Best Hockey Sticks For Defensemen 2023 (Get More Points!)

Your first job as a defensemen is to help keep the puck out of the back of your net – but being able to chip in offensively and control the power play can be big additions to your game.  Check out our favorite sticks for d-men below to start putting up the points!

Defense is a critical position and the benefits of being good in your own end cannot be overstated.  On the flip side, being able to chip in offensively like Cale Makar or Victor Hedman can set you apart from your peers on the blue line.  Back in the day, defensemen looked mostly for sticks helping them achieve a booming slapshot, but in today’s game you might need a bit more versatility.  Based on the ever changing game, we chose sticks that will suit D-men with big shots, d-men that favor snapshots, and a stick for both!  Having the skill to put the puck in the net consistently from the back end can change the outcome of a game – so find the best stick for you and start being that game changer! 

Our Team's Defensemen Hockey Stick Picks

Our Recommendations

The Best Hockey Stick For Defensemen

A game changer for the Supreme lineup, the new Supreme UltraSonic is an awesome stick!

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The Best Stick For Slapshots

Using a mid kickpoint allows you to load this stick up for slapshots or snapshots, making it a versatile weapon in the right players hands

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The Best Budget Defensemen Stick

A well balanced, budget friendly offering from True with a mid kick point to let you shoot from the point, the wing, or if you for some reason find yourself in front of the opposing net!

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What Do We Look For In Defensemen Sticks?

As far as lighting the lamp goes, defensemen in today’s game play a huge role in helping your team get on the board.  Just look at the leading scorers in the league and you will usually see several defensemen between 70-90 points, and in the top 10-15 players in the points race.  We are going over what we believe are the best three hockey sticks that can help you elevate your offensive game as a defenseman, no matter what your style of play is.  Below are reviews that examine all the details such as manufacturers specs, proprietary technology, strengths, weaknesses, and the overall value the stick provides to you as a player.

We have hand picked several sticks from all the top brands like CCM, Bauer, and Warrior to help you go bar down from the blue line!   You really can’t go wrong choosing any of the hockey sticks we are going to review as they are all high quality, but each one is tailored to a slightly different style of player and we want you to pick the best hockey stick for your game.

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Best Overall Hockey Stick For Defensemen

An amazing lightweight stick that is amazing for point shots but also great for shots closer in as well

  • How Much Does It Weigh? – While it won’t weigh you down, it isn’t going to quite feel like a feather either – the Ultrasonic comes in at a bit heavier 390 grams
  • What Kind Of Kick Point? – The Ultrasonic has the typical high kick point found in the Supreme lineup, but Bauer claims to have optimized the flex profile across the stick to ensure you can do more than just take massive clappers
  • Available Flexes – You can find the Ultrasonic in 70, 77, and 87 flex for senior sticks.  We recommend the 87 if you are a bigger player who likes to lean into your shots  


  • Uncompromising Feel – The FastCore is really a revolutionary technology that hasn’t been seen in Bauer hockey sticks. This makes an incredible difference in creating a soft feel when handling the puck while also further enhancing the energy transferred to the puck when taking a shot.  
  • Improved Blade Durability – While the RenewCore provides a softer feel, the pressurized gel core also works to seal cracks and defects in the blade through prolonged use. This makes an incredible difference as standard blades typically grow weaker after use, the RenewCore prevents this weakening. 
  • Booming One-Timers – The Supreme lineup now has a lower kickpoint, allowing you to get quick, deceptive one timers off in record time
  • Light, but not too light – The Supreme Ultrasonic will feel solid in your hands without being too heavy.  390 grams is about 50 grams heavier than the lightest sticks out these days


  • Quick Release – If you have played Supreme sticks for a long time, this optimized flex profile will take some getting used to.  However in the end we believe it will benefit your game as all sticks are trending to lower kick points for faster releases.


This is the stick of choice for players that utilize a lot of one timers or cross ice shots.  I really loved how the FastCore technology helped in improving the feel of the stick and maximizing the energy transferred to the puck. You really can’t go wrong in choosing this Bauer hockey stick, it has been getting rave reviews since its debut.

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Best Hockey Stick For Offensive Defensemen

A Mid Kick stick for D-men who shoot from the point, off the rush, and rip some one timers to boot

  • How Much Does It Weigh? – The Super Tacks AS4 Pro is one of the lighter sticks on our list – in at a respectable 374 grams for the senior stick
  • Where’s The Kick Point? – The Tacks lineup for CCM has a high / mid kick point, meaning they are designed to be loaded for all types of shots
  • Available Flexes – The stick is typically available in 75,80,85, and 95, but we are starting to see it sell out in certain flexes recently 
  • Blade Type – The new CCM blade is extremely stiff and has also been reinforced with the Sigmatex technology for added durability. 


  • Balanced Performance – With the high kickpoint and the new sub loading zones, this stick provides players with the flexibility of a quick release or a booming snapshot.  This stick is perfect for both skilled forwards and power D-men. 
  • Increased Durability – I have always found the CCM sticks to be extremely durable, and the changes made to this model have only enhanced my opinion. The added material in the slash zone and the Sigmatex leave you extremely satisfied with the strength of the stick.  We have seen some reviews with people breaking the stick in the first game or two – remember you have your 30 day warranty and if the stick breaks that quick it is likely defective, not a bad model in general!
  • Soft Feel – The CCM Sigmatex enforced blade has really optimized the feel of the puck especially in tight areas. The blade has a little less flex than other sticks so you get a solid feel for the puck that is consistent from the day you buy it.  
  • Incredibly Balanced – The manufacturing by CCM is really second to none when it comes to the balance of the stick. Even with the re-enforced slash zone, this stick doesn’t feel bottom heavy at all. The uniform balance of the stick allows you to have amazing feel and a hard shot. 


  • Weight – This stick weighs a little bit more than some other top tier sticks.  All the other awesome aspects definitely make up for the extra few grams it carries though! 


CCM has been a staple hockey brand for decades and this stick proves why, being one of the best in terms of durability and balanced performance. The mid kick point doesn’t favor any shot in particular, but allows you to do both exceptionally well with serious power. The stronger material and stiffer blade really increase the life of this stick which is a huge advantage for those of us who don’t get our sticks for free (We’re still waiting for a call back from the pros here as well…)

Best Value & Budget Friendly Hockey Stick For Defensemen

A budget friendly mid / high kick point stick that will help you score more goals without beating your bank account balance up!

  • What’s The Weight On It? – The Catalyst 7X comes in at a respectable 410 grams, especially considering it is around half the price of top tier models
  • What Kind Of Flex Profile? – The Catalyst has a mid kick point similar to a CCM Jetspeed, so it is quite versatile for shooters
  • What Flexes Can I Get? – The Catalyst 7X comes in 65, 75, 85, and 95 – a great spread meaning players of all sizes can find their ideal flex 
  • What Kind Of Blade? – True has incorporated what it calls is PASS technology which results in a less rigid yet durable blade 


  • High Strength Shaft / Blade – The Catalyst 7X featires spread tow carbon fiber fabric, and True’s BAT technology in the blade as well
  • Durable Yet Light – True’s PLD technology has 25 layers of carbon fiber – What this means is they are striving to lower weight (carbon fiber is very light weight) and increase strength (as a rule of thumb the more layers of carbon fiber the stronger the stick)
  • High Level Blade – True uses its ‘X-core’ technology in the blade (and in higher models).  This fancy terminology just means True is trying to make it’s blades stiffer and have better impact strength 


  • Too lightweight? – Some users are reporting that the 7X has issues where the blade and shaft connect.  Others report the stick being amazing!  To be safe, make sure to buy the stick the day you expect to begin playing with it to maximize your 30 day warranty


True makes a ton of good products and is really trying to break into the stick game.  They offer one of the lightest sticks on the market (True HZRDUS PX) so you know they are putting money into development.  Reviews are generally positive and we think True sticks have amazing feel and respectable shot characteristics.  This is a great choice to save some cash and still score some goals!

Best Hockey Stick For Defensemen Who Join The Rush

A lightweight and budget friendly stick with a mid kick point for D-men of all types looking to save some cash

  • Mid Kick Point – This feature results in quicker loading of your shot, but also allows for powerful slapshots  
  • Saber Taper 2 – Warrior has used the Saber Taper as a way to maintain the torsional stiffness of your shaft before and after you release your shot, improving accuracy and bar down capability. 
  • RLC 155 Construction – Warrior has reengineered the shaft of the stick to create their lightest and strongest one piece stick ever. 
  • Minimus Carbon 6 Weave – A high strength and lightweight carbon-composite weave design that enhances the overall construction of the stick, and allows it to weigh in at a feather light 405 grams. 


  • Precision Accuracy – The Saber Taper really makes an impact on the accuracy of your shot with the Warrior Alpha LX20 stick. The low kick point already gives you a quick release and the new taper gives your blade more stability on the quick shots. 
  • Responsive Feel – Warrior has made this their lightest one piece stick ever and they have also redesigned the shaft using more ergonomic features. Warrior calls this new stick blade geometry their ‘Ergo shaft’ and it really feels great in your hands
  • Superior Durability – The Alpha LX20 really stepped it up in regards to durability. We felt last years model had some room for improvement in this department but Warrior has definitely addressed this with their Alpha LX20 stick. The new Minimus Carbon 1400 makes this stick feel a bit sturdier even though its lighter than previous models. 
  • Heavy Shot – When I was using the Alpha LX20 stick, I felt like a got a little bit more on my snap shots and slap shots. The shaft is a bit stiffer and you can definitely the increased power this stick has when you lean into a shot.  


  • Increased Blade Pop – The new Fuelcore Pro blade has some extreme pop to it – I’d recommend working this thing in over a few practices before jumping into a game as your shot might need a tiny bit of time to get accustomed.


Improving over last year’s awesome Alpha LX 20 was no small feat, but Warrior has managed to make some minor improvements, all while bring the price point down as well.  This stick is affordable, higher performing, and durable.  Exactly what every defensemen needs!

Our Final Thoughts On The Best Hockey Stick For Defensemen

There is no right or wrong answer in choosing any one of these sticks, all that matters is what they will do to your game. We want you to choose high performance equipment that will make sure you achieve your full potential every time you’re on the ice. For me, that stick is the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic as I love the high kick point for some massive shots, and Bauer’s recent updates mean you can take some quick snappers with it as well (we aren’t saying they are going to pop off the blade like on a ribcor or vapor, but better than previous supremes!) which I think translate very well to today’s faster game.  Let us know your thoughts on these sticks and if there are any you’d like to see us do a write up on in the future!

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