The Best Hockey Stores in Denver

In a world where hockey enthusiasts are bombarded with so many options, finding a store that offers good products, excellent staff and a fair return policy is quite a daunting task. But as passionate hockey fans ourselves, we are here to make your job easier. We have taken a look at the best hockey stores in Denver and compiled a comprehensive list of the top five stores to buy hockey equipment and get equipment servicing from!

1. Pure Hockey Westminster

Customers love shopping at Pure Hockey locations for a couple reasons, one being they always have a massive selection of equipment brands and models so you can always find exactly what you are looking for. The second is the experience and knowledgeability of the staff here is second to none.

Being strictly a hockey store and one of the largest online retailers in the U.S. means they can focus specifically on hockey so their staff is knowledgeable about all the gear. This is one of the best hockey stores in Denver so be sure to check it out!

Pure Hockey Store Westminster Denver

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  • Knowledgeable staff: This store has great staff that are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the game of hockey and will be able to help you with all your hockey equipment questions. Focusing on hockey equipment and services specifically, they are the best in the business here
  • Equipment Services: Pure Hockey Westminster offers all the equipment services like skate sharpening, blade repair, and equipment repairs so you can stay on the ice without having to think twice about the shape of your hockey gear
  • Product Selection: Being the largest retailer of hockey equipment in the U.S., their selection of products both in store and online are unmatched by any other big retail chains


  • Busy on Weekends: Given the location and size of the store, this location gets quite busy on the weekends so plan to go in off peak hours if you are looking to avoid crowds

Bottom Line 

With an extensive hockey equipment selection and staff that can help answer any of your big questions, this store has everything you could ever ask for and is the reason we have put this at the top of our list of the best hockey stores in Denver!

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2. Precision Edge Hockey

Precision Edge hockey has a storied history in Denver, starting in a garage in 1982 with the aim to provide the best skate sharpening, equipment prices, and quality of repairs to hockey players in the Denver area. It has slowly grown into a staple in the hockey community and their store is now located in the Ice Ranch arena in Littleton.

If you are looking to support local businesses, look no further as this is one of the best stores for skate sharpening in Denver!

Precision Edge Hockey Denver

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  • Best skate Sharpening: Apart from offering a great selection of hockey equipment, the shop has also made its mark in the area of skate sharpening. They initially set out to provide the best skate sharpening in Denver, and this is still what keeps hockey players coming back!
  • Personalized products: Buying products that everyone has can be quite boring. This is why the store has gone to extensive lengths to hire a team of professionals that excel at customized and personalized products. You can place your orders on the phone or through the website and get your favorite products in no time.
  • Backed by core traditions: Most stores today have forgotten traditions and don’t care for customers as they should. However, this store exceeds expectations and treats every customer like it’s their first. After entering the store, you will be met with extremely attentive and experienced staff who will be willing to help you every step of the way. 
  • Excellent team apparel: Precision edge has made a name for itself by selling some of the most uniquely designed team apparel and clothes. This includes everything from team hats to warm-up and off-ice uniforms. Moreover, you can also get bags, shells, and jerseys in bulk here.


  • High prices: The prices, especially for the customized products can be slightly higher but you are paying for the experience and attention to detail that Precision Edge Hockey provides.

Bottom Line 

This might be the oldest standing hockey store opened in Denver, with a history dating all the way back to 1982 and the commitment to equipment services and customer service has not fallen off at all. Definitely one of our top choices for the best hockey stores in Denver, especially if you are needing a high quality skate sharpening!

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3. Pure Hockey Littleton

Since we have already listed a different Pure Hockey store in Denver as our number one choice, we don’t have to list out the advantages of shopping at the biggest hockey equipment retailer in the United States.

The store in Littleton has all the same features, with an extremely knowledgeable staff made up primarily of ex hockey players to help you with all your equipment sizing and questions!

Pure Hockey Littleton Denver

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  • Equipment Services: One of the key things with any hockey store is the ability to provide equipment services such as repairs, skate sharpening, and replacement services all which are offered at this Pure Hockey location!
  • Managers are former players: When it comes to hockey products, who better to trust than people who have had the pleasure of playing the sport? All the managers at the store were former hockey players who are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about the sport.
  • Massive Selection: Backed by a massive online prescense, this store offers a huge variety of equipment and models from all the major hockey brands including Bauer, CCM, Warrior and True.


  • Slow shipments: Since the store offers its services to many different states, this can often lead to slow shipments lately if you order online to the store.
  • Lack of good customized products: One area where the store lacks is creating team specific customized products, but there are other locations in Denver that specialize in this area.

Bottom Line

The Pure Hockey brand is trusted across America and for good reason, they offer a huge selection of hockey equipment with experienced staff and a trusted return policy so you don’t have to have any anxiety about buying hockey equipment from this store!

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4. Smokeys Skate Shop

Smokeys Shake shop has been in Denver for over 25 years and it strives to offer the best skate sharpening and equipment services to both hockey goalies and players. It may not have the biggest selection of hockey equipment, but like its name suggests this is a skate shop that specializes in sharpening and equipment services. Definitely a place to check out if you need your skate sharpened in the Denver area!

Smokeys Skate Shop Denver

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  • 25 years of extensive experience: The experience of a store is reflected in the quality of services it offers. The store has been around for 25 years and has gone through many changes to reach where it is today: a place with an unmatched reputation. The staff here is extremely well versed in both goalie and player skate services so there is no issue that won’t be fixed at Smokeys Skate shop in Denver.
  • Diverse services: We were impressed by the sheer amount of services that this one store offered. Apart from selling hockey equipment, it also sells a variety of blade repairs and replacement kits, skate stretching, etc. Moreover, it also offers services in blade profiling and skate sharpening.


  • Small Selection of Hockey Equipment: The store does have some basic hockey equipment, but its main specialization is in hockey goalie and player skate services so there are likely better options to come shopping for hockey equipment specifically!

Bottom Line

With a storied history of providing some of the best hockey skate sharpening services in Denver over the last 25 years, Smokeys Skate shop isn’t a place to miss when your looking for a top store in Denver for hockey skate sharpening services!

5. Play It Again Sports Aurora

The play it Again sports franchise is well known for both used and new hockey equipment, providing a great option for recreation and competitive hockey players! The staff is extremely friendly and willing to help you pick the perfect hockey gear for your game and also provides equipment services. This is also a trusted brand to buy used equipment from and a great option for new hockey players that don’t need the top of the line gear!

Play it Again Sports Aurora Denver

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  • Large Selection of Equipment: After moving to a completely different location, the store went to extensive lengths to increase the size and look of the store. The store is not only located in a very large space, but it also incorporates some fun elements to try out equipment that also gets hockey players excited to shop here!
  • Trade cash for your gear: You don’t have to come to the store only to shop, but you can also make some money here. If you have some good quality gear related to hockey or other sports lying around, you can bring it to the store and get it exchanged for money and they will sell it as part of their used selection. 
  • Easy exchange process: The whole process is very simple as well. The staff will check your gear when you bring it in and will make you a generous offer. You can negotiate the prices until you both reach a conclusive deal.


  • Lack of discounts: Given that they offer quite a bit of second hand equipment, they don’t typically offer sales or liquidation events on brand new hockey gear that you might find at bigger retail locations like Pure Hockey.

Bottom Line

Play it again sports Aurora is a great spot to shop for hockey equipment, having a massive selection of both brand new and used equipment. If you are a new hockey player just looking to get outfitted in new gear, shopping their second hand selection can save you a bunch of money without sacrificing performance of the hockey equipment!

What We Look For In A Hockey Store

Denver has been a hockey city for a long time, with a ton of NHL caliber plays that call Denver home. Their university hockey programs for both men and women’s hockey are always among the top in the country, and not to mention the Avalanche are massively popular in Denver. When we are looking at the top hockey stores in Denver, we value experienced staff, selection of equipment, and also offering equipment services such as skate sharpening. All of the stores on this list have some combination of the above criteria and are sure not to let you down!


If you have any other top hockey stores in Denver, Colorado we should add to the list, drop us a comment and let us know! There is a ton of options to choose from so any feedback on the best hockey stores in Denver would be greatly appreciated!

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