The Best Hockey Stores in Ottawa

Ottawa is known for quite a few things such as the capital city of Canada and the Winterlude annual event. However, the rich hockey history of Ottawa can’t be forgotten as they have been a part of the NHL for a very long time! As with other sports, Ottawa is home to a professional hockey team called the Ottawa Senators that plays in the NHL.  

The local love for the sports can also be seen as the city is home to a ton of minor hockey players with tournaments hosted in Ottawa every year! With its passion for hockey Ottawa serves as a hub for all kinds of ice hockey gear stores with tons of options to choose from!

1. Barrhaven Source for Sports

Barrhaven Source for Sports is one of the biggest retailers of sports equipment in Canada. Although Barrhaven Source for Sports is native to Ottawa, Canada, it includes sports products and equipment from all over the world. 

This store is located in a bustling spot right beside the Canadian Tire Centre near Moloughney park. There is a ton of foot traffic so the selection and stock is massive with all the newest hockey gear!

Barrhaven Source for Sports Ottawa

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  • One-stop-shop – Barrhaven Source for Sports is operated by local community members and is not franchised. Barrhaven Source for sports is a local sports store in Ottawa that houses a wide variety of products. 
  • Their collection includes apparel, footwear, team wear, lacrosse and soccer gear as well as hockey gear. Other than the shopping store, Barrhaven Source store offers additional services too such as skates sharpening and reshaping.  
  • Good prices – With global brands and a wider variety of products, Barrhaven Source has a good range of price points as well. The prices vary making the store accessible for people on a budget and professionals with a bigger budget. 

In short, everyone can find something for themselves here.


  • Not global – All the products available are usually within Canada as worldwide services are not available. 

Bottom Line 

This store houses a huge variety of hockey gear with good pricing. A must-visit for all hockey fanatics and players alike when in Ottawa.

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2. Lacroix Source for Sports

Lacroix Source for Sports is part of the same franchise group that Barrhaven is a part of (Source for Sports). Being a part of one of the largest hockey franchises Lacroix Source for Sports is able to have access to a massive variety of hockey equipment inventory across the world so their selection is excellent!

Located in Ottawa, Lacroix Source for Sports is a well-known sports store in Ottawa and nearby regions and dates back to 1972. Quality sports gear along with team apparel and customized uniforms are some of their top-selling products.

Lacroix Source for Sports

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  • Additional Service – As we’ve mentioned earlier the importance of having a one-stop-shop among the consumers, a good range of additional services only emphasizes this ideology. Having a reliable store to go to that not only guarantees the maintenance of the products they sell but also knowing about the gear products is the best route to store loyalty. 
  • The skate services Lacroix offers are skate maintenance such as sharpening, molding, stretching, pounding, installation. Others include blade and rivet replacement.
  • Brand collection – Lacroix Source for Sports offers a lot of brands. For every sports brand that you’ve heard of, Lacroix Source for Sports probably has it. They are associated with Bauer, CCM, Miken, New Balance, Reebok, Combat, Easton hockey, Gatorade, Powertek, and many more. 
  • Customizability – Lacroix Source for Sports offers customizable apparel for individuals, school teams, and even professional local and national teams. Customizable uniform shirts are not only for fans who wish to show support but also for the local teams and kiddos to inspire themselves. 

Other than hockey gear and equipment, this store offers gear for a lot of other sports as well such as lacrosse and rugby, etc.


  • Stock availability – Stocks take a lot of time to become available again. It takes weeks sometimes to get your hands on products.

Bottom Line 

Lacroix Source for Sports is a must-visit for all players looking for the newest hockey gear and equipment repairs in Ottawa as their staff have a wealth of knowledge

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3. Ottawa Pro Hockey Life

Ottawa Pro Hockey Life Store is rated number one on Yelp as the best hockey store in all of Ottawa. Located in Ottawa, this Pro Hockey Life is an official outlet for a lot of brands which means that each product will be backed with the company’s policies and guarantees along with competitive prices.

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  • Knowledgeable staff – A proper and good staff can really make or break an impression on you. Knowledgeable staff will help you understand the perks and cons of each brand and product and will guide you to the best possible option within your range. Ottawa Pro Hockey Life is well known and loved for its amazing staff. 
  • Overall Experience – This Ottawa Sports Store hosts a huge amount of visitors, each with different demographics – from kids to adults to actual professionals. For the purpose of testing, a fake ice rink has been planted within the shop so that people can test their skates before buying them. 
  • The skating rink really adds to the positive experience because it gives you the change to try your skates out before buying them.
  • Additional services – Just like all good stores, Ottawa Pro Hockey Life also carries a few additional services regarding hockey gear. These services include skate profiling and sharpening, equipment repair, fitting and customization, and apparel customization.


Limited inventory – Some customers have shared their disappointment with limited sizing in certain apparel and limited opening timings of the store. The store tends to run out of products quite quickly and struggles to restock.

Bottom Line

Ottawa Pro hockey life is one of the best stores of hockey gear in all of Ottawa. A must-visit if you may. With the decent variety and greater experience, this particular store is clearly higher in the ranks of hockey stores.

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4. Marc Sports La Source Du Sport

Marc Sports La Source Du Sport is another Ottawa sports store that is a part of the Source for Sports group with over a 150 stores and this is one of the best ones! This affiliation allows the store to have a maximum variety of products and brands, all with competitive pricing.

Marc Sports store is located in one of the most beautiful provinces of all, Québec. Québec is a predominantly French-speaking province near Ottawa and this store is located right across the Ottawa river in Gatineau.

Marc Sports La Source Du Sport

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  • Different brands – Marc Sports Source for Sports carries the most brands out of all the mentioned stores in our list here. From high end to local to international. The variety of different brands allow the customers to experience a different array of products before choosing the one that best fits their needs and demands.
  • Maintenance services – Rather than just a store, Marc Sports Source Store offers a lot of additional services. These maintenance services include such as skate molding, installation of blades, replacing rivets, and both ready-made and customizable apparel. 


Only hockey gear – This may not really be a con for hockey players but this store carries hockey-only gear. A lot of other sports products may or may not be available but you’ll most definitely find any hockey gear here.

Bottom Line

Marc Source for Sports store may be a little farther away from the rest of the store, but the central position of the store allows a lot of other cities to approach the store with great ease.

5. Pro Hockey Life Kanata

Pro Hockey Life has another extension in Kanata, located right beside Kanata Centrum shopping center. Pro hockey life is one of the biggest hockey-centered retailers having literally everything you can think of to do with hockey like sticks, skates, fanwear, goalie gear, memorabilia and the list goes on!

Pro Hockey Life has quick become a trusted name in sports equipment and this is worth a stop if you are in Ottawa looking for hockey gear!

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  • In-store services – Kanata Pro hockey store houses many services despite being not as big as its peers. Kanata pro hockey store offers equipment, skate sharpening and profiling, skate repair, goal equipment, and even apparel customization. 
  • Knowledgeable staff – Customers have shared many positive reviews about the knowledgeability and friendliness of staff. A proper experience that encourages the customers to visit again and again is highly dependent on the treatment they receive in the store.


As with many stores, inventory has been an issue and there has been a ton of demand for hockey gear recently.

Bottom Line

Pro hockey life Kanata is a small yet great hockey store that has a lot to offer. We’d most definitely recommend a visit just for the sake of experience.

What We Look For In A Hockey Store

A good store, regardless of what it sells, has to be a welcoming experience for all alike. It has to make you feel comfortable and allow you to try out equipment freely. Other than the products, the knowledge of the staff must be good to help you pick the type and size of hockey equipment.

With a good experience, there should be a good range of products. The range here implies that the store has products that are beginner-friendly and also has products that are for high caliber hockey players. There should also be a good variety of products and brand names as more and more new brands are coming to the hockey world every year.

The customer service of any store plays a significant role that many companies tend to overlook. The knowledgeable staff cannot only help the customers find exactly what they need but can also make them feel at ease. 

  • Additional Services

Other than buying brand new things, another important service is maintaining and fixing hockey gear especially skates. The sharpening of hockey skates is the most important additional service that stores should offer, bringing back to the same point that having everything under the same roof is the best feature of a hockey store.


If you have any other top hockey stores in Ottawa you think we should add to the list, drop us a comment and let us know! We’re always looking to provide the best possible information for consumers so it helps to hear any and all feedback on Ottawa hockey stores!

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