the store’s website. The site is a bit dull and not very user-friendly.

Bottom Line

As a provider of top-notch skate sharpening and fitting services, whilst also dealing in a multi-level product range of the best quality – Toronto Pro is a must-add to the list of best hockey stores to visit in Toronto.


If you have any other top hockey stores in Toronto you think we should add to the list, drop us a comment and let us know!

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