The Best Hockey Stores in Nashville

Nashville was put on the map as a hockey city during their recent playoff run where the nickname “Smashville” was born. It is now widely considered one of the more electric atmospheres to enjoy a game and the fans are some of the most passionate in the league. Up until recently, Nashville was far from a hockey town but it has exploded in popularity among young athletes thanks to the success of the Nashville Predators!

In this article, we will go through some of the best hockey stores in Nashville so you can get your equipment to suit up for the next big hockey game!

1. Peranis Hockey World Antioch

For those not familiar with the Peranis brand, it is a global retailer of hockey equipment with locations around the world, predominantly in North America. This location has almost everything from equipment services, all the best equipment, and also True + CCM skate scanners so you can get custom fitted skates specifically for your foot. Located in the Ford Ice center it is in an extremely convenient location if you are about to hit the ice right after!

The only downside to this location the selection of goalie equipment is smaller than other stores but it still has most of the essentials like masks and goalie sticks. If you wanted a whole new set of custom pads you may have to order online and get them shipped to the store. Overall one of the best locations for hockey equipment in Nashville.

Peranis Hockey World Antioch Nashville

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  • Quick delivery: The best thing about the store is its focus on timely shipments. If you place an order before 3 pm EST on any business day, you will get your shipment on the very same day. This saves you from the hassle of waiting a couple of days for your deliveries.
  • Sponsors hockey players: What sets it apart from all other hockey stores is its focus on the sport itself. The store has long standing goal to help grow the game of hockey. In a bid to help potential players out, the store has a great financial assistance program for anyone looking to start playing the game of hockey . This has strengthened the hockey community in Nashville and has increased the appeal of the sport.
  • Equipment Services: One of the big advantages to any store is the accessibility of on-site equipment services for equipment repairs and skate sharpening. This store also has feet scanners for True and CCM so you can order completely customized skates


  • Low Selection of Goalie Equipment: The one area this store is lacking for hockey equipment is their on-hand selection of goalie gear. It sells out quickly but one positive is you can order online to the store if they don’t have what you are looking for in stock!

Bottom Line 

We placed this store in the number one position because we absolutely love the ambiance and warmth that it offers. Its attention and its efforts to rejuvenate the sport make it one of its kind hockey stores in the country.

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2. Dicks Sporting Goods Nashville West

Dicks sporting goods is one of the most recognizable sports retailers in the United States and for good reason, it is a trustworthy brand with locations all across the country. For hoceky gear, it is definitely one of the better retail chains for carrying a large selection of both player and goalie equipment.

The only downside to some Dicks sporting good stores is they do not all offer hockey equipment services such as skate sharpening and gear repairs which this location does not offer.

Dicks Sporting Goods Nashville West

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  • Product Selection: Apart from amazing hockey products, the store also sells other things like bikes, fishing equipment, and even racquets. If you purchase its bikes, you get accessory installations, bike repairs, and a free assembly on any bike purchase that you do. The key though is they typically have a great selection of hockey gear and sticks on hand so you can try things on and make the best selection for your game
  • Affordable prices: Since they have such a massive presence, they are able to pass on exceptional prices to you as they are a vertically integrated company. The store has kept all of its prices to a minimum for the benefit of hockey players and enthusiasts of the sport.
  • Good return policy: The chance of you getting a faulty product is quite low; however, there can always be exceptions. If you are not satisfied with a particular product, you can make use of the excellent refund policy at Dick’s sporting goods.


  • Understaffed: One thing that customers have complained about quite often is the lack of staff at the stores. Since the company attracts a lot of buyers, it needs to ensure that it has an adequate number of staff at all times. This could be a downside if you are new to the game of hockey and looking for assistance in sizing and picking a full set of gear.

Bottom Line 

Visiting this store, especially on weekends, is an altogether different experience. The environment and the place are filled with ardent fans: all looking to get their hands on their favorite merchandise and sporting gear. This is a great location to shop for hockey equipment in Nashville as it carries all of the essentials!

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3. Peranis Hockey World Bellevue

You can find a Peranis Hockey world in Nashville at almost all of the Ford Ice center locations around the city, and this one is convienitely located in Bellevue Ford Ice Center.

This location in particular offers great equipment services and skate sharpening, and most players will go early before their games or practices to utilize the ice sharpening. The one downside is this location does not carry goalie equipment.

Peranis Hockey World Bellevue Nashville

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  • Longstanding History: Peranis has been around in Nashville for ages, even before the surge in popularity of hockey in the recent years. They are deeply embedded in the hockey community in Nashville and support growing the hockey community in Nashville in a ton of different ways!
  • Great Stick Selection: If you are at the rink and need an emergency stick, the selection at Peranis Hockey World Bellevue won’t let you down with all the latest models and brands to choose from, they are there for you in a pinch!
  • Experienced Staff and Equipment Services: A key part of a hockey store is knowledgeable staff and the ability to give exceptional equipment services, and Peranis Hockey World Bellevue offers just that! If you have ever tried to play a game on a poorly sharpened set of skates, you will know exactly the importance I am referring to.


  • Lack of Goalie Equipment: This Peranis location does not carry any goalie equipment, and is really the only downside to this location otherwise it is one of the best hockey stores in Nashville!

Bottom Line

You may not be able to place any customized orders here or get goalie equipment, but if you are in the area they have the essentials for hockey players and offer excellent equipment services such as skate sharpening and repairs!

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4. Nashville Locker Room

This large space of around 4500 square feet is decorated and designed to attract all kinds of hockey enthusiasts. The vibe and the atmosphere of the place, especially on a game day is electric with Nashville Predator fans loading up on their favorite team gear! It is conveniently located right in Bridgestone Area, where the Predators play so you don’t need to worry about looking around town for a jersey if you are going to the game!

Nashville Locker Room

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  • Massive Selection of Predators Gear: If you are a Nashville Predators fan, this store has everything you could ever want in a massive 4,500 square foot locations stocked with any kind of memorabilia or fan gear you could imagine.
  • Special days: On game days, music, enthusiasm, and excitement will fill the air inside the store. The store is decorated with posters and buyers are offering amazing discounts. Moreover, some of the most popular players also pay a visit to the store to greet the buyers so you could get a surprise autograph one day from your favorite Predators player!


  • Runs out of products: On game days and weekends, you will often visit the store only to find out that it has run out of your favorite product. This can usually be solved by ordering online but it is still a disappointment if you can’t find the players jersey you are looking for on gameday!

Bottom Line

This is not the store to come for if you are looking hockey equipment specifically, but it is the best store for hockey fans in Nashville that want to support their Predators!

5. Peranis Hockey World Centennial Sportsplex

The most important piece of equipment for every hockey player is their skates, and Precision Edges by Rich is known for providing the best skate sharpening and fittings in Pittsburgh.

They also do custom orders for blades and skates to ensure your performance is top notch.

Peranis Hockey World Centennial Sportsplex Nashville

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  • Knowledg
  • Excellent online service: We loved the fact that this store runs its website like a pro. To check your order status, you can simply go to the website and track your order from there. Moreover, if you have difficulty doing that, you can also call the store and get your queries answered. This brings us to our next advantage: friendly staff.
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable staff: A major issue faced by most buyers is knowledgeable staff member, since hockey gear can be complicated for sizing and picking the right brand to match your body type. This Peranis store consistently has ex hockey players running it so they are extremely well versed in hockey equipment
  • Excellent return policy: In instances where you are not satisfied with any product, you can simply return it within 30 days of the purchase. The only condition is that the item has to be unused and should have all the original tags and packaging intact.


  • No Goalie Equipment: Similar to other Peranis hockey world stores in Nashville, this location does not carry any goalie equipment on-site and you will have to order it online off of their website

Bottom Line

Despite not carrying goalie equipment, this is an excellent store for hockey player gear and also equipment servicing. Even more convenient is that it is located inside a hockey rink so you can get everything done before or after your ice time!

What We Look For In A Hockey Store

Nashville is not your typical hockey town located in one of the Northern states where it is cold enough to have outdoor hockey rinks, but the success of the Nashville Predators have made this a passionate hockey city! The game is growing exponentially in the younger generations and finding a hockey equipment store in Nashville has never been more in demand. The key things we look for in picking the best hoceky stores in Nashville are knowledgeable staff, equipment services, and a wide selection of hockey gear!


If you have any other top hockey stores in Nashville, Tennessee we should add to the list, drop us a comment and let us know! There is a ton of options to choose from so any feedback on the best hockey stores in Nashville would be appreciated!

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