The Best Hockey Stores in Minneapolis

Minnesota is home to two legendary hockey teams, the Minnesota Wild and the University of Minnesota Gophers. The passion for ice hockey runs through the veins of the Minnesota and Minneapolis is the heart, so without a doubt there is a ton of sports stores that sell hockey equipment.

Lucky for you, we have outlined the best hockey store in Minneapolis. Now you won’t have to go around town trying to figure out which store is better for hockey equipment because we have all the information you need about the best hockey stores in Minneapolis Minnesota right here!

1. Pure Hockey Maplewood

Pure Hockey is a hockey sports store located at 1845 County Rd D, Maplewood Minnesota. This specific hockey store is completely devoted to hockey equipment and it is truly a haven for hockey fanatics both living in Minnesota or visiting!

Pure Hockey also has a massive online presence so you can check out what gear is available or order it to the store for pickup!

Pure Hockey Maplewood Minnesota

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  • Amazing service – The most remarkable aspect of any store is its ability to provide effective service to every customer. The team of Pure Hockey nailed this aspect on the checklist to become the best hockey store in town. We have heard nothing but great reviews about the service at Pure Hockey. 
  • Knowledgeable staff – Most of the staff at Pure Hockey has a history of playing the game. Thus, they understand every possible aspect related to hockey equipment from the eyes of the player. This really helps them put the demands of the customer in context and provide them with a perfect product. 
  • Vast product range – The list of hockey equipment available at Pure Hockey seems to be never-ending. They have a wide variety of products for every age group and every class. The equipment is available for players, goalies, amateurs and even skaters.


  • Hours of serviceTheir hours of service are not only variable but also do not extend past 7 pm even on weekdays and 6 pm on weekends. This hinders the people working late to visit their store conveniently.

Bottom Line 

They have got everything in order, from efficient staff to a variety of goods. So what is there to wait for? Visit the pure hockey store or order their products online and get your desired hockey equipment or apparel at your own convenience.

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2. Pure Hockey Edina

Pure Hockey Stores are located all over Minneapolis. This particular store is located at 4210 W 78th St, Edina, practically opposite the Maplewood store.

Their determination to serve the hockey fanatics in Minneapolis is clearly visible in their investment in multiple branches all over the city.

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  • Additional services – In addition to the amazingly vast product range, Pure Hockey in Edina also provides additional services. These additional services include skate contouring and sharpening and the technicians they have working are some of the best in the city, especially for goalies
  • Wide Range of Apparel – The players are not the only concerned party in terms of hockey – the fans are equally important as well. Pure Hockey offers a wide array of apparel even with brand imprinting so you can support your favorite team wearing their jerseys.
  • Online shopping – The entire range of products, from equipment to apparels, is available at the website of Pure Hockey. If you are absolutely sure about the stuff you want, you can easily order it online from the comfort of your own home.


  • Exchange policyThey have a very strict exchange policy. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product you have to make sure it gets back the same as it got to you.

Bottom Line 

Their products are great, their services are exemplary, and their staff is knowledgeable. What more can we say about a good hockey store?

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3. Scheels Eden Prairie

Located at Eden prairie center is Scheels, an amazing sports store with a number of locations across Minnesota. Scheels pulls all the stops to be the beloved local ice hockey store around town with their pet-friendly policy. They have games for children to enjoy and sporting equipment for all calibers of hockey players to purchase with an awesome staff!

Scheels Eden Prairie

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  • Sporting Equipment – They do have a wide variety of sports equipment especially hockey equipment from skates to sticks, protective equipment all the way to hockey bags. Essentially, they have covered all the bases by including all types of essential hockey gear. 
  • Online presence – Their entire shop is displayed online so you can easily browse through their inventory and check if your desired product is available there before visiting. Moreover, there is no minimum limit for free delivery so even one item is enough to get it delivered to your home


Smaller Selection – Being a more local store than Pure Hockey, sometimes their selection of products can be less.

Bottom Line

The selection of goods is amazing and the convenience of ordering from home without a limit and that too with free shipping is tempting for sure and definitely a sign of an amazing hockey equipment store.

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4. Staubers Goal Crease

Stauber’s Goal Crease is not your regular sports hockey store. It is a specifically designed facility for goalies. Located at 7401 Washington Ave S, Edina, they not only have equipment for goalies but also hold training camps under the supervision of professional coaches.

If you are a goalie in Minnesota, Staubers is an awesome resource for learning the game and trying out new goalie gear before making the investment!

Staubers Goalcrease Minnesota

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  • Deals on Equipment – One of the main positive points about Stauber’s is that they offer many deals on their products. Sometimes the entire range is on sale other times you can get discount rates on used products as well. So, it does not break your wallet to get your goalie equipment for Stauber’s. 
  • Coaching Services –  Very few facilities in the city offer coaching for goalies and Stauber’s is among those few. They offer professional grooming of goalies from a young age to more experienced players. This enables the young players to quickly improve their skills and learn the game! 
  • Gear selling platform – They also provide you with a chance to sell your old goalie equipment so you can make space for new equipment. This is one of the best options for parents whose children grow out of their equipment year after year.


Only goalie equipmentThe other players of a hockey team often turn back disappointed from Staubers as they only serve the goalies. They do not have any other equipment in their inventory that can facilitate hockey players.

Bottom Line

Goalies and the proud parents of little goalies are very well served at Stauber’s but unfortunately, that is all they serve. However, they do an amazing job for all the services they offer which include goalie training and hockey goalie equipment.

5. Strauss Skates Minnesota

Located in Maplewood, Strauss Skates is a big time competitor to Pure Hockey in Minnesota and they have a great selection of hockey gear and deals.

They claim to be the worlds oldest hockey shop, and they were founded in 1887! They have all the hockey gear you need including inline and roller hockey skates! They do have bicycles but those are the two main sports in Strauss Skates Minnesota.

Strauss Skates Minnesota

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  • Variety of equipment – The selection of equipment at Strauss skates is so amazing that it challenges the selection of even the best international stores. They have all kinds of equipment for all ages. 
  • Customer service – The staff at Strauss is well trained and knowledgeable. They really know how to handle their customers and send them off totally content with their purchase. 
  • Adjustments – They also provide adjustments just in case you feel your product lacks its original glory.


Pricey – Their products are said to have grown pricier with time at a rate not expected by the local community. The prices of their products also vary a lot in terms of branded products.

Bottom Line

They are a household name amongst the community of Minneapolis. Hence, they already have a bond and trust with the hockey community for their quality of products and service is unmatched. Tons of local hockey players claim Strauss is a brand they can trust for all their hockey needs especially skate sharpening and repairs.

What We Look For In A Hockey Store

With so many good hockey stores in Minnesota, we wanted to consider the needs for both goalies and hockey players in terms of equipment variety, staff knowledge, and any additional services offered. One of the reason we like Pure Hockey stores is they tend to have great deals online and in-store to lower the price for consumers, and they have exceptional customer service. Strauss has been around the longest (1887!) and they always make sure their staff is knowledgeable on the latest gear and also for sizing hockey equipment.

Luckily in Minnesota there is a TON of hockey stores to choose from, so we have only listed five of our favorites for the best hockey stores in Minnesota.


If you have any other top hockey stores in Minneapolis, Minnesota you think we should add to the list, drop us a comment and let us know! We’re always looking to provide the best possible information for consumers so it helps to hear any and all feedback on Minneapolis hockey stores so we can continue to add and improve our list!

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