The Best Hockey Stores in Los Angeles

When it comes to being the home to some of the most famous sports venues in the United States, the beautiful city of Los Angeles is second to none. Los Angeles has everything you could possibly want with respect to sports with two teams for all of the major leagues and the Kings and Ducks being the two NHL teams.

With more and more great hockey players coming from the state of California, thousands of youth spend their time in the rinks of LA with that number growing 10% per year. In this guide, we will go through some of the best hockey equipment stores in Los Angeles and all the notable pros and cons so you can make the right choice for your needs!

What We Look For In A Hockey Store

Selection of Hockey Equipment

First and foremost the most important thing about a hockey store is that they have a wide selection of products, brands, and sizes. Equipment sizing is one of the most important things to consider when buying hockey equipment because correctly sized equipment prevents injuries.

Staff Hockey Expertise

An experienced staff can really make a difference in assisting you in correctly sizing and answering your questions on all the different pieces of hockey equipment. It is a lot to consider especially for new players to the game of hockey, buying your first set of hockey gear is an investment and you should have professional and experienced personnel helping you.

Additional Hockey Equipment Services

A huge part of hockey is keeping your skates sharpened and in good condition so having additional equipment services at a store like skate sharpening and equipment repair is a huge plus.

1. Pure Hockey Anaheim

Customers love shopping at Pure Hockey locations for a couple reasons, one being they always have a massive selection of equipment brands and models so you can always find exactly what you are looking for. The second is the experience and knowledgeability of the staff here is second to none.

Being strictly a hockey store and one of the largest online hockey retailers in the U.S. means they can focus specifically on hockey so their staff is knowledgeable about all the gear. This is one of the best hockey stores in Los Angeles so be sure to check it out!

Pure Hockey Anaheim

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  • Huge collection: Pure Hockey is one of the largest hockey stores in Los Angeles and hence, hosts a huge collection. You can find every hockey-related item in this store. They cover everything you could possibly ask for. From essentials like skates to luxuries like team tees and much more. You can also bulk buy from this store. The site also sells a few maintenance products so that you can keep your skates in great condition.  
  • Easy online shopping: Pure hockey also has online shopping and delivery service. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in store you can always order it online and their in store return policy is excellent.  
  • Additional accessories: Pure hockey has a ton of other hockey training tools such as synthetic ice, hockey goals and nets, and even coaching equipment.
  • Several brands: With the wide range of brands Pure Hockey carries not only does it give the customer a better choice it also allows you to find something well within your pre-decided budget.
  • Equipment Services: The Anaheim store has equipment services such as skate sharpening, equipment repair and advice on hockey skate care.


  • Busy on Weekends: Given the location and size of the store, this location gets quite busy on the weekends so plan to go in off peak hours if you are looking to avoid crowds

Bottom Line 

With an extensive hockey equipment selection and staff that can help answer any of your big questions, this store has everything you could ever ask for and is the reason we have put this at the top of our list of the best hockey stores in Los Angeles!

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2. SnapHook Hockey and Figure

Snaphook Hockey and Figure is another great hockey store located in Icetown Riverrink, Magnolia Avenue. Snap Hook is a locally owned hockey store and has been around for a long time with a reputation for excellent customer service.

The experienced staff here will be sure to make buying and sizing your hockey equipment a pleasant and helpful experience so you can get on the ice and start scoring goals!

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  • Experienced staff: Since most of that staff in Snaphook is senior and has been involved in the game of hockey for a long time, their knowledge of the game and hockey equipment is excellent. They know all the things to consider when sizing your hockey equipment, skates, and sticks. You can ask them anything related to hockey and I bet they’ll know the right answer.
  • Good Selection: Snaphook also carries a decent selection of both products and brands even though it is not a huge store it is focused specifically on hockey equipment.
  • Equipment Services: Another big plus for SnapHook is that they offer skate sharpening services for players, goalies, and figure skaters!


  • No online store: This is the single downside of Snaphook Hockey and figure, they don’t have an online presence so to order or buy any equipment you have to go to the store.

Bottom Line 

If you happen to be in LA and want to buy some hockey gear, check Snaphook out. They have a great selection of hockey equipment to choose from and extremely experienced staff to answer all your questions and help you along the way. Definitely a top choice for the best hockey stores in Los Angeles.

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3. Pacific Rink Riviera Village

Pacific Rink is a California born brand that makes all kinds of duffle bags, equipment bags, and clothing. This is a really innovative brand that is hugely popular among players and fans for their lifestyle clothing too!

They make unique hockey equipment bags specifically for pond hockey when you just need to carry your skates and gloves. Definitely worth checking out online or in store if you are a hockey player in Los Angeles!

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  • Sports inspired clothing: Pacific rink store carries all the apparel and a good range of bags. Both of these products come in a good variety range and also are inspired by the sport so you can easily and comfortably play in those apparel and use those bags for the transport and carrying of hockey essentials and equipment.
  • 180-day warranty: Pacific Rink also offers a 180-day warranty of its products. The 180 days count from the date of purchase.
  • Online store: The online store is very compact, pretty, and easy to digest. This is a widely known online store and with the warranty, online shopping from the Pacific Rink is very appealing.


  • No Hockey Equipment: Yes, you heard that correctly. While Pacific Rink has some of the most amazing apparel and best hockey bags, they don’t make or sell hockey equipment at their store.

Bottom Line

A great locally owned brand and store that has amazing apparel and a great selection of hockey and lifestyle bags that are extremely high quality!

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4. Monkey Sports Irvine

The monkey sports complex is located on Barranca Parkway near Taco Bell. They also have an extremely easy to use and function website for hockey gear and accessories.

The store in Irvine also has a massive selection of hockey player and goalie equipment and offer skate sharpening as well.

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  • Huge Selection: A key thing for any hockey store is the selection of equipment and hockey monkey does not let you down. It has a massive online prescreens so they carry plenty of inventory on site and if they by some chance don’t have something you need you can order it right to the store.
  • Helpful Staff: We were impressed by knowledgeable and friendly staff at the store which really made the buying experience smooth.


  • Massive Store: When we say its a super store it is truly massive, and carries sporting goods for all sports so it can be a little overwhelming walking in

Bottom Line

Monkey Sports is a brand that has been around for a while now and has one of the best online platforms in the hockey business. The Monkey Sports superstore has a massive selection of hockey equipment so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for, definitely a top hockey store in Los Angeles.

5. Ultimate Skate and Hockey Irvine

The Ultimate Skate and Hockey store located in Irvine, is actually located inside the Great Park Ice Arena which is the Anaheim Ducks practice facility. So if you find yourself needing some hockey equipment, a fun combination would also be checking out a Ducks practice. You will be shocked at how good these players are and it is inspirational for younger players as well!

Ultimate Skate and Hockey Irving

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  • Happy customers: This store is one of the top reviewed hockey stores in Los Angeles. The customers are almost always satisfied with the customer service, they like the treatment that they get and also have positive things to say about the equipment selection  
  • Additional services: They offer great skate sharpening and equipment repair services and are quite fast compared to other locations.
  • Team hats and apparel: The in-store carries a lot of Anaheim Ducks attire, fan wear, and even athleisure wear for all calibers of players!


  • Online Platform: The website doesn’t compete with the bigger brands like Pure Hockey and Hockey Monkey but they have great in store service.

Bottom Line

A good hockey store located at the practice facility for the Anaheim Ducks which is a great experience for junior players to see NHL teams practice.

6. Pure Hockey San Marcos

We love the Pure Hockey stores so its only natural that we would cover the San Marcos location in our review of the best hockey stores in Los Angeles. This store has a huge selection of equipment and goalie gear, also offering skate sharpening.

You really can’t go wrong when you can order online and return in store, or try on in store and order online!

Pure Hockey San Marcos

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  • Easy in-store and online shopping: Shopping here is a breeze and since the store is big it rarely ever feels crowded in there. The store carries anything and everything you could possibly need with respect to hocekey equipment, apparel, and hockey sticks.
  • Big Selection: Pure Hockey also carries all the major brands so you can find essentially anything you need in store and if not online.  
  • Discounts & Sales: Sales are big at Pure Hockey given they carry a ton of inventory – clearance sales, end-of-the-season sales, holiday sales – you get it all here. 


  • Store Hours: One downside with this location is they typically close at 7pm, so if you are trying to rush over after work there isn’t a ton of time.

Bottom Line

A great hockey store in San Marcos that will have everything you need for literally any piece of hockey equipment. They carry all the newest skates and sticks and also have a great variety of equipment. One of the best hockey stores in Los Angeles in our opinion!


If you have any other top hockey stores in Los Angeles, California we should add to the list, drop us a comment and let us know! There is a ton of options to choose from so any feedback on the best hockey stores in Los Angeles would be greatly appreciated!

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