The 10 Best Hockey Shoulder Pads of 2022

Doesn’t matter if you are replacing your shoulders pads or looking for something lighter / more protective, we have you covered with our comprehensive ice hockey should pad reviews!

When you have hockey pucks flying around the ice, players coming to hit you, and contact with the boards and ice looming every shift, hockey shoulder pads are not something to cheap out on.  We have researched dozens of shoulder pads, working hard to find you the best pads for your game.  So let’s cut to the chase – The Best Shoulder Pads of 2022 in our opinion are the CCM Jetspeed FT1’s.  These hockey shoulder pads will protect you from hits and pucks by using no less than three of CCM’s proprietary foams – HD foam in the chest, Ufoam for less sweat absorption to keep you feeling light, and CCM’s Zotefoam for the torso.  These pads feature protection, mobility, comfort, and will stay lightweight all game long which is why we believe they are your best bet.

Our Teams Hockey Shoulder Pad Picks

Light On Weight, Heavy On Protection

These things pack a ton of technology, and most importantly, a ton of protection!

Buying Options

The Protective Choice

Top tier protection wrapped up in a lightweight and mobile package – A fantastic choice!

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Best CCM Option

Coming in just over half the retail price of our top pick and runner up, these hockey shoulder pads still offer great protection for the price

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Our Research and Findings

Choosing the best hockey shoulder pads can have a huge impact on your game.  From absorbing hits to taking shots, understanding the differences in each model and brand is imperative to make the right decision for your game. We are going to be talking about the best hockey shoulder pads released this year, for all players and skill levels. Read on for reviews that break down everything you need to know from manufacturers specs, strengths of the equipment, possible weaknesses, and finally value to you as a hockey player along with our final recommendation.

We will be reviewing the best senior hockey shoulder pads from all the big players including CCM, Bauer and Warrior to help you get excellent performance and reliable protection, so you can go bar down more often. We will lay out the highlights of all the different hockey shoulder pads and evaluate them on protection, durability, fit, weight, and cost. These shoulder pads will all deliver high performance and are sure to help your game, but we want to help you make the right choice for your needs as a hockey player!

Read on below for our in depth reviews of the best of the best in terms of hockey shoulder pads and upper body protection.  If you are interested in learning about how to properly fit your hockey shoulder pads, scroll to the bottom of the page!

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1. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro

Best Shoulder Pad for 2022

Specifications and Features:

  • Aerolite Technology – Keeping the same super protective caps as the 1X Lite, these shoulder protectors will keep you feeling good as you lay out huge hits!
  • X Lite Shield Sternum – The large ‘X’ shaped piece in the middle of the shoulder pads provides excellent protection and flexibility
  • Thermo Max + LinerA Big upgrade over the 37.5 material on the 1X Lite, this keeps you cool and dry, and includes odor fighting technology


  • Protection Without Hindering – These shoulder pads do look and feel a bit bigger than the outgoing 1X series, but based on reviews we don’t see any issues with the added size and protection
  • Light Weight and Responsive – HyperLite foam found throughout the shoulder pads chest and bicep protectors keep you unencumbered and feeling light all game long
  • Keeping Your Cool – The Thermo Max + Liner is Bauer’s top of the liner sweat wicking and cooling material.  You better believe it is found on the 2X Pro’s!


These are Bauer’s newest top of the line pads, they do come at a premium price point.


Bauer has upped the ante with the new Vapor 2X Pro’s!  Building on all the things that made the 1X Lite a huge hit, from light weight technologies, bicep guards, moisture and sweat wicking foam, to improved sternum protection, the 2X Pro, if falling into your budget, is one of the best shoulder pads on the market.

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2. Sherwood 5030 HOF

Best Lightweight Shoulder Pads

Specifications and Features:

  • Ultra Lightweight – A throwback from decades past, this shoulder pad is what players from the 80’s and 90’s sported!  
  • Amazing Movement – With less protective material and padding, these are easily the most mobile shoulder pads you can buy
  • Front Lacing SystemThe original adjustability system – Laces!  Tighten or loosen as necessary to get that perfect fit!


  • Complete Range Of Motion – I wouldn’t be stepping in front of any shots from the point with these on, but you better believe you are going to be more mobile for pulling off the perfect deke!
  • Super Lightweight – For how light these are, they do provide a good level or protection.  Single layer foam is found throughout.
  • Classic LookNo doubt you will get some compliments from the boys rocking this classic set of pads.


It’s pretty obvious – protection is lacking.  When these shoulder pads were worn by everyone, player speed, shot velocity, everything was slower.  If you’re trying out for that next level club or junior team, I wouldn’t recommend these.  Coaches won’t be impressed if you go down for the count after one blocked shot!


These are the most classic, throwback shoulder pads you can get.  If you aren’t playing top tier hockey, they make a big difference in weight savings and mobility.  As I’ve said, maybe lay off the shot blocking and shoulder checking as you might come out the other end a bit battered up!

3. CCM Jetspeed FTW

Best Womens Shoulder Pad

Specifications and Features:

  • Anatomical Molded Spine A custom feeling molded spine to protect you from the base of your back all the way to your shoulders
  • Floating Clavicle Protection – Incase of an accidental hit or fall into the boards, this layer of padding will help protect the clavicle and collarbone
  • D30 Smart Material – A CCM proprietary impact absorbing material, this helps lessen impacts all over the upper body


  • Adjustable Chest Protection –  CCM didn’t skimp out on the materials for these, with premium foam that hugs any body type you’re sure to be safe from whatever your ice time throw at you!
  • Low Profile Shoulder Caps – Designed specifically for a women’s body, these shoulder caps fit nice and snug
  • Comfort Gusset + Adjustable StrapCCM wanted to make these pads have the ability to feel custom for any woman who purchases them.  Multiple adjustable straps help deliver that vision!


To be honest, not many!  The price is great, the protection is second to none, and it is loaded with features!  This is a fantastic choice for any woman hockey player!


Womens hockey is here to stay, and we are pumped about it!  Despite the pandemic, the NWHL had a great start to their season early in the year.  Unfortunately due to several reasons including virus breakouts, the season was cancelled.  We can’t wait to see the ladies back on the ice next year, and you better believe many of them will be sporting this set of pads!

4. True AX9

Most High Tech Hockey Shoulder Pads

Specifications and Features:

  • ABSOR FoamTechTrue’s HD molded foam deliver best in class impact absorption  
  • HEXAshield – A lightweight and breathable foam around the midsection for protection and breathability
  • Unibody Construction These pads are not a bunch of piece sewn together, it is made as one piece to improve structural integrity throughout


  • AEROshield Impact Protection – Every company has their own coverage and foam technologies, True calls theirs ‘AEROShield’ and it is designed for unmatched protection throughout  
  • Moisture Wicking – A poly liner found on the inside of the shoulder pads helps keep you cool and dry and helps these pads dry out quickly
  • Top Notch Adjustability – Adjustable bicep pads, shoulder caps, and clavicle protection mean you are getting that custom feel right out of the box


Being a bit new to the shoulder pad game, the True AX9’s don’t have a ton of customer reviews.  However based on True’s reputation for quality we don’t think you are taking much of a gamble on these pads!


The True AX9 is one of True’s first forays into the shoulder pad game and it’s a good one.  The pads are priced at a great point (Below more costly models like the 2X Pro of FT1) and offer premium protection and a whole host of technologies.  Unibody construction is one awesome unique quality of these pads, and True adds on to that with amazing adjustability and tons of impact absorbing foams throughout.  These pads are for real!

Ice Hockey Warehouse created a great shoulder pad basics article that can help you decide if a contoured, modern fitting shoulder pad like the True AX9 are for you!

5. CCM Jetspeed FT1

Most Protective Hockey Shoulder Pad

Specifications and Features:

  • Rocketframe Composite – An adaptable fitting composite shell with a neck comfort pad offering excellent protection and comfort.   
  • Zotefoam Technology – CCM uses molded Zotefoam to give you exceptional freedom of movement while also being very lightweight.
  • Dryfoam Technology A water repellent lining that absorbs less sweat to keep you dry and lightweight all game.


  • Adaptable FitThe JetSpeed FT1 give you some adjustability in the shoulders and neck area, which helps make sure they sit on every players body correctly. This along with the molded Rocketframe composite shells give you top of the line protection.
  • Lightweight Construction – Everything about the JetSpeed FT1 was designed to be lightweight and flexible. CCM uses a variety of different foams to give you the ultimate lightweight and anatomical protection from your shoulder pads.
  • Superior Durability –These have proven to be very durable shoulder pads with a great life span for the price. The variety of high quality foams used in these shoulder pads prevent wear and tear over time meaning these shoulder pads will protect you for years to come.


The length in the front of the shoulder pads extended down a bit further than I was used to with my old shoulder pads but I only noticed it briefly and it was not an issue during game play.


The JetSpeed FT1 is lightweight and mobile set of hockey shoulder pads designed for skilled and physical players alike. The molded zotefoam and the adjustable neck pad give these a unique fit for every player. The biggest thing I liked about these shoulder pads was how big your range of motion is and how easy shooting felt while wearing these. The Rockframe composite also gives you all the protection required to take and give hits all season long. The performance and durability you’ll get from the JetSpeed FT1 is well worth the investment for your game

6. Warrior Alpha DX

Best Hockey Shoulder Pads for Mobility

Specifications and Features:

  • Dynamic Strike Technology – Finding the perfect compromise between mobility and protection, these shoulder pads feel custom made the first time you slip them on.
  • Wartech FNC Liner – The liner is a collaboration with Polygiene, designed to keep you cool, dry, and completely odor free.
  • Ventilated Performance System – The internal jacket, separating your pants from the liner keeps them light and dry all game.


  • Superior Mobility – The Alpha DX hockey shoulder pads utilize quick strike technology to give you a superior fit, focused on mobility. These shoulder pads are completely unrestrictive when skating and handling the puck.
  • Top Tier Protection – Warrior puts protection at the top of the list in these shoulder pads with additional kidney guards.
  • Lightweight Feel – The AlphaDX shoulder pads give you a very lightweight and comfortable feel all game. The ventilated performance system really improves airflow to keep you cool even during a big shift.


The bicep protectors were a little stiffer than I prefer, but they also offer better protection.


The Warrior Alpha DX are the best hockey shoulder pads that combine a mobile feel with top level protection. The performance you get from these pads are fit for anyone dishing out big hits or scoring the big goals. The biggest thing for me was the flexible construction and adaptable fit that doesn’t hurt your mobility on the ice – you get comfort and protection. These aren’t the most expensive shoulder pads you can buy either so it is a great price point for the performance and durability you get out of these.   

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Best Budget Hockey Shoulder Pads

Specifications and Features:

  • Anatomical 3D Fit – Featuring anti lift construction to keep these pads anchored down on you for consistent protection.
  • Dual Core HD Foam – Shoulder caps made of high density foam with D30 smart material to help you soak up any blows with ease.  
  • Shaped and Moldel Sternum Protection – Additional high density floating sternum protector gives you more protection in a key impact area.


  • Top Tier Protection – The CCM Super Tacks are one of the best sets of shoulder pads on the market if protection is what you’re concerned about. These give you the highest level of protection with extra padding on the spine, sternum, and even a removable torso protector.
  • Durable Construction – These shoulder pads give you a professional grade level of protection and durability with the dual high density foam shoulder caps and anti-lift construction that moves with you. These shoulder pads will protect you hit after hit and are very durable.
  • Anatomical Mobility – For the level of protection CCM has included in the Supertacks, it’s surprising how free and unrestricted you feel wearing them. These are one of the best shoulder pads for combining protection while keeping in mind mobility for puck handling, without having to give up one or the other.


Since they are made up almost completely of foam, they get a little nicked up but the protection or performance isn’t adversely affected at all.


The CCM Super Tacks come to the market as one of the best sets of hockey shoulder pads for a professional level of protection and a comfortable fit. The anatomical design with anti-lift technology ensures you won’t take any hits without your shoulder pads being in the exact position for optimal protection. This also helps in puck handling, as the shoulder pads are designed to move with you and not hinder your mobility. The CCM Super Tacks hockey shoulder pads are a great investment if you need the best protection, but you don’t want a bulky outdated set of shoulder pads. 

8. Bauer Vapor X2.9

Best Hockey Shoulder Pads for Forwards

Specifications and Features:

  • Comfort Edge Foam – Used throughout the chest and kidney protectors, Comfort Edge technology reduces the overall weight of the shoulder pads while providing amazing comfort.
  • Tapered Fit – A classic shoulder pad fit, the Vapor X2.9 has a wider profile at the top and a standard fit throughout the lower section of the pads.
  • ThermoMax lining – This technology is seen in other Bauer products to help evaporate sweat, and protect against odors and bacteria.


  • Ultra Lightweight – The biggest thing that the Vapor X2.9 has over the competition is the extremely lightweight and breathable construction they have from using the Aerolite technology throughout.
  • Tapered Fit – The newer style of fit, this tapers down across your torso to make make you sleeker and better at avoiding opponents.  This style of fit will give you great protection while not making you big and bulky
  • Impressive Durability – Although this isn’t Bauer’s top of the line model, the combination of durability and protection from the FlexCell technology increases the protective properties in high impact zones.


I’ve come to like the anatomical fit offered on some of the more high end shoulder pads, but these are a great budget friendly option for lightweight protection.


The Vapor X2.9 hockey shoulder pads are an excellent product for lightweight, comfortable protection and can be had at an excellent price point. Bauer uses their Comfort Edge technology throughout the shoulder pads complete with a Flex-Cell foam liner that is designed to maximize cooling. With the tapered fit profile of the X2.9 shoulder pads, you have a ton of mobility when handling the puck and going bar down. These will not disappoint and are a great investment for any caliber of hockey player, especially the skilled players that need unrestricted mobility and lightweight protection. 

9. CCM Tacks 7092

Best Anatomical Hockey Shoulder Pad

Specifications and Features:

  • Anti-Lift Construction – An anatomical 3D fit that adapts to your movements, preventing the Supertacks shoulder pads from lifting upwards.
  • Dual core HD Foam – The shoulder caps are reinforced with D30 Smart Material and High Density foam for lightweight protection.
  • D30 Smart Foam – A soft and forgiving foam makes up the shoulder pad liner, which absorbs impact force to help you bounce off hits better.


  • Top Tier Protection – The CCM Super Tacks 7092 are an excellent option for those who like the original Super Tacks but need to save a bit of money.
  • Durable Construction – These shoulder pads give you a professional grade level of protection and durability with the dual high density foam shoulder caps and anti-lift construction that moves with you. These shoulder pads will protect you hit after hit and are very durable.
  • Anatomical Mobility – With adjustable biceps, floating sternum protector, and removable belly & PE foam kidney protection, you can adjust these to suit your exact needs.


Being a bit more budget friendly than the Super Tacks, these were a but heavier, but hardly noticeable once you start working a sweat up.


The CCM Super Tacks 7092 is an excellent budget friendly choice for those who have tried and love the original Super Tacks hockey shoulder pads.  With nearly infinite amounts of adjustability and proection to match, this will protect your body and your wallet.

10. Bauer Supreme 2S

Best Budget Bauer Hockey Shoulder Pad

Specifications and Features:

  • Molded HD Foam – Bauer strategically places G-Form and XRD materials to absorb impact energy and protect you all game.   
  • AMP Technology – The ultimate anatomical fit using a lightweight, moldable foam which contours to your body.  
  • Thermo Max+ liner – This technology is seen on other top  Bauer models to help evaporate sweat, and protect against odors and bacteria.


  • Anatomical Fit – The Supreme 2S goes for a hockey shoulder pad that fits the body closely for a very natural fit to any body type. The flexible foam is designed to move with you and enhance your game.
  • Superior Protection – The anatomical fit along with the Flexorb technology are designed to absorb and dissipate the energy from getting hit away from your body. These are top of the line in the protection department also featuring Curv composite technology in the target impact areas so you can battle all game.
  • Comfortable Ventilation –The Supreme 1S uses the new 37.5 sweat wicking technology and strategically placed air vents to maximize airflow and cooling.


The anatomical fit is very comfortable when you get used to it, but it took me a skate to transition from the classic loose fitting shoulder pad.


The Supreme 2S gets the job done with one of the best sets of protective hockey shoulder pads Bauer has to offer. The Molded HD foam technology makes sure you’re well protected in all the key areas while maintaining a good degree of comfort. The great thing about the anatomical fit is the gap between your body and the shoulder pads is reduced, ensuring the pads absorb almost all of the impact. These shoulder pads are also not restrictive and give you an excellent range of motion when shooting and handling the puck. The Bauer Supreme 2S is a very durable and comfortable hockey shoulder pad, and the long lasting performance you get is well worth the investment. 

Parts of the Hockey Shoulder Pad

The hockey shoulder pads are made up of six main components; they protect the shoulders, biceps, sternum, ribs, and the collar bone. If you’re a rough hockey player, you’re going to want shoulder pads that have heavier protection in the shoulder and sternum areas. 

has a great breakdown of these points as well if you want to check them out!

Shoulder Caps – The shoulder caps are typically lined with high density foams with a hard plastic exterior to take the brunt of the impact. The shoulders take the majority of the abuse in hockey, and this is a critical piece of protection.
Bicep Protector– The bicep protector is connected just below the shoulder caps, and is attached to your arm by a velcro strap. The bicep protector usually doesn’t include a hard plastic exterior to ensure full range of motion.
Sternum Protector – The sternum protector is the centerpiece of the shoulder pads, going right down the middle of your chest. It protects not only the sternum but also the ribs and the top of your abdomen.
Spine Protector – Similar to the sternum protector but on your back.  This will run from just below your traps down your back and sit a 4-6 inches up from your hips, covering your kidneys.
Rib Protector – The protective piece for the ribs goes around the sides of your body and should fit very close to your body. The exact fit is adjustable with velcro and is typically a soft foam, with some products having a hard plastic shell in certain areas.
Collar Bone Protector – The collar bone protector sits around the inner part of the neck hole and across the top of the shoulder pads, connecting with the shoulder caps. This is a vital piece of the shoulder pads as a broken collar bone can put you out for months. 

How to Size Hockey Shoulder Pads

Measuring your chest for Hockey Shoulder Pads

If you’re buying hockey shoulder pads online, its very important you measure your chest size properly. This is very easy and can be completed in literally just one step, and all you need is a soft tape measure!

1. You want to measure the circumference of your chest by using the soft tape measure positioned just below your armpits. This can be completed by yourself but it is much easier with the help of a second person to ensure you get an accurate measurement. Check out the picture below!

Senior Hockey Shoulder Pad Sizing

An important thing to remember when using our sizing guide below, is to always double check the brands sizing guide (which should be very similar to ours below) but can vary slightly from brand to brand. We’re going to use Bauer’s sizing guide as a reference, but keep in mind every player is built different and has a different preference on fit. 

Junior Hockey Shoulder Pad Sizing

When sizing for a Junior player, you need to remember senior hockey shoulder pads are also an option if none of the Junior sizes seem to line up. Junior hockey shoulder pads are usually recommended for players aged 8 – 14 years old. It is important to check shoulder pad sizing before the start of every season to ensure they have not outgrown the hockey shoulder pads. 

Youth Hockey Shoulder Pad Sizing

Youth hockey shoulder pads are important even for young players just trying to learn, typically from the ages of 4 to 9 years old but this is only an estimated age range and each shoulder pad should be sized for the player. If a youth players hockey shoulder pads are a little big or bulky it should be ok unless your child is playing at a high level. 

We can’t emphasize enough that the most important thing about buying new equipment is ensuring the size and fit are comfortable for the player to provide the maximum possible protection. We hope this hockey shoulder pad sizing guide has been useful, and if there are any suggestions on how we can make it better please leave a comment below!

Once you have chosen the shoulder pads the first thing you want to do is try them on and play around with the rib and bicep sizing. You want a fit that won’t move around when your playing, but is comfortable and non restrictive.  If you order the incorrect size (determined by trying on at home before using on ice) retailers will accept exchanges, sometimes even helping with shipping costs.

Super popular hockey forum HF boards has a great post on someone having a hard time fitting shoulder pads.  Checking out his post might help you out!


We have talked about some of the best hockey shoulder pads for all budgets today, and really it’s all about finding the best combination of protection and comfort for your game. I have tried all the shoulder pads discussed above and none of them will let you down in the protection department, it all depends on the specific feel you need for your game. These shoulder pads are going to be a valuable investment to keep you from getting injured and going bar down game in and game out. My personal favorite is the CCM Jetspeed FT2, I am a huge fan of the anatomical fit and the powerlite protection technology used in these shoulder pads and I believe they are well worth the investment for your game. If anyone has an opinion or question on any of the shoulder pads I have talked about, we’d love to hear from you

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