5 Best Hockey Stick Waxes (Stickhandle Better Now!)

You have a fresh tape job on your new composite hockey stick, ready to start sniping bar down, but what do you have to do in order to keep the snow and ice off your stick all game long?  You need to wax that twig up!  That’s right, hockey stick wax has come a long way over the last few decades and there are now quite a few different companies producing similar, but subtly different waxes.  

Four Packs Of Mr Zogs Sex Wax Hockey Stick Wax

Waxing your stick is simple, wax from heel to toe every time – but choosing the right wax may not be so easy!  Choosing the right wax will help  improve your stickhandling, shots, and passing by keeping your stick free from ice buildup!  We have our top choice directly below, and then the rest of our picks are gone over in detail further down!

The Best Hockey Stick Wax

A great, easy to apply wax that should last you at least half a season of so!  Great performance and bang for the buck!

I have tried all the different stick waxes and to me Howies has it all.  It applies super easy, and has kept ice off my blade better than most other waxes I have tried.  My stick doesn’t stay completely dry for an entire game, but it is much drier than with other waxes.  This is my current go to wax!

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Howies offers tons of high quality hockey accessories such as hockey stick tape, laces, skate guards, apparel and more!  They started out of a garage and through their superior products have grown into an accessory giant, supplying almost every pro league around the world and definitely in North America.

Howies stick wax is made of a blend of soft microcrystalline and other waxes, and the product is a fantastic wax that is easy to apply and really keeps the ice off your stick!  

MarkHowies Reviewer
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Great wax that keeps the ice buildup off your stick blade. After a 90 minute skate and shoot, I barely had any ice buildup on my blade. The little amount that was on there came off easily with a tap of the stick or a quick swipe with my glove. Has a nice grip like feel for puck handling as well. Highly recommend this wax.


Howies stick wax is a simply and straight forward product.  Wax, in a little tin can, that smells really good (don’t eat it!) that also works really well.  One or two tins should last you for a full season and will really pay dividends in terms of the puck control gained! 

2. Mr. Zogs Sex Wax

Mr. Zogs is one of the original hockey stick wax companies, and they continue to make great wax at an affordable price.  I can still remember as a teen the sex wax was one of the only choices we had for stick wax and always getting funny looks from parents asking to buy it!  Well despite their funny name, this over 40 year old company makes great, reliable wax for your stick!


Sex Wax is a stalwart among hockey stick waxes, and continue to perform.  If I had one complaint it is that it applies a little bit clumpier than Howies, but that is also because it usually applies a thicker coating, so it may all be part of the water proofing ability of the wax!  It’s a great overall choice backed by decades of use!

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3. A&R Wax-On Stick Wax

A&R is an American manufacturer of many sports related goods.  They make everything from Blade Covers, Mini Hockey Sets, to Hockey Tape!  A&R has been in the hockey tape game for a while, and their products get great reviews at every e-commerce store we have come across.

A&R makes another solid stick accessory entry here with its Wax-On product.  It comes in both black and clear, so you can use it on black or white tapejobs without leaving a ton of residue changing the color on you!


The A&R Wax-On is a great product that comes in a super easy to use deodorant style applicator.  Most reviews online say it works just as well as other waxes, but the applicator is an added bonus that keeps your bag clean and makes waxing your stick super quick and easy!

4. Big Wah's Beer Leaguer Hockey Stick Wax

Big Wah’s stick wax is a relative newcomer to the wax game, but they are coming with a big value proposition to break into the game!  They offer a massive 140 grams of stick wax, with some users reporting that it has lasted up to two seasons!  The wax itself smells like rootbeer which is super unique, and also comes with a awesome little beer / drink coozy incase you are enjoying a cold one after the game!


Quality and quantity are no longer mutually exclusive, with Big Wah’s stick wax you can get both!  They toss in a little coozy to boot, so if you are looking to save some money and get the best bang for your buck, this is the answer!

5. Grip Boost Hockey Wax

Grip Boost is the final hockey wax on our list, and is an excellent choice to keep snow and ice off your blade.  One of the great things about this hockey wax is that it is proudly made in the USA and it has a proprietary grip formula for increased puck control!

This is a top hockey wax and it will help protect your tape and stick for longer, and it can have a noticeable impact on your puck control abilities!


A great performing wax, which smells great and comes in a container that keeps your bag neat and tidy, and to top it all off goes on your tape in 5 fun colors!  If you are looking to add a little flair to your stick, Glo-Sauce is the wax for you!


We hope our review on the best waxes will help you choose one that works for you!  They are all pretty close in price range and performance, so we really think you can’t go wrong with any of them!  Enjoy your new wax and the newfound puck control you will have!

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