The Best Hockey Shooting Targets

In todays game of hockey which is becoming less reliant on physical play and more focused on player skill development, incorporating hockey shooting targets into your skills training program only makes sense! We’re going to cover everything from hockey shooter tutors, skills nets, and attachable shooting targets in this honest review of the best hockey shooting targets.

Best Shooter Tutor

Easily the most innovative hockey shooter tutor you’ve ever seen, LED lights switch hockey targets so you’re constantly focusing and switching your aim!

This is a high-tech and dynamic hockey shooter tutor that challenges players of all skill levels to keep their heads up and focus on the hockey target instead of the puck. The LED lights force players to develop quicker reaction times and it gets our vote as the best hockey shooter tutor! This is truly one of the best skills training devices released this year and will be sure to help all hockey players of all skills to improve their shot accuracy!

Best Skills Net

Heavy Duty hockey shooting net is super durable, and the perfect target for working on your hockey shooting accuracy!

The Winnwell 5-hole skills net gets our nod as the best net specifically designed for improving shooting accuracy! With heavy duty 1.5″ pipes and screw + bolt construction, its easy to put together and will last more than a few seasons! What’s great about net is it forces you to concentrate on the hockey target, with no room for error. It will be sure to improve your shooting accuracy quickly and is built for all calibers of players!

Best Shooting Targets

Winnwell hockey shooting targets are super durable and these are no exception, heavy duty metal will ring loudly when you snipe your target!

There is a reason Winnwell has our top hockey shooting target and skills net, they’re extremely durable so you won’t need to worry about getting a cheaply made product. The Winnwell metal bar hockey shooting targets are made with 3.3 mm thick steel and are 8.5″ X 10.5″ so it is still going to be a challenege to hit these consistently. They come with two metal wires and an S hook for quick and easy set-up / take down! These are our choice for the top hockey shooting target for their superior durability!

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Best Skills Net

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Best Hockey Shooter Tutor

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Looking for a hockey net to compliment your hockey shooting targets? Check out our guide on the Best Hockey Nets!

1. Perfectashot LED - Best Hockey Shooter Tutor

Specifications and Features:

  • Extremely Durable – The Perfectashot hockey shooter tutor has been hockey puck tested up to 100 mph, so unless you’re Ovechkin you probably don’t have to worry about your shot being too hard! 
  • Rechargeable Battery – Each charge gives you 5 hours of hockey shooting time, so it’s perfect for long training sessions both on/off-ice!
  • App Controlled – This innovative hockey shooter tutor can be controlled by an app, so you can have more efficient and effective hockey training sessions!

What Players Are Saying:

Tim H
XHockeyProducts Reviewer
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"This product is awesome. I bought it for my kids and they have had lots of fun testing out their shooting accuracy. It’s a great alternative to traditional target shooting"


If you are a hockey player looking to improve your shooting accuracy and quickness, this is the one of the best hockey training products to do just that! With LED lights that light up to target seven different hockey shooting targets, you will constantly be challenged to improve your accuracy and quickness. It also trains players to keep their head up and focused on the target, instead of looking down at the ice as you might be tempted to do with traditional hockey shooting aids. This is extremely durable and long lasting, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or running out of battery in the middle of practice. The Perfectashot takes our vote for the best hockey shooter tutor for working on your shot accuracy and quickness!

2. Winwell 5-hole Net - Best Hockey Skills Net

Specifications and Features:

  • Heavy Duty Steel – No one wants a cheap and flimsy hockey net, so these posts are created with 1.5″ pipes so you’ll have no issues with durability unless you’re shooting it 100+ mph!
  • Easy Set-Up– All you will need for set up is a screw-driver and a wrench, and this will come together in under 15 minutes! The screw and bolt set-up will be sure to last without the headache of a complicated set-up.
  • Integrates with Regulation Net– If you don’t want to use this as a stand-alone skills net, it can also integrate with a regulation 72″ hockey net so it fits nicely inside. This will prevent you from chasing pucks!


If you are looking for a heavy duty hockey shooting target that you don’t have to think twice about ripping that slap shot at, the Winnwell 5-hole hockey shooting net is the perfect choice. Built to last with the same steel construction as their hockey nets, this is the perfect tool to hone your hockey shooting accuracy and work on essential skills both on or off the ice! You’ll be sure to see your hockey shot improve after putting in some time with this skills net, with 5 hockey shooting targets you’ll see a material difference the next time you step on the ice and snipe a goal on the opposing team!

3. Winnwell Metal Bell - Best Hockey Shooting Targets

Specifications and Features:

  • Durable 3.3mm Steel – These Winnwell Bell hockey shooting targets leave nothing to chance, with heavy duty 3.3mm steel construction you’ll be ringing slap shots off these for seasons to come!
  • Easy Attachement – With high strength metal wires and S-Hook attachment, these will assemble easily on any kind of hockey net or even home made trainig set-ups. 


There are a ton of different hockey net shooting targets coming out all the time, with a lot being magnetic and attachable to the net but these are tried, tested, and true for durability. Heavy duty 3.3mm steel bells will be sure not to break no matter how hard you’re shooting, and the high-strength metal wires that attach to the net are almost invincible. These get our nod for the best hockey net shooting targets simply because of how strong and durable they are!

4. Winnwell Skills Net

Specifications and Features:

  • Long Lasting Construction – With the same quality construction and steel bars as the 5-hole shooting skills net, this is built for multiple seasons of shooting practice!
  • Innovative Design – Instead of just a couple of targets, this shooting net will teach you to concentrate on aiming to the sides of the net and the five hole instead of smaller targets!
  • Integrates with Regulation Net– If you’re missing a goalie for practice, or want to limit the amount of pucks that get by, this will integrate easily into a regulation 72″ hockey net. 


A different approach to traditional hockey shooting targets, if you don’t already have a hockey net this is the perfect choice to improve your hockey shooting skills. Specifically designed with the net only in places where the most goals are scored, you will undoubtedly improve your hockey shooting accuracy and quickness with this shooting target hockey net. It’s almost a guarantee to improve your goals total from last season, since you will be trained to shoot towards the side of the net and the five-hole instead of just blasting pucks into the goalies chest! One of the best value deals our there as this net is super durable and long lasting, perfect for hockey players of all ages looking to improve their hockey shot!

5. USA Hockey Shooter Tutor

Specifications and Features:

  • Easy Set-Up – This is made for quick and easy set-up, with 14 bungee cords reinforced with steel played grommets
  • Supreme Durability – The USA hockey shooter tutor is built to last with PVC reinforced target and high strength mesh corner pockets will have you shooting pucks for seasons to come 
  • Fits all regulation hockey nets – Built to clip into all regulation hockey nets, this is perfect for both on ice or off ice shooting training


This USA hockey classic hockey shooter tutor is highly durable and has five different hockey shooting targets to improve your hockey shot accuracy. This will help players of all skill levels improve their shooting skills and is one of the best options for an affordable hockey shooter tutor. With a PVC reinforced polyester target, you won’t need to worry about putting a puck through the hockey shooter tutor and you can focus on improving your shot accuracy and strength. This is a top notch product that will last many seasons, whether you’re using it on the ice or at home to practice your hockey shot accuracy!

6. LED Hockey Shooting Target

Specifications and Features:

  • Durable Plexiglass – A 3/4″ thick plexiglass protects the LED light and is built to handle the hardest shots you can put on the net
  • Rechargeable Battery – Powerful and rechageable battery is perfect for long training sessions where you are in the zone working on your shooting accuracy


If you’re looking for an interactive hockey net shooting target, this is one of the top choices out there with a durable 3/4″ pexiglass covering and an LED light that lights up when you hit the target! This will improve shooting skills and enforce players to keep their head up and focus on the hockey net target! It also makes practicing more fun as the satisfying feeling when the hockey shooting target lights up after nailing it with the puck is hard to beat. This is a great skills tool for kids of all ages to get them excited to work on their hockey shooting technique and improve their accuracy!


We went over a bunch of different hockey shooting targets, from hockey net targets to hockey shooter tutors and to attachable hockey shooting targets! Overall, we love all the products we have discussed today and it really depends on what your set-up is and if you need a full net or just want a target attachment for the hockey net you already have! Our top choice is the Perfectashot LED Shooter Tutor, because of the fun and interactive nature it makes practicing your hockey shot!

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