The Best Hockey Passers For Training

Mastering your hockey passing skills require some serious practice, and in the skills focused game of hockey the impact of passing cannot be under stated! If you watch any of the top players in the NHL, their ability to give and receive a pass while skating at top speed is truly impressive.

This ability comes from puck handling and passing training, which go hand in hand. That is why we are going to review the best hockey passing rebounders for this season, so you can perfect your skills on or off the ice. We have reviewed the top hockey passing trainers; everything from triangle passers to the automatic passers to help strictly with one timers!

Best Hockey Passer

The only hockey passing trainer on the market with dual passing lanes so it can be used at the same time with a partner, this is built to withstand hard use on and off the ice to master you passing skills

This may be the ultimate in hockey passers, and our top choice because it does not disappoint in terms of durability and crisp passes. Coming in at 37″ wide and 20 lbs, this hockey passing trainer is built for the ice or the garage! Great for training on the ice to work on one timers, quick hands, or as a passing target while moving. It is easy to use as a centerpiece in practice drills because it features passing bungees on both sides. A truly innovative passing rebounder product that is on and off ice compatible so you can work on your passing almost anywhere. 

Best Hockey Triange Passer

A three sided passer has a lot of advantages, both for challenging your self with the angle of the pass and for drills working on both forward/backhand passing. This is a top hockey passing rebounder and a great training tool.

The HockeyShot triangle passing training aid is a great tool for players looking to improve passing and puck handling skills. It can be used by multiple players, but it is the ideal training tool for a person using it alone. The HockeyShot Extreme triangle passer is durable and the bands will not wear out after continued use, so you will get crisp passes every time. The heavy weight design makes it suitable for players of all ages and can be used on any kind of surface! This is definitely one of the best hockey passing rebounders to enhance your hockey skills training.

Best for Synthetic Ice

Perfect for the home training room, built for off-ice use only it clamps easily onto synthetic ice, shooting pads, or dryland tiles!

If you have a hockey training setup for shooting or stick handling at home, this is a must have addition. It is great for working on one timer shots, passing skills, and general puck handling skills. This hockey passing trainer connects directly to your existing shooting pads or synthetic ice surface!

Looking for a hockey shooting pad to compliment your passing training? Check out our guide on the Best Hockey Shooting Pads!

The Best Hockey Passers Review

1. HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro - Best Overall Hockey Passer

Specifications and Features:

  • Extremely Durable – Weighing 20 lbs, this hockey passing rebounder is built to last and its weight makes it perfect for all caliber hockey players, on or off the ice
  • Dual Passing Lanes– Both sides of the Extreme Passer Pro can be used by players for passing drills, or alone for quick hands drills
  • Multi-Surface Use – You can easily use this hockey passer on or off the ice, as it comes with rubber pads and a retractable spike system for on ice

What Players Are Saying:

Lyle L
HockeyShot Reviewer
Read More
This is heavier than I expected, which is good because I was concerned it might be too light and slide across the flooring tiles. The Passer Pro remains stationary with light-to-normal use without anchoring it down; only rarely has it moved from its position. The two sides let's both of my 8U train simultaneously...perfect for us.
Dan R
HockeyShot Reviewer
Read More
Works well on and off the ice. Let's you know when your passes aren't flat and doesn't return very well unless you pass it right


This is a top notch training tool for hockey players wanting to improve their passing and puck handling skills. It rebounds the kinds of passes you give it, so if your pass is off then the pass received will be too. This passing rebounder forces you to give crisp and flat passes, and you will see noticeable improvements on the ice quickly.  The durability of this hockey passing rebounder is a real driver as to why it is our top choice!

2. HockeyShot Triangle Passer

Specifications and Features:

  • Multi-Player Use – With three independent sides it can be used by up to 3 players at a time so it has great versatility in a team practice
  • Durable Frame– The solid steel frame gives this hockey passer enough weight to handle the hardest passes, and makes it good for on and off ice use
  • Compact Design– Easy to carry around and store, this hockey passer won’t be a burden bringing to practice or to a friends place


The hockey passer is becoming an essential tool in hockey players off ice training regime, and the Hockey Shot triangle passer is a great option because of its versatile uses! It is great for practicing one timer shots, quick hands drills, and obviously your passing technique. This hockey passing trainer has a 22″ passing slot on each side, and the rubber rebounder gives you excellent and predictable passes every time. The HockeyShot triangle passer is the perfect skills training product to add to your off or on ice hockey training!

Specifications and Features:

  • Multi-Surface Use – Great for using on the driveway, garage, basement, and on ice!
  • Solid Durability – Weighing 20 lbs, the Snipers Edge Hockey Passer is heavy enough for players of all caliber to use 
  • Asthetic Design – The snipers edge hockey passing rebounder has a sleek professional and the performance backs it up  


Another great option similar to the HockeyShot triangle passer, this is the perfect hockey passing rebounder to perfect your passing and improve your skills for the game! All three sides can be used by three different players at a time, which makes it easy to incorporate into team drills and training. We love this hockey passing trainer as a must add to your fundament hockey skills training regime!

4. HockeyShot Clamp-On Hockey Passer

Specifications and Features:

  • Off-Ice Use Only – This clamp on passer is built for use at home or with a shooting board. This clamps easily to synthetic ice, shooting pads, or dryland tiles
  • Durable Passing Bands – The rubber bands are very durable and give hard passes back every time


A different use than some of the other hockey passing trainers we have reviewed, this can not be used on a driveway and needs something to clamp on to! Outside of this one downside, this is the perfect hockey passing rebounder for the home gym, especially if you have synthetic ice set up. It can serve as a stable for all hockey shooting and puck handling drills, and its sturdy so it gives great, consistent passes. This hockey passing rebounder is an off-ice only training tool, so the price point is also quite a bit less than the $100+ range. A must have addition if you have a shooting board or synthetic ice already!

Specifications and Features:

  • Lightweight Design – Compared to some of the other hockey passers on the market, this one comes in at only 13.5 lbs 
  • Dimensions -9″ Wide X 31″ Long
  • Dual Sided Use – With two bungee cords this can be used on both sides by two players at one, great for hockey team skill development drills


The Hockey Revolution passing trainer is a great option as it comes in quite a bit lighter than a lot of the other products on the market, which makes it perfect for carrying to and from practice. This is a great option to add to your training regime, both on and off the ice. Hockey rebounders have been proven to quickly show huge improvements in young players skill levels on the ice when it comes to puck handling. The Hockey Revolution is a great option as it is durable and lightweight, and can be used on all off ice surface as well as on ice!


You really can’t go wrong with any of the hockey passers we have reviewed today, you just need to make sure it is fit for the purpose you want to use it. Whether that is for both on and off-ice hockey training, or just in a home hockey gym with synthetic ice. 

With the skill requirements for elite hockey players just going up, a hockey passing rebounder is a great training tool to incorporate into a players skill development at any age! It is almost a requirement for high level players trying to improve their passing skills, especially in the off-season. Overall, we think the HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro is the best option as it is durable and works both on and off the ice. 

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